7th Annual Private Equity Southeast Asia Summit


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7th Annual Private Equity Southeast Asia Summit

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7th Annual Private Equity Southeast Asia Summit

  1. 1. Main conference: 7 - 8 March 2012 • Workshop: 9 March 2012• Venue: Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore Assessing high growth SEA sectors through private equity investmentsGP and LP experts speaking Seth Freeman Marc Lau Peter Martisek Founder Investment Director Vice President EM Capital Management Axiom Asia Private Capital Swiss Re Private Equity Partners Kelvin Chan Marcus Ableitinger Sandeep Aneja Managing Director/Co-Head Director Founder and Managing Director Private Equity Asia Capital Dynamics Kaizen PE Partners Group Deepak Natarajan Chua Kee Lock Atim Kabra Director Group President & CEO Founder Partner & Director Intel Capital, SE Asia, Vertex Venture Holdings Frontline Strategy, India Australia, and NZ Alex Sao-Wei Lee Jason Sambanju Jean-Christophe Marti Head of Private Equity Director Partner Secondaries Paul Capital Partners Navis Capital Partners Axiom Asia Alex Hambly Lachminiwas Sadani Hoang Quan CEO Managing Director, Founder Prudential Vietnam Fund Chief Investment Officer AI Capital Management NIIM Nomura Group E Brooke Whitaker Anubha Shrivastava Kazushige Kobayashi Partner Managing Director, Asia Managing Director Serasi Capital CDC Group Capital Dynamics Sebastiaan van den Berg Nicholas C Ashby Nicholas Bloy Managing Partner Chief Executive Officer Managing Director Harbourvest Celadon Capital Navis Capital Rahul Mathur Join over 150 of the region’s leading CEO’s, Researched & Developed by: Managing Director, Co-Head chairmen and business owners focused on Leveraged & Sponsor Finance Asia Pacific, GE Capital buyouts, growth capital, distressed asset and venture capital investment assessing the top opportunities in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia. PHONE: (65) 6722 9388 | FAX: (65) 6720 3804 | EMAIL: enquiry@iqpc.com.sg | WEB: www.private-equityseasia.com
  2. 2. INTERVIEWS Southeast Asia’s premier Private Equity Congress The amazingly simple secret to investing Who you will meet at Private Equity in Southeast Asian private equityThe 7th Annual Private Equity Southeast Asia Summit is the must-attend event for the private equity community. With a seven year trackrecord of bringing together the leading local and international LPs, GPs South East Asia in 2012?& advisors it’s the key deal making marketplace for the region. • Chairmen & CEOs • Chief Investment Directors Eugene Lai, a Partner at Southern Capital Group, reveals some ofThe Southeast Asia Private equity market is growing quickly, and offering • Managing Partners • Heads of Portfolio the risks and challenges in making investments in Southeast Asia tosignificant rates of return. 78% of limited partners expect annual net • Owners and Founders Management Finance IQ Editor Bryan Camoens. He also outlines the deals that canreturns of more than 16% for emerging Asian funds over the next three • Family Business Heads • Heads of Structured be found in an increasingly competitive market and lets us in on theto five years. • Heads of Private Equity Finance and & M&A amazingly simple secret on investing in Southeast Asian Private Equity. • Heads of Alternative • Heads of TransactionalTwo days of content-rich program give you the opportunity to learn Investments Services Bryan Camoens: In your opinion, does a global or regional franchiseabout the latest private equity investing issues and challenges in each give a firm a competitive advantage in sourcing?specific country in Southeast Asia, and ensure you’re fully up to speed onthe regions macro trends. Eugene Lai: A good global or regional franchise can help with sourcing if there is specific expertise or value add the firm can bring to the table.Sessions dedicated to each of the key stake holders will ensure you get However, in my view, the depth of a firm’s networks in Southeast Asiaa comprehensive overview of the regions PE market: is more important for sourcing. At Southern Capital, we have one of• Leading PE fund managers’ perspectives on successful investment the largest and most experienced private equity teams in Southeast strategies in SE Asia Asia. Our team members are native to Southeast Asia and have spent• LPs’ perspectives on investing in SE Asia – hear what Asian most if not all their careers doing business and developing networks institutional investors are looking for in Southeast Asia. As a result, we source a lot of opportunities through• Quick fire sector expert sessions examining SE Asia’s private equity our own networks. investment opportunities and potential in SE Asia’s hottest sectors proprietary. This means we spend a lot of time and resources on an including natural resources, energy, retail, communications and Bryan Camoens: Where are the attractive investment opportunities in opportunity without any certainty that the investment will get done. financial services Southeast Asia? So one risk we face is that we commit time and resources and the investment does not get done in the end.The LP Speaker Panel: Eugene Lai: We focus on middle market buyouts of growth businesses in Southeast Asia. Most control opportunities in Southeast Asia are in Another challenge is that every country in Southeast Asia is different. So you really need to know each country well. We believe our extensive Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, rather than in the other parts of Name Job title Company networks and deep experience in Southeast Asia gives us a competitive Southeast Asia. This is not surprising as there is a correlation between advantage. the number of control opportunities and the maturity of an economy. Marcus Ableitinger Director Capital Dynamics I would also highlight “partner risk” as a key risk, particularly in the Bryan Camoens: What are the challenges you face in making less mature economies where the rule of law, corporate governance Sebastiaan van investments in Southeast Asia? are financial controls are weak and business ethics can be an issue. Managing Partner Harbourvest den Berg We believe it is very important to know your partner well, use your Eugene Lai: There are a number of risks and challenges. I will highlight networks to find out what he is like to do business with, make the David Pierce Managing Director Squadron Capital a few. effort to conduct thorough due diligence and completely align your partner’s interests with yours to remove the incentive that he would At Southern Capital, we focus on sourcing and executing proprietary Swiss Re Private act against your interests. Having control also mitigates partner risk. Peter Martisek Vice President investments. So far, all our investments without exception have been Equity Partners Georgiadis Saki Head of Asia Hermes GPE Managing Director/Co- Can’t see the video? Kelvin Chan Partners Group Head Private Equity Asia E Brooke Whitaker Partner Serasi Capital Visit our youtube site with all the videos Kazushige Kobayashi Managing Director Capital Dynamics from Private Equity 2011 event Anubha Managing Director, Asia CDC Group Shrivastava CLICK HERE Axiom Asia Marc Lau Investment Director Private Capital PHONE: (65) 6722 9388 | FAX: (65) 6720 3804 | EMAIL: enquiry@iqpc.com.sg | WEB: www.private-equityseasia.com PHONE: (65) 6722 9388 | FAX: (65) 6720 3804 | EMAIL: enquiry@iqpc.com.sg | WEB: www.private-equityseasia.com
  3. 3. CoNfERENCE day oNE CoNfERENCE day TWoWednesday, 7 March 2012 Thursday, 8 March 201208:30 Registration and Refreshments • Investing in private equity – what are LPs really seeking? 08:30 Registration and Refreshments • Exit strategies and options by key geographies in Southeast • Aligning LP and GP’s interests for increased returns on Asia09:00 Opening Address and Welcome from the Chairman investment 09:00 Opening Address and Welcome from the Chairman • What are the central planks of a successful exit strategy in BENEFITTING FROM SOUTHEAST ASIAN • Costs of engaging a GP to manage funds – is it time for fee ASSESSING LIQUIDITY, RISK AND SECONDARY Southeast Asia? PRIVATE EQUITY INVESTMENTS revision? MARKETS INVESTING Soo Jin Goh, Director Private Equity, Kazushige Kobayashi, Managing Director, Capital Dynamics Standard Chartered09:10 Panel debate: global private equity trends and implications 09:10 Evaluating the liquidity of the secondary market in Southeast for SE Asian private equity funds Anubha Shrivastava, Managing Director, Asia, CDC Group Asia and the opportunities revealed 13.00 Lunch and Networking • Analysing the global outlook for private equity Marc Lau, Investment Director, Axiom Asia Private Capital • Leveraging steep discounts presented by the secondaries • Assessing private equity as an asset class in SE Asia E Brooke Whitaker, Partner, Serasi Capital • Secondary funds and updated information on how they 14.00 Mitigating risks in an emerging market • Evaluating appetite of regional and international LPs for operate • Exploring the need for best practice risk management and private equity investments in Southeast Asia 12:30 Lunch and Networking • Sector analysis – which sectors’ secondaries offer the due diligence • Will private equity continue to produce superior returns? greatest potential • Diversifying into financing with alternative ways to UNRAVELLING THE POTENTIAL OF EMERGING MARKETS heighten liquidity and reduce volatility • What are the opportunities for foreign Private equity firms • Examining market rates and the role of intermediaries as in Southeast Asia’s economies 14.00 Market debate: SEA vs. India and China secondaries evolve • Analysing and making investment decisions based on • What are the comparative advantages of Southeast Asia quality, indepth on-the-ground research Georgiadis Saki, Head of Asia, Hermes GPE Jason Sambanju, Director, over China and India? Paul Capital Partners Johan Nyvene, CEO, Rahul Mathur, Managing Director, Co-Head Leveraged & Sponsor, • How does each market compare on deals, valuations, exits Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corporation Finance Asia Pacific, GE Capital Alex Sao-Wei Lee, Head of Private Equity Secondaries, and returns? Nicholas Bloy, Managing Director, Navis Capital • The attractiveness of SE Asia funds – how does the region Axiom Asia 14.30 QUICKFIRE- Rising Fund Stars Showcase compare against China and India Your chance to speak about your fund in a quick fire round09:50 Panel debate: sourcing and securing deals in a competitive Jung Kim, Director, • Have China and India lived up to their expectations and and be judged by a LP panel or listen to others in an informal market ACA Investments where is the next growth market? environment Quick fire sector expert sessions examining SE • Does a regional or global franchise give a firm competitive 10.00 Risk management and diversification from a fund manager’s Asia’s private equity advantage on deal sourcing? Alan Chang, Managing Director, Capricorn Investment Group perspective • Where are the growth capital opportunities in Southeast Mike Hosokawa, Managing Director, GE Equity 15.00 Coffee and Networking • Examining investors’ risk appetites for investors investing Asia? Lachminiwas Sadani, Managing Director, Chief Investment in Asia MONETISING EMERGING MANAGER AND • How important is it to build a portfolio of companies which Officer, NIIM Nomura Group • Recognizing responses to risk efficiently SECTOR OPPORTUNITIES complement each other and can assist in collective • Thoughts on risk mitigation to lower the residual risk growth? 14.40 Southeast Asian buyout opportunities – routes to control- 15.30 SECTOR ROUND TABLES • Developing relationships with promoters and other ownership in the region’s different markets Atim Kabra, Founder Partner & Director, Sectors: intermediaries to ensure the most attractive deals reach • What is the future of Southeast Asian buyouts over the Frontline Strategy, India you early next 12 months? • Food: • Deal sourcing - where are deals to be found in this 10.40 Coffee and Networking Cameron Buchanan, Managing Director, • What is the right size for buyout funds? increasingly competitive environment? • Evaluating interesting MBO opportunities CHAMP Private Equity EVALUATING VC AND ANGEL INVESTMENT APPROACHES Nicholas C Ashby, Chief Executive Officer, Celadon Capital Joseph Lacson, CIO, Frontier Investment • Shariah Compliant: 11.00 Venture capital investments in Southeast Asia – critical Adi Arman, Director, Chris Chia, Managing Partner, Kendall Court Capital Partners success factors and investment approaches 15.20 Coffee and Networking Opus Asset Eugene Lai, Partner, Southern Capital • Harnessing innovation and helping entrepreneurs 16.00 COUNTRY FOCUS CLINICS accelerate commercialization • Education:10:30 Morning Tea and Networking Exploring the private equity market outlook and specific Sandeep Aneja, Founder and Managing Director, • Key opportunities and emerging sectors for venture investment strategies in the region these sessions will capital investment - capitalising on government supported Kaizen PE GETTING THE LPs’ MINDSET examine which markets in Southeast Asia present strong emerging technologies in telecoms, healthcare and energy • Cleantech:11:10 LP Panel: Evaluating LP concerns and sentiments over private value propositions for private equity investments • Overcoming common challenges for early-stage companies Dominic Scriven, CEO, equity and venture capital – what is required from GPs for • The general business landscape for Asia’s frontier markets Chua Kee Lock, Group President & CEO, Dragon Capital Group Limited increased allocation? • Successful entry strategies • Examining differences in investment objectives between • The opportunities and challenges for foreign investors Vertex Venture Holdings 16.30 Closing panel session: The future of Asia’s PE industry international and local LPs • Is the current regulatory environment robust enough for Deepak Natarajan, Director, Intel Capital, • What changes are limited partners likely to request to the • Views on co-investments or “club” deal structures international funds? SE Asia, Australia, and NZ terms and conditions of limited-partnership agreements, • Evaluating how the LP-GP partnership model can be Vietnam and what can general partners accept? Peter Chan, Managing Partner, improved Aligning LP and GP’s interests for increased Alex Hambly, CEO, Prudential Vietnam Fund Management • Will Asia continue to be the number one choice for Crest Capital Asia returns on investment Hoang Quan, Founder, AI Capital investors or will emerging markets like Brazil and Central • Costs of engaging a GP to manage funds – is it time for fee 11.40 Southeast Asian turnaround opportunities and Eastern Europe take centre stage Indonesia revision? • Opportunities and challenges of investing in Asian special Hinjaya Lamanto, Managing Partner, Aureos Lucian Wu, Managing Director and Co-head, Marcus Ableitinger, Director, Capital Dynamics Daniel Budiman, Founding Partner, Mahanusa Capital situations throughout Korea, India, China, and Southeast Paul Capital Sebastiaan van den Berg, Managing Partner, Harbourvest Jean-Christophe Marti, Partner, Navis Capital Partners Asia • Restructurings, stressed credits, and distressed-for-control Kelvin Chan, Managing Director/Co-Head, David Pierce, Managing Director, Squadron Capital Cambodia & Laos Private Equity Asia, Partners Group transactions Peter Martisek, Vice President, Swiss Re Private Equity Partners Bill Stoops, Director, Dragon Capital Group Limited • Credit Investing in Southeast Asia Johan Nyvene, CEO,11:50 LPs’ perspectives on investing in SE Asia –what are Asian 17.40 Close of conference Robert Petty, Managing Principal and Co-Founder, Ho Chi Minh City Securities investors looking for? Clearwater Capital Partners 17.00 Close of conference • Meeting and understanding LP expectations for Asian 18.00 Networking reception and awards 12.20 Exit strategies for Southeast Asian private equity investments Private Equity & Venture Capital • Evaluating market conditions for IPOs and identifying • How do LPs assess the region in terms of country, strategies potential strategic acquirers and sectors? PHONE: (65) 6722 9388 | FAX: (65) 6720 3804 | EMAIL: enquiry@iqpc.com.sg | WEB: www.private-equityseasia.com PHONE: (65) 6722 9388 | FAX: (65) 6720 3804 | EMAIL: enquiry@iqpc.com.sg | WEB: www.private-equityseasia.com
  4. 4. INTERaCTIVE WoRkShopSFriday, 9 March 2012 INTERVIEWSWORKSHOP A09.00 - 12.00 WORKSHOP B 13.00 - 16.00 Distressed companies with solid industrialincluding networking break and lunch including networking break assets present attractive targets for privateHow to organize and structure Asia- Assessing risk perception for emerging equity investorsfocused private equity funds to appeal private equity markets in Southeastto foreign and institutional investors Asia Jung Kim, Director for ACA Investments, talks to Finance IQ Editor Bryan Camoens, on the long-term outlook of buyouts and the key Bryan Camoens: Could you please outline some of the untapped opportunities in the Southeast Asian private equity landscape? opportunities in the cleantech private equity sector. He also outlines Workshop A will address: Workshop B will address: the untapped opportunities and tells us why aspiring fund managers Jung Kim: Thailand has many distressed companies with solid • Mitigating investment implementation risks perceived by • Comparing private equity and venture capital opportunities should watch the secondary fund market. industrial assets, which present attractive targets for buyout investors. foreign investors across emerging markets – how will LPs make investment The banks are generally willing to take a “hair-cut” in order to get • Single country funds versus regional funds; broad mandates decisions? Bryan Camoens: What is the future of Southeast Asian buyouts over these companies off their books, and the new investors can pick up to industry specific strategies • How do LPs perceive risk and how does this effect the the next 12 months? these assets pretty cheaply. At the same time, though, the recent flood • Minority versus majority issues selection process for GPs • Activist management or passive styles • Understanding the criteria that investors apply before has slowed down M&A activities there considerably. • Buy-outs versus growth strategies entering the Southeast Asian private equity market Jung Kim: While the long-term outlook is certainly good, over the next • Distressed and opportunity funds 12 months we may see some contraction. The financial crisis in Europe Bryan Camoen s: Looking ahead how will the Southeast Asian secondary • Structuring cross-border JV’s for Fund Managers would force many institutional investors to hoard cash rather than market evolve over the short, medium and long term? invest abroad. Jung Kim: To the best of my knowledge, there is no secondary Facilitator: Facilitator: Seth Freeman Sunil Kumar Bryan Camoens: In your opinion what is the right size for buyout funds? fund focusing on Southeast Asia at the moment. That presents an Founder Head of Risk Management opportunity for aspiring fund managers. While the pool of available EM Capital Management FRSGlobal Jung Kim: I would say you need minimum $200-300m. Then your private equity funds (from whom the secondary funds buy portfolios of investment size would be in the range of $20-50m per deal, and you assets) is still pretty small, we would almost certainly see the marketAbout Your Workshop Leader: About Your Workshop Leader: will be presented with a decent deal flow. If your deal size is smaller expand over the next few years.Seth R. Freeman is an expert in cross-border emerging markets Dr Sunil is the Head of Risk Management Middle East for FRSGlobal than that, local investors can take care of such deals on their own, andinvesting, joint-ventures and funds management. He is a frequent and is responsible for the FRSGlobal presence in the region. His they wouldn’t see the benefit of involving a foreign partner. Having Jung Kim will be speaking at the 7th Annual Private Equity Southinstructor and speaker, sharing his strategic and tactical insights at experience in finance and IT is spread over sixteen years and said that, for some niche markets (such as Cambodia), a smaller fund East Asia Summit. Email enquiry@iqpc.com.sg to register or for moremajor emerging markets investment conferences. Seth R. Freeman spans across diverse industry groups and several countries and he could still make an impact. details on the summit.is the CEO and a founder of EM Capital Management, LLC, (website: is considered to be one of the leading experts in the area of riskemcapitalmanagement.com), a registered investment advisor with the management. Bryan Camoens: Could you please outline some of the key opportunitiesUnited States Securities and Exchange Commission. in the cleantech private equity sector? He is a prolific speaker and writer and contributes regularly to newspapers magazines and other media. He holds a Ph.D fromEM Capital Management is at sponsor and manager of emerging IIT Bombay and a MBA (Finance) from the University of Southern Jung Kim: You wouldn’t find many cleantech startups with innovativemarkets-focused private absolute return and registered mutual funds Queensland, Australia. technology in Southeast Asia. What you do have is a lot of small andfor institutional investors, funds of funds, high-net worth and retailinvestors with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in New medium-sized project developers who are looking for project equity. He is the project director for several consultancy projects in the Generally speaking, the larger projects (such as solar and wind projectsDelhi. He is the Co-Portfolio Manager of three India-focused funds, Middle East.including the EM Capital India Gateway Fund (NASDAQ: EMNIX). in Thailand) are easier to finance, as such projects tend to be moreSeth R. Freeman is also the founder of EM Capital, Inc., the cross- “bank-able”. On the other hand, the smaller projects (such as biomassborder, emerging markets financial advisor providing financial and and mini-hydro projects in Indonesia) are more risky, but couldoperations improvement advice, including cross-border receiverships, potentially deliver higher return.corporate restructuring and distressed assets serving private equityfunds, corporate boards, lenders, creditors, investors and theirlegal and accounting professionals. He is a Certified Insolvencyand Restructuring Advisor and earned his MBA in InternationalManagement from Thunderbird, the American Graduate School ofInternational Management. View even more videos by clicking HERE PHONE: (65) 6722 9388 | FAX: (65) 6720 3804 | EMAIL: enquiry@iqpc.com.sg | WEB: www.private-equityseasia.com PHONE: (65) 6722 9388 | FAX: (65) 6720 3804 | EMAIL: enquiry@iqpc.com.sg | WEB: www.private-equityseasia.com
  5. 5. abouT ouR SpEakERS abouT ouR SpEakERS Rahul Mathur Chua Kee Lock Hoang D. Quan Lachminiwas Sadani Managing Director, Co-Head Leveraged & Sponsor Group President & CEO Founder Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer Finance Asia Pacific Vertex Venture Holdings AI Capital NIIM Nomura Group GE CapitalPrior to joining Vertex Group, Mr Chua was the President and Executive Mr. H.D. Quan has two decades of experience in the financial services Mr. Sadani is a Managing Director within the Nomura Group and Chief • Rahul joined GE Capital in 2007, and currently leads financial sponsorDirector of Biosensors International Group, Ltd., a developer and manufacturer industry, with the last decade and a half spent in the South East Asian region, Investment Officer of the Nomura Infrastructure Investment Management coverage and the execution of leveraged and sponsor financeof medical devices used in interventional cardiology and critical care particularly Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Prior to relocating to Asia in platform, where the focus is on Asian direct investments, mainly in India and transactions across Asia. Prior to joining GE Capital, Rahul was theprocedures. From 2003 to 2006, Mr. Chua was a managing director of Walden the early 1990s, he worked in New York City, with muni-house broker-dealer Southeast Asia. Prior to joining Nomura, he was Director and Investment Head of Leveraged Finance for Asia Pacific at Sumitomo Mitsui BankInternational, a U.S.-headquartered venture capital firm. Between 1987 to Douglas & Co. and the hedge fund Millburn Corp. Mr. H.D. Quan spent eight Committee member of AXA Private Equity’s operations in Asia Pacific, which based in Singapore. He earlier also worked at ANZ Investment Bank in1997 and 2001 to 2003, he served in various different roles within NatSteel years in banking in Asia with Indosuez and Standard Chartered. he co-founded in 2005. In this capacity, he oversaw the deployment of London and India.Group. Positions held included Vice President of Transpac Capital, a venture USD 1.2 billion across various sub-asset classes within private equity in • Rahul has 19+ years of structured finance experience across the Asiacapital firm, CEO of Intraco Ltd and Deputy President of NatSteel Ltd. Between Mr. H.D. Quan’s depth of experience and connection in Vietnam was the region. Pacific region in leveraged, corporate and project finance. He has1998 to 2000, Mr Chua was the Co-Founder and President of MediaRing.com evidenced by the State Bank of Vietnam’s approval of his appointment as structured and arranged leveraged transactions for bulge bracket /Ltd, a voice-over-Internet services which was successfully listed in Singapore CEO of a local joint stock bank. He is the first, and, still currently, only foreign Previously, Mr. Sadani worked in the London office of Apax Partners, a top regional sponsors as well as top regional corporates.in late 1999. national to have been so approved by the SBV. Mr. H.D. Quan has also served tier global private equity firm, as part of the leveraged buyouts investment • He has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management at Calcutta on the Board of Directors for AmCham in Vietnam and is a member of the team. He has also held senior roles in consulting/operations with Arthur D and a bachelors degree in electronics engineeringMr Chua holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University Turnaround Management Association. Little, Exxon and Innovation Associates, based out of the US and differentof Wisconsin at Madison, and an MS degree in Engineering from Stanford parts of Asia.University under NatSteel scholarship. He serves as Lead Independent Mr. H.D. Quan was raised in New York City and obtained his BA at BrooklynDirector on the Board of Directors of Logitech International S.A. which is College. Additionally, he attended the MBA program at St. John’s University Mr. Sadani holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from thelisted in the US and Switzerland. Mr Chua is also a board member of Yongmao and a number of courses at INSEAD and the London Business School during Harvard Business School, a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering his career. He holds the relevant Securities Licenses in Vietnam and is fluent from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelors degree in Chemical Sebastiaan van den Bergand SHC Capital, both publicly-listed companies in Singapore. Managing Partner in Vietnamese. He is married to Mai Anh and they have a son, Ryan, who is Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.In addition to his above appointments, Mr Chua is also a Board Member of three. HarbourvestBeyond Social Services and Mainly I Love Kids (MILK Charity. E Brooke Whitaker Sebastiaan van den Berg is a managing director who joined HarbourVest’s Peter Martisek Atim Kabra Partner Hong Kong-based subsidiary in 2005. He focuses on investments in Asia Vice President Founder Partner & Director Pacific and emerging markets. Sebastiaan serves on the advisory boards Serasi Capital Frontline Strategy, India of several international private equity partnerships, including funds Swiss Re Private Equity Partners managed by Archer Capital, Brait Capital Partners, Castle Harlan Australian Mezzanine Partners (CHAMP), Citic Capital China, Clearwater Capital, CVC E. Brooke Whitaker is a partner at Serasi Capital Pte. Ltd in Singapore. Atim Kabra is the Founding Partner of Frontline Strategy Limited, the Capital Partners Asia Pacific, Everstone India, KKR China, Olympus CapitalPeter is a Vice President at Swiss Re Private Equity Partners, a dedicated Brooke has lived and worked in emerging markets for the past 20 years investment manager/advisor for two Mauritius based India centric Private Asia, Unison Capital Partners, and Unitas Capital.platform for indirect private equity investments with approximately USD working as a private equity fund of funds investor, consultant, and corporate Equity funds namely - India Industrial Growth Fund Limited and Strategic7.5 billion in assets under management. He is responsible for deal sourcing, restructuring and financial advisor having participated in over 80 middle- Sebastiaan joined the Firm from H&Q Asia Pacific where he focused on Ventures Fund (Mauritius) Limited. He has over 18 years of well roundeddue diligence, execution and portfolio management of fund investments market transactions and closed more than US$2bn in IPOs and auctions in mid-market buyout transactions in Greater China, Korea, and Japan. His “equities exposure” including Portfolio Management, Equity Sales and Equityand co-investments in India, South East Asia and Australia out of the Hong in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Previously, Brooke was a director at IDFC previous experience also includes positions with AlpInvest Partners N.V. in Research with global institutions like ABN AMRO Bank, ANZ Grindlays Bank.Kong office and serves on several advisory boards of the Asian funds. Prior to Capital; founder & managing director at Thumos Ltd where he provided Amsterdam, Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C. in Hong Kong, and Goldman Sachs After a stint in the equity research section at ABN Amro Securities India,joining Swiss Re, Peter spent three years in the trading department of First specialized corporate finance advisory services to corporations, private International in London. Atim moved to New York City with ABN Amro Inc. where he set up the subAllied Securities, Inc. equity funds and governments in the emerging markets. He was also a continent equity sales desk. He quit ABN Amro in 2000 to set up Frontline Sebastiaan received a Doctorandus degree in International Financial senior manager at Arthur Andersen working in the Cairo, Johannesburg and Strategy Limited and Strategic Ventures Fund (Mauritius) Limited. Atim has Economics from the Universiteit van Amsterdam in 1995 and an MSc in Jakarta offices where he led numerous restructuring and sell-side financial lived and worked in India (Delhi and Mumbai), and USA (New York region for Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science Sandeep Aneja advisory mandates; was the Africa regional manager, and on the Emerging 10 years). He now divides his time between India and Singapore, where he (LSE) in 1996. He speaks Dutch and French. Founder and Managing Director Markets Core Team and Emerging Markets Investment Committee. Brooke is currently based. Kaizen PE holds an MBA from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, U.S. where he HarbourVest Partners (Asia) Limited was a research fellow on private equity in emerging markets at its Centre Atim Kabra has majored in economics from Delhi University and also has a for Private Equity, and has a BS in finance from the University of Maryland, Masters in Management Studies from Bombay UniversityWith 17 years of work experience in private equity investment leadership, U.S. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Asiaticand operations management, Sandeep is considered a thought leader in the Society, and is conversant in Arabic, Swahili, Thai and French.private equity space, evident in the frequent references by the media. During Nicholas Bloyhis six year stint in the private equity industry in Silicon Valley, USA, Sandeep Jean-Christophe Marti Managing Directorwas a partner at a leading US venture capital fund, Outlook Ventures. Partner Navis Capital Navis Capital Partners Anubha ShrivastavaCurrently, Sandeep is the Founder and Managing Director of Kaizen Private Managing Director, AsiaEquity, India’s first education focused private equity fund. Kaizen is focused CDC Group Mr. Bloy is one of two Managing Partners of Navis and an Investmenton the fast growing $86 billion education sector. The fund invests in Committee member.companies across all segments of the education sector with the objective of Mr. Marti joined Navis in 2003. Prior to joining Navis, Mr. Marti was withpromoting high quality inclusive education and delivering superior returns Cypress-Woods Private Ltd as an Executive Director based in Singapore, with Mr. Bloy co-founded Navis after spending ten years in Asia with The Boston a focus on corporate development and restructuring assignments across Anubha joined CDC in 2007. She is responsible for the Asian investmentto investors. At Kaizen, Sandeep is responsible for leading overall fund portfolio spanning across South and South-East Asia and China. Consulting Group, where he held various positions, including managingstrategy, investment analysis management, fund raising, while managing the South and Southeast Asia. Prior to that, he was with K1 Ventures Limited partner of the Kuala Lumpur office, Head of The Boston Consulting Group’srelationships with the Fund’s local clients and institutional investors. in Singapore as a Vice President of Investments; Bechtel Enterprises in San She commenced her private equity career in 1999 with General Motors Energy and Utilities Practice in Asia, and Head of The Boston Consulting Francisco, US as Chief Finance Manager of one of its subsidiaries; and Suez- Asset Management’s Private Equity Group in New York, USA. She was Group’s Asia Marketing Committee. Mr. Bloy worked throughout Asia in aSandeep hails from a family of educators and thus by natural instinct, Lyonnaise Des Eaux in Malaysia. involved in the global private equity fund-of-funds portfolio as well as the wide range of industries including consumer and industrial goods, oil andwhile pursuing undergraduate studies, he conceptualized, started and ran global co-investment program. gas, pharmaceuticals, electronics and financial services.an adult education school for factory workers, their spouses, and hospital Mr. Marti was raised and educated in France and the US. He holds a Bachelorstaff for a three year period. Sandeep has an MBA from the Graduate School of Science degree Engineering from Université de Technologie de Compiegne, Thereafter, she worked at Performance Equity Management, LLC, where Mr. Bloy has been a resident in Asia for over 19 years, having been raisedof Business, Stanford University and an MS in Civil Engineering from the France; an MBA in Finance from The Anderson School at UCLA, Los Angeles; she was responsible for managing the European fund-of-funds and co- in England and France. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Hons degree fromUniversity of Delaware. and a Master of Science degree in Materials and All-Tech Innovations. investment portfolios. Anubha started her career in Arthur Andersen. University College, London, and an MBA from INSEAD. PHONE: (65) 6722 9388 | FAX: (65) 6720 3804 | EMAIL: enquiry@iqpc.com.sg | WEB: www.private-equityseasia.com PHONE: (65) 6722 9388 | FAX: (65) 6720 3804 | EMAIL: enquiry@iqpc.com.sg | WEB: www.private-equityseasia.com