Bihar Special Purpose Vehicle


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Bihar Special Purpose Vehicle

  1. 1. Department of Industries, Govt. of Bihar ''Expression of Interest'' Notice Department of Industries, Government of Bihar invites quot;Expression of Interestquot; from the Industries Association/ NGOs/Society/Company/Firm or an individual to create a legal entity i,e Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for setting up of Tool Room in PPP Mode in six districts viz Bhagalpur, Nalanda, Purnea, Muzaffarpur, Chhapra and Saharsa or at any other place with the grant-in-aid from the Govt. of India up to Rs. 9.00 crore to meet the following objectives:- 1. To provide Technological support to MSMEs by Creating facilities for designing and manufacturing of quality Tools, and 2. To provide training facilities in the related areas to generate work force of Skilled Workers, Supervisors, Engineers and designers. Interested Industries Association /NGOs /Society / Company/ Firm or an individual may submit their application with complete Bid- data in regard to their financial status, areas of activities etc. to the Director, Technical Development, Department of Industries, New Secretariat, Patna within a month from the publication of this advertisement. For complete details please visit or or / / or contact the office of Director, Technical Development, Bihar, Patna(Ph.2221462) / Director, MSME, Development Institute, Patna (Ph. 2262186) Director, Technical Development, Department of Industry, Bihar, Patna.
  2. 2. tokgj ljdkj Hkkjr ljdkj vij lfpo ,oe~ lw{e] y?kq vkSj e/;e m|e ea=ky; fodkl vk;qDr GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF MICRO, SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES JAWHAR SIRCAR 'A' WING, 7TH FLOOR, NIRMAN BHAWAN, Additional Secretary & NEW DELHI - 110011 Development Commissioner Phones : 23061176, Fax : 23062315 No. 21/MTR/NMCP/2007/TR-II Dated : 12.7.2007 Industrial Development Commissioner, Government of Bihar, Vikas Bhavan, New Secretariat, Patna - 800015 Subject : Proposal to set up 15 new Mini Tool Rooms under PPP Mode in the country. Sir, The National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council (NMCC) has finalized a 5 year National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme (NMCP), which includes inter alia a scheme to set up 15 new Mini Tool Rooms in various parts of the country, to be implemented in Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. 2. Government of India have accordingly drawn a scheme, which is to be implemented in cooperation with the State Governments, and through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) to be constituted in the form of Societies/Autonomous Institutions by State Government jointly with industry association interested in the project. The scheme is at various stages of consideration and is likely to be approved shortly. The salient features of the scheme and the proposed funding pattern are given below :- (a) The financial assistance from Government of India may be in form of grant in aid equal to 90% of the cost of machinery (restricted to Rs. 9.00 crore), for bridging the viability gap. (b) The balance cost may have to be shared by the SPV created by the State Government, as may be agreed upon by the parties concerned. (c) The State Government desirous of setting up a Tool Room will identify a suitable location for the project, and invite quot;Expression of Interestquot; from the Industries Associations/NGOs with whom State Government would create a legal entity i. e. SPV. (d) A DPR will be got prepared, and the State Government will obtain approval of their 'Competent Authority'. (e) A formal proposal will thereafter be sent to Government of India for sanctioning Central assistance. (f) The project will be implemented on commercial basis by the SPV, under the supervision of the State Government.
  3. 3. : 2 : 3. You are requested to go through the parameters of the scheme as stated in para-2 above and furnish comments/suggestions, if any. You may also like to identify a suitable location for the Tool Room keeping in view the demand of toolings in that area. The purpose of writing this letter to you is to ensure that the State Governments are in readiness to implement the scheme, when it is approved by Government of India. However please note that above guidelines may be changed/revised by competent authority while approving the scheme. 4. A concept note on Mini Tool Room scheme along with suggested list of machinery is enclosed for your reference. Yours faithfully, Sd/- (JAWHAR SIRCAR) AS&DC (MSME) Encl : a/a Copy for information to : Director, SISI, Patna.
  4. 4. Government of India Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises office of the Development Commissioner (MSME) CONCEPT NOTE ON MINI TOOL ROOM Introduction Tool designing and quality tool manufacturing are considered essential for development of industries and improving their competitiveness in the national and international markets. Whereas the large scale industries generally have their own captive tool rooms, the SMEs can not afford to have such captive tool rooms due to heavy capital costs involved. Therefore, Govt. of India in the Ministry of MSME have been implementing the Tool Room Scheme, under which a number of Tool Room & Training centers have been established across the country to provide facilities for tool designing and tool manufacturing and also for imparting training in the related areas with a view to provide specialized skills required by the industry. These Tool Rooms are :- i. Central Tool Room, Ludhiana ii. Indo German Tool Room, Indore iii. Indo German Tool Room, Ahmedabad iv. Indo German Tool Room, Aurangabad v. Central Tool Room & Training Centre, Kolkata vi. Central Tool Room & Training Centre, Bhubaneswar vii. Indo Danish Tool Room, Jamshedpur viii. Central Institute of Tool Design, Hyderabad ix. Central Institute of Hand Tools, Jalandhar x. Tool Room & Training Centre, Guwahati Mini Tool Rooms under PPP Mode In order to meet the growing demand of quality tools and dies in the country, particularly in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector, Government of India have proposed to launch a programme to render financial assistance to the State Governments to set up Mini Tool Room under PPP Mode. The estimated cost of a typical Mini Tool Room is around Rs. 15 crore (including Rs. 10 crore towards cost of machinery and equipment). This cost may, however, vary depending upon the activities proposed to be undertaken. Under the programme, the quantum of Central financial assistance will be in the form of one time grant-in-aid equal to 90% of the cost of machinery and equipment (restricted to Rs. 9.00 crore) in each case. The balance cost of machinery and equipment, the cost of land and buildings and the recurring costs would be met by the States and the SPVs as may be agreed upon by the parties concerned.
  5. 5. : 2 : Objectives The objectives of the programme are :- 1. To manufacture jigs, fixtures, cutting tools, gauges, press tools, plastic moulds, forging dies, pressure castings dies and other toolings for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Advanced tool making process using Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) techniques are to be adopted. 2. To provide training facility in tool manufacturing and tool design to generate work force of skilled workers, supervisors, engineers and designers etc. Diploma in Tool & Die Making- 4 years 10+2 Pass. Certificate Course in Machine Operation- 2 years 10th Passed/Failed. 3. To work as Nucleus Centre for providing Consultancy, information service, documentation etc. for solving the problems related to toolings of industries in the region. 4. To act as common facility Centre for micro, small and medium enterprises and to assist them in product and prototype development. Methodology A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) such as Registered Society/Autonomous Institution will be constituted by the State Government to implement the project. Once the project in complete, the SPV may enter into an MoU with the existing SIDO Tool Rooms for technical and management support service. The detailed scrutiny of the individual proposals received from the implementing agencies will be done before obtaining the approval of EFC/SFC as the case may be, as per guidelines incorporated in the Delegation of Financial Power Rules. Procedure For Processing Proposals (a) The State Government desirous of setting up a Tool Room will identify a suitable location for the project, and invite quot;Expression of Interestquot; from the Industries Associations/NGOs with whom State Government would create a legal entity i.e. SPV. (b) A DPR will be got prepared, and the State Government will obtain approval of their 'Competent Authority'. (c) A formal proposal will thereafter be sent to Government of India for sanctioning central assistance.
  6. 6. : 3 : (d) The project will be implemented on commercial basis by the SPV, under the supervision of the State Government. Release of Grant-In-Aid 1. Central Assistance will be released to States in installments, on receipt of specific requests from the State Governments after the infrastructure facilities have been created, and the proposals to procure the machinery have been finalized, and after the State Governments have made necessary budget provisions to meet their share of expenditure. 2. The State Governments or SPV would furnish utilization certificates to Government of India in accordance with the provisions of General Financial Rules, 2005. 3. After a Mini Tool Room becomes finally operational, the State Government of SPV would send a completion report to Government of India for information. Thereafter, the Annual Report of the Mini Tool Room will also be sent to Government of India for a period of 5 years, to assess the performance of the programme. The State Governments of SPV shall keep a provision for including a nominee of Central Government on the Governing Boards of the Mini Tool Rooms.
  7. 7. ANNEXURE-I MINI TOOLROOM Suggested list of machinery Sl.No. Description of machine/Equipment Size/Specification Quantity (Nos.) 1. Shaping Shaping Machine 300 mm stroke 2 2. Turning Conventional Lathe 250X800 mm 5 CNC Lathe 250X400 mm 3 3. Milling Conventional Milling 600X450X450 mm 6 CNC Milling 600X450X450 mm 2 Electrode Making 1 Pantograph 1 4. Grinding Cylindrical Grinding 100X350-130X630 3 Surface Grinding 600X300-800X450 mm 3 Tool and Cutter Grinding 130X630 mm 2 Testing and Inspection lot equipment (Profile Projector, Height Micrometer, Slip Boxes, Comparator etc.) 5. Advance Machines CNC Wirecut 400X250X250 mm 1 Spark Erosion 550X300X300 mm 2 Jig Boring 450X250X300 mm 1 Jig Grinding 450X250X300 mm 1 3D Coordinate Measuring 600X450X600 mm 1 6. CNC Training Programming Stations PIV Server/Clients/ 8 Trainer Lathe Software 70X300 mm 2 Table Top/Software Trainer Milling Table Top/Software 2
  8. 8. 7. CAD/CAM CAD Programmes Artisan/Solidworks 7 CAM Programmes Artisan/Maser CAM 6 8. Allied Equipment Heat Treatment Lot Direct/Case/Tempering Drilling 15mm, 25mm and 40 mm 3 Redial Drilling 63mm 1 Pedestal/Bench Grinder 150mm, 200 mm 3 Arc Welding Set 1 Gas Welding/Cutting 1 Power Hacksaw 1 9. Fitting (Work Benches, Lockers etc.) 28 10. Tryout Machines Power Press 100 MT 1 Injection Moulding 130 MT 1 Machine 11. Accessories Cutting Tools, Carbide, HSS, Grinding 2 sets Consumable Wheels Machine Accessories Sleeves, Collects/Holders 2 sets Measuring Instruments Calipers, Micrometers 2 sets Hand Tools Spanners, Files etc. 2 sets 12. Service Equipment DG Set 250 KVA 1 Air Conditioning Equpt. Lot Material Handling Pallet Truck, Scissor Table Lot Air Compressors/Piping Elect. DBs, UPs etc. Lot Misc. Equipment Lot Total Cost Notes : 1. Office equipment/furniture shall not form part of plant and machinery. 2. The above machinery and its configuration is subject to change depending upon activities to be taken up and the needs of the area and other local parameters.
  9. 9. Name of the NMCP Component Setting up of New Mini Tool Rooms under PPP mode. Short Name MTR Total Provision for that Activity/Scheme Project Cost Rs.210.00 crore GoI Contribution Rs.135.00 crore BE Provision for this year (approximate Rs. 20.00 Crore pro-rata) Present Position/when is it likely to be * CCEA approved on 11.04.2008 announced * TA preparing guidelines,legal documents etc. * June 2008 Objective of the Scheme To create facilities for * Design & manufacture of tools, dies, moulds, components etc. * Skill development/ upgradation Who can apply * (Centre PPP Model) Private Promoter, i.e. an individual, firm, company, association, NGO or society * (State PPP Model) SPVs set up by States in partnership with private partners. * (Centre-State Model) State Govt. or State Agencies, other than NGOs Approval procedure Each proposal by EFC/SFC Other relevant points (a) Preference i. Centre PPP Model ii. State PPP Model iii. Centre-State Model (only when above two fail) (b) Financial Assistance Centre PPP - Viability Gap funding restricted to 40% of the total project cost or Rs.9.00 crore which ever is less. State PPP - 90% of the cost of machinery restricted to Rs.9.00 crore. Centre State - 90% of the cost of machinery restricted to Rs.9.00 crore.