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du pont 2005 Annual Review du pont 2005 Annual Review Document Transcript

  • Sustainable Growth Through Science 2005 Annual Review
  • To All DuPont Stakeholders The mission of DuPont is sustainable growth — creating value Our financial performance in 2005 was multifunctional teams to serve 38 such disappointing, and we did not achieve our customers, and we are expanding on that base. for our shareholders and society while reducing the environmental earnings improvement goal. This should not We demonstrated confidence in our future take away from the hard work of the people footprint throughout the value chains in which we operate. This when we announced a set of actions in of DuPont who, confronted by extraordinary the fourth quarter designed to increase mission was never more relevant than in 2005, and throughout challenges during the year, demonstrated shareholder value. Prominent among these resilience and creativity. We ended the year was our decision to “buy DuPont” by this review are examples of how our businesses are building absolutely determined to accelerate value initiating a $5 billion share repurchase creation for our shareholders in 2006. sustainable growth in industries and economies around the world. program that is an investment in the growth Natural disasters in different parts of the and future of our company. We completed We have also invited two distinguished experts, Dr. J. Craig Venter world and record-high energy and raw $3 billion of the program in October 2005. material costs combined to test our ability and Dr. Florence Wambugu, to share their visions of how sustainable The other actions include: to adapt and respond. In the third quarter, growth can create even greater value in the future. Increasing cost productivity over the ■ hurricanes in the Gulf Coast of the United next three years by standardizing and States idled 14 of our plants. Our people simplifying supply chains and support acted heroically and compassionately to functions globally to generate cost and help each other and their neighbors, and got working capital savings of $1 billion each. our operations back up and running as quickly as possible. We also provided fuel, Improving our returns on capital for all ■ food, and shelter to emergency service businesses below our 12 percent hurdle workers and our neighbors. rate for return on net assets. The extended shutdown of key facilities had Accelerating science-based innovation by ■ a significant financial impact across several 30 percent by prioritizing programs for businesses, and energy prices, which were faster and larger payoffs by 2010. already tending upward, skyrocketed in the Faster commercialization of our $3 billion ■ storms’ aftermath. Again, the response of pipeline of bio-based materials. our businesses was outstanding. Over the course of the year, we were able to offset We are able to take these decisive actions more than $1 billion in record-setting high despite the headwinds we encountered last energy and raw material costs through year. Our progress confirmed for us that our pricing, creative materials sourcing, and growth strategies are the right ones, more effective plant utilization. and they are working. Increasingly, our differentiated advantage and the creation Sustainable Growth of shareholder value is linked to our capabilities as a science company. In 2005 we completed the transformation of DuPont from a chemical and materials A 21st Century Science Company company into a science company. We have focused on our mission of sustainable Our vision is to be the world’s most growth, which we define as increasing dynamic science company, creating ™ ™ DuPont Artistri ... Combining a 300-year-old tradition with 21st century technology shareholder and societal value while decreasing sustainable solutions essential to a better, our environmental footprint along the value safer, healthier life for people everywhere. chain. While chemistry remains vital to our As a 21st century science company, we are businesses, the addition of biology has committed to bringing value to peoples’ opened tremendous new opportunities. lives through science-based solutions to On the Cover: This Yuzen-dyed We have turned our world-leading research kimono, depicting various elements global needs. At a time when the external capability to inventing what our customers of nature, represents a 300-year-old scrutiny and skepticism of all things related history and tradition in Kyoto, Japan. tell us they need to grow their businesses. to “big business” is increasing, we believe Now DuPont™ Artistri™ digital we have a unique opportunity to We are focused in a special way on the printing for textiles blends an ancient differentiate DuPont in the public arena art with 21st century technology to customers we have identified as most critical create stunning kimono silk judged in and the marketplace because we will be to our future. Revenues from this group are competition and in the marketplace to driven by two things: values-based increasing at two times the company’s be comparable to silk printed using innovation and transparency. average revenue growth rate. At the end of traditional methods. 2005 we had in place dedicated, DuPont 2005 Annual Review 1
  • created the world’s first insulating Declaration, the first-ever industry-led global breathable membrane, which enables initiative to examine ways to improve builders to meet insulation standards workplace safety globally. without having to increase wall thickness. Transparency This new Tyvek® reduces the heating bill of the average home by 13 percent and reduces One of the greatest challenges facing large CO2 emissions by 15 tons per building. companies today is earning public trust. Earlier this year, we reached a significant The need for transparency is greater than milestone in progress toward reducing ever before, especially for a science emissions of PFOA, an essential processing company working at the leading edge of aid used in the manufacture of exciting but largely unfamiliar technologies. fluoropolymers. Because PFOA is a Also, as global business becomes more persistent material in the environment, complex, new and current knowledge from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency both inside and external to the company (EPA) announced a voluntary industry-wide is required. PFOA stewardship program. DuPont played One form of transparency is accomplished a leadership role in collaborating with EPA through the external oversight provided to develop the program. It builds on actions by our Health Advisory Board and our we are taking globally to reduce environmental Biotechnology Advisory Panel. Each of these exposure to PFOA. EPA said that our groups is made up of outstanding external voluntary actions demonstrate strong leaders in their respective fields who review leadership and set an example for the rest of our plans and programs and provide the industry to follow. DuPont has already guidance based on their observations and reduced PFOA emissions by 95 percent in experience. Their insights have been most Chad Holliday the United States and 90 percent worldwide. helpful. We grapple with the societal and Chairman and CEO The industry effort will accelerate the commercial ramifications of emerging reduction of PFOA emissions to the technologies and their adoption. Since its environment, while ensuring continued creation in 2000, our Biotechnology Advisory availability of essential products in We continue work in the emerging field of Values-Based Innovation Panel has included a total of 15 recognized industries such as telecommunications, nanoscale science and engineering, in which leaders from 10 countries, representing Innovation is the heart of our enterprise. aerospace, semiconductors, fire fighting and in DuPont is an acknowledged leader. The a wide range of disciplines and cultures. We introduced 1,133 new products and new consumer markets. To date, no human health emergence of new tools and techniques for The Health Advisory Board, established product applications in 2005. With sustainable effects are known to be caused by PFOA. the measurement, characterization and in 2003, includes eight external medical growth central to our corporate mission, control of nanoscale features gives rise to We are applying dynamic science to protect professionals. innovation at DuPont is consistent with a many new opportunities. For example, people at home and at work. Safety clear set of core values. Our values template DuPont™ Voltron® nanocomposite wire We continue to work with leading leadership means working together with consists of the values that have historically enamels, which extend insulation test life, nongovernmental organizations other members of industry, as well as with guided DuPont — safety and health, are being used in motor windings and will to understand and integrate safety and governments and non-government environmental stewardship, ethical behavior, be used in hybrid vehicles. Good product environmental criteria into our research, organizations. To that end, during the and respect for people. stewardship requires a commitment to development and commercialization 111-country World Safety Congress in identifying and managing any potential risks processes in order to ensure that our Some examples of values-based innovation 2005, DuPont initiated the World Safety to ensure the safety of this technology as it products, processes and services are at DuPont: finds wider application around the world. Our newest technology platform, DuPont We continue to take strong actions in the Bio-Based Materials, will apply biology and First Bio-Based Materials Plant voluntary reduction of greenhouse gas With joint venture partner Tate & Lyle chemistry in an integrated way to create PLC, we are completing the construction emissions, having reduced these emissions unique and compelling solutions in the of a new plant in Tennessee that will be by 72 percent over the past decade. We materials, energy, surfaces and medical used to manufacture Bio-PDO™. This is believe that the science is sufficiently markets. Bio-Based Materials is the right a key ingredient for our first bio-based compelling to take prudent actions to science at a time when energy costs are at polymer, Sorona®. Making Bio-PDO™ address global warming and its potential for from corn uses 40 percent less energy record highs, and DuPont has the science than that needed to produce a climate change. We also offer products that lead to bring these new innovations to petroleum-based equivalent. Our new help others achieve their own reductions. market in a sustainable way. We place a plant will save the equivalent of 10 One of our teams in Europe developed an current value of $3 billion on our bio-based million gallons of gasoline per year, or innovative type of DuPont™ Tyvek® and materials pipeline. enough to fuel 22,000 cars annually. DuPont 2005 Annual Review 3 2
  • DuPont Corporate Highlights providing more sustainable solutions. In this Review, we also have invited two (dollars in millions, except per share) For example, we are partnering with distinguished outside experts to reflect on Operating Results 2005 2004 Environmental Defense to develop a system science and sustainable growth from to manage potential risks associated with their unique perspectives. Dr. J. Craig Venter Net Sales $26,639 $27,340 nanotechnology. We have also worked led the team that sequenced the human with the World Resources Institute and genome and is today pursuing the exciting Net Income $2,053 $1,780 the Pew Center on climate change issues. field of synthetic genomics. Dr. Florence Depreciation and Amortization $1,358 $1,347 Wambugu is CEO of Africa Harvest and is Recognition for Our Accomplishments working at the leading edge of programs to Capital Expenditures $1,406 $1,298 achieve sustainable economic growth through As we pursue sustainable growth through Research and Development Expenses $1,336 $1,333 science in developing countries of Africa. science-based innovation, our We are proud of the leadership roles our Financial Position, Year End accomplishments have brought the kind of people and businesses demonstrated in recognition that makes DuPont a benchmark Total Assets $33,250 $35,632 2005. We believe that our contributions as a company in key areas. An independent 21st century science company will continue panel of experts assembled by Net Debt* $6,329 $2,949 to benefit our customers and consumers on BusinessWeek magazine named DuPont the Stockholders’ Equity $8,907 $11,377 a world stage, offer outstanding growth top green company of the past decade for opportunities, and create value for our our greenhouse gas emissions reductions Data Per Common Share shareholders. and our leadership. We were awarded the Black Pearl Award by the International Net Income — Diluted $2.07 $1.77 Association for Food Protection for our Dividends $1.46 $1.40 efforts in advancing food safety and quality. Scientific American named DuPont among Market Price Range $54.90 – 37.60 $49.39 – 39.88 Chad Holliday the Scientific American 50, a list of the Chairman & CEO leaders shaping the future of technology, for General March 1, 2006 our work in nanotechnology. Average Shares of Common Stock Outstanding (millions) 989 1,003 *The company defines net debt as total debt less cash and cash equivalents and marketable debt securities. A reconciliation of total debt to net debt can be found in Part II, Item 7 of the company’s 2005 annual report on Form 10-K. Milestone Patent Awarded This publication contains forward-looking statements based on management’s current U.S. Patent 7 ,000,000 “Polysaccharide expectations, estimates and projections. All statements that address expectations or Fibers” was issued on February 14, projections about the future, including statements about the company’s strategy for growth, 2006, to John P O’Brien, of DuPont . product development, market position, expected expenditures and financial results are Central Research & Development for inventing polysaccharide fibers forward-looking statements. Some of the forward-looking statements may be identified by — “cotton-like” fibers derived from words like “expects, “anticipates, “plans, “intends, “projects, “indicates, and similar ” ” ” ” ” ” biologically based renewable expressions. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve a resources. They are biodegradable number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions. Many factors, including those discussed and highly suitable for use in more fully in documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission by DuPont, textiles. It was the 33,801st U.S. patent awarded to DuPont since particularly its 2005 Annual Report on Form 10-K, as well as others, could cause results to company founder E.I. du Pont was differ materially from those stated. These factors include, but are not limited to changes granted U.S. Patent No. 590 in in the laws, regulations, policies and economic conditions, including inflation, interest and 1804 for a “machine for granulating foreign currency exchange rates, of countries in which the company does business; gun powder. ” competitive pressures; successful integration of structural changes, including restructuring DuPont senior researcher plans, acquisitions, divestitures and alliances; cost of raw materials, research and John P O’Brien converts sugar . development of new products, including regulatory approval and market acceptance; and water into a polysaccharide and seasonality of sales of agricultural products. that can be made into novel fibers using an industrial biotechnology process that received the 7 millionth U.S. patent. DuPont 2005 Annual Review 5 4
  • The Power and the Promise of Science Dr. J. Craig Venter is one of the leading scientists of the 21st century for his visionary contributions in genomic research. How would you characterize the power What from your perspective are the markets where science can have the and promise of science overall? most dramatic impact in the future? Scientific literacy is no longer optional, but That is the challenge — actually picking those rather is a requirement for modern societies markets. DuPont has been incredibly to continue to advance. Science offers us real successful doing this, especially in the area hope in solving many of the challenges facing of polymer chemistry. Obviously, today the the world today including disease, hunger, energy market is one of the single biggest and renewable energy. Specifically for DuPont, markets, and a focus there on sustainable I think science will be a crucial component in energy would be well rewarded. This will be a dealing with problems, such as carbon sources challenge, because the energy market is of a and manufacturing products, in a cost-effective much greater scale than what biology has dealt and environmentally friendly way. with in the past. The reward, however, is the potential to change all manufacturing for the At DuPont we talk about integrated better. Making manufacturing eco-friendly is science — that our most promising not just a nice thing to do, but given what’s opportunities come at the intersection happened in the last year or so with energy of scientific disciplines, where fields prices, it’s going to become an economic necessity. meet or overlap. What is your view? How do you see the relationship J. Craig Venter, Ph.D. I think that integration is the only strategy between scientific development and Founder and president, J. Craig Venter Institute, that truly works today. In fact, most of the Co-founder and CEO, Synthetic Genomics, Inc. the drive for sustainability? advances that I’ve made have come about through the merger of new technologies We have to replace oil and coal as our source with new fields. The work that we’ve done of carbon across the board. This will change been a decade since my team sequenced the going to be such a phase shift that it’s hard to in genomics at the Venter Institute has been everything from sources of energy to first genome and already we can now imagine the total impact. Everything from accomplished by multidisciplinary teams chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis to sequence hundreds of genomes in a month. food and energy production to chemical and that include software engineers, computer large-scale polymer development. The Sorona® We’re inundated with constantly changing pharmaceutical manufacturing could engineers, molecular biologists, and polymer DuPont developed is something that scientific processes. The problem is that you potentially be revolutionized through geneticists. Stove-piped fields of inquiry can affect daily life on a substantial scale. cannot look back historically to understand synthetic genomic advances. ultimately don’t work. And we believe, like Much of modern life has the potential to be the future. The only approach is to take more To realize the full potential of synthetic you, that we can only move forward in an radically transformed by applying modern, risks at the leading edge of science to be genomics, we must first advance our integrated fashion. It’s the intersection of leading-edge science to these issues. there to help drive it in the right direction. A knowledge and understanding of the first all these areas that are resulting in new company like DuPont can’t afford to sit back New developments in science that lead to principles of biology. If we can build DNA developments. and watch other companies develop the new changes in manufacturing and energy in a cassette-based fashion, it becomes approaches, so my advice would be to build I believe that DuPont is the absolute leader resources are the only hope I see for analogous to the paradigm shift in electronic on your successes and be bold. sustainability. The companies that can on this front. You are conducting one of the design that occurred on the order of 50 implement these changes will be the global most important and large-scale manufacturing years ago, when capacitors, resistors, and Is there any innovation that you are winners on an unprecedented economic scale. experiments right now with the Bio-PDO™ transistors enabled the building of an endless pretty sure is going to occur, but that We’re going to need to use renewable resources plant in Tennessee. The scientific and business amount of electronic products using the the public hasn’t contemplated yet? like sugar and couple these with natural communities are watching this closely. This kind common components and integrated circuits. systems for manufacturing processes — then of manufacturing - using a natural resource With synthetic genomics, we’re learning how I think the new field of synthetic genomics we’ll be utilizing truly sustainable techniques. like sugar to provide carbon in a renewable to make the integrated circuits of biology. that my team and I are helping to start, is one fashion, rather than using oil — will be a key From the work that my team and I are doing that’s right on the threshold of making a How would you advise DuPont in the strategy for the future. I think the Bio-PDO™ with our global ocean expedition alone, major impact on society. If we can actually sit kind of choices it makes in using plant is the first large-scale test of these we’ve already discovered nearly six million down at the computer and design a living science to deliver products and ideas. It’s incredibly exciting what DuPont new genes. Those represent a great deal of organism to carry out a specific function that solutions to the world? has done — mixing molecular biology, basic potential design components with which more efficiently enables a manufacturing microbiology, and large-scale engineering. to work. Synthetic genomic manufacturing process, versus spending decades searching The rate that science and technology are Biological and other scientific power will design is essentially limited only by our the environment for an organism that does changing is simply breathtaking. Just look at become the future economic driving forces. imagination. specifically what we want it to do, that’s what’s happened to DNA sequencing. It’s only DuPont 2005 Annual Review 7 6
  • The Science of Hope and Opportunity Dr. Florence Muringi Wambugu is an agricultural plant pathologist with specialization in virology and genetic engineering for viral disease crop protection. community. The project culminated in its first What role can technology play in harvest of bananas grown from tissue culture improving the lives of people in propagation — the process of growing plant developing countries in Africa? shoot tip tissues in a laboratory until they Global challenges require global solutions — become plantlets ready for transplanting into and recognizing this is the key to success. the field. That’s why Africa Harvest is focused on the Because of the highly controlled starter challenges of food security, health and environment, tissue culture propagation nutrition in Africa. Today, more than 200 significantly reduces disease and dramatically million people live in hunger and poverty in improves yield. Tissue culture technology in sub-Saharan Africa. But by leveraging the Africa has increased banana productivity power and potential of biotechnology, we can from 20 to 45 tons per hectare. help reduce this hunger and poverty — both now and in the future. That increase helps reduce hunger and increase the standard of living for Chura Africa Harvest is already working on two such village banana growers. For the typical Chura initiatives. The banana tissue culture project, family, which averages ten individuals, based in the Chura community of Nairobi, increased production translates to a climb in Kenya, is a short-term intervention whose income from the current average of $1 per goal is to address the immediate challenge of Florence Wambugu, Ph.D. day, per family, to as much as $3 per day, per CEO, Africa Harvest Biotech Foundation International hunger, poverty and malnutrition. The project family. With a goal of increasing sustainability is focused on increasing farmer income among the local community, 2,500 farm through increasing production. Local farmers, families — or 25,000 individuals — have by switching to culture tissue propagation, Building on the proven concept of enhancing Remember, hunger is a global problem that benefited from the Chura tissue culture have been able to increase banana production, corn with essential amino acids, scientists will requires global solutions. For too long, many banana project to date. It is estimated that and their standard of living, significantly. apply the latest biotechnology to improve the organizations have done commendable work 50,000 people will be positively affected as lives and health of as many as 300 million people on their own. However these individual Africa Harvest is also leading the efforts on the program continues. in Africa. The long-term impact will be seen as efforts have not had the impact we’re seeing long-term solutions, such as the Africa African scientists develop the expertise that will through collaborations and coordination with Biofortified Sorghum (ABS) project, which How do you envision the long-term indirectly support biosafety policy development, companies such as DuPont. seeks to improve the nutrient density of impact potential of the ABS Project? which will, in turn, hasten the development of sorghum, a staple in the African diet. At the Through these partnerships, Africa Harvest is African-owned genetically modified crops and The need obviously is great, and so too is the same time, the project is focused on building creating new paradigms with our vision to products to foster both nutritional potential, especially with global support. That African scientific expertise by training top fight hunger, poverty and malnutrition enhancements and economic development support has come not only from DuPont and African researchers to apply this technology through scientific solutions with a specific in Africa. Through international cooperation our other public and private partners, but themselves. Both the tissue culture banana focus on poor communities in Africa. The and partnerships, we envision more open also through the Bill & Melinda Gates and ABS projects show the potential banana tissue culture project and the ABS sharing of technology and greater acceptance Foundation, which has committed $435 biotechnology has, through public/private project can serve as models, reaching across of biotechnology in the future. million to fund 43 global health projects, partnerships, in the quest to improve the borders towards a better Africa. including the ABS project. Although breeders, global society. What does the future hold for Africa Africa Harvest is collaborating with using conventional technology, have made universities, industry and governmental Harvest and the communities you incremental improvements in the nutritional How has the tissue culture banana partners to tackle specific African challenges work with? value of sorghum, the ABS project will build project changed the lives of people through these projects. But long after these on progress made so far by using in the Chura Village? Science has contributed to greater prosperity challenges are met, look for Africa Harvest to biotechnology to develop a “super sorghum” and better lives for people around the world, continue to show the way with innovative Africa Harvest teamed with DuPont on a enhanced with the essential amino acids especially in developed countries. However, solutions to feed a growing African project aimed at boosting banana production (lysine and methionine), vitamin A, iron and the majority of people in developing population. in Chura. The focus was to use science to zinc through genetic biofortification. countries, especially in Africa and Asia, still make an immediate impact on the lives of the are poor, hungry and undernourished. Africa Harvest is working aggressively to change that. DuPont 2005 Annual Review 9 8
  • DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition Food is sustenance. Without a bountiful, safe, nutritious food supply for people and animals everywhere, sustainable growth has no meaning. The mission of DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition is to deliver global nutrition through higher crop yields and healthier foods while developing solutions to help meet the world’s energy needs. Pioneer® brand corn hybrids are the “gold which controls powdery mildew in cereals, standard” in agriculture. Farmers using received its first global registration in Poland. Pioneer hybrids won 23 of the 27 national Significant progress was made across the titles in the U.S. National Corn Growers Agriculture & Nutrition research pipeline in Association 2005 Yield Contest. The 2005. Advancements include the first of a new company debuted 95 new corn hybrids class of high efficacy, low toxicity insecticides, globally, combining exceptional yield potential and a new biotech herbicide resistance trait with insect protection and herbicide resistance. for corn, soybeans and cotton that maximizes With the U.S. regulatory approval of its yield potential, improves crop safety and Herculex® XTRA in 2005, Pioneer customers expands weed control options. now have access to the broadest in-plant protection from costly insects. Some Pioneer To continue to deliver the healthful benefits of hybrids also give processors 2-4 percent more soy to consumers, The Solae Company joined ethanol per bushel, increasing supply for this with Yoplait in France to introduce Bioplait valuable vehicle fuel. Pioneer launched 26 new yogurt with Solae® brand soy protein. The Bunge soybean varieties in 2005 and is increasingly DuPont Biotech Alliance is also working with being recognized as the soybean yield leader. Kellogg to increase production of Nutrium™, the company’s low linolenic soybean oil, which Pioneer made progress in the ever-growing helps eliminate trans fatty acids in foods. Brazilian market, increasing sales and brand loyalty by bringing customers into the hybrid And to improve sustainable agriculture and selection process through participation on a fight malnutrition, DuPont was proud to Product Advancement Team. The Brazil DuPont contribute technology and expertise to improve Crop Protection Team worked with Bunge the nutritional value of sorghum in parts of Limited to help deliver soybean protection Africa. The donation was made to Africa solutions to Brazilian farmers with greater Harvest to help support a $16.9 million grant efficiency and savings. from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Herculex® Insect Protection by Dow AgroSciences and Pioneer Hi-Bred. From the U.S. Great Plains, to Poland, to Herculex® is a registered trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC. Argentina, DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition Photos: (Facing Page) DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition continued making remarkable advances in opens new horizons for farmers worldwide. (Left) crop protection. DuPont™ Finesse® grass and Talius® fungicide helps Polish agriculture fight broadleaf herbicide was so enthusiastically powdery mildew on cereals. (Right) Latin American farmers increase crop yield with the help of DuPont. received by American wheat growers that it sold out its launch. DuPont™ Talius® fungicide, Core Markets: Production Agriculture; Food Processing. 2005 Sales: $6.4 Billion DuPont 2005 Annual Review 11 10
  • DuPont Coatings & Color Technologies As more and more of the world’s citizens enter the “consumer society,” global opportunities have grown for DuPont Coatings & Color Technologies. The year 2005 was a clear illustration of how dramatic those opportunities really are—and how they can help drive sustainable growth in the years to come. From China to Mexico, DuPont Coatings & Artistri™ into new growth markets for flags, Color Technologies made 2005 a year of soft signage and t-shirts. significant achievements in worldwide markets. In the Americas, DuPont completed its That was especially true in China, where acquisition of Powder Coatings de Mexico, DuPont and the City of Dongying (Shandong strengthening the company’s position as a Province) signed a project agreement to leader in the powder coatings market build a world-class titanium dioxide (TiO2) throughout the Western Hemisphere. plant. Wholly-owned by DuPont, the plant Additionally, 2005 saw the acquisition of will be the company’s largest single investment the Standox-Max joint venture in Mexico, project outside the United States. With a resulting in the opening of an upgraded planned completion date of 2010, the plant distribution network. will have an initial capacity of 200,000 tons of The DuPont Aviation Finishes brand was TiO2 and will employ about 350 people, mostly launched as a key growth initiative, delivering from the Dongying area.Total investment is a complete product line of high-performance projected at more than $1 billion, including coatings for completion and refinishing of DuPont’s initial costs, facilities installed by the aircraft. Route-to-market was expanded in city and suppliers and eventual expansion. 2005 from general aviation OEM sales to 2005 also saw a milestone achievement in the general aviation-focused distributors. Japanese market as DuPont opened a $10 The growing worldwide presence of DuPont million laboratory in Aichi Prefecture. The new Coatings & Color Technologies is expected to facility is focused on the development and gain even greater momentum in 2006 with testing of automotive original equipment the launch of a commercial titanium powder manufacturer (OEM) coatings to meet the business. Harnessing the latest efficiencies in requirements of Japanese automakers and powder metallurgy, this effort is projected to rising consumer demands for aesthetics and dramatically reduce titanium part cost. durability. DuPont coatings go on one-third of Photos: (Facing Page) For architectural application, the vehicles produced by the world’s major DuPont provides decorative and functional powder automobile manufacturers. coatings, and for construction, specialty coatings for corrosion control and fire protection. (Left) DuPont™ Artistri™, a fully integrated DuPont OEM and Refinish coatings meet rising offering for digital textile printing, continued demands for aesthetics and durability. (Right) A new its rapid growth in global markets. In 2005, $10 million laboratory facility in Japan serves the ink and software innovations extended nation’s automakers. Core Markets: Automotive; Collision Repair; Paper; Industrial Coatings; Digital Printing; Architectural Coatings; Plastics. 2005 Sales: $6.2 Billion DuPont 2005 Annual Review 13 12
  • DuPont Electronic & Communication Technologies Where science and technology converge, amazing things begin to happen. Light is transformed into electrical energy, and new alternative energy sources emerge. Tiny chips and embedded components at the core of smaller, faster electronic devices enable more sophisticated functionality and new ways to connect globally. And we continue to seek more sustainable solutions for future growth. DuPont Electronic & Communication Technologies is leading the way… to a world of new possibilities. Incentives flourish to develop alternative DuPont Electronic & Communication energies from renewable resources as Technologies continues its rapid growth in today’s energy needs — and costs — increase. Asia, creating additional capacity for With expected growth in solar energy from DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide film at Toray photovoltaic (PV) technology averaging 25 DuPont Company in Japan. In Korea, a joint percent each of the next few years, DuPont is venture with Samsung’s Cheil Industries, establishing itself clearly as a leader in PV, SD Flex Company, is meeting the soaring with a broad portfolio of integrated materials. market demand for DuPont™ Pyralux® DuPont’s commitment to PV technology is flexible circuit materials. And, DuPont is demonstrated in part by the installation of the constructing a new fluoroproducts facility company’s first PV-based power system in to produce PTFE fine powders and dispersions Wilmington, Delaware. DuPont is also driving at its multi-product complex in China. the technology that will make fuel cells a commercial reality. In fluoroproducts, DuPont introduced a new product line of easy-to-use, non-ozone- Semiconductors are the foundation of electronics depleting retrofit refrigerants. Through the — and DuPont Electronic & Communication acquisition of the ISCEON® hydrofluorocarbon Technologies offers a growing portfolio of (HFC) refrigerant blends business from Rhodia, innovative materials for semiconductor DuPont is bringing even more sustainable fabrication, packaging and circuit applications. solutions to its global customer base. DuPont connects science and technology from across the company, spanning polymers, fibers, Buried Capacitance® is a registered trademark of Sanmina-SCI. photopolymers, dispersions, coatings and film to Photos: (Facing Page) Materials from DuPont enable advanced semiconductor manufacturing. Electronic & Communication Technologies help Another advance in electronics, DuPont™ photovoltaic cells create electricity from the sun’s rays. (Left) Non-ozone-depleting retrofit refrigerants Interra® HK polyimide laminates, is now offer globally sustainable solutions. (Right) licensed for widespread use with Innovative materials from DuPont are key to the Sanmina-SCI’s patented Buried Capacitance® manufacture of today’s electronics. technology. Interra® embedded passive materials are instrumental in the manufacture of smaller, more reliable electronic devices. Core Markets: Semiconductors; Printed Circuit Boards and Components; Communications; Displays and Imaging; Industrial Markets. 2005 Sales: $3.5 Billion DuPont 2005 Annual Review 15 14
  • DuPont Performance Materials Sustainable growth takes many forms. Advances in plastics technology can help sustain human life in an auto crash. Developments in polyester additives can improve the environmental efficacy of oil and gas piping. Advanced resins can give mobile phones the durability to survive the bumps and bangs of daily living. In short, when products are built to perform, they are built to endure. The market for car sunroofs grows at 10 to under the DuPont™ Pipelon® brand. Pipelon® 15 percent a year. And in the luxury car market represents an advancement in wear and especially, the growth has been driven by permeation properties of flexible on and so-called “panoramic” sunroofs, which can, offshore piping material. In addition, in some cases, stretch over the entire length benefits of Pipelon® include potential of a car’s roof. That certainly creates a capability to produce deeper operating pipe dramatic environment. But it also gives rise systems as well as environmental benefits to significant safety issues, especially in the through reduced permeation. event of a crash, as well as concerns about DuPont also enjoyed a substantial increase in weight. Neither single-layer tempered glass its business with mobile phone giant Nokia in nor standard laminated glass, the previous 2005, building on the ability of DuPont™ Zytel® benchmarks for sunroof technology, are ideal HTN to provide the improved durability and to accommodate larger designs. But DuPont™ performance needed for the next generation Spallshield® can. A composite of PVB and PET, of cell phones, with their larger screens and which is then applied to a single, standard increased requirement for damage resistance. layer of glass, Spallshield® provides all the DuPont became a true design and benefits of standard laminated glass, yet is development partner for Nokia, working closely five to eight times stronger and 25-30 percent with the company’s entire global supply chain lighter. The German company Webasto is in design, molding, testing and processing already using Spallshield® with its ProTec® support. Nokia’s embrace of HTN also led to glass, which debuted in 2005 on the new sales of DuPont™ Hytrel® and DuPont™ S and R class models from Mercedes-Benz. Delrin® polymers. The totality of the work As worldwide demand for oil and natural gas resulted in a DuPont Marketing & Sales increases dramatically, the petroleum industry Excellence Award in 2005. will need to invest billions more in exploration ProTec® is a trademark of Webasto AG. to meet global consumption estimated to rise to Photos: (Facing Page) DuPont Performance 100 million barrels per day by 2020. This Materials is driving for increased levels of safety increase in exploration requires high in auto sunroofs. (Left) Avon looks to DuPont for aesthetic and durable packaging solutions. (Right) performing, economical solutions for oil A water spacer jacket of DuPont™ Zytel® makes the and gas piping. DuPont has responded by Lexus V-6 engine about 1 percent more fuel-efficient. introducing a family of polymers and additives Core Markets: Automotive; Packaging; Construction; Consumer Durables; Electrical and Electronics. 2005 Sales: $6.8 Billion DuPont 2005 Annual Review 17 16
  • DuPont Safety & Protection Challenges to human health and safety are all around us. New diseases poised to sweep the globe. Infections make already vulnerable hospital patients even more vulnerable. Natural disasters threaten to sweep away the very fabric of our lives. Sustaining people in times of danger, and anticipating new threats, is the everyday work of DuPont Safety & Protection. The possibility of an avian flu pandemic was The DuPont product most associated with perhaps the major health-related news story safety and protection, DuPont™ Kevlar®, marked in 2005, as the disease has the potential to its 40th anniversary in 2005. And as proof that threaten human life and to disrupt the global the market for Kevlar® continues to grow as the food supply. DuPont Safety & Protection fiber enters its fifth decade, it can now be found fought back with a comprehensive approach in the world’s largest commercial jetliner, the to biosecurity featuring an integrated systems Airbus A380. In combination with its sister methodology: protective apparel; chemicals fiber, DuPont™ Nomex®, as well as a host of to clean and disinfect; and safety management other DuPont products, Kevlar® makes the A380 solutions. This multi-pronged approach to lighter, stronger and more durable. advancing food safety and quality was one DuPont Safety & Protection also enabled safer of the reasons DuPont was honored in 2005 lives in 2005 by joining more than 25 other with the prestigious Black Pearl Award by the International Association for Food Protection. major companies in committing to the DuPont-inspired World Safety Declaration, the To protect both patients and medical first-ever agreement by industry to the personnel from infections in the operating global improvement of workplace safety. room, DuPont Safety & Protection added DuPont’s pre-eminent position in safety was DuPont™ Suprel® to its arsenal of products. further demonstrated by its sponsorship of In addition to providing enhanced infection the World Congress on Safety and Health, protection, this innovative, high technology held in the United States for the first time in fabric offers a substantial advance in comfort 2005. Worldwide leadership on safety has under the high stress conditions of surgery. helped drive the growth of DuPont Safety DuPont Safety & Protection also made Resources as well, making it the premier significant inroads into the construction industry safety management consulting organization. with its new building innovations offering. Photos: (Facing Page) Firefighters and other first With increasing energy costs and the need responders count on DuPont Safety & Protection for for improved structural integrity (proven by high performance protective gear. (Left) DuPont™ the 2005 hurricane season in the United Building Innovations™ provides environmentally States), DuPont is providing answers with sustainable building solutions. (Right) DuPont™ products and integrated systems that define Kevlar® Comfort XLT™ enables vests to be 25 percent a building’s structural, environmental and lighter than existing aramid body armor. safety performance. Core Markets: Construction; Manufacturing; Consumer; Government; Health Care; First Responders. 2005 Sales: $5.2 Billion DuPont 2005 Annual Review 19 18
  • DuPont Bio-Based Materials Core Values Sustainability is more than a “feel good” concept. Rather, it is an Clearly defined core values are the legacy of nearly 204 years of environmental necessity in a world of dwindling natural doing business. They are at the heart of everything DuPont does. resources. By developing and delivering breakthrough products Safety & Health Ethics using renewable, biologically based resources, DuPont makes The safety highlight of the year was the We are committed to providing our employees sustainable growth not a distant goal, but an immediate reality. National Safety Council’s selection of with the information and training necessary DuPont as the recipient of the 2006 Green to comply fully with all laws, regulations, Cross for Safety Medallion for corporate ethical standards and internal controls In 2005, DuPont announced the creation of 10 million gallons of gasoline annually. excellence in safety. This is a powerful necessary for them to do their jobs. We its newest Technology Platform, DuPont Bio-PDO™ and Sorona® have received global affirmation of our safety programs and created a new structure called Ethics & Bio-Based Materials. However, the first recognition for their breakthrough properties. heritage. Overall our statistics showed an Compliance Central with full-time revolutionary products have already Sorona® was awarded the “Most Visionary improvement in safety performance, driven compliance officers to whom employees can entered the marketplace. Innovation” in the sports and health category by a continued reduction in ergonomic turn for guidance and information. Online DuPont™ Sorona® is an innovative new of China’s Innovative Design Awards in 2005. injuries. However, we experienced on-the- training modules tailored to each job have polymer made with 1,3-propanediol (PDO). The research that led to the development of job fatalities. We have examined the causes been developed, with every employee In fabrics, it offers the apparel industry an Bio-PDO™ was also honored with the and taken steps to prevent recurrence as we required to take an ethics overview module unparalleled combination of benefits, including “Presidential Green Chemistry Award” by redouble our effort to avoid all injuries. every year. We have implemented ethics and easy care, exceptional softness, comfort- the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. compliance risk assessment workshops to stretch, resilience and natural stain resistance. Environmental Stewardship focus on the risk areas specific to our Through a partnership with the U.S. The latter characteristic makes Sorona® ideal for businesses. We held our 4th Annual Ethics Department of Energy that also includes We announced a commitment to reduce residential carpeting. In 2005 Mohawk Industries, and Compliance Day where our top leaders Pioneer Hi-Bred International, the company water consumption by at least 30 percent Inc. introduced Smartstrand™ carpet made came together to hear outside viewpoints. is a key player in a four-year R&D effort to over the next ten years at our sites around with DuPont™ Sorona® polymer. Sorona® develop a process that uses the entire corn the world where the renewable freshwater can also be used in a variety of other Respect for People plant as the source of biofuels, such as supply is either “scarce” or “stressed” as applications, including plastics, films and ethanol, and bio-materials like Sorona®. determined by the World Resources Institute In a year marked by natural disasters around engineering components. Work also is underway on natural protein- analysis of river basins globally. For our the world, nothing demonstrated our respect While PDO is currently made using a based products for hair and skin care. progress in greenhouse gas emissions for people more than our efforts to provide petroleum-based process, DuPont developed reductions and our leadership in the last relief for employees and neighbors at plant The most dramatic impact of DuPont’s a way to make PDO from corn — a renewable decade, we were named by BusinessWeek sites in affected areas. DuPont and its bio-based efforts to date may be in health resource — instead of petroleum. DuPont magazine the “top green company. In ” employees provided $1.5 million in financial care. An R&D program will bring DuPont™ partnered with UK-based Tate & Lyle PLC to keeping with our Biopersistent Materials contributions as well as in-kind assistance ActaMax™ surgical sealant to market. build the world’s largest aerobic fermentation Leadership Principles, we began an in-depth in the U.S. Golf Coast states of Texas, A liquid, ActaMax™ reduces surgical prep facility to produce Bio-PDO™ from corn. The risk characterization of our priority chemicals. Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. and wound closure times, reduces risk of facility, under construction in Loudon, And DuPont received third party certification In 2005, we conducted our first global infection and absorbs into the body Tennessee, will begin operation in late 2006. of our Responsible Care Management electronic employee survey. Our employees as the wound heals. Systems, covering areas such as product overwhelmingly agree that DuPont lives Production of Bio-PDO™ will consume 30 to DuPont Bio-Based Materials is evidence stewardship, distribution, and security. its core values daily and that the diversity 40 percent less energy per pound than of the company’s commitment to reducing of our workforce will drive excellence in petroleum-based PDO. So the production of its environmental footprint in a manner the future. 100 million pounds of bio-based material at consistent with long-term growth. the Loudon plant will save the equivalent of Photos: A breakthrough new polymer, DuPont™ Sorona® Photos: (Left) DuPont responded makes carpet naturally stain quickly to aid employees and resistant and gives apparel neighbors affected by hurricanes exceptional softness, ease of Katrina and Rita. (Right) The care and resistance to ultraviolet International Association for Food rays and chlorine fading. Protection honored DuPont with the prestigious Black Pearl Award. Photo on left by Mohawk Industries, Inc. DuPont 2005 Annual Review 21 20
  • DuPont Board of Directors DuPont Corporate Directory Tony L. Arnold William J. Harvey William S. Niebur Charles O. Holliday, Jr. Audit President & Chief Executive Officer Vice President & General Manager Vice President Chairman of the Board and Charles M. Vest, Chair The Solae Company DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems DuPont Genetics Research Chief Executive Officer & Development Roger W. Arrington John C. Hodgson * Curtis J. Crawford Dean C. Oestreich Vice President & Senior Vice President John T. Dillon Assistant General Counsel & Chief Customer Officer Vice President & General Manager — DuPont Alain J.P. Belda DuPont Legal President - Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. Lois D. Juliber Charles O. Holliday, Jr. * Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Alcoa Inc. John Bedbrook Richard C. Olson Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Sean O’Keefe (producer of aluminum and alumina) Vice President Vice President & General Manager John P Jessup . Research & Development DuPont Titanium Technologies H. Rodney Sharp, III Vice President & Treasurer DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition Richard H. Brown Gary M. Pfeiffer * DuPont Finance David G. Bills Senior Vice President & Compensation Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nancie S. Johnson Vice President & General Manager Chief Financial Officer Vice President Electronic Data Systems (EDS) DuPont Global Biotechnology Lois D. Juliber, Chair James B. Porter, Jr. DuPont Government Affairs Craig F. Binetti Vice President, Safety, Health & Alain J.P. Belda W. Donald Johnson Vice President & General Manager Environment and Engineering; Curtis J. Crawford Group Vice President Curtis J. Crawford DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers and Chief Engineer DuPont Global Operations President and Chief Executive Officer, XCEO, Inc. James C. Borel * Thomas G. Powell and Engineering John T. Dillon (consulting services) Senior Vice President President — DuPont Greater China and Jeffrey L. Keefer H. Rodney Sharp, III DuPont Human Resources DuPont China Holding Co. Ltd. Group Vice President John T. Dillon Richard H. Brown Jane D. Brooks E. James Prendergast DuPont Performance Materials Vice President Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, D. S. Kim Strategic Planning & New Business DuPont Electronic & Communication Corporate Governance President International Paper, and Vice Chairman, Development — DuPont Agriculture & Technologies DuPont Asia Pacific Region Nutrition Richard H. Brown, Chair Evercore Capital Partners John P Ranieri . Ganesh M. Kishore Terry Caloghiris Vice President Louisa C. Duemling Vice President Group Vice President DuPont Bio-Based Materials Science & Technology and Chief Louisa C. Duemling DuPont Coatings & Color Technologies Lois D. Juliber Robert R. Ridout Biotechnology Officer Uma Chowdhry Vice President Masahisa Naitoh Akio Kobayashi Vice President DuPont Information Technology and Eleuthère (Thère) I. du Pont President William K. Reilly DuPont Central Research & Development Chief Information Officer DuPont K.K. President, Wawa, Inc. (privately held Jeffrey A. Coe Thomas L. Sager Ellen J. Kullman chain of food markets located in the Environmental Policy Vice President Vice President & Assistant General Counsel Group Vice President DuPont Sourcing & Logistics and DuPont Legal mid-Atlantic region) DuPont Safety & Protection William K. Reilly, Chair Chief Procurement Officer Francine C. Shaw John R. Lewis James C. Collins, Jr. Louisa C. Duemling Vice President Lois D. Juliber President & CEO Vice President & General Manager DuPont Corporate Operations Masahisa Naitoh DuPont Performance Elastomers Retired Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, DuPont Crop Protection Valerie J. Sill Don R. Linsenmann Sean O’Keefe Colgate-Palmolive Company Thomas M. Connelly, Jr. * President & Chief Executive Officer Vice President Senior Vice President and DuPont Capital Management Corporation Charles M. Vest Corporate Champion, DuPont Six Sigma Chief Science & Technology Officer Daniel B. Smith Masahisa Naitoh Carl J. Lukach Nicholas C. Fanandakis Vice President & Controller Science and Technology Vice President Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Vice President & General Manager DuPont Finance DuPont Investor Relations DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan Curtis J. Crawford, Chair Keith J. Smith Willie C. Martin Linda J. Fisher Vice President & General Manager Louisa C. Duemling President — U.S. Region Vice President & DuPont Engineering Polymers Sean O’Keefe Vice President — U.S. Human Resources Chief Sustainability Officer William K. Reilly Susan M. Stalnecker DuPont Human Resources Chancellor, Louisiana State University James A. Forsman Vice President H. Rodney Sharp, III Marshall G. McClure Vice President & General Manager DuPont Risk Management Vice President — Tax Charles M. Vest DuPont Safety Resources William K. Reilly Matthew L. Trerotola DuPont Finance Kathleen H. Forte Vice President & General Manager Founding Partner, Aqua International Partners, LP Marty M. McQuade Strategic Direction Vice President DuPont Nonwovens Vice President & General Manager (finances water supply and wastewater treatment DuPont Public Affairs Mark P Vergnano . DuPont Automotive Systems Charles O. Holliday, Jr., Chair in developing countries); Former Administrator, J. Erik Fyrwald Vice President & General Manager Eric G. Melin U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Alain J.P. Belda Group Vice President DuPont Surfaces and Building Vice President & General Manager DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition Innovations Richard H. Brown DuPont Refinish Systems Robert E. Giblin Henry B. Voigt H. Rodney Sharp, III David B. Miller John T. Dillon Vice President Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Vice President & General Manager DuPont Business Finance DuPont Teijin Films Lois D. Juliber DuPont Electronic Technologies Charles M. Vest Richard R. Goodmanson * Mathieu Vrijsen Stacey J. Mobley * Executive Vice President & President Mary E. Bowler President Emeritus & Professor of Mechanical Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer DuPont Europe, Middle East & Africa Chief Administrative Officer Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Corporate Secretary and Corporate Counsel Barry M. Granger Eduardo W. Wanick & General Counsel Vice President & General Manager President Douglas L. Moore DuPont Imaging Technologies DuPont Latin America Edward B. du Pont Vice President & General Manager Cynthia C. Green Linda B. West DuPont Advanced Coatings Systems Director Emeritus Vice President & General Manager Vice President & General Auditor (retired after 26 years) Douglas W. Muzyka DuPont Fluoroproducts DuPont Finance and President & Chief Executive Officer — Chief Compliance Officer Ann K. M. Gualtieri DuPont Canada Vice President Vice President & General Manager DuPont Corporate Strategy DuPont Nutrition & Health March 1, 2006 Diane H. Gulyas Craig G. Naylor * Member, Office of the Chief Executive Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Group Vice President DuPont Electronic & Communication Technologies DuPont 2005 Annual Review 23 22
  • Our Mission. Our Vision. Our Values. DuPont Fellows Recognized leaders in Larry R. Marshall Henry M. Schleinitz DuPont Nonwovens DuPont Central Research & their respective fields Aerodynamics and Fiber Development Individuals who are renowned Spinning Technologies Process Synthesis and for technological expertise in Economic Evaluations their respective fields, for their Ronald J. McKinney professional leadership, and for Noel C. Scrivner their role as mentors. DuPont Central Research & Development DuPont Engineering Catalysis and Process Research Aqueous Electrolyte Bruce Chase Thermodynamics and DuPont Central Research Environmental Physical Ralph N. Miller & Development Properties Analytical Chemistry and DuPont Fluoroproducts Molecular Spectroscopy Process Modeling, Azeotropic Hyunkook Shin and Extractive Distillation, VLE Data DuPont Nonwovens Calvin C. Chien Our Mission Fibers and Nonwovens DuPont Corporate Remediation Technologies Charles J. Noelke Group Sustainable Growth: Environmental Modeling and DuPont Fluoroproducts Harry Spinelli Remediation Technology Increasing shareholder New Product and Process Development DuPont Performance Coatings and societal value while Polymer Development and Ink Vlodek Gabara reducing our environmental Jet Inks Rolando Pagilagan DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems footprint. New Products and Processes for DuPont Engineering Polymers Robert C. Wheland High Performance Fibers Polymer Synthesis and Polymer Our Vision Development DuPont Central Research & Development Warren F. Knoff New Fluoropolymers and Robert W. Rickard DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems To be the world’s most dynamic Polymerization Processes Fiber Science and Engineering DuPont Haskell Laboratory science company, creating Health & Environmental Sciences sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. Core Values Contact Information Safety & Health Environmental Stewardship Corporate Headquarters Investor Relations Product Information and Ethical Behavior Referral E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Institutional investors and other Respect for People 1007 Market Street representatives of financial From the United States and Canada: Wilmington, DE 19898 institutions should contact: (800) 441-7515 Telephone: (302) 774-1000 E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company From other locations: (302) 774-1000 E-mail: find.info@usa.dupont.com DuPont Investor Relations On the Internet: http://www.dupont.com 1007 Market Street — D-11018 Additional information about DuPont Wilmington, DE 19898 Shareholder Services may be found in the following printed Or call (302) 774-4994 reports, which may be obtained Individual Shareholders please Inquiries from shareholders about stock without charge: see “Shareholder Services” accounts, transfers, certificates, • 2005 Annual Review dividends (including direct deposit and • 2005 Annual Report to the Securities Bondholder Relations reinvestment), name or address changes and Exchange Commission filed on and electronic receipt of proxy materials Form 10-K; may be directed to the DuPont stock E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company • Quarterly reports to the Securities and transfer agent: DuPont Finance Exchange Commission, filed on Form Computershare Limited 1007 Market Street — D-8028 10-Q; P Box 43023 .O. Wilmington, DE 19898 Providence, RI 02940-3023 Or call (302) 774-8802 Requests should be addressed to: Or call: in the United States and Canada DuPont Corporate Information Center — (888) 983-8766 (toll free) DuPont on the Internet CRP705-GS25 Other locations — (781) 575-2724 P Box 80705 .O. For the hearing impaired — Financial results and news about DuPont Wilmington, DE 19880-0705 TDD: (800) 952-9245 can be accessed from the company’s Or call (302) 774-5991 Or visit Computershare’s home page at Web site at http: //www.dupont.com. This http://www.computershare.com/equiserve site includes important information on products and services, financial reports, SEC filings, news releases, environmental information and career opportunities. 24
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