The Company
URS is one of the largest engineering design services firms worldwide              mass transit systems, airpor...
Financial Highlights
Financial data for the past five years is summarized below. This financial data should be read in conju...
To Our Stockholders

    URS enjoyed strong momentum in 2004. We continued to benefit from the scale and diversity of our ...
Revenue by Client

                      48% — U.S. Federal Government

                      20% — U.S. State and Local ...
    At URS Corporation, Delivering Results means more than a commitment to           25    Consolidate...
Rebuilding a
Nation’s Confidence
Homeland Security
In recent years, terrorist attacks around the world have forced the Uni...
he broad agenda of the 22 agencies that
    T    have been consolidated under the
    Department of Homeland Security is t...
exercises — from classroom exercises for key        Threat Reduction
officials, to full-scale drills involving hundreds   M...
Serving the Public
                              Interest with Public
n efficient public transit system is often a   URS also provided planning, design and
A    key factor in maintaining a desi...
outreach to solicit public input about the   line is one of the largest public projects in   Congress appropriated funds t...
With URS’ oversight, the Hiawatha system               n the San Mateo County line, URS           Achievement Award and ac...
More than 1,200 student pilots and 300
 navigators are trained by EG&G annually
 for the U.S. Air Force Air Education and
Mission Critical
Developing and Maintaining Defense Systems
Providing the U.S. military, the most powerful fighting force ...
The United States Marine CorpsÕ Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle is one of the most capable
U.S. Army and Air Force helicopter pilots receive training at Fort Rucker, Alabama, from EG&G instructors who teach everyt...
     Means Business
     Introduced in the 1970s, the concept of sustainable development is defined
     as ...
Energy Management — A Key
to Sustainable Development

Clients rely on URS’ energy management services to achieve

cost eff...
accuracy and validity of selected data and       ratings, rankings and indices on the environ-
For the past two years, Advatech, a partnership of URS and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,
                           has bee...
Restoring a
     National Treasure
     Respect for the Past, Consideration for the Future
     Until a major renovation p...
The Archives underwent a massive renovation
that re-established the building’s original
luster, allowing visitors to recon...
Virginia State Capitol
URS’ design for Michigan’s Forest Hills
Grooming the Next Generation
        f you are wondering where the next              are involved in — projects that have ...
urs annual reports 2004
urs annual reports 2004
urs annual reports 2004
urs annual reports 2004
urs annual reports 2004
urs annual reports 2004
urs annual reports 2004
urs annual reports 2004
urs annual reports 2004
urs annual reports 2004
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urs annual reports 2004


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urs annual reports 2004

  2. 2. The Company URS is one of the largest engineering design services firms worldwide mass transit systems, airports, and water supply and wastewater and a major U.S. federal government contractor. We offer a compre- treatment facilities, as well as healthcare complexes, schools and hensive range of professional planning and design, systems engineering other public buildings. We also provide environmental services for and technical assistance, program and construction management, military, commercial and industrial facilities. and operations and maintenance services for transportation, commercial/ industrial, facilities, environmental, water/wastewater, homeland The EG&G Division supports various U.S. federal agencies, primarily security, installations and logistics, and defense systems. the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. We assist in the development and deployment of new weapons systems, maintain and URS has approximately 27,500 employees in two divisions: the upgrade military aircraft and equipment, and operate and maintain URS Division and the EG&G Division. Through our extensive network military installations. Our services include training pilots for the of approximately 300 offices and contract-specific job sites across the U.S. Armed Forces, providing technical assistance for global threat U.S. and in more than 20 countries, we serve federal, state and local reduction programs and conducting homeland security preparedness government agencies, as well as private industry and international exercises in communities throughout the U.S. clients in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, power, manufac- turing, mining and forest products industries. Headquartered in San Francisco, URS is a publicly held company listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Pacific Exchange under the symbol URS. For more information about URS, please see our Annual The URS Division provides the full range of services required to build, maintain and improve infrastructure, including highways, bridges, Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended October 31, 2004. Office Locations Worldwide Americas Europe Middle East Argentina Belgium Azerbaijan Bolivia France Qatar Brazil Germany Saudi Arabia Canada Ireland Asia/Pacific Mexico Italy Panama Netherlands Australia United States Spain New Zealand Sweden People’s Republic United Kingdom of China Singapore South Korea URS Corporation’s 2004 Annual Report contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Our actual results could differ materially from those discussed in this Annual Report. Factors that might cause such a difference include, but are not limited to, those discussed under “Risk Factors That Could Affect Our Financial Condition and Results of Operations” in URS Corporation’s Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Copies of URS’ Form 10-K may be obtained without charge by contacting our Investor Relations Department via e-mail at, by calling 877.877.8970 or by accessing the Investor Relations section of the URS Web site at
  3. 3. Financial Highlights Financial data for the past five years is summarized below. This financial data should be read in conjunction with the information contained in our financial statements and the accompanying notes, and the section entitled “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations,” included in our Annual Report on Form 10-K/A for the fiscal year ended October 31, 2004, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 10, 2005. Years Ended October 31, 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 (in thousands, except per share data) Operations: Revenues $ 3,381,963 $ 3,186,714 $ 2,427,827 $ 2,319,350 $2,205,578 Costs and Expenses $ 3,280,719 $ 3,089,880 $ 2,336,716 $ 2,215,198 $ 2,113,980 Income Before Income Taxes $ 101,244 $ 96,834 $ 91,111 $ 104,152 $ 91,598 Net Income $ 61,704 $ 58,104 $ 55,171 $ 57,852 $ 49,898 Earnings Per Share $ 1.53 $ 1.76 $ 2.03 $ 1.94 $ 1.84 As of October 31, 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 (in thousands, except per share data) Financial Position: Cash $ 69,267 $ 36,275 $ 32,785 $ 45,456 $ 55,930 Total Assets $ 2,268,750 $ 2,188,379 $ 2,251,905 $ 1,485,434 $1,459,371 Total Debt $ 543,737 $ 812,593 $ 955,563 $ 631,129 $ 648,351 Preferred Stock $ — $ — $ 46,733 $ 120,099 $ 111,013 Stockholders’ Equity $1,067,224 $ 765,073 $ 633,852 $ 322,502 $ 257,794 $3,823 $3,662 $3,382 $3,187 $1,067.2 $61.7 $58.1 $57.9 $55.2 $2,828 $2,428 $49.9 $2,319 $765.1 $2,206 $633.9 $1,926 $1,958 $322.5 $257.8 ’03 ’04 ’00 ’01 ’02 ’03 ’04 ’00 ’01 ’02 ’00 ’01 ’02 ’03 ’04 ’01 ’02 ’03 ’04 ’00 Revenues Net Income Stockholders’ Equity Backlog (in millions) (in millions) (in millions) (in millions)
  4. 4. To Our Stockholders URS enjoyed strong momentum in 2004. We continued to benefit from the scale and diversity of our service offerings, as well as from our reputation for delivering high-quality, mission-critical services to key government agencies and blue-chip private sector businesses around the world. And, while building strong client relationships that position us for further growth as the economy recovers, we also achieved key financial goals for the year: We met our revenue expectations; cash flow exceeded our estimates; we completed a successful public stock offering; and we reached our long-term debt reduction target ahead of schedule, thereby reducing interest expense and increasing future profitability. he federal sector, which accounts for agencies, including the Department of T nearly 50% of our total revenue, contin- Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, ued to be a major driver of our business the National Park Service and the General in 2004. Federal sector revenue increased Services Administration. We also experienced 16% over last year, including 22% growth growth in our work for the Department of in revenue from our EG&G Division. These Homeland Security ranging from providing results underscore the strategic value of our hurricane relief services in Florida, through 2002 acquisition of EG&G, which significantly our contracts with the Federal Emergency increased our access to the defense market Management Agency, to helping upgrade and built our capabilities in the growing security at public facilities and ports across market for homeland security services. Over the country. the past year, EG&G benefited from steady growth in its work to provide systems Overall conditions in the state and local engineering and technical assistance services government sector remained challenging on various weapons systems and military in 2004 as the states continued to recover slowly from the 2002 budgetary crisis. But we successfully shifted resources away from The federal sector, which accounts for nearly the most challenged areas, such as surface 50% of our total revenue, continued to be a major transportation, to those where funding was driver of our business in 2004. more secure, such as water/wastewater, schools and airport security. Fiscal 2004 equipment. We also saw a significant increase revenue from our state and local government in the demand for our operations and mainte- sector business was essentially flat with nance services to refurbish Army aircraft 2003, a significant achievement given the and ground vehicles, such as Humvees, weakness of this sector. As state and local M-1 Abrams tanks and M-2 Bradley armored governments continue to recover, we are personnel carriers returning from, and being well positioned to benefit from foreseeable deployed to, the Middle East. spending increases. In addition, federal sector revenue from our Our private sector clients in the U.S. also URS Division grew 6%, reflecting strong faced difficult business conditions in 2004, demand for work on environmental and primarily as a result of high energy costs and facilities projects for a variety of federal low capacity utilization. Our private sector 2
  5. 5. Revenue by Client 48% — U.S. Federal Government 20% — U.S. State and Local Governments 23% — Private Industry 9% — International revenue declined approximately 10% for the In Europe, we are working on an increasing Poor’s and Moody’s upgraded their ratings of year. Despite the overall weakness, however, number of engineering and design assign- our credit this year. we achieved important successes in key ments, while seeing additional opportunities The theme of this year’s annual report is areas. For example, our revenue in the in the environmental market as multinational “Delivering Results.” During the past year, During the past year, URS capitalized on the scale and URS capitalized on the scale and diversity of our business and on our close relation- diversity of our business and on our close relationships ships with major public and private sector with key public and private sector clients. clients. These key strengths provide the Company with a competitive advantage power sector grew, reflecting our strategic clients develop new facilities in Europe, and have enabled us to deliver results for our clients, achieve steady growth and decision to focus on the emissions control Asia and the Middle East. Growth in our significantly reduce debt despite difficult business, which is benefiting from increas- Asia-Pacific operations was principally related conditions in the state and local government ingly stringent emissions standards. Our to increases in transportation projects in and private sectors. clients in this area include the Tennessee Australia and New Zealand. Valley Authority and Southern Company, two of the largest electric utilities in the As I noted earlier, we made significant I am proud of our achievements in 2004, progress reducing debt this year. In last year’s which would not have been possible without country. annual report, we outlined a long-term goal the foresight, hard work and dedication of Also, as multinational companies increasingly of reducing our debt to capitalization ratio to our 27,500 employees around the world. They work to make major capital investments in below 40% from 52% at the end of last year. are the driving force behind our success. other parts of the world, URS has become a During fiscal 2004, we paid down more than $271 million in debt, including more than I also want to thank our stockholders and partner of choice. Today, Master Service Agreements with Fortune 500 companies $86 million through the use of operating cash clients for their continued support. We look flow and an additional $185 million through forward to updating you on our progress represent more than 55% of our private our successful public stock offering of in 2005. sector business. This has helped mitigate the impact of reduced private sector spending 8.1 million shares, which was completed in in the U.S. and contributed to our solid April. As a result, we exceeded our debt reduc- performance abroad. tion goal, lowering our debt to capitalization ratio to 34% at year-end. The benefits of this debt reduction are tangible. Interest expense Martin M. Koffel URS’ international business performed well during the 2004 fiscal year. Revenue was for fiscal 2004 was 28% lower than for Chairman and Chief Executive Officer $315 million, an increase of 19% over 2003. fiscal 2003. In addition, both Standard and 3
  6. 6. Report Contents At URS Corporation, Delivering Results means more than a commitment to 25 Consolidated Summary of Financial Statements solid financial performance. It means addressing the special needs of our 31 Reports of Management clients with a commitment to the highest quality work. The following pages and Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm describe how we meet these challenges every day, no matter how complex or 32 Corporate Directory difficult the assignment. ibc Corporate Information Features 5 Rebuilding a 8 Serving the Public Nation’s Confidence Interest with Public Learn more about URS’ role in Transportation nationwide initiatives to combat URS is meeting the demand for terrorism within our borders and improved public transportation to keep our citizens safe. in major cities and their environs, improving the quality of urban life, 8 one link at a time. 12 Mission Critical 16 Sustainability URS works closely with the Means Business Department of Defense to help See why companies across the develop the next generation of globe turn to URS’ experts in sophisticated weapons systems sustainability for help. It’s better and to maintain and upgrade business for our clients and for us. existing systems. 12 19 The Power of 20 Restoring a Cleaner Energy National Treasure With stricter legislation on power The landmark National Archives plant emissions, URS leads the Building in Washington, D.C., was way in implementing the latest in dire need of renovation. URS pollution control technology. helped restore its original luster. 16 23 Lessons in School 24 Grooming the Construction Next Generation URS’ school improvement experts URS’ student outreach programs work in school districts across the are helping tomorrow’s architects, country to build new and better engineers, scientists and construc- schools that respond to the needs tion specialists prepare for their of the communities they serve. chosen professions. 20 4
  7. 7. Rebuilding a Nation’s Confidence Homeland Security In recent years, terrorist attacks around the world have forced the United States and many other nations to re-evaluate their security policies and establish more rigorous programs to ensure the safety of their citizens. Following the tragic events on September 11, 2001, the nation’s security and the prevention of future terrorist attacks have become the priority for the government and citizens of the U.S. Emergency exercises developed by URS are helping communities across the United States prepare for and respond to potential acts of terrorism, such as the detonation of a “dirty” bomb. 5
  8. 8. he broad agenda of the 22 agencies that T have been consolidated under the Department of Homeland Security is to pro- tect U.S. borders and critical infrastructure, defend the country against catastrophic threats, and establish emergency prepared- ness and response programs. The Department of Defense also has redoubled its efforts to ensure that military bases are protected from attack and that military and civilian personnel are provided with emergency response training and decontami- nation procedures should a terrorist attack using biological or chemical weapons occur. systems at major airports—both in the U.S. disasters, URS now is helping to prepare for Strengthening U.S. Infrastructure and throughout the world,” notes Sarabjit. and respond to man-made disasters such and Ports of Entry One of the most important homeland security as terrorist attacks. This work involves initiatives is to assess the risk to vital infra- In addition, there is the daunting task of identifying the vulnerabilities of government structure and develop plans to protect it. This protecting borders and points of entry into buildings, and academic and cultural institu- infrastructure includes water supplies, dams the U.S. and of screening millions of people, tions and developing strategies to eliminate and hydroelectric plants, refineries, energy cars, trucks, rail-freight cars, and cargo or reduce them. For example, URS is currently grids, pipelines, bridges and tunnels, as well containers and vessels that enter the country conducting risk assessments on more than as the cyber network, which is the conduit at more than 3,700 terminals and 301 ports. 29 Smithsonian Institution facilities. After the anthrax crisis in 2002, URS helped In fiscal year 2004, the EG&G Division conducted more develop the U.S. Postal Service Biological Detection System—a large, complex national than 100 preparedness exercises and assessments in program designed to protect the population 20 states and territories. against the threat of anthrax being introduced into the mail stream. for much of our information today. “As a lead- To intensify security at U.S. borders, the ing federal contractor, URS is participating in Department of Homeland Security is upgrad- Emergency Preparedness Exercises a variety of projects to protect infrastructure ing international border facilities, such as the One of the most important components in in the U.S.,” says Sarabjit Singh, Senior Vice San Ysidro Border Station between San meeting any emergency is the preparedness President, Federal Services, URS Division. Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico. URS of first responders— local police, firefighters is serving as construction manager for the and emergency medical professionals— who n support of plans to safeguard this infra- $125 million expansion and reconfiguration. will save lives and deal with the immediate I structure, as well as government buildings, Under a long-standing contract, the EG&G consequences of a terrorist attack. In addi- military installations, airports, schools, Division also assists the U.S. Customs and tion, emergency management and healthcare hospitals and other high-occupancy buildings, Border Protection Agency by managing and specialists are a significant second tier to the URS has completed or is working on hundreds disposing of illegal property or contraband first responders. of security-related projects for both public seized at international borders. and private sector clients. “This work includes raining these first responders is critical T performing numerous threat and vulnera- to homeland security efforts, and Reducing Risks bility assessments and developing plans to After years of experience working with emergency preparedness exercises are being reduce the risk of attack. URS also is a leading the Federal Emergency Management Agency conducted in cities nationwide. The EG&G designer of communications and security to help communities recover from natural Division designs, plans and conducts these 6
  9. 9. exercises — from classroom exercises for key Threat Reduction officials, to full-scale drills involving hundreds More than a decade after the end of the Cold Full-Scale Exercises of citizens. Scenarios for these exercises War, we still live under the threat of a man- for Agencies and include dispensing antibiotics in response made catastrophe—though now more likely to a bioterrorist attack, responding to the from a terrorist attack than from a global Hospitals in Florida detonation of a “dirty” bomb resulting in mass conflict. The EG&G Division is participating casualties or dealing with any combination in critically important international programs In a single day last spring, the state of catastrophic events. to reduce weapons stockpiles and destroy weapons of mass destruction. of Florida advanced its readiness “Don’t be afraid. Be ready.” to respond to a terrorist threat with a reventing these weapons from falling into P — U.S. DEPT. OF HOMELAND SECURITY the hands of terrorists requires the co- major assist by staff from the EG&G operation of many nations. In the mid-1990s, and URS Divisions. Statewide, Florida’s “At the U.S. Army Chemical School at Fort more than 100 countries pledged to destroy Leonard Wood, Missouri, we help train their stockpiled weapons and production first responders participated in simulated soldiers to detect, identify and decontaminate facilities. In a cooperative program between exercise scenarios designed and led by deadly chemical agents,” says Guy Stevenson, Russia and the U.S., the EG&G Division is Director of Homeland Security and Advisory helping to build a $1.1 billion chemical EG&G. Imagining the worst, the realistic Services, EG&G Division. At the Chemical destruction complex in Siberia to destroy scenarios ranged from acts of agricul- Ordnance Biological Radiological Training Russia’s existing stockpile of nerve agents Facility at Fort McClellan, Alabama, EG&G and train Russians to operate the facility. tural terrorism to the use of chemical supports emergency responder training for and explosive devices. To reinforce local, state and federal emergency personnel, In the U.S., the EG&G Division operates including firefighters, police, hazardous the chemical agent demilitarization facility lessons learned, reports detailing areas materials specialists and medical technicians. located at the Deseret Chemical Depot in of improvement were written after “When the trainees return home, they are Tooele County, Utah. The facility is owned prepared to train their colleagues and partici- by the U.S. government and operated by the the exercises. pate in local emergency response exercises Department of the Army. EG&G’s mission and drills, which are funded jointly by the is to safely destroy a major portion of the The event was sponsored by the Florida Department of Homeland Security and the stockpile of chemical weapons currently states,” says Guy. stored at the facility, including rockets, Division of Emergency Management bombs, projectiles and mortars. Our 900- under a grant from the Department person staff provides engineering, logistics, and operations and maintenance support for of Homeland Security’s Office for multiple incinerator systems. Domestic Preparedness. Commending These days, readiness is the watchword of URS/EG&G’s role in the day’s favorable the U.S. government. URS has been deployed outcome, Florida officials stated the to the front line of national defense and is playing an integral role in helping the team’s ability to meet their needs and government and individual citizens protect execute a highly successful exercise themselves from the unexpected. I exceeded expectations. URS has designed state-of-the-art security and baggage handling systems for airports nationwide. 7
  10. 10. Serving the Public Interest with Public Transportation Moving People, and the U.S., Forward In major urban areas, public transit systems provide commuters with inexpensive, reliable and efficient transportation options, taking drivers off the road, easing congestion for everyone and revitalizing the communities they serve. 8
  11. 11. n efficient public transit system is often a URS also provided planning, design and A key factor in maintaining a desirable construction management services for the quality of life for cities and their surround- recently completed Hiawatha Light Rail ing communities. By linking city centers line in Minneapolis and served as construc- and suburbs, a transit system provides tion manager for three new stations on the access to business districts, residential areas, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Airport cultural centers and airports — encouraging Extension in San Francisco, both highly economic growth. successful projects. During the recent election, a record number An Average of Ten Years of voters across the U.S. resoundingly from Planning to Start-up approved ballot initiatives supporting “Transit projects typically take about ten public transportation. Twenty-four out years to complete, but some get bogged of 31 transportation initiatives passed, down by funding, politics or community some by significant margins. The message issues; others are postponed or even can- is clear: Americans want more public celled,” says Howard. The East Side Access transportation. Project was first proposed in 1968 as part of a regional master plan for rail expansion in Since the early 1990s, the U.S. Congress New York City and, then, abandoned for has passed a series of transportation bills lack of funds. that set aside federal funds to improve transportation infrastructure, including n 1997, a piece of that plan — a two-level I public transit systems. Funding for specific tunnel under the East River — was resur- transit projects is authorized by Congress rected and constructed, with URS helping to in multiyear bills. Annual appropriations of complete the design. In 2002, the tunnel’s grants are approved by the Federal Transit upper level began to be used as an alternative Administration for state and local govern- conduit for subways between the boroughs ments, which pay their share of the costs via of Queens and Manhattan. When the East sales and gas taxes, or special bond issues. Side Access Project is completed, the tun- Currently, as many as 500 mass transit nel’s lower level will be used by the LIRR. projects around the country are vying for Currently, LIRR commuters arrive at Penn federal funding. Station on the west side of Manhattan. It is estimated that more than 50 percent of these commuters will use the new Grand Central Successful Transportation Projects “URS has been involved in important transit Terminal stop. projects throughout the U.S. for decades,” says Howard Sackel, URS Vice President, Any transportation project receiving fed- Director of Transit Programs. “In New York eral funds must undergo the National City, we are serving as program manager for Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process the East Side Access Project, which will pro- to determine its potential impact on the vide a direct connection for Long Island Rail man-made and natural environments, as Road (LIRR) commuter rail service into Grand well as its social and economic implications Central Terminal. When completed in 2012, for the community. For most transit projects, it will be the largest construction project this process takes several years. ever undertaken by New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority.” A wide range of studies must be conducted and documents prepared during the NEPA process. There also is extensive community 9
  12. 12. outreach to solicit public input about the line is one of the largest public projects in Congress appropriated funds to proceed project. Acting as program manager, URS Minnesota history and the first link in a with the project. URS completed preliminary helped coordinate more than 200 public future network of light rail, commuter rail design for a light rail line and an urban meetings for the East Side Access Project and bus rapid transit corridors that will boulevard for the Hiawatha Corridor. before it was approved and allowed to accommodate growth and expand travel proceed in 2001. options for commuters and visitors. The new line includes 17 stations, each of which had its own architect and public artist. With the $6.3 billion project in its final he genesis of the Hiawatha line At the behest of the community, each station T design phase, URS is overseeing design began in the late 1960s when the has a unique design that is compatible with while performing a variety of programmatic Environmental Protection Agency halted If one in ten Americans tasks. URS also will manage the project’s plans to build a massive freeway because construction and provide systems testing, it interfered with local parkland. Working used public transportation start-up and project closeout activities. with a citizens advisory group during the regularly, U.S. reliance on 1970s, URS proposed a light rail line along foreign oil could be cut the unused right-of-way, which had been Hiawatha Light Rail: by more than 40 percent. acquired before the freeway project was A Study in Perseverance The new $715 million Hiawatha Light Rail abandoned, and prepared the conceptual line is the first in the region, extending design for the system. its location. For example, the Government along a 12-mile corridor from downtown Plaza station complements the Romanesque Minneapolis to the Minneapolis-St. Paul After many years of objection from transit style of City Hall, while the elevated Franklin International Airport, and ending at the opponents and lack of funding from the Avenue station’s sleek design dramatically suburban Mall of America. The Hiawatha state, local funding support was attained and frames the downtown skyline. When completed, the East Side Access Project will provide many Long Island Rail Road riders with a Grand Central Terminal stop— —saving them at least one-half hour on their daily commutes. 10
  13. 13. With URS’ oversight, the Hiawatha system n the San Mateo County line, URS Achievement Award and acknowledged the O was completed on budget and ahead of served as construction manager for new success of the system’s new plane-to-train schedule and began service on its final four stations in Millbrae, South San Francisco and connection. miles of track in December 2004. By all San Bruno. In Millbrae, 33,000 riders per day accounts, the project is an unqualified are expected to use the system by 2010. Meeting the Demand success. Since opening last spring, the Not all members of the community need system has averaged between 15,000 and The new landmark, intermodal Millbrae to ride public transit to reap its benefits. 16,000 riders each weekday. On some days, Station is located adjacent to, and shares a If one in ten Americans used it regularly, U.S. ridership has approached 20,000, far exceeding boarding platform with, another active reliance on foreign oil could be cut by more expectations. commuter rail line that serves communities than 40 percent. Every $1 billion invested in from San Francisco to San Jose. The station public transportation infrastructure supports includes bus drop-off and kiss-and-ride approximately 47,500 jobs, according to the BART Creates a New Transit Hub When the first trains arrived at BART’s new facilities, as well as a five-level parking “Public Transportation Partnership for San Francisco International Airport station, garage. Because the Millbrae station design Tomorrow” campaign. As new public transit it marked one of the biggest achievements in is conducive to inter-system travel, city systems are envisioned as a source of revival Bay Area transportation since the 1970s. The officials anticipate that it will become a for communities across the U.S., transit plan- $1.5 billion rail extension connects the regional transit hub. ning, engineering and construction experts entire region by mass transit, linking the Bay from URS will continue to step up to meet Area with the world through an international In 2004, the American Public Transportation the demand. I airport and offering positive economic Association recognized BART as one of the impacts in San Mateo County. best transportation systems in the U.S. The Association awarded it an Outstanding The BART extension provides a link not only to San Francisco and the airport, but also to other transit systems serving the counties south of San Francisco, including Silicon Valley. 11
  14. 14. More than 1,200 student pilots and 300 navigators are trained by EG&G annually for the U.S. Air Force Air Education and Training Command at six Air Force bases across the country. 12
  15. 15. Mission Critical Developing and Maintaining Defense Systems Providing the U.S. military, the most powerful fighting force in the world, with the equipment and weapons systems it needs to perform its duties safely is paramount. The Department of Defense is responsible for ensuring the Armed Forces have the tools and training needed to protect and defend our nation. It’s a mission the military — and we — take seriously. — — evelop, produce, sustain, maintain and Vehicle (EFV), which is expected to be one of D train. When it comes to defense systems, the most revolutionary fighting vehicles ever the Department of Defense (DoD) has three produced and a unique weapon in the primary responsibilities: develop, test and Marines’ arsenal. The EFV will be able to deploy new-generation weapons that can transport Marine Rifle Squads from ships adapt to any situation and function in any located beyond the horizon—as much as 25 location; maintain, upgrade and refurbish miles at sea—to inland locations. Once on existing systems and equipment; and train land, it functions as an armored, fully tracked military personnel in the use of these weapons infantry combat vehicle traveling at speeds of systems. The Company’s EG&G Division up to 45 miles per hour. plays a key role in helping the DoD achieve its mission to develop and maintain defense t’s an incredibly versatile vehicle,” says “I systems for the 21st century. Alan Weakley, EG&G Vice President and General Manager, Engineering and Technology Services. “The Marine Corps currently plans On Target with Three to produce 1,000 EFVs to replace the 30-year- New Weapons Systems EG&G is directly involved in the complete old Amphibious Assault Vehicle.” life cycle of weapons systems—from concept formulation through production, to opera- As prime contractor, EG&G leads a team of 11 tional training and in-service maintenance. subcontractors in performing key tasks to help Whether it’s providing complex systems the Marine Corps develop and field the new engineering services, technical assistance, EFV. These tasks include everything from equipment maintenance and modification, or systems engineering, process development, training services, EG&G is helping the DoD to and testing and analysis, to budget mainte- deploy weapons systems efficiently and cost nance, financial controls and administration effectively. The war on terror presents an of funding actions. elusive and unpredictable enemy, and EG&G is supporting the U.S. military in the develop- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ment of three new weapons systems critical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are trans- to our defense. forming the way the U.S. military operates. UAVs can be used in unsecured air space, over open ocean waters and in environments Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle The U.S. Marine Corps’ priority in weapons contaminated by biological and chemical development is the Expeditionary Fighting agents. They can operate day or night and in 13
  16. 16. The United States Marine CorpsÕ Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle is one of the most capable and advanced fighting vehicles ever produced. any kind of weather, without risking the safety warfare, covert intelligence, surveillance, open ocean conflict, but in shallow coastal of military personnel. With such flexibility, reconnaissance, land attack and Special waters as well,” says Alan. the Armed Forces are eager to accelerate the Forces support. introduction of UAVs into all branches of the Keeping Equipment Battle-Ready military. EG&G is assisting with the software ith EG&G responsible for integrated One factor contributing to U.S. military might W development that drives the Tactical Control logistics support, program acquisition is superior equipment, and EG&G works with System for all Navy UAVs, as well as with sys- management, financial management and the Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard to tems engineering, including both software systems engineering management, the first keep it that way. This means keeping defense and hardware design, testing and evaluation, In weapons development, the emphasis is on minimizing and program support for these sophisticated cost and maximizing usefulness across the entire life cycle, new vehicles. which can be as much as 30 to 50 years. Virginia Class Submarine The U.S. Navy’s Virginia Class Submarine is new sub was delivered in 2004, launching a systems operational and in peak condition the first U.S. submarine designed for the new era in underwater systems. A total of 30 and modifying and upgrading existing post-Cold War world. The new sub will be new subs are planned. “The mission of the weapons systems to remain competitive on used for a variety of purposes, including Virginia Class Submarine is to provide stealth the battlefield. anti-surface-ship warfare, anti-submarine attack submarine capabilities—not only in Building Defense Systems: The Acquisition Life Cycle Concept Technology System Development Production and Operations Refinement Development and Demonstration Deployment and Support 14 photo credits: Helicopter (opposite page) courtesy U.S. Army; Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles and Helicopter Support Team (above) courtesy U.S. Marines; Submarine (above) courtesy U.S. Navy.
  17. 17. U.S. Army and Air Force helicopter pilots receive training at Fort Rucker, Alabama, from EG&G instructors who teach everything from initial rotary-wing courses to advanced courses in aviation safety. o keep weapons battle-ready and extend providing machinery assessment support Air Force, NATO and allied countries. Pilots T their useful life, EG&G provides compre- for rotating auxiliary equipment on Coast train on the largest and most sophisticated hensive logistics support, training, maintenance Guard cutters. fleet in the world—Apaches, Black Hawks, and modernization services. “Our Contract Chinooks and Kiowas — in reconnaissance, Field Team is on call for modification and transport and combat operations. Flight Services and Pilot Training overhaul services, engineering and service A military force is only as good as its life extension — whatever is needed,” says personnel and the training they receive. Since 1989, EG&G instructors have graduated Lex Allen, EG&G Vice President and General Supporting the Armed Forces in yet another more than 20,000 student pilots, most of Manager, Aerospace Technical Services. “And way, EG&G has trained thousands of aircraft them entry-level soldiers with little or no because we operate at more than 65 sites in pilots and navigators for the Air Force, Army, prior flying experience. “The men and women the U.S. and throughout the world, we can Navy and Marine Corps. A substantial part who pilot U.S. Army helicopters are called respond quickly to reinforce the mainte- of EG&G’s training activity is focused on upon day and night to fly difficult missions, nance capabilities of the Army and Air Force.” student pilots. often under dangerous battle conditions and Condition-based maintenance Military aircraft are vital to national defense e train more than 1,200 student “W and particularly important in the war on terror. pilots and 300 student navigators programs are the key to lower From the Naval Air Engineering Center at annually for the U.S. Air Force Air Education operating costs and improved Lakehurst, New Jersey, EG&G refurbishes, and Training Command. In fact, every U.S. system availability. modifies and upgrades various types of aircraft. Air Force pilot trained in the last nine years Every new UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter in was trained by an EG&G instructor,” says the U.S. Army inventory has EG&G-installed Milt Martin, EG&G Vice President, Flight in all kinds of weather situations,” says Milt. radios, cockpit airbags and other systems Services and Training. The training program “Pilots are well schooled in aviation theory, aimed at increasing effectiveness, survivability includes basic flight handling, instrumenta- simulator instruction and actual flight train- and safety. And, hundreds of C-130 transport tion, navigation and emergency procedures ing to give them the best edge possible when aircraft have been modified by EG&G to through academics and simulator missions at facing the perils of combat.” add night vision cameras, weather radars Vance, Columbus, Sheppard, Randolph, and traffic collision avoidance systems for Moody and Laughlin Air Force Bases. Making a Difference military, reserve and guard forces. National security and defense have never At the U.S. Army Aviation Center at Fort been more critical, and the work of the Army, Condition-based maintenance programs are Rucker, Alabama, EG&G aviation experts Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard the key to lower operating costs and improved train all Army helicopter pilots, turning out is essential to winning the war on terror. system availability. After years of assisting some 1,500 graduates annually. Fort Rucker is EG&G is doing its part, helping the Armed the Navy with its maintenance programs home to the largest rotary wing flight school Forces meet the demands of today and the for surface ships, EG&G recently began in the world, training pilots for the Army, challenges of tomorrow. I 15
  18. 18. Sustainability Means Business Introduced in the 1970s, the concept of sustainable development is defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” By integrating the principles of sustainability into their business practices, corporations are realizing increased profitability, greater shareholder value and long-term success. such diverse companies as mining and Corporate Responsibility Strategy Today is the age of the stakeholder. Many natural resource giant Anglo American plc; companies are experienced in managing Belgian specialty metals company Umicore; employee and investor stakeholders. But they the Italian national railways group Ferrovie may be less knowledgeable in responding to dello Stato; Australia and New Zealand customer, supplier, community and govern- Banking Group Limited; and global beverage mental stakeholders pressing for corporate company Foster’s Group Limited. accountability on a staggering number of social, environmental and economic issues. In the past year, URS also has helped develop Increasingly, companies are heeding these new sustainability standards and guidelines non-financial concerns and viewing a com- for organizations such as the International prehensive corporate responsibility strategy Finance Corporation, the World Bank and as a competitive edge, fully aware that their the British Standards Institute. Topics ranged non-financial record has a real bearing on from cultural and community safeguards to their reputation and financial results. greenhouse gas flaring and sustainability management. hether it’s a community affected W by a company’s industrial practices, Corporate Responsibility Assurance consumers threatening a product boycott Certainly, companies can develop corporate or regulators drawing up more stringent responsibility programs and report their emissions standards, URS’ mission is to assist record on sustainability issues — but is the companies in addressing the full range picture they present accurate? A major thrust of stakeholder demands in an integrated of URS’ sustainability services is providing corporate responsibility program. “We begin independent assurance that a company’s by identifying stakeholder concerns, priori- sustainability report presents a complete tizing them and developing an action plan to and balanced picture and addresses stake- respond — all with an eye to committing holders’ concerns. capital where it will be most effective,” says Belinda Howell, Director of URS Sustainable URS, for instance, conducted independent Solutions in Europe. assurance for Melbourne-based BHP Billiton, the world’s largest diversified resources URS is particularly active in the corporate company operating in 26 countries, in con- nection with its Health, Safety, Environment responsibility arena. In 2004, strategic and Community Report 2004. “We assessed the sustainability reviews were completed for 16
  19. 19. Energy Management — A Key to Sustainable Development Clients rely on URS’ energy management services to achieve cost efficiencies while balancing physical and financial risks. The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company enlisted URS to develop an energy efficiency and pollution prevention program and to train Wrigley staff. The energy efficiency program encompassed process and operational improvements, as well as energy con- servation measures that reduced operational costs and provided a more comprehensive approach to managing the environment. Formal pollution prevention tactics resulted in broadened recycling programs, reduced waste streams and emissions, and consolidated service suppliers, handlers and disposal sites. For a large telecommunications company, URS developed a cost and emissions reduction program at its North American facilities. Approaching $40 million in savings in its sixth year, the company is well ahead of its goal to achieve $50 million in savings. “While cost savings can be dramatic, these programs should be viewed in the larger context of sustainability,” says Victor Bush, Director of URS Energy Management Services. “The real payoffs are in conservation of resources and reduction of greenhouse gases.” For ENI, an international oil and gas company based in Italy, URS recently developed a greenhouse gas strategy and associated systems to manage complex data from worldwide operations. This is just one example of how energy producers, power distributors and major energy users are managing carbon dioxide emissions associated with the threat of climate change. 17
  20. 20. accuracy and validity of selected data and ratings, rankings and indices on the environ- information—including key statements and mental credentials of companies. commitments made by the company,” says Geoff Byrne, Senior Principal, URS Sustainable Management Sustainable Solutions. “Independent assur- of Natural Resources ance adds to the organization’s credibility.” Developing sustainable management systems Similar independent assurance also was for natural resources is another major endeavor, provided for The Coca-Cola Company, one that integrates URS’ resource economics, National Grid Transco, Unilever and do-it- community relations and environmental yourself retailer B&Q. science capabilities. Developing sustainable management systems for natural case in point is URS’ work since 1997 to A resources is a key URS endeavor. help policy makers, industries and resource managers make sound decisions Besides reviewing corporations’ sustainability about irrigation in the Murray-Darling Basin. plans, URS also “reviews the reviewers.” The This vast inland river system occupies Company has undertaken work for the UK 14 percent of Australia’s land area and is Environment Agency to review nearly 70 important from both a biodiversity and an organizations around the world that produce economic development standpoint. “URS’ work will help acquaint 2,000 irrigators with irrigation practices that minimize water quality impacts and, at the same time, allow Award-Winning Solar Architecture them to demonstrate to key export markets that their cotton, rice, dairy and wine products are produced sustainably,” says John Fargher, URS Director of Natural Resources, Forestry and Development. In a larger sense, the project aims to show Australians how their irrigation practices affect basin water quality and how that water quality affects irrigation— “critical questions for the driest continent on Earth,” says John. URS also is managing six sustainable livelihood projects involving land and water use in China, Vietnam and South Asia on behalf of the Australian Agency The OpTIC Centre at St. Asaph in North Wales, for which URS provided engineering and for International Development and the Department for International Development, sustainability services, was commended in the Energy 21 Eurosolar UK annual awards the official international aid agencies for that recognize outstanding service in promoting renewable energy. The Centre features the governments of Australia and the UK, respectively. “Building on more than 40 a massive photovoltaic wall more than 1,000 square meters in size, extending from the years’ experience, URS has improved the roofline into an ornamental pool used to collect rainwater run-off for use in the building livelihoods of 30,000 households through these projects, increasing incomes, reducing and external irrigation systems. The design also received a Demonstration Award from natural resource degradation and providing Constructing Excellence and was commended in the 2004 Built In Quality Awards. for a sustainable future,” says John. I 18
  21. 21. For the past two years, Advatech, a partnership of URS and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, has been retrofitting coal-fired power plants for the Tennessee Valley Authority. The Power of Cleaner Energy for commercial operation in 2006, the World-Class Pollution Control Technology system will achieve 98 percent SO2 removal, burning 3.5 percent sulfur coal. Three other ith 60 percent of U.S. power TVA plants, Colbert, Bull Run and Kingston, W generation derived from coal-fired will be retrofitted with FGD scrubbers to plants, and ever-stricter legislation govern- achieve similar results. ing emissions on those plants, the race is on to install effective pollution control Southern Company, one of the largest systems. Established to address that very electricity producers in the U.S., recently concern, Advatech, LLC, a partnership of selected Advatech to retrofit its Gorgas power URS Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy plant in Alabama. The Gorgas project is part Industries, Ltd., is reducing sulfur dioxide of a multibillion-dollar emissions reduction (SO2) and other pollutants emitted by coal- program for Southern Company’s coal-fired fired plants at major U.S. utilities. power plants. Advatech combines Mitsubishi Heavy One System, Multiple Benefits Industries’ Double Contact Flow Scrubber The Advatech technology has a unique, stream- (DCFS) advanced flue gas desulfurization lined design that allows it to operate efficiently (FGD) technology with the comprehensive without the need for backup modules. “The engineering, procurement and project imple- FGD systems have been operating for years mentation services of URS. Since 2002, in Japan with extremely high reliability,” Advatech, under a long-term contract, has says Advatech Executive Vice President been achieving dramatic progress in retro- Don Jackson. fitting coal-fired plants for one of the nation’s largest power companies, the Tennessee nlike older scrubbers, the by-product of U Valley Authority (TVA). Advatech’s scrubber process is gypsum, which utilities can sell as an ingredient of The twin-tower DCFS, currently being wallboard or cement. In addition, Advatech installed at the TVA’s Paradise Power Station scrubbers are already equipped to help reduce in Kentucky, will be the largest single- mercury, acid mist and particulates that likely module FGD system in the world. Slated will be the focus of future legislation. I 19
  22. 22. Restoring a National Treasure Respect for the Past, Consideration for the Future Until a major renovation project began, the National Archives Building was seriously showing its age. Nearly one million visitors and more than 80,000 researchers pass through the building’s stately Rotunda annually to view the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, collectively known as the Charters of Freedom. But, after more than 60 years of making history come alive, this national treasure was in dire need of restoration. esigned under the direction of John designed to reach out to the public at large.” beams, slabs and the roof. Records storage D Russell Pope in 1932, the 1.4-million- So, the project expanded to include a complete areas were antiquated and needed to be square-foot National Archives Building was overhaul, not only to make it safer and more enlarged, and security, which had become constructed to safeguard and provide public accessible, but also more functional, energy a top priority in the capital, needed to access to the records that document the efficient, environmentally sustainable and be improved. rights of American citizens. These records attractive. The challenge was to achieve these are much more than historical artifacts. goals while maintaining the historical and As part of the mechanical systems upgrade, They are an enduring part of our democracy. architectural integrity of this one-of-a-kind a new cooling tower was installed on the neoclassical building. building’s roof. Previously, water was piped In 1932, Pope and his colleagues could not from the Washington Tidal Basin for use in see into the future to predict a modern the building’s cooling systems. A below-grade A Monumental Job building’s technological or access require- Few companies are equipped to manage a electrical vault was constructed under the ments. Originally, Archives officials planned project of this size and scope. URS was selected south lawn to house new electrical genera- to modernize the building to satisfy contem- to provide mechanical, electrical, structural tors and transformers. The project team also porary building-code standards for life-safety, and civil engineering services for the massive converted an existing dry moat around the egress and the Americans with Disabilities renovation as part of a team that included building into office space, complete with Act. But why stop there? Despite its elegant architects, engineers, and fire protection, a heating and cooling system. façade and the fact that it housed the nation’s safety and exhibition specialists. most important documents, the building A major aspect of the renovation was was dingy, uninviting and inefficient, and significant portion of the project involved the addition of the 294-seat William G. A lacked many amenities. engineering challenges. The building’s McGowan Theater that extends into a former electrical systems, including power, light- parking area beneath the monumental John Carlin, Archivist of the United States, ing, telecommunications and data-collection steps on Constitution Avenue. URS removed explained the rationale for extending the systems, needed to be replaced. The same was nearly a half-dozen columns to create clear project beyond the initial plan. “Because of true for the mechanical systems that heated sight lines in the theater and built new their importance, we realized we could no and cooled the building, as well as plumbing trusses to support the stairs. URS also longer be passive about telling the public and fire protection systems. Architectural rerouted major underground steam lines the role these records play in our lives. That design changes to the building’s interior under the avenue to make way for the new realization gave rise to a dramatic new project required engineering design for new columns, theater. The theater has become a leading 20
  23. 23. The Archives underwent a massive renovation that re-established the building’s original luster, allowing visitors to reconnect with its historic treasures. 21
  24. 24. Virginia State Capitol A Work in Progress center for documentary cinema, showcas- The Charters’ viewing area was entirely ing films from contemporary directors and reconfigured because stairs made access for highlights from the National Archives and the disabled difficult, and the cases’ height Records Administration’s 300,000 reels of prevented children from getting a good look. archival footage. It also was determined that deteriorating glass in the existing units could jeopardize the preservation and safety of the documents, The Charters of Freedom The centerpiece of the Archives Building is leading to the redesign of the Charters’ the Rotunda area, which houses the Charters encasements. John Carlin points with pride of Freedom. It is here that millions of visitors to the crafting of the new cases. “Our country’s Few structures can claim a lineage as Restoring the landmark 1930s National Archives impressive as the Virginia State Capitol. Building has been one of URS’ most challenging In uninterrupted use since 1788, the and rewarding assignments. Capitol bears Thomas Jefferson’s distinct design. Just as the National come to see the documents that have shaped greatest documents are now housed in new Archives required a major renovation our nation. The challenge during the restora- encasements that are technologically the most tion was twofold: enhance the protection advanced ever devised. And most importantly, after years of wear, so too does the of the Charters and increase the public’s the Charters are again on display for anyone Virginia Capitol. accessibility to view the documents. who wishes to come and see them.” The new cases have been placed in a horizontal rather ecause preserving the Charters is than vertical casework movement system, B Historic buildings should be treated with paramount, a new climate-controlled allowing for easier viewing. Furthermore, reverence when undergoing a renovation. laboratory was installed. Now, instead of for the first time, the public is able to view all lowering the Charters’ cases 30 feet beneath four pages of the Constitution simultaneously That is exactly what will happen begin- (see photo, bottom left). the floor of the exhibition hall each night, ning in 2005 when URS represents the they are retracted behind the Rotunda’s wall, directly into the Archives’ labs, providing Now that the renovation is complete, visitors State of Virginia, Department of General archivists with easier access. can ascend new, gently sloping walkways Services, in managing the Capitol’s to enter the building. Once inside, they have their choice of using either new grand stair- reconstruction. The project entails a cases or elevators to take them to the Rotunda complete interior and exterior renovation where the Charters are on display. and construction of an underground John Carlin aptly reflects on the importance extension, which includes a visitor of this historic repository’s renovation. “The Charters of Freedom are unquestionably center, exhibition space, legislative the most famous documents we care for workspace and improved media facilities. at the National Archives, but all the records we hold play a vital part in our democracy. Not only do they document the actions of The project’s completion, timed for government, making accountability possible, 2007, will coincide with Virginia’s they also document individual rights and entitlements and tell the story of who we 400th anniversary celebration of are as a people.” I Jamestown’s founding. 22
  25. 25. URS’ design for Michigan’s Forest Hills Eastern High School is innovative in form as well as flexible in its function. Lessons in School Construction cho baby boomers — the grandchildren Today, state courts also have a say in how critical issue was preserving the tradition of E of baby boomers — and an influx of schools are funded. Conditions in many inner- a small, student-oriented high school while immigrants are sparking demand for new city and rural schools across the country accommodating an increase in the student and better schools. With a wide variance lag behind their more affluent suburban body from 900 to 1,600 pupils. URS’ design in funding and technology requirements, counterparts. In some states, recent court preserved the small-school feel by dividing community concerns and legislated stan- rulings are requiring that all schools be the space into four independent areas that dards, the shape of these schools is adequately and equitably funded, providing share centralized student services. determined by a myriad of factors. One thing students statewide with equal educational is clear in the approach to building schools: opportunities. URS is helping the state of URS will be turning the same consensus- There is no one right answer. Arkansas address this issue proactively by building strategies to a major new program conducting a statewide assessment of school for the Miami-Dade County School Board, conditions for 49 school districts and 173 which runs the fourth largest school district Funding Typically, at the county or municipal level, schools. On the basis of their findings, URS in the U.S. Architectural and engineering schools are funded either through sales will develop a prioritized action plan to services will be geared to retrofitting schools taxes or a general obligation bond, with a attend to less-than-ideal situations before with Deferred Maintenance and Americans referendum deciding how the money is spent. they become major problems. with Disabilities Act modifications. Since 1997, “But often, the latter fails in areas with poor URS has served as part of a joint venture schools and a heavy retirement population managing hundreds of projects for a massive Design and Construction unwilling to fund education initiatives,” National statistics show that well-designed school repair and construction program for says Scot Bini, URS Vice President, National schools—those with good natural and artificial the Los Angeles Unified School District. Education Markets. “Funding, like everything light, state-of-the-art technology systems, and else in school construction, must be tailored advanced science and computer facilities— “If there is anything approaching a right to the specific situation.” support improved student performance. answer in successfully moving school projects forward, it is being flexible and sensitive to URS has played an important role support- ccording to architect Dana Mitchell, the interests of a multitude of stakeholders,” A ing school district bond referendums by URS Vice President, Director, K-12 notes Scot. URS does just that. I reviewing plans for efficiency, verifying Education Programs, “Time and effort must preliminary budgets and helping to provide be devoted to consensus-building to satisfy an overall program scope so the public is numerous and often competing stakeholders adequately informed of its options before and issues.” For example, in designing going to the polls. Michigan’s Lake Orion High School, the 23
  26. 26. Grooming the Next Generation f you are wondering where the next are involved in — projects that have a the Metropolitan Transportation Authority I generation of eligible engineers, architects, positive and lasting impact on society.” and several design and construction firms in scientists and construction specialists will the city to “adopt” 30 high school students. come from, look no further than the URS mployees in URS’ Chicago office E professionals who lend their personal time participate in the Black Star Student rom late fall until early June, the F and expertise to help students of all ages Motivation Program, educating inner-city halls around URS’ New York office are discover the possibilities of a career in one of students about careers in architecture, enlivened with enthusiastic students. During these professions. engineering and environmental sciences their time at URS, they complete a team and helping them realize their potential. project of their choosing that replicates a real- There are numerous opportunities for students As one of the program’s first sponsors, life scenario. A typical project may consist of at URS. Many offices participate in co-op the Company actively encourages other developing basic floor plans with structural, programs offered by colleges and universities Illinois businesses to participate. mechanical and electrical sketches and that allow students to earn credit towards building a small-scale model of their design. their degrees through on-the-job experience. In Austin, URS employees meet weekly with The program ends with the students present- Internships are another way college students students from the Round Rock Independent ing their project in front of the other citywide receive hands-on experience. Other profes- School District who need extra help with ACE teams and their parents. sionals give back to their communities their homework. Others visit classrooms to by participating in a variety of locally run speak about science and engineering topics. Building Lasting Relationships mentoring programs. And, the Institute of Professional Engineers By serving as volunteer mentors, URS New Zealand has named URS as an Endorsed employees foster a positive image in the Employer, in part due to a mentoring program community. The practical pluses, however, Challenging Work, Rewarding Careers “Our people are extremely active in mentoring developed in-house by offices throughout extend even further. “Strong relationships programs to help students see firsthand New Zealand. grow among the mentors on our team, which what it takes to pursue a career in their lead to networking for future projects,” says chosen field,” says URS Vice President of Steve Scaglione, URS Deputy Director of Replicating On-the-Job Experience Human Resources Mary Sullivan. “We are In New York City, the ACE (Architecture, Construction Management in New York and very candid with students. We let them Construction, Engineering) Mentor Program ACE Team Leader. In addition, once students know that rigorous work is involved provides a realistic preview to high school are armed with their degrees, where better to in obtaining their degrees and future students considering these fields as career turn for future employment than URS. I employment. The rewards, however, are the options. URS has participated in the program challenging projects that our professionals since 1996, teaming this past year with 24