circuit city stores FAQ Part 4 - Questions about Circuit City Credit Card and Rewards (Revised 2/12/09 5:00 pm ET)


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circuit city stores FAQ Part 4 - Questions about Circuit City Credit Card and Rewards (Revised 2/12/09 5:00 pm ET)

  1. 1. Circuit City FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Part Four – Information about Circuit City-branded Credit Cards and Circuit City Rewards Certificates Updated February 12, 2009 (5:00 p.m.) As you probably know, Circuit City Stores, Inc. is in the midst of court-ordered liquidation. After sixty years of serving the public, the company is going out of business. We know that our customers, our associates, news reporters and others may still have questions so we have created a series of FAQ documents to respond. We have divided the subject matter into separate documents in an effort to make the information easier to find and digest. We believe these documents will answer the vast majority of your questions. More on other FAQ documents below. We also invite you to check back for updates because new information may surface as our circumstances evolve. News Editors: Please note that out of respect for our associates, we are NOT permitting media visits or interviews in our stores. Also, local store headcounts are not available. CIRCUIT CITY CREDIT CARDS AND REWARDS: I’ve paid my Circuit City CREDIT CARD bill online in the past. Can I still do this, even though the Circuit City Web site has been deactivated? • Yes. Circuit City credit cards are administered by Chase, and you can link directly to the Chase Web site at the following URL: • The Payment address is: Chase Card Services P.O. Box 15153 Wilmington, DE 19886-5153 • Customers with questions also can call Chase at 1-800-603-8997. 1
  2. 2. Do customers who hold Circuit City-branded CREDIT CARDS need to pay off their balances immediately? Or, can they just stop making payments now that Circuit City is in liquidation? • Circuit City’s credit card program is administered by Chase, and customers will continue their credit relationship and repayment of their obligations with Chase. • Customers should continue to follow the current payment terms /APR that they’re currently operating under. • Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to accept payments towards your Chase account balance in our stores. Will Chase close out or transfer accounts for Circuit City-branded credit cards? • This is a Chase decision since they own the credit card relationship with the customer. If there are modifications to the card type, then Chase would notify the card holder. Customers with a Circuit City Rewards Visa can still use their card at any company that honors VISA. • No new Circuit City-branded credit cards will be issued and no new reward points will accrue from a Circuit City purchase. Will Circuit City stores in liquidation stores accept Circuit City-branded credit cards for purchases? If not, why not? • No, Circuit City-branded credit cards, including Circuit City branded Visa cards, will not be accepted in the liquidation stores because we are not offering promotional financing or rewards in the liquidation stores and we want to avoid any customer confusion. Can I use my Circuit City REWARDS CERTIFICATES? • Yes. Circuit City Rewards Certificates will be accepted during the liquidation sales. Please see your monthly statement or read the back of your card for instructions on how to receive certificates. Take your Circuit City Rewards Certificate to your local store, and the points will be redeemed for credit toward a purchase. Please consult other separate FAQ documents, also available at this same Web site, for information on the following subjects: • Part One - Basic information about Circuit City’s bankruptcy • Part Two - For past and present Circuit City associates and companies interested in hiring them • Part Three – Information for parties interested in Circuit City real estate and other assets • Part Five - Information on how liquidation sales are being conducted in stores, including policies on gift cards • Part Six - Policies for returns, refunds and rebates • Part Seven - Information about warranties and repairs 2
  3. 3. Additional resources are posted at the following URL: Click on “Breaking News” for documents. ### 3