constellation energy 2007 Annual Report


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constellation energy 2007 Annual Report

  1. 1. Responsible Leadership 2007 Annual Report Responsible Leadership Constellation Energy 2007 Annual Report
  2. 2. Financial Highlights In millions, except per share amounts 2007 2006 % Change Common Stock Data Reported (GAAP) earnings per share $ 4.50 $ 5.16 (Loss) Income from discontinued operations $ (0.01) $ 1.04 Special Items1 $ (0.09) $ 0.51 Earnings per common share from continuing operations and before special items (adjusted earnings per share)2 $ 4.60 $ 3.61 27.4% Dividends declared per common share $ 1.74 $ 1.51 15.2% Average shares outstanding—assuming dilution 182.5 181.4 Market price per share—year-end $ 102.53 $ 68.87 48.9% Financial Data Total Revenues $ 21,193 $ 19,285 GAAP net income $ 822 $ 936 (Loss) Income from discontinued operations $ (1) $ 188 Special items (after-tax)1 $ (16) $ 93 Net income from continuing operations before special items2 $ 839 $ 655 Total assets $ 21,946 $ 21,802 Total debt $ 5,041 $ 5,101 Total common equity $ 5,340 $ 4,609 Capital expenditures $ 1,665 $ 1,149 1 Includes impairment losses and other costs, mark-to-market gains from certain economic, non-qualifying hedges, earnings (losses) from our synthetic fuel processing facilities, deferred income tax expenses and benefits related to 2007 increase in Maryland’s corporate tax rate, workforce reduction costs, gain on the sale of gas-fired plants and merger-related costs. 2 Represents a measure that is not determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). However, we believe the impact of discontinued operations, accounting changes and special items obscures trends in our results and that it is useful to consider our results excluding these items. 2005 Earnings: Our GAAP earnings per share were $3.47. Excluding special items of $0.58, our earnings per share were $2.89. $1.91 $4.60 $21.2 $19.3 $1.74 $17.0 $1.51 $3.61 $2.89 06 07 08 05 06 07 05 06 07 Dividend Growth Adjusted Earnings Per Share Revenues (Annual amount per share) (In billions of dollars) Our commitment to shareholders has Our adjusted earnings per share grew Total revenues increased to $21.2 billion included increasing dividends. Since to another record high of $4.60, up in 2007. 2004, our annual dividend payments have 27 percent from 2006. increased by more than 67 percent. Note: See Financial Highlights, including the GAAP reconciliation, above, for more details. Contents Responsible Leadership 1 Meeting the Energy Needs of Our Customers 9 Creating Enduring Partnerships With Our Communities 10 Protecting and Preserving Our Environment 11 Giving Exceptional People Opportunity for Growth 12 Delivering Performance for Our Shareholders 13 Letter to Shareholders 14 Constellation Energy at a Glance 16 Leadership 18 Understanding Our Form 10-K 19 Glossary 24 Form 10-K 25 Shareholder Information Inside Back Cover
  3. 3. With the needs and demands of our investors, customers, employees, communities and the environment in mind… responsible leadership means making responsible choices. Our opportunities must be in balance with our obligations. It’s a guiding philosophy for our business. On this foundation, we’ve built our company into one of the most influential—and successful—energy companies. 1 C O N S T E L L AT I O N E N E R G Y
  4. 4. Our retirees built our company’s strong foundation. Today, retirees like Richard Presberry, who had 35 years of service with the company, remain focused on our performance as shareholders. Performance SHAREHOLDERS Shareholders invest their trust and hard-earned capital in our company. In turn, we’re invested in meeting and exceeding their expectations, year after year, and we have. For the last six years, we’ve consistently delivered superior results for our shareholders and have become a leading energy company. 2 RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP
  5. 5. right right Marcus Boston, Minh Tran, distribution construction manager, billing trainee, BGE and payments, Constellation NewEnergy Power right Laura Szivos, engineering analyst, Constellation Power Generation far right LaMetrice Dopson, director, business performance improvement left to right Lydia Obeng, associate— origination, Global Commodities Group Todd Mercer, energy sales consultant, Constellation NewEnergy Gas John Fitzpatrick, I&C technician, Constellation Energy Nuclear Group Opportunity EMPLOYEES Our employees truly make Constellation Energy outstanding. Our people are inspired by opportunity, challenge and growth, and we value and reward their contributions. We have a responsibility to create and foster an environment where personal development and professional success remain two of the most important results we produce. 3 C O N S T E L L AT I O N E N E R G Y
  6. 6. We provide tools to help customers better manage their energy use. BGE Product-Program Manager Cynthia Edwards discusses BGE’s PeakRewards program with customer Gordon Curtis, who participated in our demand response pilot program. Solutions RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS The cost and consumption of energy are rapidly rising across the globe. As an energy leader, Constellation Energy’s responsibility to our customers is to provide more than power or natural gas. We promote innovative ideas that help lower demand, increase use of renewable energy and improve reliability. And, we provide customers with tools to help manage their energy use in today’s challenging energy marketplace. 4 RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP
  7. 7. right Greg Fox (right), business development manager, Constellation Energy Projects & Services, works with Rob below Taylor, Washington Reviewing the U.S. EPR engineering deputy, Suburban Sanitary design plans for UniStar procurement and Commission’s (WSSC) Nuclear Energy’s engineering, UniStar energy manager, to possible fleet of new Nuclear Energy; and help WSSC expand its nuclear reactors in the Eric de Fraguier, energy portfolio to United States are (left senior vice president, include wind power. to right) Ron Affolter, procurement and vice president, U.S. EPR engineering, UniStar deployment, AREVA NP, Nuclear Energy. Inc.; Mark Finley, right right Ron Melchior (left), Michael Kagan (right), director—project president, Constellation management, NewEnergy, and Constellation Energy Jonathan Kraft, Projects & Services, president and chief and Rob Threlkeld, operating officer energy manager of The Kraft Group, for General Motors, work together to know the value of reduce emissions from the newly built solar electricity used at power rooftop system every New England for GM’s facility in Patriots’ home game Fontana, Calif. The by using renewable new system reduces energy certificates. GM’s energy costs and carbon footprint. Innovation BUSINESS CUSTOMERS Our products and services help commercial, industrial and public-sector customers effectively manage their energy costs and protect their bottom lines against uncertain and volatile energy prices. Our responsibility is to help our customers expand their vision from today to tomorrow, enabling them to proactively shape their energy future. 5 C O N S T E L L AT I O N E N E R G Y
  8. 8. left Brenda Pettigrew (left), BGE senior community relations specialist, discusses energy- efficiency measures with customer Edith Wroten at a BGE energy conservation workshop. above Monique Gibson (left), legal secretary, volunteered her time to help provide energy- efficient compact fluorescent lighting in a Baltimore neighborhood as part of a larger effort to improve life in our home city. Shown with Monique is resident Daisy McClean. far left Christopher Boone, BGE distribution construction trainee, donates his time and talent to help build a Habitat for Humanity home. left Katie Bellezza (right), analyst—origination, Global Commodities Group, helps high school student Rebecca Crawford understand the college application process as part of our support for the B4 Students mentoring program. Partnerships OUR COMMUNITIES The decisions and investments we make today will have a meaningful effect on future generations. Our goal—and responsibility—is to make a tangible and positive difference in the communities where we live, work and do business. Our company and our employees establish enduring partnerships that help us live up to this commitment. 6 RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP
  9. 9. We’re investing in cleaner energy by installing state-of- the-art emissions- control equipment at our Brandon Shores Power Plant in Maryland. Tom Schwaller, construction management supervisor, Constellation Power Generation, has been overseeing this important project, which will make the plant one of the cleanest coal-burning facilities of its size in the country. Commitment THE ENVIRONMENT We understand it is important to do what is right for our planet. We are committed to using natural resources responsibly, reducing pollution, improving energy efficiency and enhancing environmental stewardship. We embrace these challenges and continue to apply our knowledge, skills and creativity toward meeting them. We are focusing our capital spending on initiatives to reduce emissions at our fossil-fuel power plants, and we’re a leader in the potential renaissance of new nuclear power plants in the U.S. We’ve made significant progress, but there’s more to be done. 7 C O N S T E L L AT I O N E N E R G Y
  10. 10. As a leading energy company, Constellation Energy has a responsibility to our shareholders, customers, employees, communities and the world around us. We evaluate and execute business decisions based on considering the needs of all those to whom we are responsible. 8 RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP
  11. 11. Meeting the Energy Needs of Our Customers The customers and communities we serve need innovative and effective solutions to keep pace with rising energy demands. We’re committed to meeting these needs… it’s the very foundation of responsible leadership. BGE HOME Certified usage during high-priced, high-usage peak demand and peak prices. Load Technician Barry periods can mean lower customer response rewards customers for Roysdon explains utility bills and more available energy. saving energy, improves electric grid the benefits of the high-efficiency heating In addition, BGE plans to conduct a reliability and lessens the need for and air conditioning pilot program in 2008 of its Advanced new power plants. system to customer Metering Infrastructure, also known Joia Nagy. BGE HOME technicians work as smart meters. This initiative Many large commercial and industrial hard to help make uses advanced technology to read users have well-established plans customers more meters remotely, virtually eliminating for lowering their carbon footprint. comfortable in their homes by delivering estimated bills and leading to faster Constellation NewEnergy is a leader superior service restoration of power outages. in the market for renewable energy and products. Residential customers also will be certificates, a popular tool for able to participate in an expanded supporting environmentally friendly time-of-use pilot program, offering generation sources. For example, Today’s energy challenges are global. lower electric rates during off-peak we have an agreement to match And where others see only challenge, hours and encouraging lower power consumption with renewable we see opportunity. Recently, there’s consumption during peak periods. energy at each New England Patriots’ been a sea change in the current home game. energy environment, driven, in part, Our subsidiary, BGE HOME, offers by rising prices. But this change also residential customers customized We’re also building green energy has been fueled by environmental energy-management solutions solutions, including a rooftop solar concerns. Energy is an asset, a to help increase energy efficiency panel project for General Motors. precious one especially in a time of and comfort in their homes. At Washington Suburban Sanitary rising demand and prices. It must BGE HOME offers a full suite of Commission, the eighth-largest water be managed wisely, and we provide products and services, including and wastewater utility in the nation, customers the tools to do so. the sale and service of heating and we successfully incorporated green cooling systems, water heaters, technology into its energy portfolio Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), plumbing and electrical systems, through wind power. This initiative our regulated utility, offers residential window and siding replacement earned Constellation Energy a 2007 customers a variety of energy- and appliance repair. Green Power Leadership award from management solutions through its Smart Energy Savers ProgramSM. the U.S. Department of Energy. Other innovations allow commercial, As part of the Smart Energy Savers ProgramSM, PeakRewards, BGE’s industrial and public-sector A common thread in the latest wave of customers to manage energy as a innovation in environmentally friendly demand response infrastructure strategic asset. These include risk energy solutions is the power of the program, offers participating management programs to help competitive marketplace. Competition customers either a smart thermostat business customers maintain budget spurs companies like ours to offer or a load switch that cycles air certainty through times of volatile new products and services that conditioning units during periods prices. New load response programs meet—and exceed—the needs of of peak demand and provides allow customers to capitalize on the our customers. customers with bill credits. Less financial advantages of reducing their electricity load during times of 9 C O N S T E L L AT I O N E N E R G Y
  12. 12. Creating Enduring Partnerships With Our Communities Part of responsible leadership is facing, head on, the most difficult questions. For example, what does it mean to be a valuable and vital corporate citizen? How can our company be a meaningful contributor in our local communities? Global Commodities Constellation Energy has a long- multiple community outreach efforts, Group employees standing history and heritage of we are able to help our customers Lindsay Klaus, caring for the communities where better manage their energy bills by analyst—application development, and we live, work and do business. providing education about energy Antonio Biondo, It’s a core value—one that our assistance and energy conservation, analyst—credit, were company and our employees take as well as through the installation among employee volunteers who very seriously. Creating lasting of weatherization measures in participated in a partnerships and helping our their homes. company-sponsored communities are among the most clean-up effort to help restore the valuable things we do. Since 2003, Constellation Energy Chesapeake Bay has provided approximately watershed. Whether it’s supporting the American $2.6 million in support to Red Cross through multiple blood Maryland-based charitable drives each year, building homes organizations, resulting from our Living Classrooms and the National with Habitat for Humanity, mentoring sponsorship of PGA TOUR and Aquarium. In 2007, employees at-risk youth, providing energy Champions Tour golf events in volunteered more than 45,000 hours assistance to those who need it the greater Baltimore, Md., of their time to service organizations most, or leading Central Maryland— community. Most recently, we and charitable causes throughout our corporate home—in United Way served as the title sponsor of the the country. giving, Constellation Energy and our 2007 Constellation Energy Senior employees generously give their time Players Championship, which We also make valuable contributions and resources. Responsible citizenship was also the first-ever PGA TOUR toward a variety of environmental is part of our corporate DNA. or Champions Tour event to be initiatives—like providing funding powered by 100 percent renewable to the Chesapeake Bay Trust, Constellation Energy’s ongoing energy. Constellation Energy Center for Watershed Protection, partnerships with more than 50 employed various strategies to ensure Clean Air Partners, Trust for network-wide, community-based that all of the tournament’s energy Public Land, Maryland Association assistance organizations deliver needs were offset with clean, for Environmental and Outdoor financial help with gas and electric renewable energy. Education and Alliance for the bills for residential customers in Chesapeake Bay. In 2007, employee Maryland, as well as a wide variety Through our Power of Caring volunteers participated in company- of human service assistance program, Constellation Energy sponsored clean-up activities programs. BGE’s Community provides employees with the to help restore the Chesapeake Assistance Fund also supports local opportunity to connect to our core Bay watershed. organizations that focus on energy value of social responsibility by assistance, poverty solutions and means of both employee giving and conservation initiatives for limited- community volunteer initiatives. income families in Central Maryland. We’ve established partnerships with Through these programs and many local and national agencies such as Catholic Charities, CollegeBound Foundation, the Independent College Fund of Maryland, Kennedy Krieger Institute, 10 RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP
  13. 13. Protecting and Preserving Our Environment Being a responsible leader is recognizing the effect we have on the global neighborhood, while maintaining our commitment to meeting the energy needs of our customers and minimizing the impact of our business on the environment. Nuclear power We believe nuclear power can and policy because of our low-emitting produces electricity must make a meaningful contribution generation fleet and clean energy with minimal in the world’s efforts to deal with solutions. Our efforts to produce greenhouse gas emissions, meaning threats posed by human influence on electricity in cleaner and more cleaner air and climate change. The result will be a sustainable ways also create reduced impact on dramatic lessening of our country’s— significant emission-reduction the environment. Shown is our Calvert and the world’s—reliance on fossil opportunities for other industry Cliffs Nuclear Power fuels. In 2007, we announced a joint sectors through electric technology Plant, located on the venture with the world’s largest applications that replace fossil- western shores of the Chesapeake Bay, nuclear plant operator, EDF Group. fuel uses. which has been This venture, called UniStar Nuclear generating electricity Energy, is focusing on the potential Not only are we addressing the safely, reliably and cleanly for more than development and deployment of the increasing need for more 30 years. first fleet of new nuclear power environmentally friendly products, plants in the United States in almost solutions and power sources BGE HOME’s new three decades. nationally and globally, but we also headquarters is the company’s first have implemented green building office designed to In addition to our new nuclear practices at our new BGE HOME meet the LEED green building standard. activities, we have an equally robust headquarters. The building’s interior BGE HOME Manager program to limit emissions across was designed to meet Leadership of Inventory Control our fossil fleet. Nearly $1 billion in Energy and Environmental Design and Logistics Jeff Cavallo can now bike in capital expenditures have been (LEED) Green Facility standards to work, taking authorized for construction of for commercial interiors—the first advantage of some of a state-of-the-art flue gas of its kind among Constellation the building’s new green design features desulfurization system—also Energy locations. A program of the like low-flow called a scrubber system—at our U.S. Green Building Council, LEED showerheads and On the most important environmental Brandon Shores Power Plant and promotes a whole-building approach faucets, and bike racks installed to issue of our time, climate change, other environmental upgrades. to minimize the environmental encourage alternative our company’s policy is unequivocal. The scrubber system will footprint of a building by recognizing transportation. The We believe it is imperative to slow, substantially reduce sulfur dioxide performance in sustainable site new building also features non-CFC, stop and then reverse the growth of and mercury emissions and is development, water conservation, high-efficiency greenhouse gas emissions. Our expected to be fully operational lighting, recycling, energy efficiency, heating and cooling generation fleet emits less carbon in early 2010. materials selection and indoor equipment. than many others in our industry. environmental quality. More than 60 percent of the electricity Over time, we expect a federal policy we produce comes from nuclear will be implemented to supersede and hydro power sources, which regional initiatives and align the U.S. generate electricity with minimal with a global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, we are active in helping to accelerate a federal policy and make it stronger. We believe Constellation Energy is well poised to benefit from a national 11 C O N S T E L L AT I O N E N E R G Y
  14. 14. Giving Exceptional People Opportunity for Growth What drives our company’s success? Our people. Constellation Energy employees embrace challenges and have an intense focus on execution. In many fields, particularly new nuclear development and carbon trading markets, we are on the cutting edge in our industry. Our teams are helping to shape the future. Safety is the most Our employees share a commitment as leadership effectiveness, learning important part of our to continuing to deliver exceptional and development opportunities, jobs. BGE crews, results for our shareholders. For all and teamwork. As a result of survey like the one shown here, begin each job of us at Constellation Energy, it’s our feedback, we have implemented by discussing safety key responsibility. To retain our talented company-wide and business-unit procedures. Shown team, we’ve established a competitive initiatives that have helped to (left to right) are Dan Moser, overhead Total Rewards program that goes increase employee engagement. mechanic; Vernon beyond salary. Our compensation Mitchell, cable splicer; philosophy is built upon the concept We also are committed to creating Jason Frith, cable splicer trainee; of pay for performance. Employees an environment that values diversity Patrick McBurney, know that at Constellation Energy, and inclusion as strategic assets cable splicer; and hard work and results pay off. for the future of our company. We Dave Wisniewski, senior construction have a number of major initiatives inspector. We strive to be a top-tier employer under way to ensure that we continue marked the launch of our newest in terms of competitive compensation to attract, retain and develop top flagship leadership development and work-life balance. In November talent that is diverse in background, program, the Transformational of 2007, BusinessWeek named skills and experience. One of Leadership Program, created in Constellation Energy as one of the our initiatives is the creation of our partnership with the University of best 95 places in the nation to launch Diversity Council, a cross-functional Virginia’s Darden Business School, a career. More than 90 percent team of leaders from across the well-known for delivering world- of new graduates remain with our enterprise. The council is dedicated class executive education. In 2007, company five years or more. Few to developing and implementing Constellation Energy was named to employers can match that statistic best-practice initiatives that Training magazine’s Top 125 list for and we’re very proud of it. promote diversity and inclusion in excellence in workplace learning all that we do at Constellation Energy. and development. Employee engagement is critical to Our ability to value different business success. We believe the perspectives and leverage the talents What’s more, we’re as committed to best way to find out what our of a diverse workforce is crucial to the safety of our people as we are employees think about working at our continued success. to their career fulfillment. Regardless Constellation Energy is to ask them of where our people work or what and to listen to their feedback. Since At Constellation Energy, growth jobs they do, we foster a culture that 2003, we have been conducting is both a business imperative and a values and promotes safety. In fact, biennial employee engagement personal commitment. We invest safety is the one underlying principle surveys to give our employees an considerably in our most important on which all of our business priorities opportunity to share their insights asset—the skills, talents and are built. It has to be. Just recently, about working for our company. capabilities of our people. Employees our Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant In the past four years, we've seen can access a variety of learning was recognized as a Maryland Voluntary significant increases in the overall programs on business-relevant Protection Program Star level site engagement levels of our employees, topics, resources and tools. by the state of Maryland and the including through the results of our Thousands of employees participate Occupational Safety and Health most recent survey in 2007. We also in our suite of online courses, Administration for exemplifying continue to score well above the U.S. classroom training and college commendable safety and database norms in many areas such degree programs each year. 2007 health programs. 12 RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP
  15. 15. Delivering Performance for Our Shareholders We believe responsible leadership translates into outstanding performance. In 2007, continued strong performance and execution of our business strategy once again translated into superior total return of more than 50 percent for our shareholders. $151.88 1-Year Total Over both one- and Through our focus on performance five-year periods, Return To Shareholders and risk management, we have we have delivered been and remain diligent stewards significantly better Constellation Energy returns than our S&P 500 of the capital we manage. In 2007, S&P 500 Utilities Index peers and the major our Board of Directors authorized market indices. Over $123.13 a share repurchase program of up the past year, an investment of $100 in to $1 billion, which provides us the Constellation Energy ability to effectively return capital stock on Dec. 31, $105.50 $100.00 to our shareholders. We executed 2006, was worth— with dividends on $250 million of this program in reinvested—$151.88 2007. At the same time, the program on Dec. 31, 2007. 12/31/06 Q1 ‘07 Q2 ‘07 Q3 ‘07 Q4 ‘07 enables us to maintain our financial flexibility to continue to pursue higher value-added strategic 5-Year Total Over the past investments and opportunities. five years, an $419.51 Return To Shareholders investment of $100 in Constellation Energy Constellation Energy Throughout our company we are stock on Dec. 31, S&P 500 focused on consistently and S&P 500 Utilities Index 2002, was worth— $280.30 with dividends appropriately managing risk, while reinvested—$419.51 making significant investments on Dec. 31, 2007. for future growth. Some examples $182.85 include our pursuit of new nuclear $100.00 development in North America, environmental improvements in ‘02 ‘03 ‘04 ‘05 ‘06 ‘07 our power plants, continued investments in our transmission and As we see it, our commitment to Our growth has been driven by the distribution network to ensure maintaining a responsible balance continued solid performance of our reliable service and growth through among the priorities of our business units and our ability to strategic acquisitions. stakeholders is a key driver of move forward on several key strategic shareholder value for our company. objectives, while appropriately When we evaluate and execute The commitment has paid off for managing risk. We believe that our business decisions based on our investors. We have delivered expertise in managing risk is a key considering the needs of all those significantly better returns than our differentiator that sets us apart from to whom we are responsible—our peers and the major market indices. our peers. We’ve had the vision shareholders, customers, employees, In 2008, we also announced a to see opportunities and ways to communities and the environment— 10 percent increase in our dividend, grow our business—and even more we position ourselves squarely to raising it to $1.91 per share annually important—our people have had the deliver exceptional performance and from an annual rate of $1.74 per courage to take those growth steps drive future growth. share in 2007. and execute on our business plans. 13 C O N S T E L L AT I O N E N E R G Y
  16. 16. energy sector so unique, and often Dear Fellow Shareholders, so challenging, is that we must make long-term investment decisions During the past six years, we have in the face of considerable uncertainty. transformed Constellation Energy How do we ensure new generation from a mid-sized, Baltimore-based is as environmentally friendly as utility into one of the nation’s most possible? If “green” energy sources diverse and successful integrated cost more—and today they do—how energy companies. Today, do we help to ease the financial Constellation Energy owns a low-cost, burden on lower-income residential environmentally advantaged Mayo A. Shattuck III customers? Finally, how do we baseload generation fleet, and is Chairman, balance environmental and economic North America's leading competitive President and CEO concerns, while still meeting our power supplier, a top gas marketer growth objectives for shareholders? United States. While a decision to and a leader in advancing America’s build a new nuclear facility has yet to new nuclear renaissance. As a CEO, I don’t have a right to be made, UniStar Nuclear Energy answer these challenging questions… is moving ahead with the licensing We’re very proud of these I have the responsibility to do so. and permitting processes to site achievements, which have been And so does our company. This is a potential new unit at our existing recognized and rewarded by the essence of Responsible Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant investors, particularly during 2007 Leadership at Constellation Energy. in Southern Maryland. A similar when our total return for shareholders application is in the works to develop was 52 percent. Investors aren't the Translating Responsible Choices another potential nuclear unit at only ones taking notice. In 2008—for into Exceptional Performance our Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station the second consecutive year— It begins with our own financial in upstate New York. UniStar Nuclear Constellation Energy was named to performance and obligations to Energy is also working with the prestigious BusinessWeek 50 our shareholders. established and emerging energy list of the best-performing companies to develop potential new companies within the S&P 500. In 2007, we generated $21.2 billion nuclear units in Pennsylvania, in revenues and grew adjusted Missouri and at other sites throughout Our success is gratifying, and yet earnings by 27 percent to $4.60 per the country. We believe nuclear it tells only part of our story. The share, our highest earnings level energy, with low emissions and its priorities of our shareholders must to date. Our 2007 earnings growth ability to meet increasing demand, be balanced with those of our rate exceeded both the S&P electric must play a vital role in securing customers and communities that utility index and the S&P 500 by at our nation’s energy future. rely on our vital energy services. least 10 percentage points. During There are many important policy each of the last three years, we Our existing nuclear and fossil plants issues and industry trends that outpaced our industry peers in total are located in high-value asset affect our business. Our nation is shareholder return— 52 percent markets and are well managed. In eager to reduce dependency on in 2007, 23 percent in 2006 and 2007, Calvert Cliffs achieved the foreign energy sources to improve 35 percent in 2005. We continue to be highest capacity factor rating for a our energy security, while addressing disciplined stewards of investor nuclear power plant in the world. the challenges of global climate capital. During the fourth quarter of change. Today, we compete globally 2007, we executed on $250 million of Our wholesale and retail competitive for energy commodities—natural an up to $1 billion stock repurchase power and natural gas supply gas, oil, coal and others—and we program and, for 2008, we increased businesses continue to set the bar are facing increasing price volatility shareholder dividends by 10 percent for our industry. During the past due to the influence of growing to an annual $1.91 per share from year, we made several acquisitions, demands from developing countries $1.74 per share in 2007. enabling us to grow our wholesale like China and India, as well as the load-serving business in the increasing competition for capital. We’ve made great strides on several Southeast market, adding upstream business initiatives in 2007, gas reserves and expanding the Against this backdrop, particularly related to the potential geographic footprint of our retail Constellation Energy is poised to development of new nuclear units. gas operations in the Midwest make the most significant capital Our joint venture with EDF Group, market. To meet the needs of investments in our history to develop UniStar Nuclear Energy, is our business customers, we’re the power generation sources establishing itself as a comprehensive, significantly broadening the scope needed to meet growing consumer robust international partnership of our renewable energy portfolio. and business demand. To meet that is well-positioned as a leader in We announced several innovative the needs of future generations, we the new nuclear renaissance in the renewable energy projects, and must act today. What makes the 14 RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP
  17. 17. are helping our corporate clients, management and performance. We distinguishing us once again as large and small, reduce their impact have made considerable progress the No. 1 contributor in Central on the environment with solutions on the construction of the Brandon Maryland and a leading contributor such as renewable energy products, Shores scrubber that will make it in other markets where we and wind and solar power. one of the cleanest coal-burning conduct business. facilities of its size in the country— BGE is addressing the demand side part of a nearly $1 billion investment For the third consecutive year, of the energy equation, as well, in environmental upgrades. We have Constellation Energy has been named with a comprehensive program of one of the lowest-emitting generation to the Dow Jones Sustainability customer-oriented conservation and fleets in our industry. That’s an North America Index, based on demand response initiatives. important plus for our environment companies that operate in a socially Combined, these programs should and, from a business standpoint, responsible and sustainable way. help play a significant role in reducing positions us well to benefit in a In early 2008, we also were named energy usage. Customers who carbon-constrained economy. to the 100 Best Corporate Citizens use less electricity can experience list by CRO (Corporate Responsibility significant savings on their bills. Recently, we negotiated a Officer) Magazine. Lower demand also improves grid comprehensive settlement agreement reliability and yields environmental with political and regulatory leaders We believe that the future bodes dividends. The demand response in our home state of Maryland. This well for Constellation Energy. Our program—PeakRewards—is quickly agreement enhances our strategic management team has a superior gaining traction—BGE's goal is to flexibility and delivers meaningful track record of driving significant enroll 50 percent of its residential benefits for both our company and earnings growth and delivering customers, making this potentially BGE customers. Equally important, substantial total shareholder return. one of the nation's largest and most it allows for all parties to move We have a proven generation fleet significant residential programs. forward with a focus on meeting and high-quality assets in high- BGE also plans to soon launch the Maryland’s future energy needs. By value markets, providing us with pilot phase of a leading-edge settling past disputes, we are clear and substantial earnings growth. advanced metering initiative to help moving to a more stable regulatory With greenhouse gas regulation customers better manage their environment that is a fundamental on the horizon, our low-emitting energy usage. This technology takes building block as we consider fleet is well-positioned to drive the guesswork out of estimating significant capital investments in long-term earnings. electricity usage, and remote Maryland such as a new nuclear monitoring provides information facility at Calvert Cliffs. Responsible leadership at that can lead to faster restoration Constellation Energy is about Delivering Continued Excellence during outages. accountability. It encompasses our Consistently, the driver of our financial and environmental Investing For Future Growth and success has been our employees’ performance and the full scope of Environmental Sustainability dedication to operational excellence— our business activities. It extends Across the energy industry, we’re for our customers, investors and all from our shareholders to the entering a phase that will feature of our stakeholders. This includes a communities and stakeholder groups significant capital investment in demonstrated commitment to we serve. I’m proud to say this new generation, distribution and safety—an absolute imperative for commitment is embedded in our core transmission systems and energy our company across all lines of values, and it has played a pivotal conservation programs to keep pace business. Calvert Cliffs was recently role in creating what I believe is with increasing demand. Through recognized as a Maryland Voluntary an extraordinary company with an 2010, we plan to invest $380 million Protection Program (VPP) Star level extremely bright future. I want in capacity expansion and reliability site by the state of Maryland and the to thank all of you—employees, enhancements in our generation Occupational Safety and Health shareholders, customers and fleet. For 2008, we expect to invest Administration. Less than one percent partners—for your ongoing support more than $440 million in BGE of the eight million worksites in the and contributions to our success. to meet anticipated customer U.S. achieve the VPP level of safety growth and increased reliability, performance, and we are using this which we believe will lead to future as a model for our other generation earnings growth for BGE. And, plants and operation facilities. through UniStar Nuclear Energy, we will continue to be at the forefront of I am particularly proud of the Mayo A. Shattuck III new nuclear development. generosity of our company’s more April 8, 2008 than 10,000 employees. Their Constellation Energy is committed contributions to the United Way to improving our environmental in 2007 topped a record $5.1 million, 15 C O N S T E L L AT I O N E N E R G Y
  18. 18. Constellation Energy at a Glance We are North America’s largest competitive provider of power to wholesale, commercial, industrial and public-sector customers, one of the top gas marketers and a leading supplier of coal to customers around the world. Our customers include more than two-thirds of the FORTUNE 100 companies, as well as some of the world’s largest producers and consumers of power, natural gas, oil and coal. We own a diverse fleet of power plants and are a leader in the potential development of new nuclear plants in the U.S. Through our regulated utility, Baltimore Gas and Electric, we deliver electricity and natural gas to customers in Central Maryland. Our Vision Our Foundational Values Our Performance Values To be the first-choice provider for customers These values guide our actions: These values measure our results: seeking energy solutions in the complex and Integrity Speed changing energy marketplace. Teamwork Accountability Social & Environmental Responsibility Passion for Excellence Customer Focus Creation of Value Corporate Social Responsibility Our Accomplishments Ranked No. 39 on the 2008 BusinessWeek 50 Best Performers list Named to the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index for the • • third consecutive year Moved up to No. 119 on the FORTUNE 500 list in 2007 • Advanced to No. 363 on the FORTUNE Global 500 list in 2007 Received a 2007 Green Leadership award from the U.S. Department of • • Energy for successfully incorporating green power into the overall energy Named one of America’s Most Admired Companies by FORTUNE • portfolio for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission magazine in 2007 Ranked as a Platts Top 250 Global Energy Company Named by CRO (Corporate Responsibility Officer) Magazine to its • • 100 Best Corporate Citizens list Recognized as one of the Best Places to Launch a Career by BusinessWeek • Named one of the Top 50 Military-Friendly Employers by Ranked the largest corporate philanthropist in the Baltimore, Md., area • • G.I. Jobs Magazine by the Baltimore Business Journal Named to Training magazine's annual Top 125 list for our outstanding • Learning & Organizational Development team Operating a Strategic Generation Fleet Our generating facilities are strategically located and use a variety of fuels. More than 60 percent of our generating output is from nuclear power that generates electricity with minimal greenhouse gas emissions. 16
  19. 19. Our Businesses Our Focus Our Customers Constellation Energy Resources Constellation Energy Serving as an intermediary, managing price Energy producers and intensive energy Global Commodities Group and supply risk between producers and users worldwide Wholesale marketing, risk management, and consumers of electricity, coal, natural gas, portfolio management and trading operation freight and oil. Helping producers manage the risk associated with selling their output and helping consumers manage the price risk associated with buying it. Managing the output and fuels for our generation fleet. Constellation NewEnergy Power Meeting our customers’ energy and risk More than 14,000 commercial, industrial and Retail electricity supply business providing management and sustainability needs through public-sector organizations throughout North energy products and services innovative products and outstanding service. America, including more than two-thirds of the Serving as an extension of our customers’ FORTUNE 100 companies, representing more energy-procurement functions to help them than 16,000 megawatts of peak load effectively manage energy risk, costs and usage. Constellation NewEnergy Gas Offering customers superior service and More than 14,000 commercial, industrial, Natural gas supply and transportation-related expertise by providing reliable and economical municipal and local gas distribution and power services operation supplies of natural gas. generation facilities in competitive markets throughout North America Constellation Energy Power Owning and operating—safely, efficiently Wholesale customers in competitive energy Generation & Development Group and reliably—a diversified fleet of fossil and markets across North America Power generation operation renewable energy generating facilities. Nuclear Constellation Energy Nuclear Group Owning and operating—safely, efficiently and Wholesale customers in competitive energy Nuclear energy generation and development reliably—a fleet of nuclear energy generating markets across North America facilities. Executive oversight of new nuclear development activities. Energy Delivery Baltimore Gas and Electric Safely and reliably delivering electricity and More than 1.2 million electric and 640,000 Regulated utility delivering power and natural gas to our customers. Becoming a natural gas residential, commercial and natural gas recognized industry leader. Improving the industrial customers in Baltimore and in all, reliability of our distribution system, reducing or part of, 10 counties in Central Maryland interruptions and improving our response to outages. Energy Consulting Services Fellon-McCord & Associates Offering clients energy consulting and Serving large commercial, industrial, municipal Leading provider of energy consulting and management expertise in the physical, and institutional energy users, as well as management services financial, regulatory and legislative aspects producers, generators, aggregators, third- of energy markets. party marketers, utilities, storage owners and operators Constellation Energy Providing customized energy and environmental Commercial, industrial and public-sector Projects & Services Group solutions—including energy consulting, energy facilities throughout North America Full-service energy company projects and energy assets—that reduce carbon footprint and total energy spend, while increasing reliability. BGE HOME Providing customer-centric, energy-focused Residential and small commercial customers Competitive provider of energy-related solutions for heating, air conditioning, plumbing, in Maryland products and services electrical and indoor air quality needs, as well as window replacements and the sale of natural gas to the residential market. 17
  20. 20. Leadership Board of Directors Committees of the Board Executive Team Corporate Governance Mayo A. Shattuck III Executive Committee Mayo A. Shattuck III We are an industry leader in Chairman, President and CEO, Mayo A. Shattuck III, Chairman Chairman, President and CEO corporate governance. We conduct Constellation Energy Edward A. Crooke our business honestly, with respect Michael J. Wallace Director since 1999 Robert J. Lawless for our professional obligations, President and CEO, and with regard for legal and Yves C. de Balmann Audit Committee Constellation Energy Nuclear Group regulatory requirements. The Co-Chairman, Bregal Investments James T. Brady, Chairman Vice Chairman, independence of our Board of Director since 2003 Yves C. de Balmann Constellation Energy Directors is important to us—12 of Ann C. Berzin Douglas L. Becker Henry B. Barron our 13 directors are independent Edward A. Crooke Chairman and CEO, Chief Nuclear Officer, according to New York Stock John L. Skolds Laureate Education, Inc. Constellation Energy Nuclear Group Exchange listing standards. All committee members are audit Director since 1998 Executive Vice President, Michael D. Sullivan, one of our committee financial experts as defined Constellation Energy independent directors, serves Ann C. Berzin by the SEC rules. as lead director. Retired Chairman and CEO, Thomas F. Brady Compensation Committee Financial Guaranty Executive Vice President, Copies of the charters of each of Robert J. Lawless, Chairman Insurance Company Constellation Energy the committees of the Board of Douglas L. Becker Director since 2008 Chairman, BGE Directors, as well as copies of our Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski III Corporate Governance Guidelines, Lynn M. Martin James T. Brady Thomas V. Brooks Principles of Business Integrity, Michael D. Sullivan Managing Director, President, Corporate Compliance Program, Mid-Atlantic, Ballantrae Constellation Energy Resources All committee members are Insider Trading Policy, Policy International, Ltd. Executive Vice President, independent directors. and Procedures with Respect to Director since 1999 Constellation Energy Committee on Nuclear Power Related Person Transactions and Edward A. Crooke John R. Collins James R. Curtiss, Chairman Information Disclosure Policy Retired Vice Chairman, Executive Vice President and Edward A. Crooke are available on our Web site at Constellation Energy Chief Financial Officer Nancy Lampton Director since 1988 Lynn M. Martin Irving B. Yoskowitz Interests Aligned with John L. Skolds James R. Curtiss, Esq. Executive Vice President and Shareholders All committee members are Retired Partner, Winston & Strawn General Counsel independent directors. We maintain guidelines requiring Director since 1994 Paul J. Allen our executives and directors Nominating and Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski III Senior Vice President, to acquire and maintain holdings Corporate Governance Committee President, University of Maryland Corporate Affairs and of Constellation Energy stock to Michael D. Sullivan, Chairman Baltimore County Chief Environmental Officer further align the interests of our Douglas L. Becker Director since 1994 Felix J. Dawson executives and directors with Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski III Nancy Lampton Co-Chief Commercial Officer, the interests of our shareholders. Robert J. Lawless Chairman and CEO, Constellation Energy Resources Lynn M. Martin American Life and Accident Chairman, All committee members are Insurance Company of Kentucky Constellation Energy Partners independent directors. Director since 1994 Senior Vice President, Constellation Energy Robert J. Lawless Chairman, Kenneth W. DeFontes, Jr. McCormick & Company, Inc. President and CEO, BGE Director since 2002 Senior Vice President, Constellation Energy Lynn M. Martin President, Beth S. Perlman The Martin Hall Group LLC Senior Vice President, Director since 2003 Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Information Officer John L. Skolds Retired Executive Vice President, George E. Persky Exelon Corporation Co-Chief Commercial Officer, Director since 2007 Constellation Energy Resources Senior Vice President, Michael D. Sullivan Constellation Energy Co-Founder and Chairman, Life Source, Inc. Director since 1992 18
  21. 21. Understanding Our Form 10 -K One of our priorities at Constellation Energy is to provide you with clear, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand information about our company. We want you to know what we do, how we do it and how we’re doing. This special section is intended to be a guide, describing and summarizing some of the information contained in our Form 10-K and providing page numbers where more details can be found. Our complete Form 10-K follows this special section. Breaking Down Our Form 10-K Our Form 10-K has four parts: Part I: In-depth descriptions of our businesses. Part II: Our financial performance, the information in which investors are usually most interested. Part III: Directs readers to other filings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission for details about our Board of Directors, executive compensation, auditor fees, stock ownership information and other matters. Part IV: A listing of financial statement schedules and exhibits. Over the next several pages, we provide descriptions and summaries of some of the major topics included in Parts I and II. Part I: Our Businesses Part I of our Form 10-K provides details about our businesses: Our merchant energy business Our regulated utility—Baltimore Gas and Electric Company Our other nonregulated businesses Also included is information about our environmental matters, employees, properties and executive officers Here’s Where You Look in Part I Highlights of What You’ll Find Page(s) Item Section 2 1. Business Overview We have a merchant energy business and a regulated utility. 2 Operating Segments Our reportable operating segments are merchant energy, regulated electric and regulated gas. We also have certain other nonregulated business activities. 3–10 Merchant Energy Our business Business We provide energy products and services to wholesale and retail customers, including distribution utilities, cooperatives, aggregators, and commercial, industrial and governmental customers. We manage contractually controlled physical assets, including generation facilities, natural gas properties and international coal and freight assets. We generate electricity and we provide risk management services and trade energy and energy-related commodities. Fuel sources Our electricity generated by fuel type in 2007: nuclear—61 percent; coal, gas and oil — 35 percent; renewable and alternative—four percent. Our competition We encounter competition from companies of various sizes with varying levels of experience and financial and human resources and differing strategies. Merchant energy business operating statistics for the last five years The steady increases in revenues reflect the strong growth of our merchant energy business. 10–15 Baltimore Gas and Our business Electric Company We’re an electric transmission and distribution utility and a natural gas distribution utility with a service territory that includes the City of Baltimore and parts of Central Maryland. Electric and gas operating statistics for the last five years Revenues by type, distribution volumes to our customers and the number of customers. 15 Other Nonregulated We offer energy solutions to residential, commercial, industrial and Businesses government customers. Note: This special section is intended to be a guide. You can find more details about all these items in our Form 10-K, which follows this special section. 19