2006 Nationwide Annual Report


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2006 Nationwide Annual Report

  1. 1. on your side: inside Protecting what matters most... Cover Financial highlights 01 Letter to shareholders On Your Side 02 04 Key accomplishments 08 Corporate citizenship 10 diversity & inclusion 12 safety 13 environment 14 Products & services 16 Board of directors & office of the Ceo Pocket Key facts about nationwide & significant u.s. rankings Nationwide 2006 Annual Report 80 nationwide has Provided On YOur Side serviCe to its Consumers For more than 80 years.
  2. 2. Financial highlights years ended december 31 Comments on 2006 results of operations 2006 2005 % change TOTAL ReveNue increased 25 percent in 2006 over 2005, driven by increased management (unaudited, based on u.s. generally accepted accounting principles) Combined revenue for 2006 grew to $22.3 billion, up from $21.1 billion fees associated with strong investment performance and more favorable Results of Operations (in millions of u.S. dollars, except key performance indicators) a year ago. this increase of 5.3 percent was driven primarily by a nearly managed asset mix. $1 billion increase in premiums and policy charges, and increases in asset Income statement the Corporate segment captures all of the residual operating results of management fees, which was associated with strong investment perform- Premiums and policy charges $ 17,427 $ 16,467 5.8% nationwide, including nationwide indemnity. Compared with 2005, loss ance and a more favorable mix of assets under management. the increase net investment income 3,400 3,280 3.7 reserve development in 2006 was favorable. Pre-tax reserve strengthening in premiums and policy charges over the prior year was fueled by a 2 percent net realized gains on investments, hedging instruments and hedged items 237 285 (16.8) related to asbestos and environmental exposures was $207 million ($135 increase in both policies in force and average premium per policy due to other income 1,189 1,094 8.7 million after tax) in 2006 compared with $725 million ($471 million after tax) a more favorable business mix in the Property and Casualty insurance in 2005. net income attributable to noncontrolling interests increased in operations segment and higher variable annuity sales volume in the Life total revenue 22,253 21,126 5.3 2006 to $232 million, up from $190 million in 2005, which is commensurate and retirement savings segment. Policy charges were up nearly 6 percent total benefits and expenses 19,469 19,438 0.2 with the net income increase in the Life and retirement savings segment. in 2006 over the prior year. Federal and foreign income taxes and other charges1 671 539 24.5 The cOmPANy net investment income increased nearly 4 percent as the rising interest rate net income $ 2,113 $ 1,149 83.9% nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies environment and an inverted yield curve drove short-term interest income Balance sheet in the u.s., with more than $22 billion in revenue and $160 billion in assets higher in 2006. offsetting this increase was greater investment expenses and (Fortune 100 – 2005). nationwide consists of four core businesses: domestic lower income from real estate and mortgage loans as the prior year exhibited total assets $160,009 $158,501 1.0% property and casualty insurance operations, specialty lines underwritten more significant portfolio growth and prepayment income. in 2006, income total reserves 52,412 54,272 (3.4) through the scottsdale family of companies, life insurance and retirement from the available-for-sale investment portfolio was flat compared to last total liabilities 143,178 143,549 (0.3) savings, and asset management. we are also engaged in various strategic year. net realized gains on investments, hedging instruments, and hedged non-controlling interests 2,549 2,478 2.9 investments (mortgage loan origination and servicing, third-party claims items for 2006 declined slightly, down nearly 17 percent over 2005. Lower administration, and real estate development). nationwide provides a full net gains from sales of available-for-sale securities and greater net losses total policyholders’ equity $ 14,282 $ 12,474 14.5% range of products and financial services that include auto, fire, life, health from derivative transactions were partially offset by higher income on real and commercial insurance; administrative services, annuities, mutual funds estate and trading securities transactions and lower other-than-temporary Net Income (Loss) by Segment and retirement plans. these products are offered through multiple impairment charges. the higher level of other income was primarily due to distribution channels. increased levels of fees earned for the management of pension fund assets, Property and Casualty insurance operations $ 1,206 $ 709 70.1% unit trusts, investment trusts and corporate portfolios. scottsdale 255 163 56.4 nationwide mutual is the sole stockholder of nationwide indemnity, a Life and retirement savings 714 599 19.2 NeT INcOme reinsurance company. nationwide indemnity holds a run-off environmental asset management 298 (49) * Combined net income for 2006 reached a record level of $2.113 billion, an and asbestos business, which was assumed from both affiliated and Corporate2 (360) (273) (31.9) increase of $964 million, or 84 percent, over 2005. during 2006, the company unaffiliated companies. exited certain foreign and domestic based businesses, disposing some and total $ 2,113 $ 1,149 83.9% cRedIT RATINgS holding others for sale. as a result of the sales in 2006, the company realized nationwide does business in all 50 states, the district of Columbia and the net after-tax gains of $313 million. a vast majority of these gains were virgin islands. nationwide mutual insurance Company and nationwide comprised of tax benefits. more than offsetting these tax benefits was Key Performance Indicators mutual Fire insurance Company are rated “a+” (strong) with a stable tax expense, the most significant of which was related to the increase in total revenue growth 5.3% 6.5% * outlook by standard & Poor’s rating service, a division of the mcGraw-hill deferred taxes related to the excess in carrying value over the tax basis in return on average total equity 15.8% 9.4% * Companies, inc. (“s&P”), “aa3” (excellent) with a negative outlook by moody’s nFs. this was the primary contributor to the rise in the company’s effective investor service, inc. (“moody’s”), and “a+” (superior) with a stable outlook statutory Property and Casualty trade combined ratio 93.6% 100.1% * tax rate, which increased from 20 percent in 2005 to 30 percent in 2006. by a.m. Best. nationwide Life insurance Company (nLiC) (and its insurance operating expenses rose modestly in 2006 as the company experienced statutory Property and Casualty trade combined ratio (excluding nationwide indemnity) 92.2% 95.0% * subsidiary) and nationwide Life insurance Company of america (nLiCa) better loss trends, favorable prior-year loss reserve development, and nationwide Financial services (nFs) earnings per share3 $ 4.74 $ 3.90 21.5% (and its insurance subsidiary) are both rated “a+” (superior) with a stable below-average current-year hurricane losses. Full-time equivalent employees (end of period) 35,877 34,740 3.3 outlook by a.m. Best, and both nLiC and nLiCa’s claims paying ability/ the Property and Casualty insurance operations segment income grew financial strength are rated “aa3” (excellent) by moody’s and “aa-” (very 70 percent, driven by better underwriting results and higher net investment * Not applicable or meaningful. strong) with stable outlook by s&P. the commercial paper issued by nLiC Other charges include net income attributable to non-controlling interests, discontinued operations, net of tax, and cumulative effect of adoption of accounting principle, net of tax. 1 income. in addition to the robust revenue growth, the results show continued is rated “amB-1” by a.m. Best, “P-1” by moody’s and “a-1+” by s&P. Includes charges for net income attributable to non-controlling interests. 2 declining loss frequency, primarily in standard auto that is partially offsetting Per diluted common share, which takes into consideration all common stock equivalents. 3 BASIS Of AccOuNTINg a modest increase in severity. Loss results are outperforming the industry Note: Certain prior year amounts were reclassified to conform to the 2006 presentation. and are consistent with the trends of key competitors. Prior-year reserve nationwide prepares its combined financial statements in accordance with development, particularly in non-hurricane weather losses, continues to u.s. generally accepted accounting principles (GaaP). For analytical purposes, Consolidated Total Revenue Consolidated Net Income exhibit favorable trends. the impact of hurricane-related losses was higher including understanding performance trends, decision-making, and peer (in billions) (in millions) in 2005. scottsdale’s net income for 2006 was up 56 percent over the prior comparison, management of nationwide makes certain adjustments to year as direct written premiums grew nearly 8 percent for the period in a some data, resulting in non-GaaP financial measures. the following term highly competitive market along with better current-year accident results. defines one of those financial measures: $22.3 $2,113 these favorable factors were partially offset by higher commission $21.1 expenses, which were in line with revenue growth. statutory Property and Casualty trade Combined ratio: a formula used by $19.8 property and casualty insurance companies to relate premium income to $18.3 net income from the Life and retirement savings segment, which included claims, administration and dividend expenses. it is calculated by dividing the 5 percent higher revenues and tax benefits, was up 19 percent in 2006 sum of incurred losses by earned premium and underwriting expenses by $15.9 over the prior year primarily due to significant tax benefits related to the $1,149 written premium. it indicates the profitability of the insurer’s operations by $1,010 resolution of a tax contingency and the increase in fee income, traditional combining the loss ratio with expense ratio (including dividends if any). this life insurance and immediate annuity premiums, and policy charges. is termed the statutory combined ratio and measures the amount that an $662 insurer must pay to cover claims and expenses per dollar of earned premium. asset management’s net income grew substantially in 2006 over the prior the combined ratio does not take into account investment income. year due largely to the realized gains from the sale of certain foreign-based operations. excluding these realized gains and operating results, net income $172 02 03 04 05 06 02 03 04 05 06
  3. 3. your life today. your future tomorrow. Nationwide had an excellent year in 2006, earning in one state doesn’t lead to lower rates in others. more than $2.1 billion in net income. This level Because of this, profits from one state cannot be of performance is a testament to the talent and used to subsidize rates in another. commitment of every associate in the company and reflects our dedication to fulfilling our The profitability of the insurance industry, particularly On Your Side promise to customers. the property and casualty insurance portion, must be considered over a longer period than a single year. Our primary operating units delivered strong That business is influenced by many variables such results. In our property and casualty operations, as hurricanes, tornados, wildfires and earthquakes. our performance was driven by premium growth In some years, our customers may experience high that outpaced key competitors, favorable weather losses due to these types of events, while other conditions and lower-than-expected auto losses. years may bring fewer losses. We recognize this unpredictability and must retain earnings from In our financial services business, Nationwide favorable years so we’re prepared to meet our Financial’s profitable year was highlighted by strong customers’ needs in the years when our losses are variable annuity sales, new sales and relationship higher than anticipated. management processes, refined product lineups, and investments in new businesses such as the Our tradition of helping people protect what matters Nationwide Bank. to them most extends back to our founding in 1926, when we began as an auto insurance company Nationwide has earned more than $1 billion for serving the needs of Ohio’s farmers. Today, as one of three consecutive years. While this achievement is the largest diversified financial services companies in certainly worth celebrating, we realize profitability America, we serve millions of customers who count is a means to an end rather than an end in itself. on us every day. And we still proudly serve the We believe profitability allows us to: agricultural community, whose support has helped us become the largest insurer of farms in the nation. • Build the capital strength to back the promises we’ve made to our customers; Our history and heritage form the foundation of • Grow and extend our On Your Side promise to our strength. We’re committed to building on this more and more consumers; and strength to achieve great things for our customers • Support the communities where we live and work. in the years ahead. Our profitability varies state by state because separate rates are determined and approved for each state based on the expected losses and expenses within that state. This means that an increased risk or increased losses in one state doesn’t lead to increased rates in another. Likewise, W. G. Jurgensen a rate reduction or lower-than-expected losses Chief Executive Officer 2006 annual report 1
  4. 4. NATIONwIde IS cOmmITTed to helping our In 2006, we created another convenient way to help on your side: customers navigate the complexities of life with people manage their finances. Nationwide Bank offers safety and security so they can look to the future checking and savings products and consumer loans we’re here to protect what matters most. with confidence. directly through the Internet or by phone. By eliminating the overhead expense of bank branches, we’re able to For many people this means we’ll help them get their provide favorable rates and the flexibility for customers to vehicle back on the road quickly after an accident, or do their banking from anywhere, anytime they choose. handle their claim so they can repair their house after disaster strikes. While Nationwide is dedicated to helping preserve our customers’ financial health, we also know that physical For others, it means we help them manage their finances health and well-being is important. That’s why we so they can reach their goals before and after they retire. brought all our health-related businesses together under the banner of Nationwide Better Health. This new For small-business owners, we provide the peace of company is the first to truly integrate the best collection mind they’re looking for as they build their businesses of health and productivity services, including health and look after the well-being of their employees. and wellness programming, disease and disability management, and absence, maternity and medical case Our customers can interact with us in ways that best meet management. With a focus on total population health their needs. Insurance for vehicles, homes and businesses management, we’re lowering health care costs, increasing is available through a vast network of Nationwide agents productivity and improving the quality of life for Fortune and independent agents licensed to offer Nationwide 1000 employers and their employees. products. Customers who prefer contacting Nationwide directly can contact us through the Internet or by phone. When you get right down to it, we help take the worries out of life and help our customers prepare for the planned, Our financial products — annuities, life insurance, mutual and even the unexpected events in their lives. funds and retirement plans — are provided through independent investment professionals, regional and It’s all a part of showing customers we’re on their side. national brokerage firms, Nationwide exclusive agents and agents of the Nationwide Financial Network. We’ve also created the Consumer Solutions Center to help customers who want to rely on Nationwide’s licensed investment professionals to help manage their investments. 2 nationwide 2006 annual report 3
  5. 5. Property and casualty STRONg ReLATIONShIPS ARe BuILT on trust, and every day our customers place their trust in us. They trust Our commitment to our customers is our top priority. that we will help them get their lives back to normal as Whether we’re responding to a natural disaster or a quickly as possible after trouble strikes. And they trust crumpled fender, our philosophy remains the same: to that we’ll help provide them with a secure financial future. help our customers get their lives back to normal simply and easily. When we tell people we’re on their side, that means a lot more than just a slogan or a jingle. It’s our promise to When violent weather causes widespread damage, our Key aCComPLishments: customers and it’s the basis of the trust that we’ll protect work becomes very visible. And 2006 was filled with wild what matters to them most. weather. We helped thousands of people recover after our strength continues everything from wildfires to ice storms. Our strategy revolves around one focus — the customer. to grow on many fronts. In 2006, we made changes that helped us deliver on But we know the smallest, everyday details can make a our promise. We created new ways to fulfill the needs big difference for people, too. of our customers, strengthening our relationships with them by simplifying some of our processes, building From the big things to the little things, we helped make new products and giving them more options for how our customers’ lives easier in 2006. We did everything from they do business with us. making our policies and bills easier to understand to providing web-based and telephone service so customers How we fulfill our promise to our customers will evolve can make their insurance choices anytime they need to. as their needs change. At every stage of their lives, we’ll be there to help them live comfortably and securely. We also strengthened our diverse portfolio of product lines, which includes auto, home, commercial, agriculture and specialty insurance (like motorcycles and RVs), so that we can perform well in all economic conditions. That diversification has paid off in profitable growth. simplifying service seeing is believing technology in the field creating an outstanding customer experience is Autowatch is a free service we offer in conjunction Our agribusiness unit meets the needs of its an important goal. Two new property and casualty with our Blue Ribbon repair shops. customers who commercial customers and farmers in many different features deliver improved service: have their vehicles repaired at any of those facilities ways, including using technology to make policy can watch through the Internet the progress being management more convenient. • One is our new billing plan called the flexible made on their car or truck. Payment Plan, developed in response to customer customers will be able to view their policies and requests. It gives them the option to pay the No more wondering how repairs are progressing. accounts — and pay their bills — online in 2007. minimum balance, the full amount or any amount customers can check it out for themselves whenever customers also will be able to easily compare in between. they want. their current coverage with their changing needs through the Nationwide Agribusiness’ website. • Another is our Tow Network, currently available The site also will allow customers to report claims in 14 states. One call to our claims hotline online and to transfer funds electronically. dispatches a tow truck for customers who have been in an accident or whose cars are undriveable for other reasons. 4 nationwide 2006 annual report 5
  6. 6. Our direct written premium climbed 3.9 percent in 2006 Successes such as strengthening our variable annuity Focused efforts from our associates helped develop The ads are part of an ongoing campaign that illustrates, — that’s faster than any of our competitors. And our business — which picked up 36 percent last year — and an industry-leading company that looks to expand its in a humorous way, how consumers need to protect policies in force jumped 1.7 percent to reach 11.1 million the creation of the Nationwide Bank were important customer base in 2007. their property and investments, because life has a way by year end. parts of following through on our strategies. of throwing curves. Life comes at you fast Our new motorcycle and powersports insurance The bank offers a full range of banking services and Our Life Comes at You Fast advertising campaign grew And we’ll be there for our customers every step of the coverage helped drive that growth. It’s an example of products to give customers more flexibility with how they bigger than ever in 2006. We took Fabio from romance- way to make sure they can live comfortably, knowing how we go the extra mile to protect our customers’ use their money. It empowers customers to use and grow novel cover heartthrob to a wrinkled Casanova in the blink that we’ll help protect what matters most to them. possessions. Instead of offering one-size-fits-all policies their assets to prepare for life’s important events. And it of an eye in one of the most popular ads of the 2006 like most companies’ products, we know a custom will allow us to provide a valuable service that enriches Super Bowl. In early 2007, our Super Bowl ad featuring motorcycle owner has different needs from someone our relationships with new and existing customers. Kevin Federline gained more attention than ever. insuring a golf cart. We help our customers through every event and stage We partnered with the American Motorcyclist Association of their lives. And retirement is one in which financial to be their exclusive motorcycle insurance provider. That discipline and asset management is important. We let’s us reach thousands more motorcycle enthusiasts. partnered with the Boston College Center for Retirement Protecting financial futures increasing financial awareness Research to develop the National Retirement Risk Index, For our agribusiness customers, small farmers now which gauges how prepared we are as a nation for we protect financial futures with our strong financial helping to increase awareness about finances is have more choices when it comes to protecting their retirement. Building on that, we developed the RetirAbility products so our customers can build a diverse why we do things such as cosponsoring the State property. In 2006, Nationwide CountryElite® customers CheckSM. It’s a fun, interactive web-based tool that helps portfolio suited to their investment needs. of the Black union. The theme for the 2006 annual had their coverage options expand as their policies people assess how ready they are to live comfortably meeting of African American leaders was economic became part of Nationwide Agribusiness. Under their in retirement. In response to customers’ desires in 2006, we created empowerment. It gave us a venue to talk about the new CountryChoice® product, these customers receive some innovative products that offer a measure of a need to save and build wealth. more coverage for farm equipment without having to But education is only one piece. We also increased our guarantee their money will grow. list their equipment separately. capability to reach our customers by revamping our Planning for the future and preparing for retirement sales process to be consistent across our distribution we also sold the u.K.-based operation of gartmore is more important than ever before because of We also know that a “cookie-cutter” approach to renewing channels, and we improved our products with state- group, while retaining the retail asset management pressures on pensions and government programs. large commercial agribusiness accounts doesn’t work for of-the-art features. business, now known as Nwd Investment Knowing those safety nets can’t be relied on entirely means people have to look to other areas to protect management. Our retail mutual fund strategy our customers. That’s why a team of ag-experts in claims, capitalizes on our extensive distribution channels and help their finances grow. Nationwide Better health underwriting and loss control, set prices on a fair and within Nationwide financial. In the second quarter individualized basis, giving each customer the best price Health care makes up a bigger chunk of consumer of 2007, we expect that Nationwide financial will for the unique services they require and risks they face. expenses every year. So what can anyone do? complete its purchase of Nwd Investment management’s retail mutual funds. Nationwide financial We created Nationwide Better Health and broke new To help our customers build a secure financial future, ground in 2006 to help keep people healthy and medical To complement our vast distribution network, we’re we needed to look inside and do some things differently. expenses lower. We did this by becoming the first in also integrating our exclusive insurance agents into We developed a strategic plan to strengthen our core the industry to fully integrate disease and disability the Nationwide financial Network so we can better business, build for growth and manage capital effectively. management. offer customers our complete range of insurance and financial products. We followed through on that plan and our success We also formed partnerships around the country with showed in the financial performance — earnings per other health and disability management companies share were $4.74, an increase of 21.5 percent from 2005. to enhance Better Health’s offerings. We welcomed in FutureHealth for their expertise in disease, population health and medical management. And the addition of WellCorp gives us even more robust features with on-site services such as screenings, health fairs and online health education offerings. 6 nationwide 2006 annual report 7
  7. 7. CorPorate CitizenshiP: we turn critical moments into powerful possibilities. SAvINg, ReBuILdINg ANd eNRIchINg lives is what Also in 2006, our associates logged more than 30,000 Nationwide’s Corporate Citizenship is all about. Every day, volunteer hours on the On Your Side Volunteer Network. we turn critical moments into powerful possibilities. It’s This network helps connect associates with nonprofit another way we’re helping people when it matters most. organizations that best match their interests and talents. The Nationwide Foundation supports these efforts by Since 1959, the Nationwide Foundation has worked awarding a grant to qualifying organizations where $50,000,000 to positively impact the quality of life in communities associates spend at least 25 hours as volunteers. where our associates, agents and their families live and work. The highest priority for our grants is investing Throughout the year, associates donate their time, skills in nonprofit organizations whose services provide and resources to organizations like United Way, American emergency and basic needs, or to stabilize a crisis Red Cross, local food banks and community organizations situation. In 2006, we made our largest gift ever, granting across the country. Through opportunities like these, in 2006, we made our LarGest GiFt ever, $50 million to Columbus Children’s Hospital. The everyone has a chance to get involved. GrantinG $50 miLLion to CoLumBus Nationwide Foundation also supports our associates’ passions through matching their contributions to United This is how our company is reaching out to people in ChiLdren’s hosPitaL. Way dollar for dollar. Last year, the Foundation matched communities, turning critical moments into powerful associate contributions totaling more than $8 million. possibilities, every day. 8 nationwide 2006 annual report 9
  8. 8. TheRe’S A LeveL Of TRuST that’s built when we • We strengthened partnerships with the Tom Joyner come to know people for who they really are. Because Foundation to sponsor the On Your Side Internship our customers look to us to help them protect the things Program to offer rewarding summer internships that are most valuable to them, that trust is crucial. Our to students from historically black colleges and steadfast commitment to diversity and inclusion helps universities. us better understand the people and markets we serve. • We grew our producer force with a new recruiting Diversity and inclusion begins with each of us under- initiative in cities across the United States through standing ourselves. Then it extends to understanding our our partnership with the National Urban League. colleagues and partners, and ultimately our customers. It’s part of our ongoing journey to create a genuine and For us to deliver on our promise to all markets we also authentic environment where all associates and have to make that promise a reality for our associates, customers feel valued and respected. no matter their walk of life. We know diversity reaches beyond what we see on Our work to build a company where all associates the surface. It involves everything that makes a person feel challenged, appreciated, respected and engaged unique — life experiences, thinking style, religion, family continued in 2006. The Human Rights Campaign listed status and more. With this broader definition in mind, us as one of the best places to work in the country for the our associates collaborate and innovate so we can create gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community the On Your Side experience our customers deserve. when we received a perfect score on their Corporate Equality Index. We were the only major company in our We have a rich history of reaching out to many industry to receive this honor. And Women’s Enterprise® communities in different ways. 2006 was no exception. USA recognized us as one of the best in the country for their Women Impacting Supplier Diversity. • We sponsored the State of the Black Union to help the African American community learn about Giving people choices is important to becoming a great economic empowerment. company. That’s why we give our associates options that fit their unique lives. Flextime, telecommuting, financial • We stepped up our efforts to serve customers in their consulting and the Associate Assistance Program, which preferred language with Protecting What Matters, helps associates find child and elder care are just some an educational guide to help customers understand of the things we do to help. insurance, financial planning and safety topics. It’s now available in Spanish and English. Our progress on diversity and inclusion is measured in many ways. One measure of success is creating an • We’re the first in our industry to offer independent environment where all of our customers, associates, agents policy-conversion materials in Chinese, community members and business partners feel their Filipino and Spanish. voice is heard and valued. Every day we’re finding new ways that bring us closer to that goal. diversity & inCLusion: at nationwide, everyone has a voice. 10 nationwide 2006 annual report 11
  9. 9. saFety: environment: we not only compensate for loss, we protect personal property, investments and the planet. we help prevent it. TheRe wAS A TIme when Detroit focused more on Nationwide continues to fight drunken driving, partnering we’Re IN The BuSINeSS of protecting things. While Experts say migrating species use stars to navigate, and horsepower than safety — when seatbelts and airbags with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to launch our focus is on personal property and investments, we lights from tall buildings are thought to confuse birds. were options and muscle cars ruled. And, when the public “THINK,” a friend-to-friend program that educates high think it’s important to do what we can to help protect When a Columbus-area resident called us about dimming considered seatbelts a nuisance and sober driving only schoolers and encourages them to commit to sober the environment. our lights during the migratory seasons in the spring and a suggestion. driving throughout the entire year. It’s a program that fall, we went a step further and turned them off. has the same mission as our former Nationwide Prom Sure, we take the traditional measures such as recycling Now consumers demand safety, manufacturers brag Promise program — helping to save the lives of teens. — it’s something we can all do. Our offices have recycling And when things thaw out and we are taking care of about it, the vast majority of people buckle up, and laws bins in common areas and at desks. And we stress our gardens and grounds, we use corn gluten as an and common sense have cracked down on drunken And we are helping keep young drivers safe through conservation efforts to our associates. environmentally safe weed control. Corn gluten gives driving. For more than 40 years Nationwide has helped our Time2Drive new driver program by working with us a nontoxic, yet effective, alternative to chemical-based bring about these changes. Why? Because, as former safety advocates to determine how best to educate Our associates would probably be a little warmer in the weed-and-feed products. CEO Dean Jeffers said, “We are in the business of teens, and how best to develop more effective graduated covered walkways from downtown Columbus parking preventing losses as much as we are in the business licensing laws. garages into Home Office if we kept the heaters on all Just another way we’re demonstrating our On Your for compensating for losses.” the time. But the walkway heaters are just there to keep Side promise. Our work with auto manufacturers and safety advocates ice and snow from piling up. Today, we’re reaching out more than ever, and educating to explore ways technology can help reduce drunken people about safety — in their homes, in their cars and driving has helped us become a leader in advocating We also do some things people might not think about. in their businesses. for the use of interlock devices that prevent convicted For instance, when birds are migrating through Central drunken drivers with illegal blood alcohol levels from Ohio we turn off the outside building lights of our Nationwide has a proud history of pursuing vehicle safety. starting their vehicles, as well as other technologies to 485-foot headquarters at night. We were recently honored for our role in developing the help prevent driving while drunk. Airbag & Seatbelt Safety Campaign, which over the last 10 years helped increase seatbelt usage from 61 to 82 While these efforts support all communities, we have percent, child seat usage from 60 to 90 percent and targeted programs to help educate diverse communities helped reduce the airbag-related death rate of children in the area of safety. Corazon de mi Vida is a program by 96 percent. bringing child seat safety to Latino families, while Ay Chispas! focuses on fire safety in the home. In 2006, we conducted a national survey to help us learn 485 about people’s driving habits and the extent of a problem As we look ahead, we are excited about our work when Birds are miGratinG throuGh known as DWD, or “Driving While Distracted.” After finding with the Institute for Business & Home Safety. We are CentraL ohio we turn oFF the outside that more than 80 percent of all drivers multitask behind committed to building an Insurance Center for Building the wheel, we launched a media campaign to help the Safety Research that will lead to safer homes through BuiLdinG LiGhts oF our 485-Foot public understand and avoid the dangers of DWD. better testing of construction techniques and materials. headquarters at niGht. For years, Nationwide has fought for tougher drunken Whether it’s at home, in the car, or at work, Nationwide driving laws and increased drinking ages, while has made safety an important part of what we do for emphasizing education. While alcohol fatality rates our customers. are down by more than half since 1983, 39 percent of all traffic fatalities still involve alcohol. 12 nationwide 2006 annual report 13
  10. 10. Property and casualty health cOmPANIeS PROducTS dISTRIBuTION chANNeLS cOmPANIeS PROducTS dISTRIBuTION chANNeLS Nationwide Insurance Nationwide Better health insurance for autos, motorcycles, boats, exclusive nationwide agents, health and wellness programs; direct sales rvs, homes and businesses; individual brokers, sponsor organizations, disease, disability, absence, and group health insurance, health employers, banks and internet maternity and medical management savings accounts, health reimbursement accounts, special risk coverage Allied Insurance insurance for autos, motorcycles, boats, independent agents Banking and mortgage rvs, homes, businesses and farms Nationwide Agribusiness insurance for farms and direct sales, exclusive nationwide cOmPANIeS PROducTS dISTRIBuTION chANNeLS agribusinesses; loss-control services agents, independent agents Nationwide Bank Cds, loans, savings and internet, direct sales, service centers Scottsdale Insurance specialty insurance products General agents checking accounts and atms for business and individuals, commercial and excess liability Nationwide Advantage mortgage mortgages, home equity internet, nationwide exclusive coverage, pet insurance lines of credit agents, direct sales Titan Insurance specialty auto insurance exclusive nationwide agents, independent agents Life insurance and retirement savings cOmPANIeS PROducTS dISTRIBuTION chANNeLS Nationwide financial variable and fixed annuities, life Financial planners, brokerages, insurance, private-sector retirement financial institutions, pension ProduCts & serviCes: plans, immediate annuities plan administrators, nationwide Financial network agents, more options. more flexibility. exclusive nationwide agents Nationwide Retirement Solutions Public-sector retirement plans direct sales TBg mullin deferred compensation plans, direct sales corporate-owned life insurance asset management cOmPANIeS PROducTS dISTRIBuTION chANNeLS Nwd Investment management mutual funds, investment services Financial planners, internet for individuals and institutions 14 nationwide 2006 annual report 15
  11. 11. Board of directors office of the Ceo Lewis J. Alphin w. g. Jurgensen Chief executive officer James B. Bachmann nationwide A. I. Bell Patricia R. hatler executive vice President Timothy J. corcoran Chief Legal officer nationwide yvonne m. curl Terri L. hill Kenneth d. davis executive vice President Chief administrative officer Keith w. eckel nationwide fred c. finney michael c. Keller Key facts about nationwide executive vice President w. g. Jurgensen Chief information officer nationwide • approximately 36,000 employees daniel T. Kelley James R. Lyski • more than 16 million policies in force Lydia m. marshall executive vice President Chief marketing officer Terry w. mcclure nationwide significant u.s. rankings Barry J. Nalebuff michael d. miller President and Chief operating officer PROPeRTy ANd cASuALTy RANKINgS* Ralph m. Paige Scottsdale insurance • 4th-largest homeowner insurer James f. Patterson Steve S. Rasmussen • 6th-largest auto insurer President and Chief operating officer Arden L. Shisler Property and Casualty insurance • 10th-largest commercial insurer nationwide • 6th-largest total property and casualty insurer Robert A. Rosholt executive vice President * Source: A.M. Best, 2005 DWP Chief Financial officer, Finance, investments and strategy nationwide LIfe ANd ReTIRemeNT SAvINgS RANKINgS mark R. Thresher • #1 provider of defined contribution plans President and Chief operating officer • #6 provider of variable life insurance1 nationwide Financial • #13 writer of individual variable annuities2 • #18 u.s. life insurer based on premium3 • #15 u.s. life insurer based on admitted assets3 VARDS Q3 2006 YTD 1 Tillinghast Q3 2006 YTD 2 AM Best Q3 2006 YTD 3 16 nationwide
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