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Control & Automation –PLC                                                    email:plc@pantechmail.comPSPLC 32   Formal Ve...
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IEEE 2011-12 plc-abb-allen-bradley-delta-omron-siemens-control-automation-instrumentation-electronics-instrumentation-scada-programmable-logic-controllers-indu


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PANTECH SOLUTIONS Provides Project Guidance for B.E,B.Tech,M.E,M.Tech,MCA,B.Sc & M.Sc Electronic Science and for all Electrical Students
We offer Project Solutions for
Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE )
Computer Science Engineering ( CSE)
Electrical & Electronics Engineering ( EEE)
Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering ( E & I )
M.Sc Electronics and further more …….
We Offer Project Assistance in
Digital Signal & Image Processing
Real Time Embedded System Design
ASIC Designs – FPA | CPLD Implementation
JAVA & Networking
Network Simulator – NS2
Dot Net,C # & Web Application
Power Electronics & Drives
Modern Power Systems
 Control & Automation

EMBEDDED – RF , Bluetooth , Zigbee,GSM,GPS,RFid,GPRS,Ethernet,I2C,CAN,Robotics,Finger Print, Bio Medical , Speech Rocognition and more
VLSI & DSP – Low Power VLSI Design,Digital Image Processing,Neural Network , Filter Design
ELECTRICAL – SCADA , PLC , Automation,Coverter,Drives & Control,Power Electronics,Power Systems,,Imverter
IT – Image Processing ,Mobile Computing ,Web Applications,Data Mining ,Networking.
For Further Info ,
Call us @ 98409 74407 / 96000 66689 / sales@pantechsolutions,net
Or Visit us @ ,
Our Branches @
Chennai - 044 42606450 | 4260 6470 | 42606480 | 96000 66689
Madurai – 0452 4375382 | 99406 85843 | 99406 58158
Coimbatore – 0422 – 4506470 | 98409 74409
Hyderabad – 040 40077960 | 99890 27053
Kochi – 0484 2536270 |98953 93393
Pune – 020 32926450 | 9561065750

Pantech provides Projects guidance for BE, B.Tech, ME, M.Tech, Diploma, MCA, Bsc & Msc and all electrical science Students......

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IEEE Projects,IEEE Papers 2010,IEEE Java Projects,IEEE Dotnet Projects,IEEE Embedded Projects,IEEE DSP Projects,Academy Projects,Student Final Year Projects,IEEE Data Mining,IEEE VLSI Projects and More.....

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IEEE 2011-12 plc-abb-allen-bradley-delta-omron-siemens-control-automation-instrumentation-electronics-instrumentation-scada-programmable-logic-controllers-indu

  1. 1. Control & Automation –PLC email:plc@pantechmail.comSI.No Topics FieldPSPLC 1 Speed control of DC motor using PID controller implementation with PLCPSPLC 2 Using PLC for Custom-design of a PID Program to Control a Heater TemperaturePSPLC 3 Water level controller using PID controller implementation with PLC IEEE 2011PSPLC 4 Production and control of low voltage motors used in industrial applicationsPSPLC 5 Automated urban drinking water supply control and water theft identification systemPSPLC 6 Designs of PLC control of the twin valve filter PLC-based SCADA system for oil storage and ApplicationPSPLC 7PSPLC 8 Robust motion control for humanoid robot flexible joints Design of the Temperature Control System of Solar Cell Lamination MachinePSPLC 9PSPLC 10 Application of PID Based on Heating Boilers Equipment Availability In Control SystemsPSPLC 11 PLC Based Furnace Control SystemPSPLC 12 Equipment Availability In Control SystemsPSPLC 13 IEEE 2010 Control in a Steam-Pretreated Process for Agriculture Wastes ReusesPSPLC 14 Innovative Large Tank Farm oil terminal MonitoringPSPLC 15 Fault Detection and Protection of Induction Motors Using PLCPSPLC 16 Improvement of Heat Furnace Temperature Control SystemPSPLC 17 A High Efficiency Autonomous Street Lighting System Based On Solar Energy And LedsPSPLC 18 Machine Control Level Simulation Of An As/Rs In The Automotive IndustryPSPLC 19 PLC-Based Measurement of Electrical Data in Photovoltaic Energy SystemsPSPLC 20 Irregular Surface Area Measuring InstrumentPSPLC 21 Formalization and verification of programmable logic controllers timers in CoqPSPLC 22 Mathematical Modeling of Color Mixing Process and PLC Control ImplementationPSPLC 23 Improvement of Heat Furnace Temperature Control System Via Model Free ControlPSPLC 24 MethodPSPLC 25 Design of Performance Testing System for Train Air ConditioningPSPLC 26 A Solar Panels Automatic Tracking System Based on DELTA PLCPSPLC 27 Implementation Of Process Control With Programmable Controllers IEEE 2009PSPLC 28 Mobile Controlled Smart PLC with Integrated SMS Troubleshooting TechniquePSPLC 29 A Web-Based Remote Access Laboratory Using SCADAPSPLC 30 Design of Traffic Lights Controlling System Based on PLC and Configuration TechnologyPSPLC 31 Design of PLC- based PI Controller for the Permanent Magnet DC Motor under Real Constraints and Disturbances l © 2011 Pantech Solutions Pvt Ltd |
  2. 2. Control & Automation –PLC email:plc@pantechmail.comPSPLC 32 Formal Verification of PLC Programs For conveyorsPSPLC 33 Control of Boiler Operation using PLC – SCADAPSPLC 34 Design and Implementation of PLC-Based Monitoring Control System for Three-Phase Induction Motors Fed by PWM InverterPSPLC 35 Design and Practice of an Elevator Control System Based on PLCPSPLC 36 A scalable low-cost automated storage & retrieval SystemPSPLC 37 Real time mailbox alert system via SMSPSPLC 38 Using Industrial Standards on PLC Programming Learning for industrial applicationPSPLC 39 Design and Implementation of the PLC Control Lab Using GSM SystemPSPLC 40 Distributed Supervisor System of Heat Supply Network Based on GSM PlatformPSPLC 41 Real-Time Monitoring And Controlling Of An Allen-Bradley Slc 500 Through The Internet IEEE 2007PSPLC 42 Real-Time Monitoring and Integrated Automation Control in Steel Rolling PlantPSPLC 43 Speed Control of a Conveyor System by PLCPSPLC 44 Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)PSPLC 45 Distributed Supervisor System of Heat Supply Network Based on GSM PlatformPSPLC 46 Automation of Sugar Boiling Process in Batch Vacuum Pans using PLCPSPLC 47 PLC based automatic bottle filling SystemPSPLC 48 PLC based boiler monitoring and controlling systemPSPLC 49 Design and Implementation of PLC-Based Monitoring And Control System for Induction Non-IEEE MotorPSPLC 50 State Program Vs. Ladder Program for Stepper Motor ControlPSPLC 51 Design of Power Saving in Water Supply of Deep Wells l © 2011 Pantech Solutions Pvt Ltd |