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Luxury ventures corporation_eng

  1. 1. “ We help people Earn while enjoying their Dream Vocation!”
  2. 2. About the Company <ul><li>Luxury Ventures Corp. was founded in 2010. </li></ul><ul><li>It was registered in the British Virgin Islands </li></ul><ul><li>The Advisory Board consists of professionals: </li></ul><ul><li>who have long experience and strong ties in Travel Industry, which enables us to quickly and successfully maintain the company product. </li></ul><ul><li>We’ve got long years of experience in MLM business and Internet Marketing, which enables us to create all the primary need tools and relatively good conditions for our members to boost their business at a rocket speed. </li></ul><ul><li>We work along with experienced people in Top Managerial who provide a solid and rapid growth of the Corporative Network. </li></ul>The company attracts peculiarly professionals to the staff, since HQ results, Convenience and the Product Quality can be achieved only with a Highly Professional Approach.
  3. 3. The 1st registered office of Luxury Ventures Corp. is situated at Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive, P.O. Box 3469, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Our Transparent Activity The CEO of the Luxury Ventures Corp. is Mr. Oleg B. Ivaniloff, Moscow, Office Secretary: +1-646-652-6691 (New York City 1st Zone) “We’re going to return travel industry back to its proud status in network marketing” (Oleg Ivaniloff) A new operation office is supposed to be opened in Moscow City, Russia approximately in August -September, 2010. We’re looking forward to expand our travel services globally and open our branch affiliates at more luxury spots of the world!
  4. 4. The Company Products <ul><li>Client Access Package </li></ul><ul><li>Business Access Package </li></ul>215 USD Enjoy the best low rates on travel services worldwide ! The most reliable Travel Search through the best trading spots of tourism ever available on this planet ! 340 USD One-time entry fee and a little work with your day planned by yourself just during the 1 st few weeks will soon enable you to own your lifeby making money online from home !
  5. 5. <ul><li>ACCESS to the system of wide-range search across hundreds of market areas of Travel Services: Air Transporters worldwide with global search for the lowest reasonable price in English and Russian. (Access to this system is available for each Client or Partner on the front page of the website) </li></ul><ul><li>ACCESS to the system of a comfortable search through hotels across the globe in 20 Languages. The system also scans hundreds of market pages, and separate hotels websites in order to provide you with the most reasonable price on the Internet. (for both clients and partners) </li></ul><ul><li>ACCESS to the system of the best rate search for best prices on car rentals. </li></ul><ul><li>ACCESS to the system of the best rate search for best prices on train tickets. </li></ul><ul><li>ACCESS to the constantly updated database search for hot tours (incl. air tickets) from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to any part of the world. (Geography of the system is getting wider in the nearest future). </li></ul><ul><li>ACCESS to the database of the lowest rates prices on regular tours from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan to any spot on the World map. The system scans for prices for all the grand reliable tour operators of the said-above countries and shows the lowest rate on a travel package. (The system geography will grow gradually) </li></ul>
  6. 6. <ul><li>EACH BUSINESS ASSOCIATE of the Luxury Ventures Corp. uses entire range of the same services as clients do, Besides there’s a number of additional opportunities and advantages: </li></ul><ul><li>Each associate in Luxury Ventures gets a free accommodation bonus from the Company, right on signing up – it’s 3 days / 2 nights in one of the 3-5* hotels of the world. (The Bonus is valid through 12 months) </li></ul><ul><li>The plans of Luxury Ventures Corp . is to rapidly get the leading positions on tour packages and other travel services worldwide, since the Company is ready to provide its Clients wirh really beneficial prices and convenient service. </li></ul><ul><li>You get a splendid opportunity to be constantly raising great money due to the unique, fast and profitable Marketing Plan. </li></ul><ul><li>Luxury Ventures Corp. Associates have every chance to combine most profitable Travel Products along with their opportunity to build and maintain Multimillion Travel Business from home. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Hyatt Place Las Vegas 4 day/3 night Save 35%
  8. 8. Los Angeles to Las Vegas (Aria Resort & Casino) 5 days/4 night for 2 person, July 2010 Included 2 roundtrip air tickets, taxes & service fees
  9. 9. Мы помогаем людям Зарабатывать, совершая Путешествие Мечты! <ul><li>Due to the search system and databases of Luxury Ventures Corp. according to our agreements you may save plenty of money when using constantly updated tours at discounts . See just a few examples below : </li></ul>
  10. 10. You’re about to enroll into the most successful Global Business for today, where you’ll be able to help other people find a Path to financial freedom and lead you to your own prosperity. Here you’re about to discover the tools to make your money work for you at a minimum size of one-time investment. Dreams go real with LUXURY VENTURES Corp.
  11. 11. The Compensation plan from LVC is one of the most reliable and gracious one for today . Here you control several directions of achieving your financial freedom. Here they are in brief: 1. Join our NON-STUCK BOARDS that provide quick career growth and get 3D/2N free hotel accommodation globally from the list of our best offers at your very first step! 2. Get 1000 USD on cycling from the 1 st board and 10.000 USD on cycling from the 2nd board 4. Get 50% (100 USD) of each sale of our CLIENT ACCESS PACKAGE letting people travel on profitable prices. Compensation Plan
  12. 12. 1. SENSATION SYSTEM of INNOVATIVE REVOLVING NON-STUCK BOARDS OF CAREER GROWTH! 2. LEADERSHIP COMMISSIONS PAID OUT INSTANTLY! on each new associate’s sign-up in your downline when you’re Silver and higher. 3. GLOBAL BONUS Payouts 4% for distributors of the Supreme Rank. 4. Valuable Prizes in LUXURY Life Style! 5. GET 50% (100 USD) of each direct sale of CLIENT ACCESS PACKAGE from your referral page. Even while you’re asleep.
  13. 13. INNOVATIVE NON-STUCK BOARDS OF CAREER GROWTH Our brand new innovative system of NON-STUCK BOARDS for rapid career growth has already inspired lots of people in the industry to turn their future into a kind of fairy-tale. Special software puts all the new associates onboard, positioning them left-to-right on the 1 st level. Once its final box is filled, the board splits into 2 new boards where your position has been promoted to a higher level. The one positioned at the top gets his cycle payout instantly. It takes common efforts to split a board. Each associate is supposed to get qualified (in other words, to attract 2 reliable people in his/her group during 61 days). BUSINESS ACCESS PACKAGE comprises 2 boards of unlimited career growth: 1. Venture Board 2. Luxury Board
  14. 14. INITIAL STEPS OF CAREER GROWTH You’ve been invited by Mike Then you invite Kelly and Andy Me
  15. 15. From Level 1 to Level 4 – Per Aspera Ad Bucksa LEVEL 4 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 2 Kelly Andy You Jill Adam Dan Linda Greg All the newcomers take boxes in Level1 and joins the group of previously registered prospects who keep on inviting new associates, They fill the vacant boxes below applying their common efforts Jay Harry Mary Mary Tony Harry Sue Sue Melissa Tony Helen Helen Peter ME Kelly Jill Andy Adam Linda Greg Dan
  16. 16. FOLLOW-THE-LEADER SYSTEM is designed so that all of your direct prospects will always follow you at any stage. makes you additional promotion step when your sponsor has invited more than 2 associates into business. Each new member in your froup will help your closest direct member or sub-direct similar to spillover of champaign at wedding ceremonies. CAREER JUMPS SYSTEM enables you to jump up to the 3 rd or even 4 th level when you (being positioned at LEVEL1) have invited your 2 legs in line with you, which enables the system give you a priority when splitting the board into 2 new boards. So the system puts you on the so called shoulder (LEVEL3). CAREER JUMP SYSTEM allows ACTIVE USERS have priority ahead of inactive ones. We don’t forget to thank everyone dedicated to his team in LUXURY-VENTURES.COM and has enough motivation to share with mates in order to help them achieve financial freedom. FOLLOW-THE-LEADER SYSTEM SPILLED QUALIFICATION PUSH CAREER JUMPS
  17. 17. Jay has received his 1000 USD and is upgraded to LUXURY BOARD On filling the last box at Level 1, the board splits into two new boards New Board #1 – 8 new boxes at LEVEL 1 New Board #2 – 8 new boxes at LEVEL 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 2 Level 2 Level 3 Level 3 Level 4 Level 4 Step1 : The system puts members with 2 marks – up-to-down, left-to-right Step2 : Next the system puts members with 1 qualification mark – same downwards, left-to-right Step3 . And finally those with no qualification marks at all The board has successfully splitted Jay Harry Mary Harry Sue YOU Mary Tony Jill Tony Helen Adam ME Kelly Andy Sue Melissa Helen Linda Peter Greg Greg Dan Tim Jill Abby Adam Linda Dan Jay Harry Mary
  18. 18. Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Wayne Matt Tom Ken Mike Gary Up to Level 4 to get 10.000 USD Brett On Cycling from LUXURY BOARD, one gets to the board where his sponsor had been previously positioned Joe LVC Associates, on coming from Venture Board, occupy the next vacant position at Level 1 of the LUXURY BOARD Joe Trish Harry Bob Ron Kate Harry Sam Sam Stuart Kate Helen Bob Paul Wayne Matt Brett Tom Mike Gary Ken
  19. 19. On joinin LUXURY VENTURES you get a position at LEVEL 1 of the VENTURE BOARD (each board is 4 levels high) and you’re to be pushed from LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 4 by united efforts of all the board residents. When filled it splits into 2 new boards of career growth. Which gives you promotion at least to the next level . Spread your wings on cycling from Venture Board , When your position is at the top of Venture board and the final 8 th box at LEVEL 1 gets filled, You get $1000 USD instantly in your backoffice, right in your financial menu, in the e-wallet section. All you need to get qualified is to sponsor (enroll into business) just 2 prospects. When just lying on the Venture Board “beach” with no qualification for 61 days, one loses his business, since his empty (unqualified) position takes other mates in the board additional efforts. But on losing the business one still has his lifetime access to CLIENT ACCESS PACKAGE for exclusive online prebooking of tickets and hotels and other travel services at affordable prices . The wasted position is automatically rewritten to the sponsor’s name. THE VENTURE BOARD
  20. 20. On cycling from the Venture Board , you’re instantly positioned at LEVEL 1 of the LUXURY BOARD. It works absolutely the same way as the previous Venture Board. The difference is, your career growth qualification and promotion consequently rise, when the final box at LEVEL 1 is occupied with those who have cycled from the Venture Board. New associates of the Company can’t start directly from Luuxury Board without passing the 1 st Venture Board. Your rank turns into Silver as soon as you get in the LUXURY BOARD. On filling the whole board , it splits into two new Boards and pushes you upwards, whereas the associate who had occupied LEVEL 4 flies up from the board and gets positioned in his sponsor’s board and instantly gets a huge bonus of $10,000 USD in his financial section of the backoffice + 4D/3N free hotel accomodation in one of the countries within the list of available hotels offered by LUXURY VENTURES. The bonus funds in the backoffice can be seen immediately on cycle. But it’s not the end of your story, cause you get positioned in a new LUXURY BOARD at LEVEL 1 in order to reach another $10,000USD repeatedly, over and over again. It makes it possible to cycle unlimited number of times again and again, weekly and even dayly. We don’t put limits on your wealth gained from LVC. And the only principle to win and never lose is just your guidance for your 2 directs. You benefit from their success only! THE LUXURY BOARD
  21. 21. Leadership Bonus Being a Leader in LVC – isn’t just being a successful Associate, but also mentoring (individual consulting) for his/her group leaders and superiority in managing teamwork and being highly dedicated to the team. This means your rank in LVC gets higher when your at least both groups are growing equally. Bronze Associate Silver Associate Gold Associate Platinum Associate Diamond Associate International Diamond Crowned Associate Crowned Ambassador
  22. 22. Status Instant Commission Chart (bonus for each new prospect in the group based on status difference between you and the rank below) STATUS USD/% CONDITION FOR INSTANT PAYOUTS Bronze Associate 20 / - Get qualified in Venture Board Silver Associate 15 / 5 Cycle out of Venture Board Gold Associate 9 / +3 Cycle out of Luxury Board Platinum Associate 3 / +1 2 Gold Directs in different legs Diamond Associate 3 / +1 2 Platinum Directs in different legs International Diamond 3 / +1 2 Diamond Associates in different legs Crowned Partner 3 / +1 2 International Diamonds in different legs Crowned Ambassador 3 / +1 2 Crowned Partners in different legs
  23. 23. Virtual Education It’s not only the widest assortment of travel services at direct prices online from tour operators that we perform. We also make an accent on elite education at our e-academy. MOREOVER – basic skills of financial literacy which school forgot to tell you about, can be easily fixed at our online LVC Virtual Academy right from your computer.
  24. 24. Home business has already led lots of people worldwide to absolutely magic results! The Truth in the World actually consists of 2 compounds – the Positive and the Negative. Make your own choice, which team is closer to your interest. Luxury is ahead of You right now and right here. Remember! Whatever you choose is going to be right for you individually. It’s Up to You to Take a Step Forward or Not
  25. 25. Ask your friend to have a look at these slideshow and give you some piece of advice whether you should start with Luxury Ventures Corp. or not. Friends never fail us when they are friends indeed.
  26. 26. When working for someone else and doing the same work each day, you’ll have to work on and on with slight career shifts in years. When doing nothing to escape the Rat Race, you’ll never get financial freedom. So your First Step is totally under your control. Something done is better than lots of unaffordable things around. Remember: It’s Only You Here and Now, who Can change your World Into Better! It’s My Life… It’s Now Or Never…
  27. 27. Office Phone: +1-646-652-6691 E-mail us for technical issues: [email_address] Contact Us Easily