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Filtercon Whole House System

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  • 3. Filtercon: The System Used and Recommended By Leading Doctors.
    Most people have no idea of the degree of contamination our drinking water has faced over time. Water is source of all life and it is the #1 thing our body depends on each day. Can you imagine what we have been contaminating our bodies with everyday? The reason why I chose the Filtercon is for the same reason - to have the satisfaction in knowing that the water I’m drinking is safe. The Filtercon uses advanced technology in water filtration that uses no chemicals, salt, or other additives that may harm the quality of water. I highly recommend this product for everyone. ”
    --Dr. William Randall Kellas, Ph.D, Nutritional Biochemistry
    Founder of the Center For Advanced Medicine, Encinitas, CA
    Host of “Health Talk-A Second Opinion”, KPRZ & KKLA Radio
    Author of the book, “Surviving the Toxic Crisis” and others.
    Dr. Batmanghelidj is the worlds leading authority on water and the human body, and we are proud that he chose a Filtercon System for his home. Dr. Batmanghelidj is the author of the best selling book “Your Bodies Many Cries For Water.”
    “I have recommended water filtration to my patients for over 30 years. As I find new and better units, I seriously consider advising my patients to consider the particular brand I have researched. My first move when I examined the Filtercon unit was to buy one and replace the unit I have in my own home. It obviously was superior and I have been most pleased.”
    -- Dr. Kurt Donsbach, D.C., N.D., Ph.D.
    We’re proud that the medical director of the Center for Advanced Medicine Dr. Mark Drucker chose a Filtercon system for his home, and recommends Filtercon systems to his patients!
    --Mark Drucker M.D.
    Medical Director of the Center for Advanced Medicine
    “Many water systems will remove the bad taste and bad odors of community water. In addition, the Filtercon removes the chlorine that can have medical consequences. Many people are not aware that chlorine is absorbed through the skin while bathing or showering as well as from drinking water. This is a system that works on all the water in a house and not just drinking water. The water has significant health benefits. Finally Filtercon leaves in all the healthful minerals, that so many people have deplet
    --Neil W. Hirshenbein, M.D. Personal Founder and Medical Director
    Physicians Clinic, La Jolla, CA & El Cajon, CA
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  • 6. Is bottled water the answer?
    We don’t think so, while it’s generally good tasting, bottled water is:
    • Expensive, anywhere from $0.79 to $5.00 per gallon, and will continue to increase in price!
    • 7. The quality of some, maybe little or no better than tap water
    • 8. Plastic bottles may leach PCB’s into the water
    • 9. Large bottles are heavy to lug around
    • 10. When you take a bath or shower your body is still absorbing
    • 11. the chlorine, chloramines, and other chemicals anyway, even if you’re drinking bottled water.
  • Filtercon Technologies
    Total Home Water Filtration and Conditioning System
    What Everyone Needs to Know About Chlorine
    This is the complete article from the Australian Magazine, Nature & Health. Vol. 10. No. 4., Issue Summer 1989. It is the best documented information that we have found in 10 years on the subject of chlorine, particularly on the subject of chlorinated water in the shower. We hope this is informative for you.