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Vasco da gama (1) ingles

  1. 1. Agrupamento de escolas Ibn Mucana Biography of Vasco da Gama Work done by: Joana Rita Nº 16 João Lourenço Nº17 Rita Duarte Nº23 Raquel Esteves Nº22
  2. 2. Vasco da Gama was born in the town of Sines around 1468- 69. It was the third sonof Stephen da Gama, the commander Cercal and chief Alcaide of Sines, andIsabel Sodré. Paulo da Gama and Sodré were older brothers Pedro da Gama, and the youngest. The experience of childhood and adolescence marked by the sea determinedly his life. Early on he devoted himself to nautical and military career. Although Vasco da Gama to be younger than his brother, Paul, he had theresponsibility to fulfill a difficult and critical mission, which was captaining a smallfleet of four ships arriving and departing from Lisbon to India by sea. This trip had never been performed.
  3. 3. • The fleet left Lisbon (Restelo) on July 8, 1497, with three ships: S. Gabriel - Acarrack of 27 meters in length and 178 tons, built especially for this trip, led by theVasco da Gama, S. Rafael - dimensions similar to San Gabriel, also builtespecially for this trip, led by Paulo da Gama, his brother, in return, with thediminished crew, was killed in Malindi, continuing the Berrio and São Gabriel.Berrio - a caravel slightly lower than previous ones, provided by D. Manuel deBerrio, its owner, commanded by Nicolau Coelho,. With food was an Old Caravela, which would later be burned, and was led by Gonçalo Nunes .. • S. Gabriel S. Rafael Bérrio
  4. 4. • In early August were in Cape Verde • On November 8th anchored in the Bay of St. Helena after describing a route arc in the South Atlantic in order to circumvent the headwinds; • On the 16th of that month they resumed their journey; • Sighted the Cape of Storms, on November 18, but due to headwinds only managed to cross it on the 22nd of that month; • Rounded the Cape of Good Hope was heading to the north, along the east coast of Africa, arriving on the island of Mozambique on March 2, 1498 (the Governor of the island sent to attack the Portuguese ships). • Then headed to Mombasa where they arrived on April 7; • They arrived in Malindi on April 15, 1498; • The Portuguese Navy anchored in the city of Calicut on May 20, 1498, after 312days of travel. Events to India:
  5. 5. 3rd Trip The fleet arrived in Mozambique On April 17, 1498 This second voyage of Vasco da Gama was much more useful. This time the Portuguese side had a more concrete goal for the mission of the Portuguese expedition: to control the maritime trade of the Malabar Coast using all means necessary, even on terror. In the Calicut lost 40 sailors in the fight against the king (Calicut). Vasco da Gamabombarded Calicut for two days and two nights to submit it. He made alliance with the kings of Cochin and Cannanore, but imposing trade conditions favorable to the Portuguese. He then returned to Portugal, where he arrived November 10, 1503, with the caravels laden with spices. The Portuguese commercial empire was born. • put an end to the excesses and abuses objective: • Vasco da Gama died in Cochin on the eve of Christmas Day 1524. On March 2, 1498 1st Travel 2nd Trip spotted Calicut
  6. 6. Because of the hardships between the Portuguese and the Arabs, transportationand marketing of goods, the Portuguese fleet returned to Portugal (October 1498).The trip would be sad. Lack of fresh food, made ​​sick sailors, among them his brother Paulo da Gama. Vasco da Gama hired a caravel (sailing faster) to carryhis brother who was very ill. They headed for the island of Terceira, where he diedthe day after landing. However the ship Berrio, commanded by Nicolau Coelho,arrive in Lisbon on 10 October 1498, with the good news of the discovery so longdesired.
  7. 7. • The success of the trip was great. When Vasco da Gama arrived in Lisbon was rewarded by King Manuel I.:Recebeu títulos, honras e dinheiro; • He was appointed chief Admiral of the sea and the Indies;Teve direito ao título de “Dom”, sendo mais tarde Conde da Vidigueira; • The trips will not fall for Vasco da Gama. Would return to India in 1502 ahead of afleet of twenty ships with the aim of subduing our enemies. • His last trip to India was in 1524, has appointed Viceroy. He ruled only threemonths. The "Admiral of Arabia, Persia, India and throughout the East," as he called it died on December 24, 1524. • His body was to be the Kingdom, honors, funeral procession. Later, n'Os Lusíadas,Camões will convert it to the great Hero of the Lusitano. Centuries later, navigatorand poet, and mythologized mitificador will stand side by side in Jeronimos Monastery, memory of the discovery of sea route to India. • Today is the most famous Portuguese navigator in the world.
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