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Portuguese students presentation

  1. 1. 1 Portuguese Ocean@net students
  2. 2. Name: Margarida Carvalho Date of birth: 24th December 1998 Height: 1,50 m Hobbies: playing the flute and reading Food I don’t like: corn, grain Likes: chocolate, cakes, gums and ice cream, music. Dislikes: Football Allergies: None Health problems: None Personality: friendly, nervous and funny Favourite sport:swimming I am a person who talks a lot, I'm very nervous, a good student and patient.I play the flute at the conservatory of music. I love music, theatre and science. When I grow up I want to be a psychologist or a teacher. 2
  3. 3. Name: Bruno Carvalho Date of birth: 28/12/1998 Height: 1,57m Hobbies: Playing basketball, surfing the net, reading comics, etc. Food I don’t like: fish, shellfish Likes: basketball, videogames, internet, m usic, clothes Dislikes: cold, noise, Allergies: shellfish, cat fur, mites, physical effort Health problems: severe asthma Personality: sporty, nice, funny, outgoing and friendly Hi! In Italy I would really like to try pizzas, ice-creams and lots of other things.I am interested in Italian culture, language and history.I have 4 dogs, some fish, a parakeet and a horse. I really like house, techno, elektro, pop music and various sports. 3
  4. 4. Name: Ana Carolina Sousa Date of birth: 9th August 1998 Height: 1.70m Hobbies: playing the guitar, listening to music, being with my friends Food I don’t like: spicy food Likes: chocolate, pets, the colour blue, music, beach, camping, drawing , painting and cooking. Dislikes: pollution, violence, smelly air, noise Allergies: I don’t have any allergies Health problems: I don’t have any health problems Personality: playful, smiling, laughing, shy, a LITTLE BIT bossy, active, extroverted, cheerful, liv ely, stubborn, determined. Favourite sport: volleyball, basketball I live in Monte Estoril. I love blue cyan. I love everything about life: nature, animals, plants, flowers... I just get mad when something really bad happens to me or to someone that is close to me or when I like really, really something. When I grow up I’m thinking of being an architect, a lawyer or maybe have a hotel :D See you! =) 4
  5. 5. Name: Linda Inês Simões Sioga Date of birth: 09-09-1998 (13 years) Height: 1,45 m Hobbies: singing, playing football, go shopping, Food I don’t like: soybeans, cauliflower, mayonnaise, ketchup, mu stard, rye bread, brown bread, pineapple juice, pears, whole grains, soy milk, clams, snails, sugar beet, chickpea, excessive cheese, mushrooms; Likes: listening to music, football, shopping, fast- food, friends, sightseeing, go to the cinema; Dislikes: DOGS, mess, war games, rugby, volleyball, cold, too much noise and fumbling through my things without permission. Allergies: flannel sheets Health problems: none Personality: I think I am friendly, a bit shy when I'm with people who I don’t know; I'm smart, I don’t really like fake people. My style is simple and casual: like people that wear jeans, a long sleeve or t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. Favourite sport: football Hi! I live in Cascais, Lisbon . I’m a cool, intelligent, friendly person and a bit shy. I love having fun and I hope when I get there I ‘ll have fun with you visiting museums, places, Venice, etc… I’m afraid of big dogs which jump on people or bark a lot. I ‘m looking forward to being there and tasting your food. See you soon. 5
  6. 6. Name: Afonso Meireles Gonçalves Date of birth: 24th September 1998 Height: 1,52 m Hobbies: Playing the guitar Food I don’t like: I eat everything. Likes: Music, Friends, Pizza, Sports Dislikes: R&B music, studying, coats and rain. Allergies: Hackers Health problems: asthmatic bronchitis Personality: Curious, shy at the first time but jackdaw after some time, friend and annoying. Favourite sports: Basketball, football (Soccer), gymnastics. Hi, my name is Afonso and I’m a Portuguese 13- year- old boy. I’m eager to know you and your country. About me, I like music a lot and, in school, I prefer the maths/science side of the thing, but I’m still no friend of studying. I live with my parents and my 4- year - old brother. I love Italian food, fast and fancy food. I hope I’ll be your friend, see you soon. 6
  7. 7. Name: Miguel Ramos Date of birth: June 13th 1998 Height:1.57m Hobbies: Gaming, Playing Football, Reading, Food I don’t like: Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Tomato, Onions. Likes: Swimming in a hot water beach, 9Gag, Animals, Anime, Going to the Cinema, House M.D Dislikes: People with no sense of humor, Bad food, Cold Water, Rain Allergies: None Health problems: None Personality: Very,Very Funny, Sarcastic, Outgoing, Relaxed Favourite sport: Athletics I’ve got brown eyes and spiky brown hair. My Zodiac Sign is Gemini. I love animals, especially reptiles. I am a volunteer at a local pet shop, and I intend to make that a full time job. I would really enjoy to stay in a pet owner’s house especially a reptile or arachnid owner. 7
  8. 8. Name: Rafael Lopes Date of birth: 2/06/1998 Height: 1,67 m Hobbies: Playing video games,reading,playing basketball Food I don’t like: Sardines. Likes: Video games,taking long trips,honest people. Dislikes: False people and wars. Allergies: Cats and dogs (but not much, so no worries) Health problems: Asthmatic Personality: Honest, funny but I can be a bit grumpy. Favourite sport: Swimming, basketball Hi! My name is Rafael as you saw above...I’m not really sure of what I’m going to say so I hope that the trip to Italy will be fun! I’m quite curious to visit Italy because I’ve never been there and I like knowing other cultures and monuments. See you soon, Rafael 8
  9. 9. Name: Maria Eduarda Date of birth: 10th March 1998 Height:1,67m Hobbies: listening to music, hanging out with my friends. Food I don’t like: spicy food Likes: I like trying new things. I like chocolate, pets and music. Dislikes: I don’t like waking up early , speed, football, pollution, violence, smelly air, noise. Allergies: None Health problems: I don’t have any health problems. Personality: Active, extroverted, cheerful, lively, stu bborn, determined. Favourite sport: Basketball and Handball. Ciao! Mi chiamo Maria Eduarda . I love talking with my friends on facebook. I know how to deal with hard situations. I love walking with my friends at the beach, and I LOVE SHOPPING!!; on the other hand, I like the countryside, too. See you later!  9
  10. 10. 10 Name: João Lourenço Date of birth: 27th of October Height: 1,60 m Hobbies: Playing PlayStation and PSP, whatching TV, playing with my dog and my little sister, running, playing football, praticing sports, eating and visiting new places. Food I don’t like: Raw tomato Likes: All food. Dislikes: Staying at home and doing nothing Allergies: Health problems: Asthma Personality: Funny, sociable, amusing and nice. Favourite sport: Football and swimming I m 13 years old. I live with my mother, my brother, my two sisters and my dog, Sparky. In January I had another sister. Her name is Inês and she is very cute. She is my new love and will be forever. My dog is black and brown and is also a great love to me.
  11. 11. Name: Joana Coelho Quintela Date of birth: 25th September Height: 1,53m Hobbies: watching tv, playing computer, sending mobile messages, listening to music, going to the cinema and travelling. Food I don’t like: cheese Likes: practising sports, visiting interesting places. Dislikes: staying at home. Allergies: none. Health problems: none. Personality: sociable, outgoing, kind and funny. Favourite sport: Tennis. I am Joana and I m 13 years old. I live with my mum, my stepfather and my brother who is 16 years old. I love my dog, Miles Davis, it is a Labrador Retriever, It is my love. I adore travelling and knowing new countries and cultures. I like meeting new people and knowing new lifestyles. I like inviting my friends to stay at my home, too. 11
  12. 12. Name: Roman Ishchuk; Date of birth: 18/09/1998; Height: 1,60 m; Hobbies: doing sport; Food I don’t like: I eat all types of food; Likes: I like going out with my friends; I also love sport. Dislikes: I don’t like spending a lot of time at home; Allergies: I haven’t got any allergies Health problems: My health problem is with my ears; Personality: I am a calm person Favourite sport: My favourite sport is handball. I look somethinng like this! Hi! I am a Ucranian boy, but I live in Cascais, Portugal! I love new things, like Italy, I am looking forward to going to Italy! I live with my parents, and my little sister in an apartment, so my house isn’t big. I like all types of food, including Italian, like pizza, and spaghetti. 12
  13. 13. Name: Nádia Azevedo Date of birth: 12th February 1998 Height:1.70m Hobbies: playing football, basketball, volleyball, computer, PS3 and Nintendo’s games, playing with my dogs, hanging out with my family, friends and pets, contemplating the ocean,… Likes: Digital games, dancing and singing, going to the shopping centre, kids, elderly, water, beach, sun, snow, cuddly, wildlife, White chocolate, drawing, painting, heat, cold,… Dislikes: smelly air, pollution, violence, diseases,… Allergies: Pollen and (dust) mites Personality: I’m calm, playful, stubborn, smiling, laughing, shy, active, perfeccionist, intelligent, cheerful, a LITTLE BIT bossy, determined, lively, Sometimes a Little bit outgoing, picky, curious,… Favourite sports: football, volleyball, handball, basketball,… Hi! I love Science, Physics and Chemistry, Art, Physical Education,… I really, really love Mathematics. I think I’m a good student. I don’t like controversial people. I am very picky with people and things but more with myself. I don’t admit mistakes. I am never happy with my grades because I know I can get better results. On the one hand, one of my life goals is to take a PhD in medicine, I would like to be a medical examiner and want to do autopsies. On the other hand, I would like to deal with wild animals. I look forward to our trip to Italy because I think this trip will be an asset for us ... See you!! :-D 13
  14. 14. Name: Raquel Sofia Lopes Esteves Date of birth: 27th September 1998 Height:1,51m Hobbies: playing football, playing computer, listening to music, and socializing with friends Food I don’t like: cheese and chocolate Likes: playing sports and drawing Dislikes: I don´t like sad people Allergies: none Health problems: none. Personality: sociable, funny, I like helping people Favourite sport: Football I live with my mum, my dad and my sister who is 18 years old and of course my dog​​, called Luna which is crazy  I love playing football, it is a sport that gives me pleasure, happiness, but, at the same time, helps me to forget bad things. I like meeting new people and new living habits, but I also enjoy helping people and making them laugh. 14
  15. 15. Name: André Date of birth: 31/03/1998 Height: Medium Hobbies: Playing computer games, running Food I don’t like: Fish, vegetables Likes: Surfing the Net Dislikes: Do gimnastics Allergies: Don’t have Health problems: Don’t have Personality: I am a calm person, I like laughing very much and I am nice Favourite sport: Riding a scooter I m 13 years old, I like playing computer games, or surfing the Internet, I love running or riding a sooter because it’s all about speed. My favourite food is lasagna, I dont like fish and vegetables. I like laughing, I m a bit calm and I think I’m nice. 15
  16. 16. Name: Rita Duarte Date of birth: 5th April Height: Hobbies: Watching TV; reading Food I don’t like: kiwis Likes: Animals; movies; shoes Dislikes: False and lying people. Allergies: Brufen (medicine) Health problems: none Personality: I’m spontaneous and natural. Favourite sport: Ballet; Basketball Hi! I like some sports, so I don’t like being quiet. I like walking around and meeting new places. I love taking photos. I enjoy learning something new and making a lot of new friends. My friends like my eyes and my smile. I’m always laughing and I’m rarely sad. I love being happy! I enjoy shoes very much. 16
  17. 17. Name: Catarina Santos Date of birth: 29th, August 1997 Height: 1,52 Hobbies: Watching TV, reading and playing computer games Food I don’t like: Cheese, Likes: Travelling, sightseeing, listening to music Dislikes: taking the lift, heights Allergies: none Health problems: none Personality: shy Favourite sport: swimming My name is Catarina, I’m 14 years old, I like to know other cultures and meet new people. 17
  18. 18. Name: Joana Bastos Mendes Date of birth: 20-06-1998 Height: 1.60 Hobbies: Acrobatic gymnastics Food I don’t like: peas Likes: Italian food Dislikes: I like everything Allergies: allergic rhinitis Health problems:none Personality: Quiet, friendly and shy Favourite sport: Basketball I love to socialize with my friends, I enjoy seeing different places. I usually do gymnastics every day. It is my favourite activity. I like listening to music, reading, among other things . I am very shy but after some time I get along with people very well. I have difficulty in the English subject. Joana Mendes :) 18
  19. 19. Name: Luana Lourenço Date of birth: 31.08.1998 Height: 1.56 m Hobbies: Listening to music; Reading and doing gymnastics. Food I don’t like: peas, beans Likes: Hanging out with my friends, going to the beach, singing and being online. Dislikes: dishonest people. Allergies: I’m allergic to flowers in the spring and to animal fur (cats, dogs, rabbits) Health problems: No Personality: I am a little bit shy and I don’t like when people lie Favourite sport: Acrobatics, swimming and doing outdoor sports. Hello, I’m Luana and I’m 13 years old. I have two brothers and they are very nice (sometimes). My mother is German and my father is Portuguese. In my free time I usually hang out with my friends on the beach, at the shopping center or I go to nice places in Portugal with my family. I loooove spaghetti and I hate beans. 19
  20. 20. Name: Rodrigo Ferreira Vallejo Date of birth: 17/08/1998 Height: 1,60 cm Hobbies: Playing sports and being with my family and friends Food I don’t like: I like everything Likes: I like extreme sports Dislikes: I don´t like when people disrespect me Allergies: I don´t have any allergies Health problems: I don´t have any health problems Personality: I´m funny and extroverted Favourite sport: Surfing and playing tennis I´m thirteen years old. I´m funny and outgoing. I like radical sports like surfing and skating, and I also enjoy playing football with my friends and tennis with my brother. What I actually don´t like is that other people make fun of me. Concluding, I think I´m a good person. 20
  21. 21. 21 Name: Joana Costa Date of birth: 1st October 1997 Height: 1.61 m Hobbies: taking photos Food I don’t like: fish Likes: I like hanging out with my friends, dancing and listening to music Dislikes: walking a lot Allergies: none Health problems: none Personality: shy; friendly; calm Favourite sport: basketball Hi, I’m Joana. I am very happy to visit you soon. I like making friends and visiting new places. I also like taking photos and I hope to take many photos in your beautiful country.