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Comenius.projects presentation

  1. 1. Lıttle europeans know each other eu llp comenıus multılateral school partnershıp project Assentis and Chancelaria School Centre, Portugal
  2. 2. Celebrations/TraditionsProject -ActivityPlan–COOKIESDAY
  3. 3. Celebrations/TraditionsProject -ActivityPlan–ST.MARTIN’S DAY
  4. 4. Our children’s drawings
  5. 5. Celebration/Tradition ST. MARTIN’S LEGEND CELEBRATIONS.TRADITIONSLegend of S.Martin.ppt
  6. 6. COUNTRY / CITY Portugal SCHOOL Assentis and Chancelaria School Centre LEVEL / AGE GROUP children from 3 to 5 years old THE NAME OF THE ACTIVITY TITLE OF THE LESSON Art Sketches TOPIC / MAIN IDEA Create different products in a spontaneous and guided way SUBJECT Arts MATERIALS ink, brushes, cardboard, pencils, clay , plasticine, glue, sand, pasta, cotton, fabrics, scissors, logical blocks. OBJECTIVES • To explore and handle different materials • To learn in different areas • To develop creativity METHODS AND TECHNIQUES • Suggested and guided activities • Free activities ACTIVITY • Stamping • Molding • Painting • Drawing • Collage/Gluing Assessment These art activities were developed throughout the school year in the art classes, in the several pre-school classrooms of our school. Some of these activities were suggested and guided by the teacher, while some others are spontaneous initiatives of the children. ArtProject-ActivityPlan
  7. 7. Free activities Children in the playground using sand in a free way
  8. 8. Molding plasticine,drawing and painting freely
  9. 9. Preparing a gift to Father’s Day Guided activities
  10. 10. After studying the human body (weight and height), children use pasta to make their own “shape”
  11. 11. A film with the pictures all mixed up like flashes of our children artistic vain ART PROJECTPortugal art projet1.ppt
  12. 12. COUNTRY / CITY Portugal, Torres Novas. SCHOOL Assentis and Chancelaria School Centre LEVEL / AGE GROUP 5 years old THE NAME OF THE ACTIVITY TITLE OF THE LESSON The effect on water under different temperatures TOPIC / MAIN IDEA Place water: •Under ambient temperature •Under very cold temperature •Under very hot temperature Observe what happen SUBJECT Science Why does water freeze in Winter? MATERIALS Water, recipients, stove and freeze OBJECTIVES • To foresee what happen to water under different temperatures • To observe what happen • To understand the experiment METHODS AND TECHNIQUES Observation and experiments First,the group should foresee what is going to happen to the water left on the table, in the freeze or the boiled water. Then after the experiment, children can observe what happened and they have to explain it and understand why that happened. In the end of the observation and the experiment, they systematized in graphs what they had observed. ACTIVITY 1. Filling 3 bottles up with water 2. Measuring the water temperature in the bottles 3. Leaving the water of the first bottle on the table 4. Pouring the water of the second bottle in the freezing tray and place it in the freezer 5. Boiling the water of the third bottle 6. After some time, observe what is happening 7. Explaining and understanding what happened to the water of the 3 bottles 8. Presenting in graphs what happened with the help of the teacher Assessment The children were very engaged and focused on the experiment. All of them were very curious about the experiment and they understood why sometimes in Winter the water is transformed into ice. The group concluded that temperature (the cold, the hot and the ambient atmosphere) changes the water state. ScienceProject-Activity