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Marketing Lesson, CGS

  1. 1. LESSON AIMS To understand how US and UK films Distribute, promote and exhibit films to their audiences To look at how to prepare for Question A and how you must find your own evidence to use
  2. 2. Exam- WED 13 th May 2009 2 and a bit weeks to go!! Lessons Left: This week- P4 Thurs No Lesson Monday Thurs full mock P4/P5? Monday- Final Double Lesson EXAM
  3. 3. SECTION A Read the stimulus material, make notes on it like below- if statistics what trends/behaviour to they illustrate. Overall what key issues relevant to the question do they raise? Official materials promote a clear ‘star persona’. Marketing key in ‘selling’ a mainstream film Hollywood is re-using popular formula, repeated genre cycle. Similar success in UK, because of genre, star image Fans key in creating and promoting stars, alternative image to official materials
  4. 4. SECTION A What other key issues can I bring in, What evidence can I bring in? Genre/dominance of Hollywood due to synergy, horizontal integration etc Marketing and Promotion Importance of Stars and Star Persona Fandom the role of fans Evidence?! You must have case studies-MUST use materials in your pack
  5. 5. SECTION A Question: How much influence does distribution, marketing and exhibition of US and UK films have on encouraging audiences to watch films? Key Words in the Question?
  6. 6. SECTION A Distribution Marketing Exhibition Getting the film to the audience, deciding on a target audience and marketing strategy to raise awareness ‘ sell the film’ Release date and release strategy When and where, how many screens are key. Ancillary Markets: DVD, home cinema
  7. 7. SECTION A Distribution Marketing Brainstorm all the ways in which films are brought to the publics attention? Advertising Trailers Posters Teasers Viral Advertising Publicity Reviews Screenings Premieres Awards Websites Press by stars and directors Merchandise Computers games Toys Soundtracks
  8. 8. SECTION A Marketing and Promotion is crucial to a Films success. Most importantly is reaching the target audience and making them aware Look at the poster below. What is the key selling points they have used to try and promote these films to the audience
  9. 9. US Case Study- Marketing a Tent-Pole Blockbuster Read the article- ‘Cents and Sensibility’ Skim read and pick out the key information What does it suggest about US films and marketing? Wall-E was the most expensive marketing campaign last year at 54 million dollars They used a wide range of marketing strategies to target a young and family audience. Follow up with this website OR read the page: Ice Age 2 Marketing Campaign
  10. 10. SECTION A US Case Study- Marketing the Tent Pole release Key Points: The most successful films at the box office are those that target a wide audience. Tent-Poles are designed to target every sector-old, young, male and female US companies such as Disney and Pixar often spend large amounts of money on marketing and merchandise that can make them money that can finance small more specialised films They can benefit from synergy and cross promotion to create mass awareness of their products They will also use stars, reviews and repeated genre cycles to ensure that they attract wide audiences.
  11. 11. UK Case Study- Mainstream VS Independent Marketing Facebook page and My Space Page Promotional offer with Addidas trainners Focused on reaching Urban Teenage audience Large poster campaign on tubes in inner london Near youth clubs and centre Soundtrack Background and Type of Film Cipher Films- Small British Independent Small Budget 1.5 million partly funded by The UK Film Council Follow up to Kidulthood For a teenage, urban audience, Bristish Key Selling Points Sequel Noel Clarke-young unknown cast Genre- Gritty, Urban, realism
  12. 12. UK Case Study- Mainstream VS Independent Marketing Half term release grossed 15.2 million in opening weekend Large marketing budget Synergy with other companies to cross promote-coca, cola, use of Sony Erricson, Computer games Use of Daniel Craig to get lots of international Press Promote Sony HDTV Background and Type of Film Sony Large Conglomorate Massive Budget 160 million Big Stars/exotic locations Wide release and target audience Global release Key Selling Points Bond Franchise Daniel Craig- Star Persona Genre- Action HD technology, spectacle
  13. 13. Case Study-Using Viral Marketing and New Technologies to promote films Read the article Monster of a Marketing Campaign Bullet Point Five key issues this article raises
  14. 14. Summary of key issues The Marketing Machine Part of Hollywood’s dominance comes from the massive marketing budgets and the ability to cross promote and use synergy Hollywood will use stars, proven genre formulas and awards/reviews to promote and market films UK films can appeal to US audiences by using some of the same strategies New Technologies have made marketing more accessible to smaller, specialised and niche films.