Buzz marketing
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Buzz marketing

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What is Buzz Marketing...

What is Buzz Marketing
Buzz Marketing examples

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  • 1. Buzz Marketing Shot of adrenaline and a chaser of product information A great PR vehicle Principle: not to use a specific media Combines a wacky, jaw-dropping event or experience Event or activity that generates publicity, excitement, and information to the consumer
  • 2. Moreover…  Buzz marketing is always about surprising and delighting the customers  It aims at targeting and occupying all channels of communications in order to create a significant “noise” and therefore interest in the market place for consumers to talk about the product and try it.  You have to clearly Identify Your Target Customer  Make sure that your product has a unique, stand out quality that your competitor does not provide  Build Your Reputation  Create the "Buzz”
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  • 4. Buzz Marketing and story telling Communicating by telling a story instead of telling the advantages of the product or the service Myths, Stereotypes etc…
  • 5. xamples
  • 6. 2 billboards, one on top of the other, are bound to make people talk
  • 7. "Get a Mac" campaign
  • 8. The best job of the world on Hamilton Island • Queensland tourism agency • 75 000 € • Hired by the Australien governement to stay 6 month on the island and maintain a blog in order to show vidoes and pictures • 350 applications 1 hour after the ad  A very successful Buzz!
  • 9. Buzz marketing Viral marketing • Creating excitement build • Get your audience to do up leading to talk in the marketing for you street • Focus: The spreading of • Focus: the talking about your message your promotion • Web is a key element • Mail, SMS and web are integrated in a multi channel campaign
  • 10. THANK YOU Sehit Muhtar Bey Cad. No 9 4th Floor  0212 256 45 80  Filiz ÖZDEMIR