Be Good! Surviving natural selection


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How to survive the natural selection of the web.To be good to be remarkable.

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Be Good! Surviving natural selection

  1. 1. Be good! Surviving natural selection* *(a no frills presentation)
  2. 2. “ How does one gain people’s confidence? By deserving it! ”.
  3. 3. “ Brand selection increases proportionally to the people’s self-information capacity, which is constantly and exponentially increasing thanks to the net”
  4. 4. “ Stable long lasting profitable positions no longer exist, because everything comes down to a level of increased equality, based on parameters of quality and merit”.
  5. 5. “ On the net there is a kind of positive universal democracy that rewards the good and just, and no longer pays attention to who but rather looks a at what, how, why ”.
  6. 6. “ Offline there may be still some room for activities at the limits of legality or mediocrity, but online this is not likely, due to unlimited word of mouth propagation, the so-called global conversation ”.
  7. 7. “ Thanks to the global conversation everything is transparent and nothing is indispensable because there is always an alternative to you ”.
  8. 8. “ the online offer is potentially limitless : either you make quality for your niche, or you are out”.
  9. 9. “ If you are not excellent, you will not succeed. On the net, there is no room for mediocrity , one is constantly at risk of being forgotten… ”
  10. 10. “… and don’t waste time trying to contain negative conversation: the net will talk about you anyhow , even if you don’t want it to”.
  11. 11. What can I do? (there is always a solution)
  12. 12. “ Justify every day, through facts, your remarkableness by continuously building (and monitoring) your reputation ”.
  13. 13. How? (well, through facts)
  14. 14. “ By offering remarkable goods or services that are worthy of note by virtue of their goodness, quality and/or usefulness”.
  15. 15. “ By acting positively on the global conversation, by fielding a capacity to generate a positive word of mouth : the conversation”.
  16. 16. Simple? (I also asked myself this)
  17. 17. “ Maybe. What’s new is that the net obliges you to confront the problem of your potential inadequacies ”.
  18. 18. And what about wine? (let’s get down to our business)
  19. 19. “ Quality alone cannot guarantee success in a competitive environment like wine . One must bring together all resources of history, tradition, uniqueness and/or remarkableness – if you have these – to stand out from the mass and deserve attention ”.
  20. 20. “ Be good to be remarkable” a presentation by Filippo Ronco english translation by Mike Tommasi skype: filippo.ronco