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Standard text messaging rates apply - The new Belgian government portal, a catalyst for more user-centric eGovernment - Web Scene Expo 2008


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Presentation during the Web Scene Expo 2008 Conference in Affligem, Belgium. Erik Verdeyen, Internet Architects' cofounder talks about his involvement with the portal project.

Presentation during the Web Scene Expo 2008 Conference in Affligem, Belgium. Erik Verdeyen, Internet Architects' cofounder talks about his involvement with the portal project.

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  • 1. The new Belgian government portal — A catalyst for more user centric eGovernment? Erik Verdeyen +32 475 567890 Track 1 WebSceneExpo - 03 June 2008 Affligem, Belgium ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 2. Erik Verdeyen co-founder, Internet Architects lead architect & program manager for
  • 3. The essence of web projects? ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 4. Technology! ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 5. The essence of web projects? Structure Content Technology budgets CMS servers procedures hosting sharing look & feel ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 6. Nope ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 7. Pop quiz! ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 8. Who knows Zune? ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 9. Who knows iPod? ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 10. Zune is a great product ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 11. And yet… Cumulative sales figures +150 million Million 8 6 4 2 0 Zune iPod ©2007 Internet Architects
  • 12. It’s the experience that matters! ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 13. Total user experience drool share crave buy unpack hookup ©2007 Internet Architects
  • 14. User Experience (UX) Users Content UX Context Source: Louis Rosenfeld 2002 ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 15. User Experience is more than usability Source: Peter Morville, 2004 ©2007 Internet Architects
  • 16. Pop quiz! ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 17. How many governments do we have in Belgium? ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 18. How many governments in Belgium Answer A: 4 Answer B: 5 Answer C: 6 Answer D: 7 ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 19. Seriously now: Some more questions Everyday questions, from people like you and me ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 20. Who can help me finding a job? What will be my pension? What benefits are there to buying a “green” car? What are the inheritance tax tariffs? Am I entitled to heating fuel aid cheques? What are the dates for prepaying taxes? What is the regulation on student appartments? ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 21. Why should you have to know to whom to ask your question? ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 22. OK, but hey, that’s the way of the web. And there is always Google… ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 23. Good governance A goverment needs to inform and grant access to information and services to everyone without barriers And it needs to be in the director’s seat ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 24. The web is the center of the communication universe ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 25. Core values for communication • Consistent communication online & offline • User centric communication • Accessible for all surfers (& search engines) • Quality information • Cooperation between government levels and bodies ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 26. Strategy for the portal site • CENTRIC COMMUNICA USER TION Point of reference • CONTEXT Categorization by themes • SCOPE A portal team • A blanket on top of all info: broad CONTENT but not deep (Pareto is our friend) • Is no replacement for other channels, but complementary • Up to date info on decided policy • Quality > quantity ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 27. Search all gov sites Federal Government sites Search engines Campaigns External sites Offline comm. Bookmarks… Call centers… Better positioning New portal: user SEO, SEM Reference point centric and Better integration Top of mind with interlinking with w/ other channels the user public service sites
  • 28. What is not • A repository of all info • A solution for all gov communication • A site for domain experts • … ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 29. Users want info and services High quality Ease of Use Fast download Frequent updates Incentives Favorite brands Games What users want! High-end Buying ability Discussion forums Customizable Others 20 40 60 80 100 % Source :29 Forrester ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 30. What about web 2.0? ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 31. What about web 2.0? Mashups RSS APIs syndication forum rating blogs wikis microformats podcasts rich internet applications tagging More on: ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 32. Online things happen in a certain way • Information (maturing) • Interaction • Transactions Each stage is a prerequisite for the next ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 33. There it is again: User Experience It’s not about the usability of one site, one application. It’s about the user experience when dealing with your government as a whole (and citizens & companies have to, no choice there) ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 34. So first things first: walk before you run Focus on building and maintaining gov site that are: • helpful • High quality content Ease of Use Fast download Frequent updates Incentives usable • Favorite brands Games High-end technology Buying ability Discussion forums reliable • Customisable content Others 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% % findable • accessible ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 35. And some 2.0 is already there (or in the pipeline) • RSS • Microformats • Rating • … And all public services already have an incredible amount of info and apps online! ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 36. Where could it go from here? • Integration of communication channels: phone, face, web • Integration of those channels cross government • Interaction: 2 ways • Guidelines for harmonizing the user experience (≠ same look & feel) • Doing the same for applications ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 37. Where could it go from here? • Single sign-on • Data sharing • Standards for building user interfaces, harmonizing the UX • Integration of communication • … It’s happening, but it takes time ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 38. Web 2.0 in government It’s a conversation alright - but not as you know it • Rating info • Online case management • Chatting (?) • Suggestions for policy improvements • Provide API’s & enable mashups ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 39. On a final note: • Complicated rules and legislation is a pain for civil servants… • … and it’s hell for User Experience designers Law & policy makers should be made aware of the impact of “bad design” ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 40. Conclusion • Launch last week: 1st step in new federal government approach • Other departments are following (guidelines, eClasses, coaching) •• Further steps: optimization & expansion of current information cloud • Adding interaction & transactions ©2008 Internet Architects
  • 41. Thank you! More info: see us at our booth WebSceneExpo - 03 June 2008 Affligem, Belgium Erik Verdeyen, co-founder, Internet Architects +32 475 567890 ©2008 Internet Architects