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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. March 3, 2014 Bye Bye Blue Print: “The Memory of the Wall” Erased Translated by Heng-Jui Chang When the landmark street art of Hai’An Road, Blue Print, was whitewashed, the controversy over its preservation, which emerged when the lease of the place expired last year, had been lingering for some time. Despite continual negotiation over the past six months with the house owner, the City Government had been unable to work out any tangible consensus. The result, 1 Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center! [v120]!
  • 2. March 3, 2014 where the renowned blue wall, themed “Memory of the Wall,” was reduced to tabula rasa, was inevitable. Blue Print, designed by architect Liu Guo-Cang, was part of the City Government’s art initiative for Hai’An Road. Many artists pitched in at the time to transform the dilapidated and dismantled buildings along the road into various artworks: murals, installations, etc, and with it, to effect an artistic make- over of the road. Liu was one of those artists. The Blue Wall (The Memory of the Wall) was a ruined interior wall rendered exterior façade of a pub. The wall was painted ultramarine, with room partitions, interior designs, and various furniture limned in white lines upon it like ghostly remembrance of the quondam interior. The bold choice of color and inspired concept made it a mnemonic attraction in the past decade. The erasure of the familiar sight evinced nostalgia in many, who, for ten years, have taken the landmark as coextensive with their life in the city. ! Tainan 39 Hour Short Film Contestival Translated by Polin Kuo Tainan is the birthplace of Taiwan and has preserved traditional culture, arts, crafts, and architecture in its processes of development into a modern city. It offers very rich potential and assets for film production, Tainan Culture Bureau therefore hosts the activity "39 Hours of Tainan" on April 25-27. It aims to provide an opportunity and places for filmmakers to explore their inspirations, to share ideas with each other, to enhance the support of filmmaker in Tainan as well as to transform this city into a creative center of art, film and tourism. Welcome all passionate filmmakers to participate this competition and to compete for the "Gold Tainan" award. The winner will receive a 2
  • 3. March 3, 2014 cash award and be invited to the "International Short Film Festival", one of the world largest film festival! Tainan 39 Hour Short Film Contestival features filmmakers from any background, city, country, age and nationality. The competition can only accept 39 teams. Related information: http:// en_2014_tainan39_registration_form.docx.pdf ! Event: Tainan May Jam 2014 Translated by Chen-yu She As an important event for independent music in Taiwan, created by German musician Axel Schunn back in 2000, Tainan May Jam continues to grow every year. It is usually hold on the first weekend of May and lasts for two days. Featuring various genre of music, May Jam has attracted a diverse number of band with different cultural background. Apart from talented local original musician, music lovers from Britain, America, Canada and Australia also gather to join this cross cultural musical event. ‘Love of Music‘, as the theme of the event, the organisers wound like the event to be a gathering of music lovers. Individuals or families, adults or kids, May Jam welcomes everyone to join this joyful event of music. Apart from music, May Jam 2014 is going to have a slightly change which the organiser is going to setup a venue for arts and crafts. For more detail information, please go to http:// When: May 2nd – 4th, 2014 Where: Hutoupi Scenic Area 3
  • 4. March 3, 2014 36, Jhongsing Rd., Ln. 42 Sinhua, Tainan Shanshang District Hosting Photo Competition for Celebrating Cultural Tour Event Translated by Ching Chun Lin Event: Shanshang District of Tainan, famous for the national historical monuments ‘Old Tainan watercourse’, presents a vibrant rural culture with its rich local history and custom. The 2014 Shanshang Cultural Tour event has started this month. Natural Landscape and Cultural Style Portrait Photography Competition is particularly worth mentioning among many other activities brought by the Tour event. The competition will create an opportunity to capture Shanshang’s charming rural culture and beautiful natural scenery through the photographer’s lens. Shanshang district cordially invites people across the country to go on an unforgettable trip to Shanshang and enjoy its diverse and rich natural environment, scenery and simplicity of rural life. Contact Information: 325, Nanzhou, Shanshang, Tainan Registration: From 1st February 2014 to 27th April 2014 Application acceptance date: From 20th February 2014 to 30th April 2014. Please send the photos by mails to the above address. 4
  • 5. March 3, 2014 5 Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center! ! 2F, 6, Sec. 2, Yonghua Rd., Anping Dist, Tainan City! !! ! 06-299-1111 #8244 or 0800-024-111!