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Tfac newsletter vol92

  1. 1. Beauty of Tainan CanalBeing founded in April 16th, 1922 by a Japanese designer, the current TainanCanal, which is 3.782 km in length, 37m in width and 1.8m in depth, is locatedin Anping to replace the old Tainan Canal and aimed at helping boats andships sail directly from the sea to the downtown at that time. The Canalsuccessfully stimulated local economic growth. However, as the problem ofsediments deposited by flowing water was increasingly severe, it was latertransferred to a sightseeing-oriented canal.If you are eager to have a deep understanding of the history, culture andbackground of this canal, you are highly advised to visit the Tainan CanalMuseum at No. 97-15, Anping Rd., Anping Dist. The building, which was theoriginal customhouse, was organized as a municipal monument in 2003.Documents and goods related to customs, fishing tools and the history anddevelopment of Tainan Canal are displayed in the museum.Several events that help you appreciate different facets of the Canal will beheld until January 27th, 2013. For instance, from 12:30 to 14:00 on everyweekend, there will be a tour leading you to experience the views along theway and stories about the Canal. Please make sure that you make a reserva-tion at least one day prior to your visiting by calling Ms. Jheng at 06-229-4916.Additionally, you can see RAINBOWS everyday there. Numerous sprayers areset up and will spray regularly. With the shine casted from the sun, it isexpected to see rainbows, representing the bright, colorful future.
  2. 2. From Tainan to World - Block Print Exhibition Two-month long “From Tainan to World - Block Print Exhibition” will display 120 works of Taiwanese, Chinese, overseas Chinese, and internationally renowned woodblock printers. There will be a lottery activity at 10:30 on February 17th. The visitors can join the lottery activity by filling out the block print learning sheet while visiting the exhi- bition. The host organization will provide 100 exhibition books for the lottery.The international works of this exhibition are provided by Jhang Hueihua, a professor of MedicalCollage, National Cheng Kung University. His collections include the western works by Durer, Degas,Renoir, Matisse, Rembrandt, Picasso, Miro, Dali, Kandinsky, and Chagall. And his oriental collectionsinclude Ukiyo-e block prints from Japan and Chinese works by Liao Siouping, Jhang Dacian, JhaoWuji, Sie Lifa, etc. Cai Youren, a private collector in Tainan, systematically collects the block printsfrom China. Their collections cover from 13th to 21st century, range from classic to modern style,and include western, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese works.The exhibits are divided into 2 kinds of style and 5 sub-topics.1. Classic Style:1-1 From 13th Century Illustrations to 18th Century Traditional Western Block Prints1-2 Ukiyo-e ─ Traditional Japanese Block Prints2. Modern Style:2-1 Modern Western Block Prints2-2 Modern Chinese Block Prints2-3 Modern Taiwanese Block Prints (Focus on artists in Tainan)Exhibition Date: December 22nd, 2012 – February 24th, 2013Exhibition Location: 1F, Exhibition Hall, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center
  3. 3. Chen Yonghua ExhibitionChen Yonghua, the general staff of Koxinga, is the builder of Tainan, and his most famous achieve-ment is the establishment of the first Temple of Confucius in Taiwan. Tainan City Government hasheld the “Chen Yonghua Exhibition” at the Classic Room, Temple of Confucius, and it will last untilFebruary 28th.“Without knowing Chen Jinnan, do not call yourself a hero.” In Jin Yong’s fiction, The Deer and theCauldron, he used this sentence to describe Chen Jinnan, the director of Heaven and Earth Society.It is said that the character in the fiction is Chen Yonghua, the general staff of Koxinga. Mayor Laisaid that he is not only a strategist, but also an expert in politics and administration, drawingpeople’s admiration.Mayor Lai said that because Chen Yonghua systematically developed Tainan, Taiwan could changein short time. He cultivated the wasteland and let vagrants have home. Especially his establishmentof the Temple of Confucius made Taiwan become the center of Confucian tradition.Chen Jyunming, the 12th generation of Chen Yonghua, said that for the exhibition, he invited aprecious craftsman from LuganSg Jhanghua to make a wooden sculpture. The sculpture makespeople think of Chen Yonghua’s thoughtfulness when he led Tainan’s development. What’s more, there are also other historical data like kilns and Taiwan documentary records. Tainan citizens can visit the exhibition for free with their ID card.
  4. 4. MUST TASTE MUST TASTE Sweet Rice PorridgeIn winter nights, you must want to have some hot soups or desserts towarm the body. Then sweet rice porridge is the best choice.It is a traditional dessert. In the past, because the ingredients were cheapand it was easy to cook, parents usually cooked it for children. The glutinousrice is stewed with dried longan more than one hour, and some people mayadd other ingredients like raisins, white fungus, mung beans, red beans,oatmeal, or red dates. The seasonings include sugar, brown sugar, cinnamonpowder. Before eating it, adding some drops of rice wine can make theflavor better. Rice wine also can help preventing sickness and providingwarmness.You can find sweet rice porridge in most of the stores selling desserts andshaved ice. What should be noticed is that it’s only sold in winter. Therefore,if you miss this winter, you have to wait until the next one!
  5. 5. TAINAN FOREIGNER ASSISTANCE CENTER2F, No.6, Sec.2, Yonghua Rd., Anping Dist, Tainan City Http:// 0800-021-111 or 06-299-1111#8244 TainanFAC on Facebook