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Tfac newsletter vol67
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Tfac newsletter vol67


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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  • 1. Vol 67
  • 2. N EWSTHE "TOWN OF l"lOT SPRING" us: Stiotntazst - Wstcoms to GUEIDAN, Tm NAN In this 1,-"ear, the Gueidan hot spring at Tainan is going to he the First, and the on_l} one at the time, hot spring source systemalicalh,- developed by the public division. Fatcept the hostels running the hot spring businesses now at Gueidan, some hotel owners from d.i.flhrent cities were already attracted by die investments- The deputy mayor Lin Cinrong promised diat the Tainan Tourism Bureau will assist the investors actively to apply for the licenses needed to operate hot spring husinesses- The hloont of Gueidans hot spring was an accidental gain after Iiasdan Earthqualte, which increases the outflow of hot spring dran1aticall} front I5 tons to 563 tens per clay and therefore allows the operation of larger businesses — to rnalte Gueidan the town of hot spring in southern. The full)- planned piping of water is going to he the greatest advantage of the development hy the government. By new the carbonate hot spring, so called “the spring of beauty". was constructed. and more pools of springs were expected to finish in this April. Gueidan hot spring was well-l-tnown during the occupation of Iapanese, which has “Five Phase Springs : Salty, Sticlqr. Clear, Hot and Muddy Springs with different effects on curing illnesses.
  • 3. Sescuu EItHIaITIoI-~| or Tatum Cuttuaat Hstutaos - THE CUMBIHED EXHIBITION WITH Sououston CULTURAL Paar. The cultural heritage is the Inost important asset in continuing the tradition of every culture. In Tainan, the items of registered tangible and intangible cultural heritage, according to Provisional Dffice of National Center for Cultural Heritage , are up to I51 including temples, forts, traditional dances, handicrafts and local religions. Except natural scenes, Tainans heritage covers all other dasses sorting by Cultural Heritage Conservation Law of Taiwan. The combined exhibition of Tainan Cultural Center and Soulangh Cultural Parlt starts from this Ianuar}-I to March 25th and taltes place at Strulangh Cultural Park , in order to bring the abundant culture of Tainan to the world. the exhi -bition, the documentary “Image - Sira}-ta - The Shamans and Ceremonies of Sira}-ta", which was published, is going to he played showing the traditions of the aboriginal tribe in Tainan. Besides going to the exhibition, one can downl -oad the real ti.Ine information about Tainans heritage through the intelligence cell phone program. Information of the Exhibition: Date: Ianuary to March 15th, U9:DD to 1?:Dfl every Wednesday to Sunday. Addrms: Hall AID, Tainan Soulangh Cultural Park (No. 130, Liouan, Liouan Vil., Iiali Dist, Tainan)
  • 4. EVENTS t_Tatum ancient CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL Ivmsatuou Date: February 12th, 2012 1 2 It P: ht Location: Tainan City Hall (No.6, Sec. 2, Yonghua Rd., !!.§....-i_F..E*.L*§1Ii,3,,,|, Anping Dist., Tainan City} i|.6-mrt, Free registration for 3|-<1 Fun Run will open at I", i_ ii and the race will start at B After the race. each participant will receive a free gift, and we welcome you to enjoy snacks and visit historical _.. . .. _ .-_._ sites in Tainan. ET _._ _... : r:::._i_. TI ‘_.. _ ._ -1:---in 1- -,.»_ __ . I Tainan Ancient Capital lntemational Marathon Map: http:I fsportrnop. tn. edu. tun’ uploads! todnews!fiie!nsn_89I5_i.pdfTAINM4 Daculo EXHIBITION Date: February 2nd to 12th, 2012 Location: Tainan Park [Intersection of Beirnen Rd. and Gongyuan Rd., North Dist., Tainan City) The Orchid Exhibition cooperates with Flower Exhibition in Tainan Park. Welconie to watch the orchids which are cultivated locallv in Tainan as well as internationally famous and awarded.
  • 5. EVENTS Elllg LANTERN FESTIVAL EVENTS Taiwans Techno Prince Nerha dance groups competition Date: February »-tut and Sth Location: Sinying Tairih Temple [I-io.45-2, Taiaihgong, Sinying Dist., Tainan City} ileflta, known as “Third Prince", is regarded as the tutelary god of many drivers. Taiwan‘s Techno Prince Hezha dance which presents a fusion of popular culture and Taiwanese traditional art has performed on international stage several times ‘fanshuei Beehive Firecrackers Date: February Ellih Location: ‘fansi-Iuei Wu Temple {f~io.B?‘, Wumiao Rd., ‘fanshuei D‘ist., Tainan City] Fireworks Festival is a traditional ritual and event of Lantern Festival. The fireworks symbolize the exorcism of demons and b-ring people good luck. if you want to experience the tradition, please prepare well for protection before being bombarded. Welcome Spring Bull on Lantern Festival Er; International Fireworks Festival Date: February firth Location: CIrt.iIodo.Ir. Luerhmen Shengmu Temple (Ho. toll, i‘.ZherIg’an Rd., Annan Dist, Tainan City] The ritual of Spring Bull [a bull statue} is the main event on Lantern Festival; before scrambling for the Spring Bull, there is a Spring Bull parade, which brings people good luck and a plentiful harvest. In the night, the firework show will display at S p.m., which is the famous event of Shengmu Temple.
  • 6. , , .. ,-.-_-, _ , L I s _. I -|_- _ _;_ _.|.,_. . I‘ .—--.-: trw rt -. - |-.-.-|-I.-- _ 1"‘: . |_i . a._ . ,.,. _ ..--I _ =H I-.-| --» ,-:_-’-5.-_-. 1-‘- ‘I