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Tfac News Letter 09

  2. 2. T FAC EATING OUT Shuang-Cyuan (Shuang-Quan) Black Tea Refer to page 25 of ‘Amazing Tainan’ (Pocket A traditional experience old Guide for Foreigners) town culture, an original taste, Situated in the 131st alley of JhongJheng an old Tainan and Taiwan for (Zhongzheng) Road, this black tea shop al- ready boasts a history of 60 years! In 1940s, you and for me. long before the word ‘black tea’ was later known as ‘bubble tea’, Shuang-Cyuan had al- When travelers and foreigners come to Tain- ready discovered the original concept behind an for the experience of tradition, the easiest black tea and bubbles (hence called bubble way to start is undoubtedly through its local tea nowadays). delicacies. However, many foreigners often find it difficult to truly taste the crème de la During the Japanese colonial period, Mr. Zhang Fan Shu worked as a bartender in a crème of Tainan, as many delicious gourmet Japanese-run izakaya (a pub with karaoke). restaurants are located in small alleys that After the recovery of Taiwan, the izakaya are often confusing and hard to notice, hence stopped operating as his Japanese boss re- often missed out. turned to Japan. During this closure period, Mr. To help you experience the essence of Tain- Zhang wanted to follow his boss but was rec- an, this E-Newsletter edition will recommend ommended to stay in Taiwan to put his wine some traditional delicacies. So get your day’s mixing skills into better use. So with his mix- program list ready! ing tools and original ‘bubble tea’ concept, he Ta i n a n City Gover nment N ove m ber 2009, volume 9
  3. 3. opened what was the first and the only ‘hand- shaked freshly made black tea’ shop where he T FAC Yi-Mein/Yi-Noodle and his wife now still sells. This is a noodle stand without an eye-catch- Today, the experience distribution of its cus- ing shop sign with only 2 Chinese letters rep- tomers is diverse, ranging from those with 30 to resenting Yi-Mein, which is a type of egg 40 years of tea-drinking experience to novice. noodles. However, don’t be fooled by this in- Tea drinking has also become a part of many conspicuous shop sign, as this noodle stand is people’s lives, as large proportion of their cus- almost always full during mealtimes. Yi-Mein tomers visit here regularly on daily basis. Many has simple trimmings, with just 3 or 4 pork would argue that rather than labeling Shuang- slices and spring onions on top of noodles, Cyuan as a Black Tea shop, it’s perhaps better but don’t underestimate its ability to conquer to call it the “mood refreshment station”, as your taste buds, as it will leave you begging through grievance pouring while tea drinking for more. The historical background of Yi- has gradually become a second home for its men needs no explanation as no words can customers. better describe it, just personally try it and you will undergo an experience of Tainan When the tea-drinking novice become more tradition. experienced, one will discover that in every cup of Shuang-Cyuan Black Tea, there will be From mottled brick walls to bright shop front, an unique mood of its own. And then you will during these 20 years, noodle cooking and realize why it’s irreplaceable, even after 50 tasting has never been easy. As 20 years is years. As due to this persistence, a cup of Black enough for one to mature into adolescence, Tea can unravel the codes of history. and for your taste buds to stack wonderful memories; making them ready to recall. Now the question is, do YOU want to stack Address: No.2, Lane. 131, Jhongjheng these wonderful memories in your taste buds? (Zhongzheng) Rd. Tainan City Tel: 06 - 2288431 Address: Intersection of MinSheng Road sec- Open hours: 10:30 a.m. ~ 08:00 p.m. tion 2 and Hai-An Road section 2 Open hours: 4:00 p.m. ~ midnight Ta i n a n City Gover nment N ove m ber 2009, volume 9
  4. 4. “Forever Darwin – Dar- T FAC win Now” & “River of Life” The British Council in collaboration with Tainan Municipal Library is scheduling to display a traveling exhibition “Forever Darwin – Darwin Now” at the art exhibition hall (first floor of Main Library) from 17th till 29th November. Tainan Municipal Cultural Center is sched- During the exhibition period, visitors can pick uling to display 3 exhibitions from 20th ~ up a free copy of “ 2009 Formosa Science 29th November. The 46th Chinese paint- Festival: Forever Darwin” information bro- ing and calligraphy exhibition will be dis- chure. Furthermore, to tie in with “Forever Dar- played on the first and second floor of the win – Darwin Now” traveling exhibition, Tainan Cultural Artifacts Exhibition Hall. Municipal Library and National Cheng Kung University’s Geosciences Department are also Two other art exhibitions will also be staged on the second and third floor of staging an ‘River of Life” exhibition about the gallery section, so do check them out while evolution process of species. The period and you are there. place for this exhibition is the same as “For- ever Darwin” and everyone is welcomed. Ta i n a n City Gover nment N ove m ber 2009, volume 9
  5. 5. Contact us T FAC Services Monday ~ Friday Address: - Travel 08:00 ~ 12:00 Tainan City Hall, 2F, 6 - Business & Investment 13:30 ~ 17:30 Sec 2, Younghua Rd, - Residence Tel: (06)298-1000 Tainan City 70801 - Healthcare - Transportation Out of hours 地址: - Government Services Tel: 0800-024-111 臺南市永華路 二 段 6 號 - Culture & Education Website: e-mail: Ta i n a n City Gover nment N ove m ber 2009, volume 9