Tfac News Letter 08


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Tfac News Letter 08

  2. 2. Tainan Park T FAC An Agricultural Market for Organic Products Tainan Park is rapidly developing into a large and func- tioning agricultural market for organic products. Thanks to farmers from Tainan County and vendors from Na- tional Cheng Kung University – who gather on alternate weekends to sell their products – one can now purchase genuine organic vegetables in the heart of Tainan City. Starting from October 31st this year, farmers from Tain- an County are selling their organic agricultural prod- ucts on the first, third and fifth weekends of each month. All agricultural products will be from Tainan County. In cultural products, with many returning customers. The addition, Cheng Kung University’s “technical education growing popularity of organic products has meant exhibition for organic agricultural products” has been that at the opening ceremonies of some local farm- held at Tainan Park since the end of August. Organic er’s markets, the organic vegetables are sold out vegetables, fruits, tea leaves, rice and other organic even before commissioners can begin their speeches! processed products are sold on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. Furthermore, organic agricul- Tainan City Government research indicates that with tural education will also be promoted on these days. Tainan Park’s convenient location at the city center and a growing number of citizens placing more emphasis on liv- The City Government reminds consumers that all Tain- ing healthily, these organic markets have become highly an Market agricultural products have undergone popular. The City Government has requested National stringent testing, and the public should not have to Cheng Kung University to carry out market research worry about purchasing non-genuine organic prod- analysis with the goal to establish a fixed farmer’s mar- ucts. As a precaution though – when purchasing any ket. This will not only eliminate middleman costs, but organic agricultural products in the future – it is al- more importantly, increase the interest of local farmers. ways wise to check for CAS (Certificated Agricultur- al Standards) labels and to verify their authenticity. The Mayor of Tainan, Hsu Tien-Tsai, has indicated his intention to further promote organic agriculture. He be- Tainan City is a metropolis and due to land and wa- lieves that this will stimulate economic growth. Also, in ter restrictions, there is currently only one certified 2005, Tainan entered into an agreement with the Unit- organic farm. However, recent trends show that resi- ed Nations that organic agricultural products will make dents are becoming more receptive to organic agri- up 35% of agricultural product consumption by 2012. Ta i n a n City Gover nment N ove m ber 2009, volume 8
  3. 3. T FAC Taiwan Tour Bus Railway Tour Passport The Taiwan Tourism Bureau is currently offering the ‘Taiwan Tour Bus Railway Tour Passport’ travel package Inside every “passport”, there will be 2 shuttle train tick- ets, 1 tour bus ticket, 1 cruise ticket for Sun Moon Lake, and coupons for 19 different theme parks and 50 hotels. The tourist “passport” is available at just 1,499 NTD. The shuttle train ticket on offer in this package cov- ers routes from Taichung to Taipei, Chunghua to Tai- pei, and Kaohsiung to Taichung. If Tainan residents wish to visit Sun Moon Lake, they can use the pack- Tainan Pumpkin Carnival age by taking the train to Taichung and then get- ting on the one-day tour bus. And the ticket can The Tainan Health Bureau is holding a Pumpkin Carnival on also be used to cruise around the Sun Moon Lake! Saturday, 14 November. The carnival will not only promote pumpkin as part of a healthy diet but also aims to raise For more information, please visit: the interest of local citizens in areas such as professional catering, cooking, and healthy living in general. (Note: The website is available in English, Chinese, There will also be lottery draws and free food samples on Japanese and Korean.) site. Everyone is welcome. Location: National University of Tainan (Shu-Lin Street) Time: Starts from 9am Ta i n a n City Gover nment N ove m ber 2009, volume 8
  4. 4. Contact us T FAC Services Monday ~ Friday Address: - Travel 08:00 ~ 12:00 Tainan City Hall, 2F, 6 - Business & Investment 13:30 ~ 17:30 Sec 2, Younghua Rd, - Residence Tel: (06)298-1000 Tainan City 70801 - Healthcare - Transportation Out of hours 地址: - Government Services Tel: 0800-024-111 臺南市永華路 二 段 6 號 - Culture & Education Website: e-mail: Ta i n a n City Gover nment N ove m ber 2009, volume 8