International Students at NCKU

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Talk given by Fili to NCKU\'s English Corner about International students at NCKU

Talk given by Fili to NCKU\'s English Corner about International students at NCKU

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  • 1. Internationalization International Students @ NCKU Fili An 安斐理
  • 2. And you are… ?
    • An International Business PhD Student
  • 3. Originally from Israel… 以色列
  • 4. Anything else you want to tell us about yourself ?
    • I’d say I’m somewhat of a “Taiwan Addict”…
  • 5. The NCKU International Students
  • 6. The NCKU International Students
  • 7. How many are we talking about?
  • 8. Where are they from?
  • 9. And it’s only the beginning
    • It’s growing…. Fast…
  • 10. National Cheng Kung University
  • 11. NCKU’s Vision
    • What is the university’s vision?
    • (I wasn’t able to find it anywhere, until I attended the president’s presentation about “Global citizen of the 21 st Century”…)
    • To preserve Tainan’s heritage as Taiwan’s cultural capital while aspiring to become a full-fledged internationally renowned university, NCKU cultivates future leaders with creativity, humanism, global vision and profound social concerns, and develops transdisciplinary research for the benefit of society and humanity.
  • 12. What does internationalization mean?
    • Global Education Standards : “To learn the cutting-edge science, technology and scholarship”
    • Global Understanding : “To learn and understand foreign cultures”
    • Global Communication : “To facilitate international communication and establish personal contacts”
    • Global Reputation : “To upgrade the university’s standing in international community”
    • (Adopted & adjusted from President Lai’s presentations)
  • 13. This is what we know about NCKU
    • (NCKU to the international student… Scary…)
  • 14. But, there’s an English button…
    • English website doesn’t have much information…
  • 15. Walking around Tainan…
    • There are really a lot of beautiful things that we don’t understand…
  • 16. And English in Tainan… well… it’s special…
  • 17. We really try, but our Chinese is… bad, really bad
    • And we make a lot of silly mistakes…
  • 18. So many things we just don’t know how to do…
  • 19. This is how we sometimes feel…
  • 20. But, in a way … this is why we’re here…
    • Believe it or not…
    • We enjoy it!
    • We just want to fit in…
  • 21. So after a few months we thought…
  • 22. We try to get together with Taiwanese students
  • 23. We made some websites
    • IIMBA Student Council website - Events, news, photos…
  • 24. INCKU
    • Forums…
    • Classifieds…
    • Tainan Directory…
    • Events…
    • Photos…
  • 25. Let’s get together…
    • We want to meet you … do you want to meet us?
    • INCKU –
    • Student council –
    • My blog –