Blogging Ethics - Anonymity Freedom of Speech vs. the Dark Side

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Blogging Ethics - Anonymity, Freedom of Speech vs. the Dark Side

Blogging Ethics - Anonymity, Freedom of Speech vs. the Dark Side

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  • 1. Blogging Ethics - Anonymity, Freedom of Speech vs. the Dark Side Fili An (RA8967172)
  • 2. Blogging Ethics…
    • Leading directive for Blogging Freedom of Speech, self expression.
    • But,
    • Minimize harm.
    • respect others’ rights.
  • 3. Anonymity / Minimize harm (“to society”)
    • A new type of blog appears in China … an Expat detailing his adventures with Chinese women.
    http://chinabounder. blogspot .com/
  • 4. The right to remain anonymous
    • Chinabounder is anonymous, nobody knows who he is, but people were curious.
    • Expats - Some people love it (fan blogs - Chinaboundress), some people despise it, some just don’t care.
  • 5. The Chinese netizens wake up…
    • One day, China unblocks blogspot. The Chinese netizens find out about this blog.
    • A Chinese professor, Zhang Jiehai 张结海 (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences), calls on his blog for the Chinese Netizens to “ Hunt down the Immoral foreigner ”.
    • Thousands of Netizens re-read the blog to connect small details and find out who the guy is.
    • The HUNT is ON…
  • 6. The ethical dilemma
    • Is what Chinabounder did unethical ?
    • Does Chinabounder have the right to Freedom of speech , maintaining his anonymity and privacy ?
  • 7. Another perspective - Israel
    • An extremely popular Israeli blog in Hebrew about an anonymous Tel-Aviv male bachelor sleeping around.
    • His blog is highly controversial. Some girls love his blog, some girls want to take him down.
  • 8. The right to anonymity
    • Can she do this?
    • Israeli law – you can’t threaten exposure.
    • An Injunction was issued.
  • 9. The ethical dilemma
    • Is what The Bachelor did unethical ?
    • Does The Bachelor have the right to Freedom of speech , maintaining his anonymity and privacy ?
  • 10. Others’ rights… Jessica Cutler
    • Sex scandals in Washington DC
    • Washingtonienne reveals other people’s secrets using initials.
  • 11. Big scandal… but also Invasion of Privacy
    • Robert Steinbuch claims he’s the “RS” initials and files a 75,000US$ lawsuit for Invasion of Privacy.
    • “ There are graphic and intimate details which are not true,” he said in a telephone interview. “Those are facts that are going to be litigated.” (
  • 12. The scary power of the blog(ger)s…
    • Daniel J. Solove : “A Tale of Two Bloggers: Free Speech and Privacy in the Blogosphere”
    • Blogging perceived as tool for freedom, expression, and self-development.
    • But … makes gossip online permanent and widespread.
    • Making it harder to engage in self exploration if every thing is detailed.
    • Ironically, the freedom of information might impede our self-development and freedom.
    (slightly adjusted to presentation style)
  • 13. Cutler filed to dismiss the case
    • RS already talked about it in office.
    • By allowing office gossip he waived his privacy rights.
    • How could he have expect to keep it a secret?
    • It’s a personal blog – no body reads it, it’s like writing on a bathroom wall.
    • First amendment – newsworthy for her to share sex-power in DC with the world. Denied “ Public interest”
  • 14. How’s this going to end… ?
    • Jessica filed for Bankruptcy.
    • HBO and Disney plan a movie/TV-show and received similar lawsuits from RS.
    Who knows?
  • 15. The ethical dilemma
    • Is what Washingtonienne did unethical ?
    • Does Washingtonienne have the right to Freedom of speech ?
  • 16. Summing up, what did we have?
    • Cross cultural perspectives on ethics of blogging: China, China expats, Israel, America.
      • Blogger’s right to “ Freedom of speech ” vs. The Dark Side of blogging - Harming others, harming society, violating others’ privacy.
      • Blogger’s right of anonymity and privacy.
  • 17. Disclose, be honest and fair
    • Michael Arrington
    • Entrepreneur, investor, writes about IT companies and startups, discloses on invested companies.
    • Does his affiliation influence his writing?
    • Michael : I disclose when I’m involved.
    • Bloggers : You’re –always- involved (e.g. competition).
  • 18. The blogging ethics debate
    • -2003-
    • Sean-Paul Kelley of the
    • Agonist , admits to Wired that he copied articles and news items from the Stratfor news agency.
  • 19. That’s just wrong, right?
    • It depends who you ask…
    • Against – “It’s so horrible”…
      • “ It’s plain plagiarism ”.
      • “ A blow to blogger credibility”.
      • Larry Pryor/Online Journalism Review - "If they are going to be taken seriously, they have to follow [ethical] rules."
    • For - “Not such a big deal”…
      • “ Blogging is free”.
      • “ This is what blogging is about”.
      • Paul Grabowicz , director at UC Berkeley - "anything goes in Weblogs … I don't think they need to be held to the same standards [as journalists]"