6 Sigma G Belt Certification June 2010 Vijay


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23RD,24TH AND 25TH JUNE,2010

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6 Sigma G Belt Certification June 2010 Vijay

  1. 1. S I X S I G M A A C A D E M Y S E R I E S 25 Lim se ite at d s to on ly 23rd (Wed), 24th (Thu) & 25th (Fri) June, 2010 Avillion, Port Dickson SECURE YOUR SEAT BY 24th MAY Moderated by Praveen Gupta AND GET A FIVE-STAR RATED BOOK, Author & Co-author of over 10 Best-Sellers including STAT FREE SIX SIGMA AUTHORED Sigma Scorecard, Business Innovation & The Innovation Solution BY PRAVEEN GUPTA FOR FREE. Trained by Bill Smith, Inventor of Six Sigma at Motorola Led the world’s largest Six Sigma Green Belt training in Chicago for 150 participants Over 30 years of experience on business management Master Six Sigma Black Belt Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Innovation Science Pioneer implementor of Six Sigma at Motorola & three CEO Awards at Motorola for Six Sigma Projects President of Accelper Consulting, USA “After reviewing the implementation of Six Sigma at various companies, one of the most frequently occuring problems with Six Sigma is its use of statistics.” - Praveen Gupta Jointly Organised by For details contact: In Collaboration with Tel: (603) - 9206 9000 Fax: (603) - 9281 1176 FIK I N T E R N AT I O N A L email: vijay@fikintl.com www.fikintl.com
  2. 2. 23rd (Wed), 24th (Thu) & 25th (Fri) June, 2010 Avillion, Port Dickson ABOUT YOUR WORLD-CLASS WORKSHOP LEADER - Prof. Praveen Gupta Praveen Gupta, an internationally recognized expert in Excellence and Innovation, developed the Six Sigma Business Scorecard, a hybrid of Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma. The framework has been adapted for manufacturing and service environments. His two scorecard books have been published in multiple languages, and taught around the world. Praveen has conducted workshops in many countries for over twenty years. Praveen Gupta is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt (the highest certification which proves level of knowledge in that area), a management consultant, and has authored several books including Business Innovation in the 21st Century, Stat Free Six Sigma, Six Sigma Performance Handbook. Praveen is Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Innovation Science, and writes a monthly column called Manufacturing Excellence in the Quality magazine. Praveen frequently speaks at conferences internationally. Praveen has been recognized as a thought leader in areas of excellence and innovation. In addition to Six Sigma Business Scorecard, he has developed the 4P model of excellence, Breakthrough Innovation, and Stat Free Six Sigma methods that have been translated and used worldwide. Praveen, the founding president of Accelper Consulting (www.accelper.com), has worked at Motorola, and AT&T Bell Laboratories, and consulted with about 100 small to large size companies including CNA, Abbott Labs, Superior Essex, Dentsply, Hexel, Experian, Sloan Valves, Weber Markings, Wayne State (Ford), and Telular. Praveen taught Operations Management at DePaul University, and Business Innovation at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. He has conducted seminars worldwide for over 20 years. Praveen is an Adjunct Faculty at Illinois Institute of Technology for teaching Business Innovation. He earned his BSEE from IIT Roorkee, India and MSEE from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL. BELOW ARE SOME OTHER BEST-SELLING BOOKS AUTHOURED AND CO-AUTHOURED BY PRAVEEN GUPTA COMMENDATION BY THOSE WHO HAVE READ AND BENEFITED FROM PRAVEEN’S ‘STAT FREE SIX SIGMA’ BOOK. “Praveen Gupta, Thank you. Your writing is just like your teaching method: clear, stimulating, concise and professional. Thanks to your book I was able grasp a working knowledge of Six Sigma principles and apply the concepts almost immediately. Thank You for writing the “PERFECT” book. Going forward I will not just “Accept” something.” I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn and apply Six Sigma tools to improve business or other processes. Praveen has written a great book which breaks the entire statistical image of this concept of Six Sigma. This book has and will bring a revolution in this field. A piece of great writing by a great author and expert in the area. 2
  3. 3. 23rd (Wed), 24th (Thu) & 25th (Fri) June, 2010 Avillion, Port Dickson AGENDA Now more than ever, corporations world over are scrambling to dramatically improve the processes, techniques, and strategies. They need to survive in an age of global competition, uncertainty and complexity. The Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification is designed to dramatically improve the effectiveness of the processes. Challenged by the financial crisis, corporations are re-looking at their processes for their effectiveness and efficiency. Praveen Gupta, having being involved with Six Sigma right since its birth at Motorola, provides a practical, easy to understand framework to help improve most processes. Six Sigma has been used by multinationals (MNCs) with great results. While statistics has a role in Six Sigma, its emphasis has been blown out of proportion. This workshop guides how to solve most business problems with improved process knowledge using powerful Six Sigma tools. By implementing the tools presented in the workshop, participants can successfully achieve the dramatic process improvements quickly. The participants will practice the tools with examples and hands on exercises. The return to their investment shall be almost immediate after they start working on the projects that they would identify during the training. SESSION 1: SESSION 3: SHOOTING FOR SIX SIGMA MEASURE TOOLS AND THEIR APPLICATION A Conceptual Understanding of Six Sigma Cost of Quality Acceptability DPU Excellence DPMO Sigma Level BASICS OF SIX SIGMA Statistical Thinking Roadmap Conventional vs. Six Sigma Thinking LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Intent, Methodology, Tools and Measures To understand the cost of quality concepts and Six Sigma measurements. To quantify the problem attributes of the case LEARNING OBJECTIVES study provided for the training and determine the Sigma level of To conceptually understand the need for Six Sigma with the current performance. simulation. Understand the difference between “Excellence” and “Acceptable” work. Internalize what is expected out of Six SESSION 4: Sigma performance. Clarify common misunderstanding about Analyze Tools and their Application Six Sigma and understand the Six Sigma foundation and Cause and Effect Diagram fundamentals. FMEA Scatter Plot Visual Regression Analysis SESSION 2: PRACTICING SIX SIGMA MEASURES LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Understanding the Scope of Practical Six Sigma To identify the causes of the problem by systematically applying Definition of Key Six Sigma Terms the Analyze tools learned on a case study provided for the training and determine the relationship between variables and their impact REVIEW OF THE PROBLEMS BROUGHT TO THE CLASS on the problem. DEFINE TOOLS AND THEIR APPLICATION Project Priority Index SESSION 5: Pareto Principle IMPROVE TOOLS AND THEIR APPLICATION Process Mapping Component Search Kano’s Analysis Comparative Tests – Improving Means SIPOC Comparative Tests – Improving Variance CTQ Full Factorial Experiment Project Charter LEARNING OBJECTIVES: LEARNING OBJECTIVES: To determine how to solve the problem by systematically To understand key Six Sigma terms such as defect, DPMO and applying the Improve tools learned on a case study provided for Sigma Level. To review the real business problems and apply the training. the Define tools to select the problem to work upon immediately SESSION 6: after the completion of the training. To identify the problems, CONTROL TOOLS AND THEIR APPLICATION develop a project charter to address the problem and 4-P Model of Process Excellence systematically apply the Define tools learned on a case study Management Review provided for the training. Control Chart Scorecard Workshop Schedule: 1. Completion of the Case Study 08:00 AM Registration 2. Test & Certification 08:30 AM Workshop commences 10:15 AM Morning Refreshments (15 minutes) LEARNING OBJECTIVES: 12:45 PM Networking Luncheon & Zohor Prayers To determine how to sustain the solution by systematically applying 01:45 PM Workshop Resumes the Control tools learned on a case study provided for the training. 03:15 PM Afternoon Refreshment (15 minutes) Test is taken after completing the case study. To get certified as Six 04:30 PM Workshop Ends Sigma Green Belt! 3
  4. 4. 23rd (Wed), 24th (Thu) & 25th (Fri) June, 2010 Avillion, Port Dickson Praveen Gupta, Adjunct Faculty, at IIT School of Applied Technology, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Chicago. Praveen launched the deployment of Six Sigma at Motorola under the guidance of its inventor the late Bill Smith. Praveen has taught Six Sigma for over 20 years all over the world, and guided its implementation. Praveen developed methods to measure the corpo- rate Sigma level, and accelerate implementation of Six Sigma breakthrough results profitably. Praveen developed the three-day Six Sigma Green Belt training in response to customers’ input, and to ensure the intent of Six Sigma is met. This training and certification program is designed for working professionals engaged in process or product management including improvement. Recently, Praveen led the World’s Largest Six Sigma Green Belt training in Chicago! WHAT PRAVEEN’S SIX SIGMA DELEGATE IN U.S. SAY ABOUT HIS WORKSHOP “Thank you again for this awesome training in the last two days. The rate of learning was high and I enjoyed going straight to the point.” - Julien Jaouen “Thank you Praveen, for leading this class and giving us the tools and confidence to start using this powerful methodology in everyday situations. I had a great time, met many good people, and learned a lot. Great job!” - Dave Mistal “Thank you Praveen and your staff for allowing me to experience one of the best learning experiences I have had.. In one word Praveen EXCELLENT!!!! I am now on my way to apply what you taught me.” - Fred Gruber “It was one of the most impressive, knowledge driven, inspiring training with easy to achieve excellence with very much effective tools.” – Raj Dave “Thank you so-so much for a wonderful training class well-structured and executed! I definitely enjoyed it and benefited from it!” – Elena Martynenko “Thank you again for a dynamic experience.” – Janet Moorman SIGMA SCORECARD WORKSHOP MODERATED BY PRAVEEN GUPTA IN KUALA LUMPUR EARLY DECEMBER 2009 “Speaker is well prepared and master in his subject matter” - Amanah Raya Bhd “Excellent” - Ambank “Very Good” - Tenaga Nasional Berhad “Comprehensive” - Mimos Berhad “Very Good” - MEPS Pre requisite for the Course: Associate or higher degree and at least one year of work experience. WHO SHOULD ATTEND Responsibility for performance improvement This workshop is a must for Directors, Senior Managers, Good communication skills, and interest in solving problems Managers, Leaders, Engineers, Professionals and Pre-reading includes Stat Free Six Sigma book Senior Executives from service or manufacturing organizations representing various departments: Course Material: The Stat Free Six Sigma book, Book Surge, An Amazon Company, SC 2007 Finance Participant’s Guide Human resource Six Sigma Project Forms Planning & strategy Customer service Benefits of Six Sigma Training and Certification for Participants: Quality Learn Six Sigma tools for dramatically improving processes quickly Six Sigma project template Innovation Achieve professional and financial growth through results Operation Six Sigma Benefits of Six Sigma Training and Certification for Organization: Business process management Improved bottom line Business development & marketing Knowledgeable professionals for quickly improving the processes Recession-proof business by focusing on profitable growth Create culture of breakthrough improvement Happy employees! 4
  5. 5. 21st (Wed) & 22nd (Thu) April, 2010 REGISTRATION CONTRACT Grand Millennium, Kuala Lumpur Please complete this form immediately and fax it back to (603) 9281 1176 A. Delegate’s details 1. Name : Position : Email : 23rd (Wed), 24th (Thu) & 25th (Fri) June, 2010 Avillion, Port Dickson 2. Name : 18th (Sun) & 19th (Mon) Oct, 2009 - Renaissance, Dubai Position : Email : 3-Day Fee RM7990 per delegate (booked before 24th May, 2010) 3. Name : Position : RM6990 per delegate for group registration of 3 and above Email : (Fee includes accommodation, Organisation : documentation, refreshment & meals) Address : Town : METHOD OF PAYMENT : Payment is required within 5 working days from the invoice State : Postcode : date. 1) Cheque : Made payable to Nature of Business : Frontier In Knowledge Sdn Bhd Tel: Fax: 2) Bank : Maybank, Desa Pandan Branch, Kuala Lumpur Account Number : 564548102151 (Quoting your Company Name and our invoice no as reference) B. The Invoice should be directed to Mr/Ms (Dept): CANCELLATIONS & SUBSTITUTIONS : All cancellations of registration must be made in writing. If cancellation is Name : received before 24 May, 2010 you will be entitled to a 50% refund. Regrettably, no refund will be made for cancellation Dept : after 24 May, 2010. However, a complete set of documentation Tel: Fax: will be sent to you. Substitutions are welcomed at anytime. Email : NOTE : It may be necessary for reasons beyond control, to change the content and timing of the event, speaker(s) or venue. Every effort will be made to inform the participants of C. Authorising Manager’s details the change. Frontier International should not be held liable for any costs arising from this change without prejudice. Name : EVENT VENUE : Position : Tel: Fax: Avillion Port Dickson 3rd Mile, Jalan Pantai Signature : 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Tel: 03 21702160 Date : Contact person: Raja Jurina (Note: Accommodation is included in the event fees.) This booking is invalid without a signature REGISTER NOW Contact Vijay or Marina Frontier In Knowledge International 23-1, Jalan 2/76C, Desa Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA ℡ (603) 9206 9000 / 9200 8500 (603) 9281 1176 vijay@fikintl.com Singapore Mumbai Shanghai Hong Kong Jakarta 5 Bangkok Manila Kuala Lumpur www.fikintl.com