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    1. 1. Research in Vegetables, Seeds, Seeds and Nuts Highbridge Home Church
    2. 2. Overview Seed of the Week
    3. 3. In the 1980’s thesprouts from thesalvia hispanica plantwere used in a productcalled “Chia Pets”;however the seedsfrom this plant havebeen recently Chiarediscovered in healthcircles.
    4. 4. Chia seeds are an excellent sourceof essential fatty acids and are agreat addition to a healthy diet.There is much research to be doneon the health benefits of the seeds,but now many in the healthcommunity are calling the seeds a“superfood”. Chia
    5. 5. Chia seeds were an important part ofthe Aztec, Incan, and Mayan diet.It was originally cultivated in parts ofMexico (also in the southewesternstates that were once part of Mexico)as early as 2,700 B.C.. Chia
    6. 6. Chia was the Mayan word for strength.One spoon of seed in water was usedto supply sustenance for an entire dayof hard labor. Aztec warriors used Chiaas their main source of fuel duringconquests. So highly prized were theseeds that they were used as currency. Chia
    7. 7. Medicinally, they also used it torelieve joint pain and stimulatesaliva. Different varieties wereused in ancient indigenoussocieties, as well as in Chinesemedicine. Chia
    8. 8. Although once a major crop inMexico, it was banned after theSpanish conquest due to itsassociation with Aztec religionwhere it was used as an offeringduring religious ceremonies andritual. Chia
    9. 9. Chia seeds areharvested from theSalvia hispanica plant,a member of the mintfamily. The seeds aresmall, about 1millimeter in diameter,and they range from Chiabrown to gray in color.
    10. 10. Health Benefits Seed of the Week
    11. 11. Why Use Chia Seeds One of the richest  High in fiber, and vegetable sources antioxidants. of omega-3 fatty  Contains boron, a acids. trace mineral that Contains 3-10 times Helps transfer more protein & calcium into your natural oils than bones. most grains Chia
    12. 12. In Comparison, Chia Seeds Have: 3 – 10 times more protein than most grains 5 times the calcium of milk, 2 times the amount of potassium as bananas. 3 times the reported antioxidant strength of blueberries. Chia 3 times more iron than spinach.
    13. 13. Health Benefits of Chia Seeds It boosts strength and endurance It induces weight loss It levels blood sugar (carbs) It helps detoxify the body (absorbs toxins) It lubricates joints (arthritis ) Improves brain function Chia (concentration/memory) Helps in treating hypoglycemia
    14. 14. Chia contains the following vitamins A  choline, B1, B2, B3,  folic acid, B5, B6, B15, B17,  inositol, C  PABA D E K Chia
    15. 15. Chia contains the following minerals Boron  Potassium Calcium  Silicon Copper  Sodium Iodine  Strontium Iron  Sulphur Magnesium  Zinc Manganese  Amylose Molybdenum  Electrolytes Chia Phosphorous
    16. 16. Uses and Storage Seed of the Week
    17. 17. Uses of Chia Seeds: sprouted and used in  ground and mixed into salads or sandwiches smoothies or added to sprinkled on your baked goods (breads cereal, salads, or and muffins) yogurt  egg replacer in vegan diets soaked in water (for about 30 minutes) to form a gel, then added to porridges or used to Chia make puddings
    18. 18. Chia seed may be eaten raw as a wholeseed. The seeds have a mild, nuttyflavor. They can be ground up andbaked into wholesome breads andmuffins, or placed into water to make agel that can be added to puddings,salad dressings, soups, jam, yogurt,milk, honey, cereal or dip. Chia
    19. 19. Chia Is Used In Recipes For Cakes, Muffins,  Drinks Loaves, and Cookies  Chia Fresca (with  As an Egg Substitute water or Juice, and lemon) Pinole (mixed with  Sago (with apple ground corn, honey, juice) and cinnamon) Spreads (mixed with nut butters) Chia Pancakes
    20. 20. How You Can Store Chia Seeds Whole Chia seeds can  Chia flour, like chia be stored in a cool, dry seeds, may be stored place, in storage for months without containers with a tight- going rancid. fitting lid .  Chia seeds placed in  The antioxidants in the water to make a gel chia seeds allow them to will last two weeks in be stored for months in the refrigerator a dark, cool place. Chia