Is Anybody Reading This? Writing Content for the Web
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Is Anybody Reading This? Writing Content for the Web



Do your website's pages explain succinctly who you are and what you do? Do they answer visitors' questions and tell them what to do next? Is anyone even reading them? ...

Do your website's pages explain succinctly who you are and what you do? Do they answer visitors' questions and tell them what to do next? Is anyone even reading them?

In this webinar you'll learn the rules of writing for the web, tips and tricks to help you follow those rules, and steps you can take to improve your website's content.

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Is Anybody Reading This? Writing Content for the Web Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Pop Quiz!
  • 2. Writing sample #1“This is your town. This is your stage. Most grown-upadventures start with these five words: Welcome tofabulous [location]. Sleeping is optional, but you will needa hotel room for costume changes.”
  • 3. Image: Moyan_Brenn -
  • 4. Writing sample #2“Open 24 hours-a-day and festooned with Christmaslights year-round, [company] is a little loco and a lot offun. We’ve got strolling musicians, a huge selection ofclassic Tex-Mex dishes and the coldest beer in theMercado.”
  • 5. Image: Clan UiBriain -
  • 6. Web writing characteristics• Welcoming - little/no insider language• Up-front about focus and strengths• Conversational, easy to read• Brief and succinct
  • 7. Top 10 web writing tips
  • 8. #10 - Know your audience and focus on their needs• What are they looking for?• What steps do they want to take?• What links do they need?
  • 9. #9 - Say less• Half the words of printed pieces• Short paragraphs• Meaningful headings and subheadings• Bulleted lists
  • 10. #8 - Most important info first• Strong verbs, descriptive words• Keywords in headings and subheadings• Scrolling is bad...sometimes
  • 11. #7 - Make it easy to scan• Headings/subheadings should summarize content• Make links to other pages obvious• Make next steps obvious• Blogging is a new style
  • 12. #6 - Simplify punctuation• Don’t use ALL CAPS• Never underline• Bold only when appropriate• Rarely or never use italics
  • 13. #5 - Rewrite, don’t re-purpose• Adapt content to the web• Press releases
  • 14. #4 - Lose “insider” language• Write with prospect in mind• Minimize acronyms and hard-to-understand terms
  • 15. #3 - Keep it current• Outdated content is frustrating and reflects poorly• Updated content keeps people coming back, and helps with SEO
  • 16. #2 - Edit and proof carefully• Spelling and grammar• Formatting and spacing• Check links
  • 17. #1 - Work with a team• Marketing team• Web team• Create a style guide
  • 18. The rules in action[Company name], today published a framework for The pharmaceutical industry is changing — the days ofpharmaceutical companies to develop a new value proposition promotional push of features and benefits are over. It isfor sales into medical group practices. Available for download time for pharmaceutical companies to rethink their salesthrough the [companys] website, the approach positions a strategies.pharmaceutical component as the keystone to an entireecosystem of businesses marketing to physicians, creating a Today [company] published “[title],” a whitepaper we createdvalue-added network to improve the service of health. There to show pharmaceutical companies how to develop newis an enduring "way of marketing" in the pharmaceutical strategies for selling to medical practices. These strategiesindustry centered on promoting the features and benefits of focus on improving health services — for doctors and patients.drug brands. Commercial models are designed and in turn"optimized" to promotional response curves. A disconnect in “[title]” is available for download at brand management occurs when manypharmaceuticals, particularly those for primary care orchronic conditions, are perceived by the marketplace ascommodity inputs. In this kind of operating environment,promotional push of features and benefits has reached itsproductivity frontier. The traditional calculus becomesobsolete.
  • 19. Writing resources• AP Stylebook -• Grammar Girl • Book - • Website -• Digett blog -
  • 20. Get updates on upcoming webinarsSign up at the link below to be the first to learnabout upcoming Digett