Cyber ethics
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Cyber ethics






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Cyber ethics Cyber ethics Presentation Transcript

  • Cyber Ethics
  • Definition
    Cyber ethics is the ethics applied to the online environment. The treatment of what is and is not cyber-ethical behavior may vary from place to place.
    Cyber ethics is a code of behavior for using the Internet. One easy way to think about cyber ethics and to address the subject with children is this: acceptable behavior on the Internet is very much the same as acceptable behavior in everyday life. 
    Cyber-Ethics is the Ethics applied to the online environment. The treatment of what is and is not cyber-ethical behavior may vary from place to place
    Manners applied to the Internet and the use of technology in everyday situations
  • Do & don’t in cyber ethics
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  • Do & don’t in cyber ethics
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  • Rules of cyber
    Do not use rude or offensive language. 
    Don’t be a bully on the Internet. Do not call people names, lie about them, send embarrassing pictures of them, or do anything else to try to hurt them. 
    Do not copy information from the Internet and claim it as yours. That is called plagiarism. 
    Adhere to copyright restrictions when downloading material including software, games, movies, or music from the Internet. 
    Do not break into someone else’s computer. 
    Do not use someone else’s password. 
    Do not attempt to infect or in any way try to make someone else’s computer unusable. 
  • Faults in cyber
    Appropriate other people’s intellectual property (IP)
    Ignore the social and legal consequences related to the software program one is writing or the computer system one is designing
    Illegally copy or use proprietary software that has not been paid for or for which credit has not been given
    Interfere with others computer or online work
    Snoop into or alter others computer files or data
    Use a computer to bear false witness
    Use a computer to cause harm to others
    Use others computer resources without prior authorization
    Use the computer in ways that ignore the consideration of and respect for fellow human beings
  • Conclusion
    Cyber ethics is important in cyber life. Although cyber world is not in reality life, but we have to follow the ethics. For example, don’t take other people work and make it like your own work. You should credit to them. Moreover, when people follow the rules, there is no misunderstood in cyber world. People will respect each other even in cyber world.
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