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Sun salutations uploadable3


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  • 1. Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara)
  • 2.
    • Mountain Pose
    • Stand tall, feet pressed firmly into the ground
    • Hands together at the center line of your body
    • Shoulders back
    • Slowly breathe in and out
  • 3.
    • Tree Pose
    • Press your foot to your inner thing (or below the knee for an easier version)
    • Palms press gently together
    • Relax the shoulders
    • Keep your focus ahead to stay balanced
    • Wobbling a bit is okay, you will find it easier to stay balanced with time.
  • 4.
    • Swan Dive
    • Stand back on both feet to mountain pose, then reach your arms above you, and then out by your sides
    • Meanwhile slowly bend at the waist until you form a 90 degree angle
    • Reach out with your arms
  • 5. Standing Forward Bend
    • From Swan Dive, reach forward and stretch to place your hands on the floor (or as close to it as you can).
    • Lengthen the torso
    • Release the head completely
    • Keep knees straight and active
    • The key is to relax- do not push your body to do anything that you are not comfortable with
  • 6. Plank
    • Breathe into your full body. Let the breath connect you to your body, head to toe
    • Pull the navel to the spine
    • Press back through the heels
    • Tuck the toes under
    • Focus on a spot between your hands
    • Rest the knees on the floor for an easier version
  • 7. Chaturanga
    • Hands are pressed into the ground at waist-level
    • Elbows hug the body
    • Lift your heart
    • Knees lifted up (or drop knees to the mat for an easier version)
    • Keep whole body straight/aligned
  • 8. Upward Dog
    • From plank, roll the toes back and arch your back in upward dog
    • Drop the shoulders down
    • Straighten the arms
    • Press evenly through your palms
    • Activate the thighs as they lift off the matt
    • The tops of the feet support your weight
  • 9. Downward Dog
    • From Upward Dog, roll back and press into Downward Dog
    • Palms reach forward, pressing into the matt evenly with each finger
    • Spread your weight in every part of your body
    • Press heels down (only if its not too difficult for you)
    • Shoulder bones should slide down the back
  • 10. Runner’s Lunge
    • From Downward dog, step your right foot to between your hands in Runner’s Lunge
    • The knee should light up directly above the heel.
    • Roll the shoulder blades down the back
    • Keep your back leg straight & strong
    • Press back into your heel
    • Come up on your fingertips
  • 11. Triangle
    • From Runner’s Lunge, reach one arm up above your head in Triangle
    • Feel your legs connect with the matt
    • Send energy up through the fingertips
    • Slightly bump the hip back, and turn gaze upwards
  • 12. Warrior Two
    • Slowly rise from triangle, and bend the right knee. Stretch your right arm in front of you, and your left arm behind you in a straight line.
    • Gaze over your right arm
    • Press into the outer edge of your back foot
    • Keep the torso vertical
  • 13. Back to Mountain
    • From warrior two, step your legs together and stand tall in mountain pose.
    • Bring your palms together, and push your shoulders back.
    • Breathe slowly in and out
    • Namaste. 
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