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Cycling amsterdam 2013 Cycling amsterdam 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Amsterdam: new challenges for a cycling city Gerrit Faber Adviser Cyclists’ Union Amsterdam branch, the Netherlands Amsterdam
  • What is “Fietsersbond”? Amsterdam • The Dutch Cyclists’ Union • for 13,5 million cyclists • ‘for save, fast and pleasant cycling’ • 36.000 members, 4.500 in Amsterdam • 150 local branches, 1 in Amsterdam • 1500 active volunteers, 100 in Amsterdam • 40 employees (2 in Amsterdam)
  • Amsterdam capital of the Netherlands Compact city: • narrow streets • short distances • flat 800.000 residents, 180 nationalities 881.000 (?) bicycles Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam • 500.000 cyclists cycle daily 2 mln. km • 90% of the roads/streets are ‘bicycle-friendly’ and safe • 400 km seperated bicycle lanes • 225.000 parking facilities for 881.000 (?) bikes • 60% of ride in center by bike Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam cycling policy • is part of an integral transport policy • is essential for functioning city • networks for car, public transport and bicycle • quality guide-lines • advised by Cyclists’ Union Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam: Main cycle network Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam: Modal split in city and in greater city centre Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam: World Bicycle-Friendly City #1 Amsterdam
  • Cycling history How did we get there? Film: “How the Dutch got their cycle paths” (6 minutes) © Markenlei - on laptop - - youtube - Amsterdam
  • Cycling history 1880: first bicycles 1910: first cars until 1955: bicycle most important transport until 1970: explosive growth cars 1970 - 1975: change. 1975: start “Fietsersbond” Amsterdam
  • Cycling history 1970-1980: from action to cooperation 1970’s: demonstrations 1975: start of Fietsersbond 1980: Fietsersbond joins Municipal Bicycle Working Group cooperation cycling infrastructure guide-lines cycling policy subsidy for our advices and a small office Amsterdam
  • Our position now • Advice, public participation, action if needed • Advice in the municipal traffic committees, with civil servants, police, public transport etc. • Contact with political parties in the city council, lobby if needed • Contact with our members, inhabitants, social organizations: direct, by media and press • Projects • Maps and excursions Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam: Modal split in city and in greater city centre Amsterdam
  • Cycling in Amsterdam Chaos or Success? 2011 Newspapers: “Cycle chaos jams city”. the back-side of a succes story: Bicycle parking: big parking problems at railway stations and in city center parking of “orphan-bikes” Amsterdam
  • Cycling in Amsterdam Scaling up! Bicycle parking: different solutions on different places • more parking facilities (small and big) • some places maximum 7 days parking • remove unused bikes • ‘fietsvak’ for short parking • more ‘OV-fiets’ Amsterdam
  • Cycling in Amsterdam Chaos or Success? Riding bicycles: cycle lanes to narrow in rush hour ‘snorfietsen’ on cycle lanes cycle jams at traffic lights tourist mobs crossing cycle lanes cyclists’ image: not disciplined Amsterdam
  • Cycling in Amsterdam Scaling up! Most streets are too narrow to accommodate ‘everything’  new policy: choose! • Creating bicycle ‘Plus-Net’ • Parallel streets: choose one for tramway, another for bikes • Finish main cycle network with separate routes Amsterdam
  • Cycling in Amsterdam Scaling up! • Create extra space for waiting cyclists at crossings • Less waiting time at traffic lights • OFOS (‘Blown-up Cycle Waiting Space) • Remove obstacles Amsterdam
  • Crossing near Berlagebrug challenges 2012 • cyclists block each other in rush hour • creating more space for waiting cyclists Amsterdam
  • Crossing near Berlagebrug 2013 Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam Central Railway Station Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam Central Railway Station challenges • bicycle parking (20.000?) • tramways, pedestrians and cyclists crossing Amsterdam
  • More topics Annoying ‘snor’ scooters • NL: difference ‘brom-’ and ‘snor-’ mopeds • ‘Snor’: no helmet, on cyclepath, max. 25 km/h, • 94% drive faster Lobby to solve this on national and local level Amsterdam
  • More topics: Cyclists behavior • No rules? No lights at dark? • No stopping for traffic lights or pedestrians? bad image campaigns Amsterdam
  • More topics: Rijkmuseum cycle path • Short passage under Rijksmuseum • the most beautiful cycle path in the world • 10 years struggle, 10 years publicity Amsterdam
  • Thanks! Questions please twitter: @adamfietst Amsterdam