Cycling amsterdam for Canada 2012


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Cycling amsterdam for Canada 2012

  1. 1. AmsterdamAmsterdam:new challenges for a cycling city Gerrit Faber Adviser Cyclists Union Amsterdam branch, the Netherlands
  2. 2. What is“Fietsersbond”? Amsterdam• The Dutch Cyclist Union for 13,5 mln. cyclists• ‘for save, fast and pleasant cycling’• 36.000 members (4.500 in Amsterdam)• 150 local branches (1 in Amsterdam)• 1500 active volonteers (100 in Amsterdam)• 45 employees (2 in Amsterdam)
  3. 3. Amsterdamcapital of the Netherlands AmsterdamCompact city:•narrow streets•short distances•flat790.000 residents,180 nationalities881.000 (?) bicycles
  4. 4. Amsterdam Amsterdam• daily: 350.000 cyclists … … cycle 2 mln. km• 90% of the roads/streets in Amsterdam are ‘bicycle-friendly’ and safe routes• 400 kms bicycle lanes, separated from other traffic• 225.000 parking facilities for 881.000 (?) bikes
  5. 5. Amsterdamcycling policy Amsterdam• is part of an integral transport policy• is essential for functioning city• networks for car, public transport and bicycle• quality guide-lines• adviced by Cyclists Union
  6. 6. Amsterdam:Main cycle network Amsterdam
  7. 7. Amsterdam:Modal split in city and in greatercity centre Amsterdam
  8. 8. Amsterdam:World Bicycle-Friendly City #1 Amsterdam
  9. 9. Cycling historyHow did we get there? AmsterdamFilm: “How the Dutch got their cyclepaths” (6 minutes)© Markenlei on laptop -- youtube -
  10. 10. Cycling history Amsterdam1880: first bicycles1910: first carsuntil 1955: bicycle mostimportant transportuntil 1970: explosive growthcars1970 - 1975: change.1975: start “Fietsersbond”
  11. 11. Cycling history1970-1980: from action tocooperation Amsterdam1970’s: demonstrations1980: Fietsersbond joins Municipal Bicycle WorkingGroupcooperationcycling infrastructure guide-linescycling policysubsidy for our advices and a small office
  12. 12. Our position now Amsterdam• Advice, public participation, action if needed• Advice in the municipal traffic committees, with civil servants, police, public transport etc.• Contact with political parties in the city council, lobby if needed• Contact with our members, inhabitants, social organizations: direct, by media and press• Projects• Maps and excursions
  13. 13. Amsterdam:Modal split in city and in greatercity centre Amsterdam
  14. 14. Cycling in AmsterdamChaos or Success? Amsterdam2011 Newspapers:“Cycle chaos jams city”.the back-side of a succes story:Bicycle parking:big parking problems at railwaystations and in city centerparking of “orphan-bikes”
  15. 15. Cycling in AmsterdamScaling up! AmsterdamBicycle parking: different solutionson different places•more parking facilities (small andbig) some places maximum 7 daysparking•remove unused bikes•‘fietsvak’ for short parking•more ‘OV-fiets’
  16. 16. Cycling in AmsterdamChaos or Success? AmsterdamRiding bicycles:cycle lanes to narrow in rushhour‘snorfietsen’ on cycle lanescycle jams at traffic lightstourist mobs crossing cyclelanescyclists image: not disciplined
  17. 17. Cycling in AmsterdamScaling up! AmsterdamMost streets are too narrow for‘everything’ new policy: choose!•Creating bicycle ‘Plus-Net’•Parallel streets: choose one fortramway, another for bikes•Finish main cycle network withseparate routes
  18. 18. Cycling in AmsterdamScaling up! Amsterdam• Create extra space for waiting cyclists at crossings• Less waiting time at traffic lights• OFOS (‘Blown-up Cycle Waiting Space)• Remove obstacles
  19. 19. More topicsAnnoying ‘snor’ scooters Amsterdam• NL: difference ‘brom-’ and ‘snor-’ mopeds• ‘Snor’: no helmet, on cyclepath, max. 25 km/h,• 94% drive fasterLobby to solve this on national and local level
  20. 20. More topics:Cyclists behavior Amsterdam• No rules? No lights at dark?• No stopping for traffic lights or pedestrians? bad image campaigns
  21. 21. More topics:Rijkmuseum cycle path Amsterdam• Short passage under Rijksmuseum• the most beautiful cycle path in the world• 10 years struggle, 10 years publicity
  22. 22. Thanks!Questions please Amsterdamwww.fietsersbondamsterdam.nlwww.fietsersbond.nltwitter: