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Fruit Magic Marketing Plan by Team Fruitilicious

  1. 1. I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYFruit Magic develops products that are relate to the current trend of health and fitness. This marketingplan illustrates our market segments and the strategies and promotions we are employing to getcustomers and create a solid sales stream. The unique characteristics of Fruit Magic is its ability toprovide customers the healthy benefits that each product inherent. Customers are after the benefitsthey receive not the product itself.Fruitilicious Marketers, as what they call themselves develop strategies and tactical promotions andstrategise to provide developing opportunities both for the company and the customers. With these, itwill establish a stronger niche for the company and loyalty from the customers. illThe marketing plan consists of 5 sales promotions for Fruit Magic lounges and stalls which will beexecuted from March-July 2011, and a mellow Fruit Magic jingle to suit the lounge’s cosy and relaxing July unge’sambiance. Fruitilicious Marketers also considered designing a flyer to increase consumer awareness oftheir brand and promote the variation of Fruit Magic’s healthy products. II. THE CHALLENGEThe following marketing objectives are th focus of this marketing plan: the Increase consumer awareness of the healthy aspects of drinks and other products of Fruit Magic by 5%. 1
  2. 2. Increase sales by 3% of Fruit Magic lounge in fruit magic lounge by promoting the healthyproducts of Fruit Magic. The 3% came from PHP 521, 441.00 monthly sales of fruit magiclounges and stalls.Computation: PHP 231.751894 - Average of shake’s prices X 2500 - Regular number of cups served daily PHP 57, 9379.735 X 30 - Number of days in a month PHP 17, 381,392.05 X 0.03 PHP 521,441.00 - Projected SalesIncrease profits of store or stalls by 2% by offering the other healthy products of Fruit Magic.The 2% came from PHP 347,627.842 monthly sales of fruit magic lounges and stalls.Computation: PHP 231.751894 - Average of shake’s prices age X 2500 - Regular number of cups served daily PHP 57, 9379.735 X 30 - Number of days in a month mber PHP 17, 381,392.05 X 0.02 PHP 347,627.842 - Projected Sales 2
  3. 3. To be a company that both, promotes the total well being of people through provision of sound well-being options to those who are in search of a healthy lifestyle, and develops general public appreciation and awareness for a fit and healthy way of living. To ensure total satisfaction in its service through a team of happy, motivated, dedicated, responsible, disciplined, and energized professional associates.III. SITUATION ANALYSISA. SWOT Analysis Strengths o Captures certain percentage of coffee enthusiast. o Leading in juicing industry o Clear vision of healthy products o Open for franchising o Centralise commissary Weaknesses o Not easily found in rural areas. o Employees are not well trained and unknowledgeable about Fruit Magic. well-trained o Offers small space unlike other similar stores. o Lack of aggressiveness in advertising Opportunities o Nowadays, most people are shifting to healthy kind of living. o Arising of much kind of diseases and sickness increases the demand of fruits and other healthy products. o People are now aware of the benefits of healthy products. o Fruit Magic is a solution for people who are looking or needing for healthy products. 3
  4. 4. o People are inclined in the thing that will benefit them and will contribute to their wellness. o Changing age of possible target customers o People are much aware of having rest Threats o Intense competition with both direct and indirect competitors and also due to tertiary outlet. o Some product of Fruit Magic is unknown to the customers. o Competitive locations of Fruit Magic competitor. o Competitive price of Fruit Magic competitor. o Some of target markets are still unaware of fruit magic and its product. o Unbounded changing of customers demand and preferences. ing B. Company AnalysisFRUIT MAGIC is currently enjoying its popularity as the leading source of the freshest fruit juices andconcoctions in the country.It was in 1993 when Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Meneses pioneered juicing and established the first ever freshfruit juice bar in the country. It was made known under the brand name “RPM Fruit Magic” with a sloganthat displays “Mr. Juiceman”. 4
  5. 5. Fruit Magic instantly became a hit by simply offering a healthy alternative to soda and other artificially alternativemade beverages. News hit the mall circuit and two additional stores followed - The Glorietta andLandmark branches. In 1999, Mr. Alan Escalona, a doctor by discipline, and a businessman by profession,took Fruit Magic into higher ground, changing the simple fruit juicing service to a mainstream fresh fruit icjuice brand. It was a success.Currently, Fruit Magic is investing on new developed products such as healthy pizza, sandwiches, yogurtice cream and many more to continue offering fresh, leading edge product ideas.The target market is aimed at health conscious consumers, consumers who need and look for healthyproducts. Increasing awareness of the benefits of healthy products encourages people to shift onhealthy kind of living which increases the demand for provider of healthy products like Fruit Magic. C. Target Market Description o Fruit magic’s target customer is between the ages of 25 and 45 who have healthy kind of living. They often need and look for healthy products that fruit magic offer. products o Fruit magic’s target customer are typically or married and either men or women. Who need and look for a great tasting yet healthy food. Who are willing to spend and looking for a value and benefits regardless of the price. o Fruit Magic is also aiming young professionals that are looking for place to relax and magic of healthy foods for their journey n life. o Fruit Magic are also capturing teenagers either full time student in college and high school or a working students that are willing and able to buy or willing and sooner be able to buy, who are unique and want to become unique. D. Customer AnalysisCustomers nowadays are being conscious regarding on how they look inside and out. So the productsbeing offered in Fruit Magic Store are perfect for those individuals. The market that the company are orefocusing is on AB Market and reaching the class C market, which is niche marketing. It is much easier tohandle than having a mass marketing. The only problem is that, a lot of competit competitors are sproutingmaking competition more intense. The company must therefore provide the needs of the people withcreative ideas on how they will attract and keep the market.According to a study conducted by the Center for Marketing Intelligence in 2009, when consumers saythey are on a diet, they’re dieting for their health. Rather than losing weight or looking better, 68percent of respondents say that “feeling healthier” is the reason for dieting. Perhaps the difficulty of the 5
  6. 6. process of weight loss dieting has taken its toll, and instead of deprivation, adding healthful foods to etingmeals may be the better option. Consumers now want to be healthy and enjoy life.1Customers are easy to persuade regarding new try outs but the only problem is how a business g try-outs going tomake that customer a happy and satisfied one, making them a loyal customer. Hence, the managementof any organization must adapt to modernization and be ready for the battle of changing customerneeds. E. Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Environmental FactorsEnvironment also plays an important role in decision making of each customer and because of thearising of different diseases’ people now is becoming conscious of the products they are buying.Nearly two-thirds of consumers are also more likely to check nutritional information on labels. They’re thirds morelooking for four important items: fat, calories, sugar and trans fat. Natural is also the most frequentlyfeatured claim on food and beverages. This, along with “plus” claims or that which includes vitamins andcalcium, are also gaining popularity among consumers. It used to be that “minus” tags are benchmarksof good nutrition. Now, instead of looking for “minus” or low low-fat/ low-calorie labels, consumers are now caloriesearching for “genuine” nutrition, finding the balance between addition and subtraction.2 n, Human FactorsA human factor refers to the person around a buyer that may influence his or her decision toward aparticular product such as family and friends.1 “Food trends: Positive eating and downturn diet, May 18 2009 Food diet,”( Ibid. 6
  7. 7. F. Product Review Product DescriptionFruit Magic is known as a provider of healthy products, each has a distinct taste with correspondingbenefits that is perfect for people that are food lovers yet are taking health in consideration. Product-Market RelationsFruit Magic healthy products are best solution for the problem of people who are concern of theirhealth; people that are in need and looking for healthy foods yet having a racy taste. Fruit Magic willalso best fit to people who want to start a healthy lifestyle. The following are products of Fruit Magic with their corresponding prices: owing Frugurt Flavours Small Medium Large KIWI MANGO YOGURT P75 P100 P125 STRAWBERRY YOGURT P75 P90 P75 BANANA YOGURT P65 P75 P95 MANGO YOGURT P65 P75 P95 Shakes Flavours Small Medium Large BLUEBERRY BURST P95 P125 RED REVITALIZER P95 P110 FRUIT MAGIC SHAKE P80 P105 STRAWBERRY KIWI P60 P80 P105 RASPBERRY P65 P80 P110 RASPBERRY BANANA P65 P80 P110 RASPBERRY MANGO P65 P80 P110 7
  11. 11. Yogurt Flavours Small Medium Large ORIGINAL FROZEN YOGURT P48 P68 P88 SWEET & CREAMY YOGURT P38 P48 P68 Flavours Prices APPLE- -CARROT (REGULAR) P65.00 APPLE – CARROT MEDIUM P110.00 APPLE – CARROT LARGE P110.00 SOY OATMEAL RAISINS P40.00 OATMEAL COOKIES P35.00 G. Competitor AnalysisAn increase in the awareness of the market about the good benefits of healthy products paves the wayto increasing competition on healthy products. The increasing demand for healthy food is creating moreopportunities for people to go into business, and one of the least expensive but potentially lucrative oneventures to start is selling fresh fruit juices.Supply is no problem: The Philippines has 11.3 million hectares of farmland devoted to fruits,vegetables, and other crops, and you could start with as little as P10,000, says Jennifer Tutanes, a littleresource person with the government run Technology and Livelihood Resource Center and a food government-runtechnology professor with the University of Makati.33 Bridget Rabo Ng, “Selling Fruit Juices,” Philippine Franchise Business Investments. September 23, 2006 Selling( 11
  12. 12. Direct Competitors Big chill is known by its customers as providers of healthy products such as pasta, sandwiches and drinks that will also fit for customers that have a healthy lifestyle. SWOT AnalysisStrengths o Big Chill is open for catering services o Their menus are more informative it creates awareness to consumers what are they buying. enus informative,Weaknesses o Prices are expensive o Lack of promotion intended for awareness thus, much of the market are unaware of Big Chill uchThreats o Intense competition o Competitors are being more aggressive in promotion and advertising strategies.Opportunities o AB market is a niche market which is easier to handle. o Intense competition, generating ideas from competitors Strategy o They are offering other services like catering that makes them competitive o They are offering new products on their menu that will surely enjoyed by their customers 12
  13. 13. Fuzion is a take on the word "fusion" which typically refers to food prepared from ingredients and techniques from across different places in the world. At Fuzion, we take pride in selecting the best , fruits, dishes and techniques from all over the world to bring you a mix of healthy fruit smoothies and Eastern and Western snacks, meals, and desserts. Fuzion is also selling fresh and nutritious drinks. SWOT AnalysisStrengths o Fuzion is composing of committed and competitive people which are very helpful in achieving its ommitted objectives. o Great product idea and strategy that makes it distinctive. o They offer healthy products with unique taste taste. o Competitive location that are friendly to customers and are pleasing to the eyes.Weaknesses o Prices are more expensive compare to competitors xpensive o Market awareness is lowThreats o Increasing competition to industry to which it is involve o Competitors have competitive strategies in capturing possible target consumers.Opportunities o AB market is a niche market which makes it easy to handle and study o Intense competition, generating ideas from competitors which may find helpful for the company. Strategy o Fuzion now is taking their way to market by having a mascot that will be remembered by its market. o Fusion is having a unique process that makes its product distinctive. o It makes everyone involve for full awareness. 13
  14. 14. Fruitas is widely known by most of us as a provider of healthy drinks which is also affordable for most of us. SWOT AnalysisStrengths o Stalls are situated in competitive locations o Brand awareness is high o Prices are cheaper that makes it affordable to many people o Utilizes more advertisements compared to competitorsWeaknesses o It has no lounges o Less product choices o Products are not well stored and prepared that may sacrifice the freshness of its products.Threats o Increasing competition to industry to which it is involve o Competitors have competitive strategiesOpportunities o People are attracted on products with quality but low prices. o Intense competition can also be an opportunity in disguise. Strategy o Fruitas is also taking their way on the market by having celebrity endorsements. o They open the company for franchise. 14
  15. 15. Indirect Competitor Starbucks is the most popular and leading coffee coffee-selling company in the Philippines. Today, there are more than 160 stores throughout the country, and Starbucks growth has played a key role in building a strong local coffee culture in the country. SWOT AnalysisStrengths o They already gained awareness and are able to establish and position itself on the market. o People now continuously patronize them regardless of the price. o Starbucks became a status symbol o Starbucks offers a large coffee menu and grocery items. o It has a cosy atmosphere and is actively involved in the community with such things as Starbucks Foundation (youth and literacy), Starbucks Grant for Foundation Giving, and weekly Poetry Fest nights. o Strategically branch out o Established name and position in the market place.Weaknesses o Much of the market find starbucks products with h prices high o Issues on the negative effect of coffee. egativeThreats o Intense competition in coffee industry o The arising of healthy and cool juices that really fit the warm weather of the Philippines.Opportunities o Filipinos are really a coffee lovers o Most Filipino has a follow the crowd mentality. o The rise of advance technology that would create value on products and customers. 15
  16. 16. Strategyo They are offering new products such as shakes that is compatible for a warm weathero They are continuously creating promotions that will build stronger customers.o Strong commitment to help promote a sustainable social, ecological, and economic model for production and trade of coffeeo Applying the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing, roasting, and fresh delivery of coffee.IV. MARKET SEGMENTATION A. Primary Target Market Economic Class People who belong in the A Economic Class A-B o A class Top 5% (5 million) Senior Politicians, Land owners, Large Business Owners o B class 10-15% (10-15 million) 15 Mid-Level Politicians, Professionals - doctors, engineers, supervisor Level Demographic Segmentation o Fruit magic’s primary target customers are between the ages of 25 and 45 who have healthy kind of living. They often need and look for healthy products that fruit magic offer. o Fruit Magic aimed at A-B segment. These are the people who read a lot and understand the benefits of fruit drinks drinks. 16
  17. 17. o Fruit magic’s target customer are typically single or married and either men or customers women. Who need and look for a great tasting yet healthy food. Who are willing to . spend and are looking for value and benefits regardless of the price. o Employed. Higher than average household income Psychographic and Behavioural o Health Buff In quest of for healthy products that suites their needs and wants. o They are health and nutrition conscious. o People who seeks and need for the benefits of healthy products. o People who know the importance of having a healthy body. o People who are much aware of the importance of healthy products as they continually advance through life.B. Secondary Target Market Economic Class o C “Middle Class” 20% (20million people) Skilled craftsman teachers and nurses as well as bank clerks and retail shop assistants Demographic Segmentation o Fruit Magic is also aiming at young professionals that are looking for a place to relax and for the magic of healthy foods for their journey in life. o Fruit Magic are also capturing teenagers either full time student in college and high school or working students that are willing and able to buy, or willing and sooner be able to buy, who are unique and want to become unique unique. Psychographic / Behavioural o They are riche nouveau fun seekers. o Sports Enthusiast o Gym addict 17
  18. 18. o Great qualities of prod products are sought without considering of the price. o Fun, exciting promotions are essentially the source of reaching and attracting essentially them. o Seeking for products that are enticing and have a new look for them. o Condo dwellersV. SHORT AND LONG TERM GOALS Short Term Goals o Increase brand awareness o Gain sales through different promotions o Increase the market share of the healthy pizza Long-Term Goals o Be the top of the mind brand name for healthy foods o Establish more Fruit Magic stalls and lounges o Generate promotions to healthy lifestyleVI. SELECTED MARKETING STRATEGYA. Product M - Making the process on st standard to keep the reputation of the company and tation the great taste of its healthy products. A - Assuring that the product deliver to customers are safe and fresh. G - Giving the customer the product with magic smile on their face and providing them a wonderful experience. I - Inviting the customers to comeback with their friends and families and share the F and Fruit Magic’s great tasting and yet healthy foods. agic’s 18
  19. 19. C - Caring for customers through delivering the great tasting foods and healthy products of Fruit Magic and by its friendly and customer oriented employees. Frutilicious Marketers are promoting all the fruit magic products and its benefits, through this arketersstrategy; it will keep customers and invite others to come for fruit magic by delivering qua quality andhealthy foods for everyone. B. Price M - Mindful creation of products and services that corresponds to their price in a competitive market. A - Accentuating those prices is tantamount to quality. G - Guaranteeing that most products being offered compliments customer needs with reasonable prices. Right prices leads to “growth” of Fruit Magic, in turn, lead them to expansion (more branches). I - Fruit Magic impels on setting prices that are benefiting both company and customers. C - Setting competitive prices against direct and indirect competitors.Frutilicious marketers maintain the regular prices of fruit magic products. Customers will be persuadedby the benefits they will gain from availing the products instead of paying attention to the prices. its C. Place M - Man, making all Fruit Magic employees’ well coordinated, well informed and always well- assures the success of the company through following its missions, vision and its objectives. Man refers not only with its employee but also to the stores established at different places that are standing firmly just like a man. 19
  20. 20. A – 100% Awareness The company has to assure that the entire work force are aware of what fruit magic is, everyone must know its product, its prices, the benefits or value that the product has, every promotion that the company has for its customers and all the basic information, to ensure that the customers are not only physically healthy but also mentally, and to ensure that the customer knows what they are buying and where ntally, they buying it and most important to build trust. G - Giving convenience and being an “approachable” store. Ensuring that the store is offering customers with convenient and giving them a wonderful experience. Store must also approachable to its customers through its jolly and friendly employees so that fruit magic will also be remembered for its approachable employees. I – Informative Store must be informative to keep customers informed about the store, its promotions customers as well as the products they are buying. C - 100% Cleanliness The store has to keep and should always implement 100% cleanliness for food safety and to ensure that the customers are getting the fresh and safety products to ensure safety their satisfaction.As part of creating awareness for Fruit Magic, the following are the flyers that will be given to ensurethat customers will be aware of Fruit M hat Magic and its product as well as its benefits; it will promote thevariation of Fruit Magic’s product that will fit every lifestyle of its regular customers and possible iationcustomers. 20
  21. 21. FlyersSpecifications: Size is 6 by 8 inches when folded, consists of 6 panels, back to back print on high gloss paper 21
  22. 22. The front page serves as a summary of the flyer’scontent. It is entitled A Fruitful and Magical Treat forEveryone to promote the variation of Fruit Magic’sproducts.There are panels for Weight Loss, Energy, Protein,Cooler and Wellness which suits every everyone’s lifestyle. Page 2Wheatgrass Nutripowder Mix is added with prebioticsfor healthy digestion and L-Carnitine for weight loss. Itis delicious to savour and best of all loaded withnutrients that can be a natural solution to commonhealth problems. 22
  23. 23. Page 3The Healthy Pizza is made from multimulti-grain, wholewheat dough, loaded with nutritious ingredients. A ,made to order pizza that will boost energy. Page 4 The Wraps and Sandwiches contain nutrients and vitamins that keep a healthy body. 23
  24. 24. Page 5Frugurt and Shakes that will cool down your day whilegetting adequate vitamins and nutrients. Page 6Wheatgrass Boost contains chlorophyll oxygen whichprimes up the brain and all body tissues at theiroptimal level. It is good for detoxifying the body. 24
  25. 25. Fruit Magic has several branches, a total of more than 60 operational stores located to different placeshere in Manila to best serve and reach each customer and easily cater on their needs of healthyproducts. In addition to Fruit Magic Lounge, the company is gearing up as it forays to new food concepts companybeyond juices and shakes. Upon the idea of Escalona himself, Fruit Magic Co. Inc. has diversified byventuring into pizzas late last year. The company’s pizza bar, called Pizzaiolo, is already gaining a loy loyalbase of customers in its first outlet at the Atrium of the Manila Ocean Park behind the QuirinoGrandstand in Luneta Park. To exceed customer requirements and offering customers higher value offoods and store quality and experience, Fruit Magic company started establishing its lounges, FruitMagic Lounge is sure to put up a great challenge to coffee store chains scattered around the metropolis.Its great advantage is their healthy menu offerings. Aside from its nutritious food, Fruit Magic Loungesets itself apart from its competitors by having a show kitchen where customers can actually see how tselftheir orders are being prepared.Fruit magic is also open for franchising, to continually promote the total well being of people through well-beingprovisions of sound options to those who are in search of a healthy lifestyle, and to develop generalpublic appreciation and awareness for a fit and hehealthy way of living. D. Promotion M - Motivate customers to purchase products for fruit magic through promotions. A - Aim at the full satisfaction of customers through each promotion that lately will gain customer loyalty. G - Generating income through promotions that sooner will lead to satisfaction of both promotions customer and the company. I - Innovate promotions into a higher level to surprise and excite the customer. Making “impact” on consumers that will allow them to change perception, conviction and preference. C - Create a climate or atmosphere that builds customer relationships. Communicating Fruit Magic and its products through promotions for its target customers and potential customers. 25
  26. 26. Promotion strategy will help this plan to create awareness for fruit magic and build a profitablecustomer relationship. Fruit Magic JingleAs part of our promotion we prepare a jingle that will entertain and relax fruit magic customers at thesame time. The main purpose of this jingle is also to promote Fruit Magic’s product through a medley ofsong that will surely leave an impression about Fruit Magic and its product. It’s also a one way ofintroducing fruit magic’s other products and telling to customers how fruit magic’s product will affect customerstheir lives. Fruit Magic Melody By Fruitilicious Marketers It makes me smile, not for a while. Cannot hide this feeling of mine A never ending happy mood ‘Cause with you, I feel so good What is that magic That tickles me in a click So playfully, so playfully dancing in my wit Is that strawberry, that makes me go crazy Or pineapple that gives me a smile in me How about banana and kiwi The mango, watermelon and the raspberry A beautiful melody But wait there’s more, more to look for Yogurt, sandwiches and pizza galore What a healthy world, a healthy smile A healthy friendship not for a while Is that strawberry, that makes me go crazy Or pineapple that gives me a smile in me How about banana and kiwi The mango, w watermelon and the raspberry Fruit Magic melody 26
  27. 27. Sales Promotions Promotion A Spin the Pizza Wheel 27
  28. 28. Poster 2 by 3 feet The Spinner 3 by 6 ½ feetPrizes Offered 1GB Fruit and Pizza Shaped Flash Disk 28
  29. 29. “Fruit Pad”Fruit Magic’s Limited Edition Mouse Pads Statement Shirts by Fruit Magic 29
  30. 30. Spin the Pizza Wheel Objectives Duration Coverage Prizes Offered Target MarketBuild awareness and develop a March 1- -30,2011 All Fruit Magic There are a total of Students and Youngsteady market for Fruit Magic’s Lounges 300 prizes to be Professionalshealthy pizza. won.Generate customer interest to Prizes include:be positively inclined towards 100 Flash diskspurchasing the healthy pizza valued at P580over the regular ones. each.Increase the lounge visitors and 100 Fruitpad valuedprovide excitement upon at P80 each.purchasing the healthy pizza. One Hundred FruitBoost the market share and Magic Souvenir T-increase sales of the healthy Shirt valued at P300pizza. each. Mechanics 1. To qualify for Spin the Pizza Wheel!, customers must buy any variant of Fruit Magic’s Healthy Pizza (White Cheese Lite, Pepperoni, Vegetables, Mexican, All Meat). 2. Upon purchase, customers will be given a one chance spin. 3. The wheel has 14 pies. In each pizza pie, there are corresponding prices or freebie. 4. If the selector arrow stops at the pizza pie with the corresponding prize, he will get a chance to grab that specific item. If the selector arrow stops at the Spin Again pizza pie, he will get another chance to spin. If the selector arrow stops at the pizza pie with Outta Luck or Buy Again, it means that he lost in that spin. 30
  31. 31. Official rules1. Contest runs from March 1 to March 31, 2011.2. Customers will be given a one chance to spin for one purchase of any healthy pizza.3. Prizes will be automatically awarded upon spinning the winning panel.4. Prizes to be administered by Fruit Magic. All of the above Prize details are subject to change without prior notice at Best Buy’s sole discretion.5. Prizes are subject to the following restrictions: he A. Each Prize is non-exchangeable, and not redeemable for cash; exchangeable, B. Each Prize must be accepted as awarded. The Prize may not be sold, and no component thereof is convertible to cash; and C. Fruit Magic reserves the right to substitute any of the Prizes with a prize of equivalent retail any value in the event the Prizes are not reasonably available at their discretion. Action Plan Date Tasks o Preparation of the materials needed for the promotion. Find and order materials from the suppliers February 19, 2011 o Managers should orient the employees about the promotion anagers o Posting of posters/tarpaulins to inform the customers about the incoming promotion o The promotion will be announced in the Fruit Magic Facebook fan page Magic’s February 22, 2011 and other social networking site like Twitter Preparation of the materials needed for the promotion February 24, 2011 All the materials must be on on-hand February 26, 2011 o Start of the Promotion o Employees must inform and encourage customers to purchase a Healthy March 1, 2011 Pizza to get a one chance spin o Provide a record book containing the name and e-mail address of mail 31
  32. 32. participants One week monitoring of the promotion to ensure the customers are patroniz it and to prevent the occurrence of any problem during the patronizing March 2-10, 2011 promotion Survey must be conducted to determine the impact of the promo to urvey March 11-23, 2011 customers Last week of the promotion March 24-31, 2011 A meeting will be conducted for the evaluation of the promotion based on the facts gathered from the customers.Budget Promotional Budget Raw Materials Quantity Unit Price Total Price Plywood ¾ 6 PHP 910.00 PHP 5,460.00 Wood 2x3x8 10 PHP 120.00 PHP 1,200.00 Nails 2 kilos PHP 70.00 PHP 140.00 Paint 5 gallons PHP 400.00 PHP 2,000.00 Roller Brush 2 PHP 40.00 PHP 80.00 MAN POWER 2 PHP 200.00 PHP 400.00 Total Budget PHP 9,280.00 Communication Budget Materials Quantity Unit Price Total Price 2 by 3 feet Poster 30 PHP 120.00 PHP 3,600.00 Prizes Offered Materials Quantity Unit Price Total Price 1 GB Flash Disks 200 PHP 320.00 PHP 64,000.00 Fruit Pad 200 PHP 80.00 PHP 16,000.00 T-Shirt 300 PHP 80.00 PHP 24,000.00 Total Budget PHP 116, 880.00 32
  33. 33. Projected Sales 20 - Number of Respondents X 4 - Number of Lounges 80 - Total Number of Respondents X PHP 256.6667 - Average Number of Pizza Prices PHP 20,533.336 X 4 - Number of Lounges PHP 82,133.344 X 2 - Average Number of Spin PHP 164,226.688 - PHP 116,880.00 - Capital Budget PHP 47, 386.688 - Projected Sales 33
  34. 34. Promotion BApril Fruit Days Poster 2 by 3 feet 34
  35. 35. April Fruit Days Objectives Duration Coverage Prizes Offered Target MarketIncrease sales by April 1-30,2011 30,2011 All Fruit Magic There are a Students and Youngencouraging and enticing Lounges total of 300 Professionalsbuyers to join the prizes to bepromotion. won. Prizes include: 100 Flash disks valued at P580 each. 100 Fruitpad valued at P80 each. One Hundred Fruit Magic Souvenir T- Shirt valued at P300 each. Mechanics1. The magician has to encourage the customers to purchase four (4) large of shakes with any flavour by offering the fruits to the customers.2. The customers will get a free small shake (worth 45php) with a flavour same with the fruits given by the magician.3. Aside from the free small shake, prizes will be given such as designed ballpen and pen pencils with erasers. 35
  36. 36. Action Plan Date Tasks March 21, 2011 Managers should orient the employees about the promotion anagers o Promotion will be communicated to the customers March 25, 2011 o Posting of posters Preparation of the promotion, magician will be informed. And the materials March 29, 2011 needed should be available o C Celebration of the April Fruit Days o Start of the promotion o Employees should convince customers to participate in the promotion April 1, 2011 o Magicians should also encourage customers to purchase and participate at the same time entertain First monitoring of the promotion and observation if customers are April 2-12, 2011 responding upon the promotion Monitoring and observing the customers attitude and responses towards the April 13-19, 2011 promotion Monitoring the effects of the promotion on sales April 20-26, 2011 Evaluation of the promotion April 27-30, 2011Budget Promotional Budget Man Power Quantity Fix Price Total Price Magician 4 PHP 15,000.00 per PHP 60,000.00 Give –A-Ways Materials Quantity Unit Price Total Price Shakes 60 PHP 45.00 PHP 2,700.00 36
  37. 37. Ball pen 500 PHP 40.00 PHP 2 20,000.00 Total Budget PHP 4,700.00 Communication Materials Quantity Unit Price Total Price Posters 16 PHP 120.00 PHP 1,920.00 Total Budget PHP 90, 620.00Projected Sales PHP 90.1470588 - Average Prices of Shakes (Large) X 4 - Number of Shakes to be Purchased PHP 360.588235 X 15 - Number of Response PHP 5,408.823525 X 8 - Repeat Response PHP 43270.5882 X 4 - Number of Lounges PHP 173,082.3528 - PHP 90,620.00 - Capital Budget PHP 82,462.3528 - Projected Sales 37
  38. 38. Promotion CFruitilicious Moment Poster 2 by 3 feet 38
  39. 39. Frutilicious Moments Objectives Duration Coverage Prizes Offered Target MarketIncrease awareness on May 1 - 31, All fruit Magic 1st prize Family, Circle ofFruit Magic and its 2011 Lounge and Php 7,000.00 friends, Lovers orproducts. Kiosk Couple and others. 2nd prizePromoting Fruit Magic Php 5,000.00and its product to all ofits target market as wellas to the potential 3rd pricecustomer that will result Php 3,000.00to awareness and latelywill contribute to itssales.Creating lifetimememories of loyalcustomers with the helpof Fruit Magic.Building and maintainingfriendship with thecustomer by providingthem an unforgettableexperience throughbuying Fruit Magicproducts. Mechanics 1. The promotion is open to all Fruit Magic customers. 2. Participants must take photos including any Fruit Magic products at any Fruit Magic Lounge and stall. Participants must have 2 t0 8 members 3. Images must show the participants consuming any Fruit Magic products at any Fruit Magic stores. 39
  40. 40. 4. Photos will send their creative photos at Photos must have a brief . story about the picture. 5. Photos should contain your complete name, address and contact no. 6. By uploading your photos, you acknowledge that Fruit Magic will have the right, without restriction, to use, edit, reproduce, publish and distribute photos submitted without payment of any compensation or consideration to any other person or entity. 7. Contestants may only join the contest once. 8. Admin will choose the best 10 photos. 9. From the best 10 photos the management will choose the best 3 photos and each will receive a cash price and a gift certificate worth of 1000. Prize range 1st prize Php 7,000.00 2nd prize php.5, 000.00 3rd prize Php.3, 000.00 10. Admin will choose the winning photos based on the criteria. 11. Winners will be contacted to receive their prize and the winners will be posted in the fan page. Criteria for JudgingNo. of likes – 20 %Creativity of the picture – 30%Management Choice – 50%Total = 100% Action Plan Tasks Date April 17, 2011 Fruitilicious moment promotion will be communicated o Posting of posters/tarpaulins to inform the customers about the incoming promotion o The promotion will announce in the Fruit Magic Fan Page and other socail April 24, 2011 networking site like Twitter 40
  41. 41. o Start of the promotion o Employee should tell the promotion to the customers and encourage them to participate May 1, 2011 o Participants can now submit their photo to the management o First monitoring of the promotion to control the number of entries May 2, 2011 o Deadline of submission of entry May 18, 2011 o Admin will start to upload Fruitilicious Moments that is passed for oments initial screening May 19, 2011 o Photos will be released for community voting May 26, 2011 o Admin will choose the winning photos based on the criteria. May 28, 2011 o Winners will be contacted and posted in the fan page. May 30,2011 o Evaluation of the promotion through recognizing customer’s responses toward the promotion. May 31,2011Budget Promotional Budget Prizes Quantity Unit Price Total Price Cash PHP 15000.00 PHP 15,000.00 Gift certificates 3 PHP 1000.00 PHP 3000.00 Total Budget PHP 18,000.00 Communication Materials Quantity Unit Price Total Price Posters 100 PHP 120.00 PHP 12,000.00 Total Budget PHP 30,000.00 41
  42. 42. Projected Sales 15 - Number of Entries X 4 - Average Member of Group 60 - Total Number of Participants X 58.333 - Average Price of Shakes PHP 3,499.98 X 65 - Number of Lounges and Stalls PHP 227,498.7 - PHP 28,000.00 - Capital Budget PHP 199,498.7 - Projected Sales 42
  43. 43. Promotion D Treat on Receipt Treat on Receipt Objectives Duration Coverage Prizes Offered Target MarketIncrease number of new June 1 to 30, All fruit Magic Rebates worthbuyers. 2011 Lounge and of 5% Any fruit magic Kiosk customerIncrease sales among Focus; youngproducts. professionals and studentsEntice buyers to comeback for more. 43
  44. 44. Mechanicso For every Fruit Magic purchase worth Php500.00 for every single purchase customers purchase, will get rebate on their next purchase that will worth of PHP 200.00.o Present the coupon upon your next purchase. Official Ruleso Coupons are valid until June 30, 2011.o Coupons can be redeemed at any Fruit Magic lounges and stalls only within the prescribed time of the promo. Action Plan Date Tasks o Orientation of promotion upon employees May 27,2011 o Promotion will be communicated to customers by posting posters and announcements to networking sites o The promotion will be announced in the Fruit Magic Fan Page and other social networking site like Twitter. May 30,2011 o Management has to assure that all the materials needed are available o Upon launching of the promotion,employees should continually inform customers regarding the promotion June 1,2011 o First monitoring of the promotion to ensure that things are June 12,2011 conforming to the plan o Monitoring of customers response toward the promotion,different techniques shoul be done to measure customers attitudes upon the June 13-19, 2011 promotion o Monitoring of the impact of the promotion at sales of the stores June 20-26,2011 o Evaluation of the promotions to determine the effectiveness of the June 27-30, 2011 promotion to awareness, customer satisfacion and in sales 44
  45. 45. Budget Communication Materials Quantity Unit Price Total Price Posters 200 PHP 120.00 PHP 24,000.00 Total Budget PHP 24,000.00Projected Sales 1st Purchase 5 % of PHP 500.00 X 15 - Average Estimated Number of Response Monthly PHP 7, 125 X 65 - Number of Fruit Magic Lounges and Stalls PHP 435, 125.00 2nd Purchase 5 % of PHP 200.00 X 15 - Average Estimated Number of Response Monthly PHP 2,850.00 X 65 - Number of Fruit Magic Lounges and Stalls PHP 185,250 185,250.00 45
  46. 46. PHP 648, 375.00 - Total of 1st and 2nd Purchase- PHP 24,000.00 - Promo Capital PHP 624,375.00 - Projected Sales 46
  47. 47. Promotion EShake it! Take it! Poster 2 by 3 feet 47
  48. 48. Prizes Fruit Magic Umbrella Fruit Magic Jacket 48
  49. 49. Shake it! Take it! Objectives Duration Coverage Prizes Offered Target Market Increase sales by July 1-31,2011 31,2011 All fruit Magicencouraging and enticing Lounge and The following Any fruit magicbuyers to join the Kiosk are the prizes customerpromotion. that will be given duringPromoting Fruit Magic this promotion Family, Circle ofand its product to all of friends, Lovers orits target market as well Fruit Magic Couple and to the potential jacket andcustomer that will result umbrellato awareness and latelywill contribute to itssales. Mechanics1. The customer must purchase any fruit magic juice with a minimum of P150.002. The customer will first be asked and informed about the promotion.3. The customer will shake the “shaker after shaking; he will pick one item/fruit and read the content. “shaker”,4. Items picked by customer that have Fruit Magic logo entitles them to win the item, h ems hence, no logomeans they lose. 49
  50. 50. Action Plan Date Tasks o Managers should orient the employees about the promotion Managers June 20,2011 o Posting of posters/tarpaulins to inform the customers about the incoming promotion. o The promotion will announce in the Fruit Magic Fan Page and other socail June 25,2011 networking site like Twitter and Facebook. o Assuring that the materials needed for the promotion are available. June 27,2011 o Beginning of the promotion. Again, employees must inform the customers July 1,2011 about the promotion. o One week monitoring of the promotion to ensure if the customers are July 2-9,2011 patronizing it. o Monitoring of the impact of the promotion at sales of the stores July 10-24,2011 o Last week of the promotion and conducting an evaluation about the July 25-31,2011 effectiveness of the promotion.Budget Promotional Budget Prizes Quantity Unit Price Total Price Fruit magic jacket 300 PHP 800.00 PHP 240,000 240,000.00Fruit Magic Umbrella 300 PHP 120.00 PHP 36,000.00 Total Budget PHP 276,000.00 MATERIALS QUANTITY UNIT PRICE TOTAL PRICE Shaker 65 PHP3OO.00 PHP19,500.00 Special paper 5 PHP65.00 PH275.00 Total budget PHP19,275.00 Communication Materials Quantity Unit Price Total Price Posters 100 PHP 120.00 PHP 12,000.00 Total Budget PHP 307,275.00 50
  51. 51. Projected Sales PHP.150.00 X 15 - Number of responses PHP.2250.00 X 65 - Number of Stores _________________ PHP.146,250.00 X 5 - (AVERAGE NO. OF PICKS) _________________ PHP. 731,250.00 - PHP.307,255.00 -(CAPITAL BUDGET) ________________ PHP. 423,975.00 -(PROJECTED SALES) Promo Timeline Promo Name March April May June July Spin the Pizza Wheel April Fruit Days Frutilicious Moment Treat on Receipt Shake it! Take it! 51
  52. 52. Budget Summary Promo Name Budget Spin the Pizza Wheel PHP 116, 880.00 April Fruit Days PHP 90, 620.00 Frutilicious Moment PHP 30,000.00 Treat on Receipt PHP 24,000.00 Shake it! Take it! PHP 307,275.00 Over-all Promo Budget all PHP 568,775.00 Key Factors to Success o Ensuring that all the employees are aware of the promotions o Assuring that advertisement and promotional materials are available o Ensuring mechanics of the promotions are properly communicated through posters and Fruit Magic’s Facebook account. VII. CommunicationPromotions will be communicated and announced to customers through posters, print ads and othersocial networking sites. Fruit magic will be communicated to the following places to create awarenessupon potential customers. 52
  53. 53. National Capital Region Quezon City Source: 2010 Study conducted by the National Statistic Office o Percentage of Employed Citizens of Quezon City 45% Working Non- -working 65% 53
  54. 54. 65% of population of Quezon City is working while 45% of them are unemployed. o Number of schools in Quezon City 20% Public School Private School 80%80% are public schools while the remaining 20% are public schools situated in Quezon City 54
  55. 55. ManilaThe unemployment rate in Manila (zip 72442), AR, is 11.00%, with job growth of -7.50%. Future job 7.50%.growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 14.00%.As of 2008 there are 511 elementary schools and 220 secondary schools in the National Capital Region.There are around 81 higher educational institutions VIII. Execution Guidelines Planning (Before the Promotion) Planning in this process is inevitable; planning serves as a guide to management and to enables the management; A. Obtain and commit resources required to each projects. B. Members of the organization carry on the activities consistent with the chosen objectives and procedures. C. Progress toward objective is monitored and measured toward so that corrective toward action can be taken if progress is unsatisfactory. D. One or two weeks before the launching, promotion will be communicated to customers to ensure that the customers will be aware of the promotion. 55
  56. 56. E. Managers are responsible of communicating the promotion to the entire work force communicating and educating them the entire promotion and its objectives. Always keep in mind the 4P’s of the Fruit Magic strategy. The following questions should be included in the communication of promos to the entire workforce: What will be done? This question includes the kind of promotion and the benefits that the customers can get out of the promotion. Why will it be done? This includes communicating the objectives of the promotions included in this plan. How will it be done? This question refers to the mechanics of each promotion on how it will work. When it will be done? This refers to the durations of the promotions. Where it will be done? The place that will be involve in undertaking the promotion. Who will do it? This refers to the person/s that will be involved and responsible to the entire promotion. Execution (During the Promotion)• At the day of the promotion employee should inform the customer and communicating the promotion and the benefits that they ca get. can• Employee should also encourage the customers to join and participate at the promotion.• Check stock: Rechecking of the availability of the materials needed.• Managers should always monitor the promotion to make sure that that everything and everyone is under control and ensuring the success of each promotion. s 56
  57. 57. Evaluation (After the Promotion) • At the end of the promotion, evaluation should be done to determine if the promotion is successful or not, if it is motivating to customers, to spot areas that should be improved that will be useful to latter promotion, to reduce errors, defects and waste. • Use finding; derived findings will be useful for cycle of improvement. “What if scenarios" It is the manager’s task to identify which course of action in a particular situation, under particular particular circumstances, and a particular time, best contribute to the attainment of the management goals. o Understanding and analyzing the existing situation, and determining its cause. o Deeper planning and establishing methods or suitable course of action for dealing with the existing situation. o Choosing the best course of action and implement it to deal with the existing situation. o Determining the response of the situation to the applied course of action or solution through regu monitoring and observation. regularIX. ACTION PROGRAMS T - Total involvement The implementation of the programs or projects begins with the total involvement of the CEO, top management as well as the entire work force to ensure the success. Management must practice the philosophy of Management by Wandering (MBWA) to monitor the implementation of each programs and projects. Management must ensure right timing to implement projects and programs. Management must continually find projects for continuous improvements that will attribute to the success of the company. 57
  58. 58. A - All channels of communication must be open to ensure knowledge, understanding and consistent application of every guidelines of each projects and programs. M - Making decisions in line with Fruit Magic’s mission and vision and the objectives of with this plan and the company. A - Aid Fruit Magic has to develop operational plans that will provide details needed to incorporate strategy into day tegy day-to-day operations.X. BUDGET SUMMARY Budget Allotment for Promos t Promo Name Budget Spin the Pizza Wheel PHP 68,500.00 April Fruit Days PHP 81,000.00 Frutilicious Moment PHP 72,000.00 Treat on Receipt PHP 1,440.00 Shake it! Take it! PHP 300,600.00 Over-all Promo Budget all PHP 523,540.00 Budget allotment for communication Communication Materials Quantity Unit Price Total Price Posters 600 PHP 120.00 PHP 72,000.00 Flyers 3000 PHP0.65 PHP1950.00 Total Budget PHP PH 73,950.00 OVER ALL BUDGET PHP 597,490.00 58
  59. 59. XI. ControlsThis is the process we yearn that company must adhere to and make a long term practice: long-term OBJECTIVES CONFORM CONTROL BODIES CONTROL TOOLS COMPARE RESULTS CORRECTION AND ALTERATION CREATE FASTER C YCLE 59
  60. 60. CREATE BETTER QUALITY CREATE/ADD VALUE COPE WITH THE CHANGEThe Magic of 9 C’s Conform Ensuring that actual activities conform to planned activities before the start of development phase. Control Bodies Business is all about people and that’s why initially people have to control other peop people. The managers should exercise their different powers to keep everyone on process. They must provide customer driven quality, helping organization’s relationship with customer build trust, confidence and loyalty. Managers must include improvement as part of all work units. Fruit Magic needed to develop and designs strategies for changing growing demand for consumers. Participative Management is necessary to facilitate delegation and encourage employee to work together as a team. Control Tools Obtaining customer response or feed back for performance standards and to discover customer dissatisfaction, discover relative priorities of quality, and identify customer needs through social networking sites, comment cards and hotlines. Compare results against standards This involves comparing of the results of the projects against the standards or objectives of this plan and to plan projects itself. This will identify errors to plan projects. 60
  61. 61. Correction and alteration This will offer corrections and suggestions of areas needed to improve to avoid llreoccurrence of the problem. This will also suggest if the objective of the projects are inneed of alteration.Create Faster CycleFruit Magic has to recognizing customers demand for improved design, quality or fordelivery time.Create Better QualityEnsuring that Fruit Magic delivers great tasting products that will result to a betterprofitable customer relationship.Create/Add ValueEnsuring that values are added to products or services, so that customer will buy it in services,preference to competitors offering.Cope with the ChangeChange is inevitable part of any organizations environment. The control function aidsthe management in responding to resulting threats or opportunities by helpingmanagers or organization detect changes that are affecting their products and services. 61