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Eduze Main Deck Feb 2014
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Eduze Main Deck Feb 2014


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Eduze seeks to level the digital playing field. …

Eduze seeks to level the digital playing field.
We've created a platform that commercially distributes digital content to mobile devices without the need for 3G, ADSL or even electricity.
Through it we offer free and easy access to world-class digital content that can uplift, inform and empower those who are too apprehensive, confused or financially challenged to access traditional web and online services. - Pitch Video

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  • 1. To provide everyone equal access to the learning, loving and LOLing that digital content offers. Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 2. The emerging digital world Across emerging markets the smartphone is heralded as the great leveler - a device that will bring many into the global digital age. However, the stark reality is the high cost of data and the lack of internet experience means most rarely access digital services. Cost LanguageReliabilityApprehension Obstacles to widespread digital service adoption in emerging markets: Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 3. Rapid Smartphone Adoption Sub $50 Android smartphones are entering the African market alongside other aggressive device/Telco marketing and pricing strategies; smartphone penetration is predicted to increase rapidly from around 19% in 20133. 3 Blycroft Publishing “2012 African Mobile Factbook” Growing African Middle Class 2012 - 313 Million / 34.3% of the population1 2060 - 1.1 billion / 42% of the population2 Seven of the ten fastest growing world economies are African2 1 African Development Bank 2011 2 Deloitte on Africa - “The Rise and Rise of the African Middle Class” Data Cost & Confusion Internet remains prohibitively expensive Example - South Africa - Cheapest rates require R 1,800 upfront cost Remarkable lack of training, education and assistance in digital technology Why Africa? Why now? Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 4. Imagine you are one of the 18 million people that take taxis in South Africa for over an hour every day. Odds are you have a smartphone or will buy one in the next 12 months Unfortunately the high cost of data and your lack of digital experience means its unlikely you will use your smartphone to access the internet for your journey. In fact it’s quite unlikely you use the internet at all. The problem - users Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 5. CLOX A completely autonomous, independent digital content distribution platform that operates off-grid. Without the need, cost or limitations of 3G, ADSL, or even electricity Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 6. How We Roll TAXIS TOWNSHIPS SHOPPING MALLS INTERCITY BUSES CLOX Junior CLOUD IN A BOX - Our custom 12 volt Wi-Fi content servers quickly and freely deliver a huge range of content to on-board passengers with smartphones. CLOX Biggie Our ‘Super’ Wi-fi content servers can be positioned in townships, malls and other urban hubs to create a high speed and free content network that can stretch across a 20km radius. Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 7. Functionality & Implementations Taxis & Intercity Buses •Pre-programmed video feed with advertising •Wi-Fi router & content server •Geo-targeting / contextual local advertising Retail & Restaurant •Wi-Fi router & content server •Micro and Local Reach - broadcast to local community and customers •Cheap Data •Digital Jukeboxes •In-Store Screens - content feeds, games, high scores, etc Live Events •Data capture, content, marketing channel •Secure back channel for ops communication •Digital order and purchase drinks Wireless Networks Easily add content and advertising layer to Wifi Hot spots and Super Wifi Networks - reduce backhaul cost and limitation and add more revenue opportunities and customer value Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 8. EDUZE EDUZE is a content platform that primarily operates over CLOX. Located in taxis, buses and trains through to music festivals, sports stadiums or rural villages. In-flight entertainment, applied anywhere Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 9. Marketing communications Walled garden internet Live interaction Secure comms Data capture Social media Map/locater Downloads Uploads Chat Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 10. Revenue Digital Ads Sponsored Content Click for more info Click to download voucher Click to fill out survey Television Ads Radio Ads All able to be geo- & demo-targeted and tracked Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 11. The Market Africans waking up to the many opportunities and capabilities of the digital world Keen sense of own identity and power Middle class or aiming to be Aspirational Urban/peri-urban 16-34 year old Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 12. Business Coca-Cola Translux / Autopax / PRASA Primedia Outdoor Ogilvy Africa US State Department Wikipedia Foundation State of play: Eduze is a Pty Ltd company, registered in South Africa In development for 12 months Real world iteration trials running in South Africa. Global founders are two Fins and one South African/Brit. South African co-founder is Shaka Sisulu. Currently bootstrapped but multiple investment & partnership opportunities from overseas and South Africa (including global billion dollar tech, investment and media companies.) Africori Wabona Next Music Sovereign Music Every 1 Mobile Emzingo Ongoing trials & discussions: Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 13. Team Charlie Beuthin - BA (Hons)- acting CEO - Global co-founder 10+ years in award-winning management and executive roles at Universal Music UK, Warner Music UK, MTV Africa and start-ups Glambox SA (led winning acquisition), Channel U (successful independent music TV Channel). Founded Shuffle TV - acquired by Nation 217. Arto Pitsinki - CXO - Global co-founder Executive positions at leading Wi-Fi technology companies including NextMesh (Helsinki). Co-inventor of patent WO20100321213 “Arrangement for wireless communications and travel”. Chief wireless engineer for multiple large-scale Wi-Fi installations including the largest shopping mall and ice hockey rink in Finland. ? - CTO - Global co-founder (full time with Eduze once funded.) Currently CTO at leading wireless technology provider (Helsinki)- Previously CEO of Meshcom Technologies. Chief Engineer on many large-scale wireless networks globally. Co-inventor on patent WO2001091480 A1 “Information transfer between an end user and a radio network”. Primary inventor on WO2003058915 A1 “Method for supporting mobility in wireless networks”. Founded Radionet and exited through acquisition by Airspan. Developed routing software that has been adopted by two branches of the US military. Shaka Sisulu - MBA - African co-founder Grandson of Walter Sisulu. 10+ years executive positions in mid-tier telco and media companies. Currently serves as national task force leader in the Youth League of the ANC and on the board of LoveLife & The Public Sector Excellence Awards. Shaka is a 2011 Archbishop Tutu Fellow and was a 2012 delegate to the Academy of Achievement’s 50th Anniversary Summit in Washington. In 2012 he joined Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young People alumni. Co-founder of a start-up incubator and founder of mobilization organisation CheeseKids, Shaka is also a talk radio DJ, public speaker and published author. Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 14. Value Proposition Strategic Differentiator D2C Sales, Content, Marketing & Promotions Channel Promote Partner Services (eg -Buses, Taxis) Value Add for Customers Further monetize existing footfall Secure communication back channel (support staff, etc) Highly targeted and easily tracked advertising and data capture Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 15. Value Proposition - Users Highly Compelling and Relevant Range of Content Easy VOIP Calls and Chat Lower Internet Data Charges than their mobile bundle. Uncomplicated and Highly Accessible FREE! (around 70% of all content is free) Empowering Brand Content Translated into Local Languages Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 16. Market size - South Africa Total Available Market Smartphone Penetration1 2013 - 13 million 25% of population 2017 - 28 million 54% of population 1 Source: GSMA & Deloitte - Sub-Saharan Africa Mobile Observatory 2012 0 15 30 45 60 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 South African Smartphone Penetration %ofpopulation Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 17. 0-4 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 75-79 80-84 85-89 0 2 3 5 6 South African Population Pyramid Males & Females / Millions Serviceable Available Market Smartphones Users 16-34 years old1 Total 16-34 year old population = 20 million (2013), 21.5 million (2017) Smartphone penetration = 25% (2013 ), 54% (2017) 2013 - 5 million 10% of population 2017 - 11 million 20% of population 1 Source: 2013 U.S. Census Bureau, International Data Base Market size - South Africa Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 18. 14 15 16 16 17 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 South African Population in urban conglomerates of more than 1 million PopulationinMillions Serviceable Obtainable Market Smartphones Users 16-34 years old urban and peri-urban areas 62% Urbanization with urban smartphone skew 2013 - 4 million 9% of population 2017 - 10 million 19% of population Market size - South Africa Wednesday, March 26, 14
  • 19. Wednesday, March 26, 14