The Angry Birds Guide to Can’t Fail Social Business Adoption


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Having Social Business Adoption Challenges? Check out this presentation on Adoption strategies using the best solutions and the best strategy as recommended by some of the biggest companies in the world.
NOTE: THIS IS THE NON-ANIMATED VERSION. Come see me live at SharePoint Fest in Wash DC on Aug 12, 2011 to see the fully animated version.

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The Angry Birds Guide to Can’t Fail Social Business Adoption

  1. Low Adoption
  2. Adoption
  3. utilizing theirSocial Business
  4. Look Familiar
  5. So how do the …
  6. ..knock these obstacles
  7. Let‟s Get
  8. Adoption obstacle “No one is using SharePoint so why should I waste my time using it?”
  9. Did you know?SharePoint is used in over 80% ofthe Fortune 1000
  10. Solution IN ADOPTION“Run internal SharePoint marketingcampaigns to complete out user profiles.”
  11. Solution IN ADOPTION“This singlehandedly is one of the best adoption strategies and isa leading indicator of user adoption success.”
  12. Solution ADOPTION“Build incentives for creating profiles. Colliers will automatically add aBroker‟s external profile to the site if their SharePointprofile is completed.
  13. Adoption obstacle “We‟re distracted by too many applications already. I don‟t want to use SharePoint”
  14. Solution To share documents“With one can use SharePoint in context inside of Outlook orNotes where people spend the majority of their day.”
  15. Solution SharePoint Usage“Integrate as much information into one spot as possible (Docs, email,social activity, etc.) Also, the more in context the better.”
  16. Adoption Obstacle “Our SharePoint site looks like it was designed by a committee”
  17. Did you know?Most of the experts we talked tobelieve „design by committee‟ to becounterproductive
  18. Solution By Committee“What we found is better than trying to get 10 people in a room and moldthe perfect world, it‟s faster and way more efficient to get three people in a room,design something, build it, get it out there, start using it and then evolve it.”
  19. Solution Shouldn‟t build cars“I do think in order to be able to make the decisions and move forward you need to have one belly button, in my Southern terminology,to be held accountable to push it forward.”
  20. Adoption Obstacle “Why should I share my years of experience with everyone else?”
  21. Did you know?NewsGator was recognized asMicrosoft‟s 2011 Country Partnerof the Year for the United States
  22. Solution Avg Q&A answer time in „Hello‟“Set up a Questions and Answers area using Newsgator togive people an additional incentive to use SharePoint.”
  23. Solution Avg Q&A answer time in „Hello‟“Most of our SharePoint questions go to our SharePoint community of practices in“Hello”. There‟s 800 people that answer questions and on average there are 6-7questions that are asked and answered within 15 minutes.”
  24. Adoption Obstacle “SharePoint is just not for me. I am not technical enough to use it”
  25. Did you know?The Yammer for SharePoint 3.0 Web Part adds a real-time social layer to SharePoint platform, making it moresocial, mobile, and engaging.
  26. Solution Increase in social adoption“Using Yammer in SharePoint and soon - is an easySocial onramp for the non-tech savvy elite.”
  27. Solution Increase in social adoption“You‟ll soon turn your even the most tech averse users intocontent contributing employees.”
  28. Adoption Obstacle “For sharing documents, email is so much easier to use than SharePoint.”
  29. Did you know?ABB increased its number of SharePoint users by 43%,doubled SharePoint team spaces within first months oftheir deployment.
  30. Solution AMWAY: email reduction“ transforms Outlook and Notes into a documentcollaboration console and social activity feed. No need to leave email.”
  31. Solution Instead of 11“In our SharePoint Challenge testing, we found you can eliminate 10 SharePointsteps with one click in”
  32. Adoption Obstacle “I have no idea how effective we are using information in SharePoint. And who cares?”
  33. Did you know?Sometimes you need to combine a strategy with a tool because asPeter Drucker once said, “Neither Technology or People determinesthe other, but each shapes the other.”
  34. Solution progress bars are motivating“Publish stats about the percentage of your organizationThat have completed profiles, lists, blogs, etc.”
  35. Solution Provides better results“Using FAST in SharePoint will corral all of your data andprovide answers quickly. No data living in the wild.”
  36. Adoption Obstacle “I don‟t feel motivated enough to contribute to SharePoint”
  37. Did you know?Accenture is working with NewsGator to define a nextgeneration game mechanics solution
  38. Solution Can be highly motivating“Use game dynamics and badging to motivate and reward usersfor contributing to the site.”
  39. Adoption Obstacle “So why are we using SharePoint for this?”
  40. Did you know?Most employees don‟t understand how and whySharePoint can help them with their responsibilities
  41. Solution # of Collier pilot users“Pilot SharePoint with a small group of early adopters.Those using Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook for business…”
  42. Solution No one has time“Use internal marketing campaigns centered aroundawareness of information on SharePoint – before crunch mode”
  43. Adoption Obstacle “Social Business is BullSh*t!”
  44. Did you know? “Its always fascinating to me that those very orgs that aremainstream/ conservative (basically, not early adopters) have themost meaningful usage scenarios and value points coming out of socialsoftware, be that for customer or employee interaction”
  45. Solution The naysayersSita likes to say to naysayers,“You don‟t qualify to useSharePoint. You can‟t use it”
  46. Solution The naysayersAnd guess what, those same people come backA few months later and demand to use it…
  47. How can you tell if you have high adoption?“When everyone in the companyis saying put it on SharePoint or(insert Social Platform name)”
  49. All your social feeds in One spot - in email
  50. On Social Business1. Make sure the strategy fits your company
  51. On Social Business1. Make sure the strategy fits your company2. As once said , “I dont think tools orstrategy are more valid than the other. Rather it highlights theimportance of designing solutions that fit the needs of usersand take into account the particular circumstances of eachorganisation.
  52. On Social Business1. Make sure the strategy fits your company2. As Peter Drucker once said , “I dont think tools orstrategy are more valid than the other. Rather it highlights theimportance of designing solutions that fit the needs of usersand take into account the particular circumstances of eachorganisation. 3. Unfortunately, there is no single right fit or approach. And both Strategy and solutions can be executed badly. Use the advice herein as an
  53. One more …
  55. I‟m giving away
  56. To the first person that the and him in this presentationFine Print: You must Tweet “Hey @Teamharmonie” along with the twitter names orfull names of the 4 individuals & Also must include a link to this presentation.
  58. Slide Sources Notes 1, 68 Image courtesy of Deviant Art 7 Image Courtesy of 15 Image courtesy of AKM Designs 73 Courtesy of Rovio - Copyright 19,20,26,31, Courtesy of CocHawk: Deviant Art 36,41,46,51,56, 63176475?q=sort%3Atime+gallery%3Acochawk&qo=3 60,65 8 Courtesy of City-Life-1.jpegTHE ORIGINAL PRESENTATION IS .YOU WILL HAVE TO WATCH ME LIVE TO SEE IT!