Accra2009 action plan


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Accra2009 action plan

  1. 1. ACTION PLAN Strategic objective To improve the performance of project staff and service providers Objective Recommended action Responsibility Indicators Completion date To improve project Training of project staff in IFAD/WARF/projects • Number of support actions, June 2010 capacities regarding administrative and financial meetings and staff trained administrative and management (disbursement, • Improvement in the financial procurement, formulation of disbursement rate in management and work programmes etc.) comparison with the year 2009 ensure a full • 75% of withdrawal applications command of free of major errors procedures To improve the Organization of training IFAD/WARF/projects • Number and quality of thematic December capacities of local sessions for local service meetings and training sessions 2010 service providers providers (NGOs, farmers’ organized for local providers (NGOs, farmers’ organizations, government • Quality of providers’ services organizations, agencies etc.) • Degree of target groups’ government satisfaction agencies etc.) • Degree of implementation of working plans To promote equity Harmonization of salary scales Government/IFAD At least two national scales December among donors and in order to reduce disparity updated 2010 projects regarding among donors and projects payment of project regarding payment to project teams in the same teams in the same country country To boost the Technical training for small IFAD/other donors Number of support actions and December 1
  2. 2. capacities of small producers in the value chains training sessions organized for 2010 producers and support to operators to small producers and operators throughout value ensure a full command of the chains services to be provided To enhance the Technical training for rural IFAD/projects/other • Number of support actions and December capacities of rural finance projects donors training sessions organized for 2010 finance service rural finance projects providers to offer • Number of service providers appropriate trained products for the various target groups (including women and young people) 2
  3. 3. Strategic objective To enhance the effectiveness and impact of project management Objective Recommended action Responsibility Indicators Completion date To improve the Modification of loan agreements to IFAD/government • Number of loan agreements December mobilization of limit the government’s direct modified 2010 counterpart funds contribution To improve the rate Reduction and elimination of IFAD • Number of days taken by IFAD to of project delays in handling withdrawal handle withdrawal applications disbursements applications by IFAD Training of project staff in IFAD/WARF Number of support actions, training June 2010 preparing withdrawal applications sessions and staff trained To reduce delays in Harmonization of procurement IFAD/government • Number of days taken to handle December the approval of procedures procurement documents 2010 procurement contracts To reduce delays in • Opening of special accounts and IFAD/government • Number of projects with December project release of counterpart funds operational special counterpart 2010 implementation before the project is officially accounts since the official start, (disbursement launched in comparison with the number conditions, project • Recruitment and training of staff of projects expected to get under equipment, opening 6 months in advance and their way in 2010 of special accounts) deployment in the field from the • Number of new projects with start of the project staff recruited 6 months prior to the start of the project • Number of projects with logistical means, equipment and supplies already acquired at the start of 3
  4. 4. the project To improve the Review and reduction of the key Projects/IFAD/WA • • An M&E system established with December performance of the indicators of level 1 M&E RF no more than 10 key indicators 2010 monitoring and • Adaptation of the regional M&E • Number of operational systems evaluation system training programme IFAD/WARF/proje • Training programme reviewed cts and modified To improve access Promotion of the establishment of IFAD/other • Number of beneficiaries December to credit for rural financial services appropriate to donors • Number of new products 2010 households and the needs of rural households and developed enterprises enterprises • Volume of loans granted 4
  5. 5. Strategic objective To boost management and sharing of the knowledge and innovations of projects and programmes Objective Recommended action Responsibility Indicators Completion date To improve Establishment and implementation IFAD/projects/ • Number of projects and September consultation and of action plans for management and WARF CPMTs to have developed 2010 synergy among communication of the knowledge of and implemented an action projects and projects and programmes plan programmes within • Level and quality of the countries participation and exchange To boost capacities • Boosting of project teams’ IFAD/projects/ • Appropriate tools and September for management capacities to capitalize on and WARF mechanisms developed for 2010 and sharing of the share experience the collection of good knowledge and • Boosting of small producers’ practices innovations of capacities throughout value chains • Number and quality of projects and • Promotion of experience sharing activities and products programmes throughout value chains • Number of training sessions and support actions provided To improve Improvement in the circulation of IFAD • Activities carried out by December 2010 collaboration and information among grants and regional grants taking project synergy among national projects needs into account projects and grants • The results of grants disseminated among projects 5