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Camino de Santiago



Who is St. James?

Who is St. James?



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Camino de Santiago Camino de Santiago Presentation Transcript

  • Drew Students on Pilgrimage 2011
  • What is a pilgrimage?
  • Spain
    View slide
  • Current day Spain
    Santiago de Compostela
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  • The Way of Saint James
    Saint James Way
    El Camino de Santiago
    Pilgrims started walking to Santiago de Compostela in the
  • Walking in the footsteps of history
  • Roman road – over 2000 years old!
  • Four roads through France bring pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela.
  • Who is St. James
    Saint James
    James the Greater
    St. James the Pilgrim
    Santiago Peregrino
    St. James the Muslim-killer
    Santiago Matamoros
    … and why is he a saint?
  • Jesus recruited 12 disciples (students)
    James was fishing with his father and brother John when Jesus called him.
    I will make you fishers of men
  • James joins Jesus.
    The Disciples travel around with Son of God as he goes about curing people, raising them from the dead and performing miracles like walking on water and turning water into wine.
  • Transfiguration : Christ reveals his divine nature to three disciples.
  • Raphael ,
    Transfiguration, 1520
  • Agony in the Garden: Christ prays to God for strength.
    This is a turning point in Christ’s life: after this moment the process leading to Christ’s crucifixion begin.
  • {my absolute favorite Christ painting, you guys will get to see it!!!}
    Rogier van der Weyden, Descent for the Cross, 1399
    Prado Museum
  • James is beheaded
    in 42 C.E.
  • The legend of St. James preaching in Spain….
    Returns to Jerusalem and is beheaded.
    St. James’s body returns to Spain by an unmanned boat and is buried in a mountain.
    *** Miracles are a necessary requirement of a person to be considered for sainthood.
  • Scallop shell
    No one knows the origin of the symbol.
    1) Ocean side miracles.
    2) Ancient souvenirs.
    St. James the Pilgrim
  • Milky Way
    CompusStellarum (Latin)
    Field of Stars
    = person is born.
    = souls of the decent
    head west, to the
    end of the earth,
    realm of the dead.
  • Meanwhile …
  • Medieval Europe – about 1100 12th century
  • Hmmm... Now, let me think. Where did I put that guy?
  • The legend of Pelayo, the shepherd, finding the tomb of St. James.
    813 C.E.
  • St. James the Pilgrim
    {Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela}
  • Santiago Peregrino at the Prado Museum.
  • The legend of
    Santiago Matamoros.
    St. James
    the Moor-killer
    St. James miraculously appears at the battle of Clavijo in 844.
  • Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, (1075 – 1700s)
    997 original building destroyed by Moors.
  • Christianity
    was booming!
    Churches were built all along the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela
    12th-13th c. France built 80 Cathedrals and
    500 churches.
    Saint Sernin, France
  • During the long and arduous journey pilgrims often sang.
  • The Last Judgment
  • The Holy right hand of St. Stephen.
    Head of St. John the Baptist