The New iPad Goes to Work


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What features of the New iPad are most tantalizing to the enterprise. Is it the retina display, 4G or the apps?

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  • Sparklers:iCloud controls shown on earlier slide.Email sandboxing shown on right and in MaaS360 console control.3) For Proxy – per-iOS5 this was only doable for VPNs. Now you can do it for Wi-Fi also using MaaS360.
  • The Judges:More than 170 independent analysts, journalists, academics and subject matter experts and 16 representatives from mobile operators throughout the world participated in the judging of the 2012 awards.Judges comment:"This [MaaS360] demonstrates genuine understanding of enterprise user issues, and enables straightforward and cost-effective mobile device management.“
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  • The New iPad Goes to Work

    1. 1. The New iPad Goes to Work Joshua Lambert – 3/15/20121
    2. 2. Let’s continue the conversation!@MaaS360 [Share comments, continue Q&A, suggest future topics] #MaaS360Webinar Click the link in the chat window to tweet about today’s webinar @MaaS360
    3. 3. Today • Introduction to the new iPad – Hardware information – Connectivity options – New software • Putting the new iPad to work – Deploying key apps – Managing data usage and costs 3
    4. 4. The new iPad - Basics • Lands Friday (3/16) – Preorder stock is sold out worldwide – Stores should have some available, open at 8AM • Comes in 3 flavors with 3 sizes each – WiFi only, AT&T, Verizon – 16GB, 32GB, 64GB – Starts at $499 • iPad 2 is now $399! 4
    5. 5. New iPad Tech Specs • The Retina Display – 2048x1536 (4x the pixels of iPad 2) – 44% better color saturation • A5X chip – 1GB of RAM (2x as much as iPad 2) – Quad core graphics to drive new display – Same 1GHz CPU as iPad 2 • 5MP Camera (5x iPad 2’s Camera) • Slightly heavier and thicker • 4G LTE for US and Canadian carriers 5
    6. 6. Poll Question • Which upgrade to the iPad do you find most important for business use? – A. 4G LTE Connectivity – B. Retina Display – C. 5MP Camera – D. A5X chip 6
    7. 7. Cellular Support in U.S. • AT&T iPad – Supports all major GSM frequencies – LTE on 700 and 2100 bands (AT&T) • Verizon iPad – Verizon CDMA EVDO rev. A – Also includes GSM for international roaming – LTE on 700mhz (Verizon) – Data plan includes tethering free 7
    8. 8. International Support • International model will be the AT&T version – Compatible with Canadian LTE networks – Will not support other international LTE networks • They are using unsupported frequency bands for LTE • Wi-Fi model does not support GPS • New iPad supports record 12 frequency bands 8
    9. 9. It’s all about the software • More important than hardware, is the software which runs on these devices – iPad is still massive leader in tablet software – 200k apps designed for iPad • Apple setting standard for iPad apps – Keynote, Pages, Numbers iWork suite • Still best in class, only $9.99 each. • New iPhoto app completes iLife suite – Multitouch photo editing for $4.99 – iPhone 4, iPad 2 and above 9
    10. 10. Putting the new iPad to work • Tablet use in enterprise is exploding – 72% of businesses already use tablets – iPad 4Q11 shipments doubled from 4Q10 • Key areas to consider with the new iPad – Getting the right apps out to your users – Managing data usage on devices with cellular plans 10
    11. 11. Poll Question • Are you planning on using iPad’s in your business? – A. Already using iPad’s today – B. Planning an iPad deployment – C. Considering whether to allow iPad’s – D. No plans to use iPad’s in our business 11
    12. 12. Distributing Apps in the Enterprise • Apps are the key to productivity with tablets – iWork suite: Keynote, Pages, Numbers – VPN app: Cisco Anyconnect, Juniper Pulse – Enterprise app: Corporate Directory, Inventory app • Three main types – Free, Paid, and Enterprise – Deployment details differ • Volume Purchase Program – Centralize purchasing of paid apps 12
    13. 13. Deploying Public Apps Manually • Public apps must be downloaded via App Store – Apple rights management in place even for free apps • Directing users to App Store page – Special URLs can automatically open the app store directly to app page • In iTunes, find app and select “Copy Link” • Redemption codes – Paid apps can be installed via redemption codes – Special URLs can embed a code for easy redemption – VPP lets you purchase codes in bulk, provides URLs • Distribute link via email, SMS, web page, etc. 13
    14. 14. Deploying Public Apps with MDM • MDM services integrate with Apple App Store – Issue an over the air command to install an app – Can also remove apps that were pushed • Two options to deploy apps via MDM – Enterprise Catalogs offer users a selection of enterprise approved apps to choose from – Admins can also push apps directly to a users device • VPP codes handled transparently 14
    15. 15. Deploying Enterprise Apps • Basics – App developed internally with Enterprise Developer Program • Not available on public App Store – Expire every year and must be redeployed • Deployment is similar to public apps – Manual deployment via manually crafted URL – Pushed via MDM – Can also be loaded via USB with iPhone Config Utility • Expiration adds an extra wrinkle to management 15
    16. 16. Poll Question • How does your business currently manage apps on your mobile devices? – A. No mobile app management in place – B. Manual deployment in place – C. Using an MDM or dedicated App Management service 16
    17. 17. Managing data usage and costs • Cellular speeds with LTE are faster than ever – Easier to consume large amounts of data quickly – Real world speeds of 24Mbps seen • Many plans are still capped, with overages – Verizon offering 1, 2, and 5 GB / Month plans – At full speed, user can eat up 1GB in 6 minutes • Overages can be a significant extra cost • Roaming can also be a concern 17
    18. 18. Tools to help prevent high cellular bills • Some carriers provide alerts as users reach their data limits – This can be sent via SMS, or via an app on the device • Helpful apps on the App Store – Apps monitor network usage and provide alerts to users • MDM services can also provide alerts – Alerts can be sent as a user approaches their limit – Summary and trending reports can also be provided 18
    19. 19. Live Demo 19
    20. 20. Wrap up • The new iPad – Available this Friday, 3/16 – Retina display, LTE, improved performance – Apps are continuing to mature, lead by Apple’s suites – iPad use in business is growing extremely quickly • MaaS360, Instant MDM – Cloud-based SaaS service, nothing to install – Free trial available online at – New iPad, App Management, and Expense Management Never worry about upgrading your MDM servers again 20
    21. 21. 2012 Global Mobile Award “Best Enterprise Mobile Service” Judged on introducing the most Who we beat: innovative mobile tools to help • MobileIron corporate users work smarter • Good Technology and do business better on • Virtela Technology the move. Other Category Winners 21
    22. 22. Let’s continue the conversation!@MaaS360 [Share comments, continue Q&A, suggest future topics] #MaaS360Webinar Click the link in the chat window to tweet about today’s webinar @MaaS360
    23. 23. Questions or follow-up?Wrap-up• Upcoming Webinars ( – March 20 – Getting Started with MaaS360 – March 29 – Best Practices for Implementing a BYOD Program• Past Webinars ( – Best Practices for Testing Mobile Applications – What’s New in 4.0 Android Ice Cream Sandwich? – Building Apps for iPhone and iPad• Plus lots of How-To content on our website – Mobile Device Management Best Practices • – Mobile Device Management Glossary •• The Q&A Continues… – Got more questions? Find us after the webinar on the MaaSters Center! • 23
    24. 24. Q&A 24