Enterprise Mobility Best Practices - 2017 Analysts' Predictions


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We know what year it is, but Fiberlink wants to help you future proof your Enterprise Mobility Management strategy and solutions with guest speaker IDC analyst John Jackson. Mobility is a dynamically evolving design point for enterprise applications of all types. As an IT professional, it can be tough to keep up with the fast pace, new ideas and all those acronyms! MEM, MDM, MAM, BYOD...how does it all fit together and where's it all going?

Mobile Enterprise Management (MEM) is expected to own $2.1B of the market by 2017*. This isn't hard to believe with more than half of IT Managers reporting that their organizations have implemented an MDM or MAM tool in their mobile strategy. And as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) beat goes on, MEM solutions have evolved from device management to incorporate app management, and are now increasingly supporting content management functionality.

Listen as John Jackson discusses enterprise mobility:

- IDC's Third Platform concept and how it changes everything
- 2-3 -year outlook on EMM
- Expanding functionality expected from EMM platforms
- What other IT professionals like you are saying about EMM
- Essential guidance for IT buyers vetting EMM vendor

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Enterprise Mobility Best Practices - 2017 Analysts' Predictions

  1. 1. Enterprise Mobility Best Practices – 2017 Analysts’ Predictions Sponsored by Fiberlink John Jackson February, 2014
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Enterprise Mobility, the Third Platform, and a 2-3 Year Outlook 2. Mobile Enterprise Management in Perspective 3. The Voice of IT 4. Essential Guidance #EMM2017 2
  3. 3. Poll question Where do you see the future of EMM headed? a) Fad technology solution - need today but not long term (1-2 years) b) Stick around - EMM has the potential to replace legacy management systems (2-4 years) c) Core Technology - EMM will help manage mobility for the long term (4-10 years) #EMM2017 3
  4. 4. Enterprise Mobility: The Next 2-3 Years  3rd Platform compute and service distribution paradigm is permanent  BYODBYOAppMYOC (manage your own content), and beyond  Highly heterogeneous “customers”, modalities, and client side environments  Organizations move from a device centric approach to a multi-channel app/data/content mentality  Vendor selection is a “future proofing” challenge #EMM2017 © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 4
  5. 5. Core Mobile Enterprise Components Mobile Enterprise Software Mobile Enterprise Management Mobile Enterprise Security Mobile App Development Devices Mobile Enterprise Applications Professional Services: Professional Services: Implementation Implementation Professional Services: Design & Strategy Managed Services #EMM2017 © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 5
  6. 6. Mobile EnterpriseMobile Enterprise Management Management (MEM) (MEM) Mobile Device Management (MDM)  Mobile Content Management (MCM) Mobile Application Management (MAM) $2.1B market in 2017 WW MEM Forecast $1,400  Includes standalone MDM, MAM, and suites that combine MDM, MAM, MCM $1,200 $1,000 $ US M  $800 Americas EMEA $600 Asia Pacif ic Offerings increasingly integrated into existing management & security infrastructure and application development processes $400 $200 $0 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 #EMM2017 Source:/Notes: IDC Mobile Enterprise Management Forecast and Analysis 6
  7. 7. Mobile Enterprise Management’s Expanding Functional Horizons    MDM: Still key for corporate-liable devices (and/or data) MAM/containers: Granular management, security and corporate policy control of apps MCM: Rapid growth - offers ability for differentiation Mobile Device Management Mobile Enterprise App Store App Wrapping/Containerization    Mobile Application Management Mobile Content Management Managing the Internet of Things Cloud offers fast deployment, lower risk and better support Security is an essential element across functional areas …As is the user experience #EMM2017 7
  8. 8. Poll question How would you classify your organization’s posture on mobility at this time? a) Struggling with mobile practices around BYOD, data security and mobile apps b) Developed and implemented a crawl, walk, run strategy c) Mature mobile policy program in place d) Mature mobile policy & supporting security and support technology (EMM) #EMM2017 8
  9. 9. A Few Important Things IT Managers are Saying About Enterprise Mobility #EMM2017 © IDC 2013 9
  10. 10. MEM Adoption is a Glass Half Full Has your organization implemented mobile device management or mobile application management tools to track or manage smartphones and the software on those devices used by employees? Don't know (4.9%) No, but plan to in the next 12 months (25.3%) Yes (53.2%) No (16.6%) #EMM2017 © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 10
  11. 11. Enterprise Apps are a B2X Story For those mobile applications that you have rolled out, who are you delivering these applications to? Business to employees (internal employees are primary users of the application) Business to consumer (our customers are the primary users of the application) Business to business (business partners are the primary user of the application) 0 10 20 30 40 50 (% of respondents) 60 70 #EMM2017 © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 11
  12. 12. The Line of Business is Empowered How are decisions made around mobility at your organization? A joint effort between business unit and IT IT usually initiates or leads A dedicated mobility project or mobility IT manager usually initiates or leads Business unit usually initiates or leads 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 (% of respondents) 35 40 45 #EMM2017 © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 12
  13. 13. MCM In the Cards With Security First Do you have an existing (or are you planning to implement) mobile content management solution that will allow employees to access, synch and share documents on mobile devices in the next 6–12 months? Important Capabilities of Mobile Content Management Solution Preventing data loss and meeting compliance mandates (n = 379) Don't know (6.9%) Method of security used f or data at rest and in motion (n = 354) No (15.2%) Collaboration capabilities (n = 339) Ability to leverage existing inf rastructure (n = 334) Deduplication of capabilities (n = 280) Yes (77.9%) 0 20 40 60 (% respondents) 80 10 #EMM2017 © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 13
  14. 14. Poll question Which option is most appealing to deliver corporate documents to mobile devices? a) Keep corporate documents in our current NWFS, enable access using an enterprise gateway b) Host corporate documents in vendor cloud c) Still need more information #EMM2017 14
  15. 15. Essential Guidance for IT Buyers  Use these trends to your advantage: • •  For most enterprises, the time to establish a formal mobility strategy is now Be prepared to evolve your organizational structure for maximum advantage Look for holistic capabilities when selecting vendors: • • Siloed thinking in the vendor selection process will create inefficiencies, security issues, and unwanted costs. •  The number and nature of devices, runtime environments, application architectures, and end user requirements will remain highly heterogeneous While many companies have approached the problem from a device-centric view in the past, the focus is beginning to shift towards a more holistic view that takes the device, applications and content into consideration Think from the outside in: • Security should be part of every major decision related to data access – but the quality of the user experience can determine success or failure #EMM2017 © IDC Visit us at IDC.com and follow us on Twitter: @IDC 15
  16. 16. MaaS360 Delivers an Integrated Solution Visualize your entire mobile environment Manage all your users, apps, and content Secure your corporate data and enforce compliance One Platform for All Your Mobile Assets #EMM2017 16
  17. 17. Dual Persona to Separate Work and Personal MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite Secure Mail Application Security Secure Browser Secure Document Sharing WorkPlace Container for Mobile Collaboration #EMM2017 17
  18. 18. Why Customers Choose MaaS360 Easiest to Deploy and Scale Mobile Device, App, and Content Management & Security platform For organizations that are… • • • • • Embracing multi-OS environments (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) Allowing Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) programs Developing and deploying mobile apps (public and private) Enabling corporate content on mobile devices securely (push and pull) AND MORE…. #EMM2017
  19. 19. Get Started Now 1 Instant Access a free, fully functional trial for 30 days 2 Easy Set up and configure your service in minutes 3 Mobile Manage and secure your devices, emails, apps and docs maas360.com #EMM2017 19
  20. 20. For more information Follow-up: jjackson@idc.com jdale@fiberlink.com Visit the MaaSters Center to discuss IT in the cloud: MaaS360.com/maasters • Forum – announcements, discussions and questions • Blog • Webinars • Resources • Social media #EMM2017