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Deploy and Manage Apple Devices Faster and Easier with MaaS360 and the Device Enrollment Program


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MaaS360 has full support for Apple's new Device Enrollment Program, to drive faster onboarding as well as advanced control over corporate devices. These new features provide a variety of options to …

MaaS360 has full support for Apple's new Device Enrollment Program, to drive faster onboarding as well as advanced control over corporate devices. These new features provide a variety of options to streamline and customize the activation process, including:

- Requiring MDM enrollment during device activation
- Supervising the device over-the-air
- Preventing removal of the MDM profile
- Skipping certain aspects of the setup wizard

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Device Enrollment Program Deploy Apple Devices Faster and Easier
  • 2. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Today • Introduction to the Device Enrollment Program – How to Get Started – Features of Enrollment Program • Leveraging Device Enrollment Program with MaaS360 – Configuring – Device Activation • Q&A 2
  • 3. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 The Apple Device Enrollment Program • A new program to help companies manage their company owned devices – Allows you to customize the activation process – Ensure your devices are managed • Requires an MDM service to function – MaaS360 supports this today • Requires iOS 7.0+ and Mac 10.9+ 3
  • 4. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Getting Started • Before you begin, you will need: – Apple Customer Number – Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) Number for businesses – Legal representative’s contact information • Sign up process: – Get started at • Takes around 5 business days if all goes well – Assign devices directly purchased from Apple to your MDM server 4
  • 5. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Poll question Do you purchase your devices directly from Apple? a) Yes, I buy all of my company’s iOS/Mac devices directly from Apple b) We buy some of our devices from Apple c) We get them from other resellers and distributors 5
  • 6. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Features of Enrollment Program • Supervise devices over-the-air – Prevent iTunes Sync • Mandatory and lockable MDM • Customization of Activation Process – Above security steps occur during set up – Skip selected screens in Wizard 6
  • 7. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Features in Depth – Wireless Supervision • Enables significantly more control over iOS devices – Push apps silently, both public and private – Disable AirDrop, iMessage, Activation Lock – Kiosk Mode • Think of it as “Institutionally Owned Mode” – Previously only possible via USB with Apple Configurator • Wipes device in the procses – Not possible for BYOD devices 7
  • 8. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Features in Depth – Mandatory and Lockable MDM • Mandatory MDM – Requires a device to be enrolled in MDM before being able to be used • Apps, Settings, Restrictions are then seamlessly applied – Institutional version of Activation Lock • Lockable MDM – Previously it was not possible to lock an MDM profile • Users could always remove it and use the device as they saw fit – Major security concern • LA School District is a good example 8
  • 9. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Features in Depth – Customize Activation Process • Device is powered on, gets online – MDM and Supervised mode are then enabled • Subsequent screens then be optionally shown – Passcode, Location, Restore from Backup – Apple ID, Terms of Service – Siri, Sending of Diagnostics 9
  • 10. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Poll question What feature are you most looking forward to taking advantage of? a) Supervising my devices over the air b) Ensuring my company devices stay managed c) Customizing the setup wizard 10
  • 11. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Device Enrollment Program & MaaS360 Demo 11
  • 12. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Configuring the Enrollment Program with MaaS360 12
  • 13. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Device Enrollment Program in Action on Device • Enrollment Program Settings: – Mandatory and locked MDM enrollment – Wireless Supervision – Skipping other activation screens 13
  • 14. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Poll question Have you already signed up for the Enrollment Program? a) No, we have not signed up yet b) We have, but we are currently waiting to be approved c) Already approved and utilizing the program 14
  • 15. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 MaaS360 Delivers an Integrated Approach Comprehensive Mobile Security Complete Mobility Management 15 One Platform for All Your Mobile Assets
  • 16. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Why Customers Love MaaS360 Powerful features to address the full mobility lifecycle Seamless integration with all of your existing infrastructure Simple and fast with an exceptional experience Exchange AD/LDAP Lotus BES Certs 16 Proven approach to cloud mobility management Secure containers to separate work and play
  • 17. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Get Started Now Instant Access a free, fully functional trial for 30 days Mobile Manage and secure your devices, emails, apps and docs Easy Set up and configure your service in minutes 1 2 3 17
  • 18. #AppleDEP @MaaS360 Questions • Forum – announcements, discussions and questions • Blog • Webinars • Resources • Social media Follow-up: Visit the MaaSters Center to discuss IT in the cloud: