Build and Secure Mobile Apps in the Enterprise with Worklight and MaaS360


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Key Steps to Rapidly Design, Develop and Deploy Apps Across Mobile Platforms

The mobile wave continues to gain momentum--is your business leveraging public apps or creating new ones to make your employees more productive? Understanding the key steps to implementing quality apps that securely extend the reach of your organization will put you on the right path for your mobile journey.

This presentation reviews the importance of end-to-end mobile app life cycle management of HTML5, hybrid and native mobile apps.

- Transform your business into a mobile enterprise. Ed Brill discusses how mobile is taking enterprises by storm and the importance of embracing mobile in your organization.

- Build, test, and run mobile apps. Ian Robinson discusses how comprehensive mobile app development platforms can help to build, run and manage mobile apps.

- Shield your apps and secure data. Josh Lambert discusses the growing need for mobile security and how to easily deploy and manage them at scale with enterprise mobility management.

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Build and Secure Mobile Apps in the Enterprise with Worklight and MaaS360

  1. 1. Build and Secure Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Ed Brill| Ian Robinson| Josh Lambert
  2. 2. Introductions Ed Brill Director, Mobile Enterprise Marketing IBM Ian Robinson Program Director, MobileFirst Platform and Analytics IBM Josh Lambert Product Manager Fiberlink, an IBM company
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Transform Your Business to a Mobile Enterprise 2. Build, Test and Run Mobile Apps 3. Shield Your Apps and Secure Data 4. Q&A Mobile App Lifecycle Design Develop Secure Deploy Manage
  4. 4. Poll Question #1 Are you leveraging mobile apps in your business now? a) Yes b) No c) Planning to
  5. 5. Transform Your Business into a Mobile Enterprise Ed Brill | Director, Mobile Enterprise Marketing
  6. 6. #MobileApps
  7. 7. IBM has proven solutions to address a diverse set of needs #MobileApps
  8. 8. Can Help You: • Quickly develop, test and deploy quality mobile apps across multiple platforms • Seamlessly integrate rich mobile apps with enterprise data and services Scan & Certify Integrate Test Instrument Obtain Insight Manage Deploy Design & Develop #MobileApps
  9. 9. Can Help You: • Instrument applications with security protection • Secure mobile transactions from customers, partners and suppliers • Preserve native device experience without compromising security • Separate personal and business data • Provide intelligent access based on risk and location Security Intelligence Content Security Application Security Transaction Security Device Security DATA Personal and Consumer Enterprise Enterprise Applications and Cloud Services #MobileApps
  10. 10. Can Help You: • Quickly create and deploy personalized mobile campaigns and gain insights • Maximize brand value by integrating the physical and digital experiences of mobile customers #MobileApps
  11. 11. Can Help You: • Design new engagement models placing the customer first • Reshape processes and operating models for competitive advantage • Build new business models that drive revenue In essence, Reinvent Business with Mobile #MobileApps
  12. 12. Poll Question #2 What are your mobile app user priorities for 2014? a) Apps for use by employees b) Apps for use by customers c) Apps for use by partners and suppliers d) Apps for use by the public
  13. 13. Build, Test and Run Mobile Apps Ian Robinson | Program Director, Mobile First Platform and Analytics
  14. 14. © 2014 IBM Corporation1 IBM MobileFirst Application Development portfolio offers:  Native/Hybrid/Web app development platform (cloud- based, on-prem, hosted or managed service)  Repeatable end-to-end (and virtualized) testing across multiple devices and design-time vulnerability scanning  Easy connectivity to enterprise data and services via a single secure point of integration  Design, development and integration services For clients who need to:  Quickly develop, test and deploy quality mobile apps across multiple platforms  Enrich mobile apps with a comprehensive set of APIs and cloud-based services  Seamlessly integrate mobile apps with enterprise data and services Key offerings:  Worklight Platform  Worklight Foundation  Worklight Quality Assurance  Worklight Application Scanning  Bluemix  Cloudant  Rational Test Virtualization Server  UrbanCode Deploy  API Management & MessageSight  Mobile Application Development & Integration Services #MobileApps
  15. 15. © 2014 IBM Corporation2 Reality: Enterprise mobile apps go far deeper than front-end UI Front-end app development User engagement Security Operations 30% of the value and effort is visible (mobile UI) 70% of the value and effort lies under the surface Enterprise Integration #MobileApps
  16. 16. © 2014 IBM Corporation3 The IBM Worklight product line Integrated mobile app development with continuous delivery Application Center Quality Assurance Application Scanning Development Continuous Delivery Studio Console Server Runtime Application Scanning Detect code vulnerabilities at the time of development Quality Assurance Collect beta test feedback, crashes and analyze user sentiment Foundation Development, Runtime, Operations Console & Private Store #MobileApps
  17. 17. © 2014 IBM Corporation4 What’s in IBM Worklight Foundation? (IBM Worklight 6.2) Studio Leading tools for native and hybrid development that maximize code reuse, accelerate development, and promote team work Operational Console UI for deployment, management, and real-time operational analytics, push notifications Runtime Client APIs for native, hybrid and web apps Server Gateway for engagement, security and analytics DeliveryDevelopment Application Center A non-MDM, cross platform private mobile application store Accelerate Web, Native, and Hybrid Development • Rich infrastructure, enabling developer focus on business logic • Preview, simulation, and testing tools for shortening development lifecycle • Mechanisms to industrialize app development Facilitate App Security and Trust • Server-enforced authentication • App authenticity and user-app-device binding • Secure and syncable on-device storage • App version enforcement Engage Users with the Enterprise • Integrate with the enterprise & codeless access to systems • Unified push and SMS notifications • Geo-location and context collections and intelligence Support Mobile Operations • Operational analytics with efficient data acquisition • Offline and online event management integration • Remote user and app control without MDM #MobileApps
  18. 18. © 2014 IBM Corporation5 As a bulk shipping company, CSX profitability depends on highly efficient operations and timely pickup and delivery of bulk cargo and coordination of container delivery and pick-up at its rail yards. Ministry of Railways in China supports more than 1.9 billion passengers with a peak of 267 million traveling during Chinese New Year. Passengers use mobile technology to reserve, purchase and manage ticketing What kind of mobile apps are IBM clients building with Worklight? #MobileApps
  19. 19. © 2014 IBM Corporation6 What’s new in IBM Worklight 6.2 Foundation Developers: most advanced for native, fastest for hybrid and web • New tooling and richest mobile middleware for native • Unparalleled flexibility for hybrid • Integration with Codename: Bluemix cloud services Mobile users: broadest reach with the richest experience • Enhanced segmentation for push based engagement with optional full campaign management (Xtify) • Reach feature phones via USSD • Enhanced experience for Windows Phone 8 via native development CIO/IT: Easiest way to manage mobile assets • Enhanced operational analytics for response, notifications and workload • Remote controlled device log collection • Flexible deployment models including on- premise, cloud on SoftLayer and pattern on IBM PureSystem CISO: Enforce security at every level – user, device, data and app • MaaS360 integration • Trusteer integration • Enhanced app authenticity for iOS and Android #MobileApps
  20. 20. © 2014 IBM Corporation7 IBM Worklight Application Scanning Utilizing AppScan v9.0 technology • A single Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Scan existing code projects or Worklight Studio projects • Native and hybrid mobile applications support • Enhanced JavaScript analysis, which includes improved performance and additional framework support • Optionally connect to IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Server to share scan configurations, filters, and custom rules across all projects Application Scanning Detect vulnerabilities at the time of code change to reduce risk of data leakage and breaches #MobileApps
  21. 21. © 2014 IBM Corporation8 Evidence-based prioritization – enable business and IT to collaborate on mobile strategy and user experience Over the air app distribution – get the latest in the hands of testers as soon as it is available Frictionless bug reporting – spend every minute on testing latest and greatest builds, not the hassles In-app crash reporting – rapid understanding of why an app fails Sentiment analysis – mine app ratings and reviews to extract actionable feedback before they go viral IBM Worklight Quality Assurance Delivers mobile app quality across a fragmented environment with end user feedback and quality metrics available at every stage of development. Quality Assurance User Feedback Crash logs Bugs #MobileApps
  22. 22. © 2014 IBM Corporation9 BlueMix: Cloud-based mobile app development A rich set of mobile ready APIs that you can mix and match Run Code The developer can chose from multiple language runtimes or bring their own. Just upload your code and go. Store Data The developer can store data in the cloud as a service easily without needing to administer the databases. Cloud Integration Build hybrid environments. Connect to on- premises systems of record plus other public and private clouds. Expose your own APIs to your developers. Built on IBM SoftLayer Runs on top of IBM’s leading infrastructure as a service. A catalog of developer friendly APIs (IBM & third party) with mobile SDKs, that can be composed into new and existing mobile apps. Configure and manage through the BlueMix portal. Mobile API Catalog Web Data Big Data & Analytics Inte- gration …and more Categories #MobileApps
  23. 23. © 2014 IBM Corporation10 Shared Identity Token 10 Connecting Cloud APIs to IBM Worklight Foundation IBM Codename: BlueMix IBM Worklight Foundation Mobile Web Data Analytics Inte- gration And More Extend your enterprise mobile app platform investment through Cloud APIs: In IBM Worklight Foundation: • Worklight ready SDK that can be plugged into your project • Lifecycle management controls API access for BlueMix services • Worklight security framework integrates with BlueMix mobile application and services #MobileApps
  24. 24. © 2014 IBM Corporation11 Cloudant: Foundation layer for IBM mobile solutions Open standards based NoSQL database-as-a-service provides guaranteed performance, reliability, scalability and availability for next-gen web, mobile and Internet of Things solutions Key mobile benefits: • Improves mobile performance by moving data closer to the network and onto devices • Consistent API to move data seamlessly between networks, platforms and mobile devices • Intelligent geo-load balancing across SoftLayer data centers worldwide #MobileApps
  25. 25. © 2014 IBM Corporation12 Highlights:  Thousands of mobility, integrated communications and networking professionals  270 mobile patents  30+ research labs supporting mobility  48 networking delivery and support centers  11 mobile enterprise services delivery and support centers  Customer support in 50 languages  Global standard processes, tools and measurements IBM global mobile expertise is trusted by the world’s most demanding clients Thousands of consultants with mobile and managed services expertise IBM Interactive Centers Mobile Enterprise Services Delivery & Support Centers Networking Delivery & Support Centers #MobileApps
  26. 26. Secure the Data in your Apps and Deploy Josh Lambert | Product Manager
  27. 27. Poll question #3 What are your organization’s plans for app development? a) We have already developed apps for in-house use b) We plan to develop apps in the next 6 months c) We have no plans to develop apps at this time
  28. 28. Mobile Application Management Taxonomy App: Software application on a mobile phone Native app: Built for a specific platform & installed on the device Public app: Available on a public app store Enterprise app: Created by a business for in-house distribution Web app: A website built for mobile, and deployed as a shortcut. 16#MobileApps
  29. 29. Plan for security right from development App Wrapping Post-development code injection Software Dev. Kit (SDK) Use libraries as part of development Best practices in App Security • Authentication • Single Sign On • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - Restrict copy-paste - Open-in controls • In-app VPN • Enforce compliance with IT policies #MobileApps
  30. 30. Manage through Mobile App Management Policies Passive controls • Configure security and restrictions • App blacklists & whitelists • Reports • Monitor for compliance • Initiate automatic actions on non- compliance Ex: Alert, Block, Remove #MobileApps
  31. 31. App Discovery and Collaboration • Web-based App Catalog for Mobile Apps – Curated list of IT approved apps • Discovery portal for all platforms • User application review and rating system • Social sharing and linking of apps #MobileApps
  32. 32. Deploy using an Enterprise App Store • Enterprise App Catalog • Consolidated Management interface independent of OS • Easily Deploy and update apps • Integrate with existing directory infrastructure • Control app security through policies • Version control of apps #MobileApps
  33. 33. Poll Question #4 How many apps are you planning to deploy in your organization in the next 6 months? a) 1-10 b) 11-20 c) 21-50 d) 50+ e) None
  34. 34. Demo MaaS360 by Fiberlink, an IBM company
  35. 35. Summary Consider complete Mobile Application Lifecycle Management as part of your Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy Mobile App Lifecycle Design Develop Secure Deploy Manage #MobileApps
  36. 36. For More Information • Forum – announcements, discussions and questions • Blog • Webinars • Resources • Social media • Free 30-day trial Follow-up: Learn more about IBM Worklight at Visit the MaaSters Center to discuss IT in the cloud: