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Unique value proposition statement crossing the_chasm
Unique value proposition statement crossing the_chasm
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Unique value proposition statement crossing the_chasm


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Unique value proposition statement crossing the_chasm

Unique value proposition statement crossing the_chasm

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  • 1. Unique Value Proposition Statement (From Crossing The Chasm)• For (target customers). Who is your real customer? What is their title? In what size organization? In what industry?•• Who must (solve a specific problem). What pain do they have? What is their recurring nightmare? Read Forbes, Fortune and the Wall Street Journal – what are the top of mind issues in the industry? If you are not addressing a top of mind pain for your target customer, you are in for a long and arduous haul.•• Our product is a new (new product category).•• That provides (key breakthrough benefit vs. current way of doing things – which solves dilemma). What is the pain killer that you are offering to your target customer above? If it’s preventative vs. a pain killer, you may also be in for a long haul. People will buy pain killers much more readily than vitamins.•• Unlike (competitor in new category). Who is your real competition?•• We have (whole product most relevant for you). What differentiates you from your competition? Not just the product, but the services, integration, training, etc. What do you provide that is most relevant to this target customer with this pain? Perhaps you can gear your product to a specific industry segment or niche that would differentiate you? Could you legitimately claim that it’s build from the ground up for a particular industry? What is different about your offering that is sustainable and relevant?
  • 2. EXAMPLE 1 (good example: only you can claim this): • For [Commercial crab fishermen/women] • Who wants/needs [to keep crabs alive on the way to market for best market price] • The Patented Crab Saver (TM) is a water filter system that removes chemicals that are toxic to crabs • That provides [35% better survival over eight (8) days at sea] • Unlike [static crab tanks and crab tanks that pump in surface sea-water] • The [Crab Saver (TM)] [removes 60% of crab tank specific toxins, increasing your revenue 35%]EXAMPLE 2 (bad example: any competitor could saythis): • For [mobile phone users] • Who wants/needs [a fun game on their mobile phone] • The [Folda-Phone (TM)] is a [a game that has cool and cute graphics and sounds] • That provides [the ability to send your score to everyone in your social network] • Unlike [other games that dont send out scores] • The [Folda-Phone (TM)] [is a fun game that will keep you entertained at the airport]