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Website Evaluation Form


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Tool created to help middle school students determine whether a given website is suitable for use as a source of information.

Tool created to help middle school students determine whether a given website is suitable for use as a source of information.

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  1. Website Evaluation ChecklistComplete the checklist by answering each question as it relates to the Website you are evaluating. Then, writethe corresponding point value (if any) for your answer in the “Points” column of the table. When you haveanswered all questions, add up all points and record the total at the bottom of the last column. Finally, refer to thekey at the bottom of the page to determine whether this Website is OK to use as a source in your research.Your Name(s): _______________________________________________________________________Website Address (URL): __________________________________________________________Website Name: _________________________________________ Date: _____________________WHO Circle One PointsIs the author’s name provided? or Yes (1pt) NoIs the publisher/organization identified?Is the author’s background provided? orIs there a statement of the publisher’s goals or mission? Yes (1pt) No(Look for “About Us,” Profiles, FAQ, Company Information)Is there a way to contact the author or publisher? Yes (1pt) No(e-mail, mailing address, phone number)Is this a personal page hosted on a larger site? Yes No (1pt)(look for clues: ~ tilde, %, users, members)WHATWhat is the domain of this site (.edu, .gov, .org, .net, .com, .mil)? ________________Is the topic or purpose of the site clearly stated? Yes (1pt) NoDoes the site have a Table of Contents, Menu Bar or Site Map? Yes (1pt) NoDo the graphics (photos, clipart, etc.) make the site more user- Yes (1pt) Nofriendly?Does the page title appear in the top window bar of the Web Yes (1pt) Nobrowser?Does every page include a way to return to the site’s homepage? Yes (1pt) NoDoes the site include advertising? Yes No (1pt)Do the ads detract from the information provided on the site? Yes No (1pt)WHEREAre sources for text and/or graphics cited or credited? Yes (1pt) NoAre some of the site’s links “dead” or inactive? Yes No (1pt)Are the links reliable and valuable? Yes (1pt) NoWHENIs an original posting date (or copyright date) given? Yes (1pt) NoIs an update or revision date given? Yes (1pt) NoWhat is the most recent date you can find on this site? _______________WHYDoes this site provide enough information for your research Yes (1pt) Nopurposes?Is the information on this site easy to read and understand? Yes (1pt) No Total Point Value for this Website =If you total point value equals… 15-18 Good site, OK to use! 13-14 May be OK if no better option exists 0-12 Look for another site or alternate source (book, etc.)