Hispanic Shopper Insights-Press Release


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Hispanic Shopper Insights Syndicated Study

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Hispanic Shopper Insights-Press Release

  1. 1. Meyers Research Center to Field New Hispanic Shopper Close-Up Study Take an In-Depth Look at Behavior, Attitudes and Decision Making Patterns of Hispanic Shoppers As MRC Continues Expansion of Syndicated Product PortfolioJune 20th, 2012 New York, New York – Meyers Research Center (MRC), announces itwill field a syndicated research study in 2012 focusing on Hispanic Shoppers.Results of the research will be available in winter 2012. Sponsors who confirmparticipation early on will have the opportunity to influence the research by adding aproprietary custom question at no extra cost.The primary focus of this program is to identify shopping behaviors of Hispanics inselected retail channels and to understand how these behaviors differ both by level ofacculturation and versus the General Market. The study will be designed to obtain abetter understanding of what factors drive store selection, store loyalty and switchingfor shoppers by retail channel and across broad product category groupings such asFood, Beverages, Snacks, Household Products and HBC.“Our clients have expressed increasing interest in understanding the Hispanic shopperin order to leverage this group’s explosive growth and purchasing power,” explainedJeff Friedlaender, President of Meyers Research Center. This syndicated study willprovide the framework for retail and brand marketers to target Hispanic shoppers sincethe “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work so well anymore. Syndicated studiesprovide a cost-effective research alternative to custom research, as they are designedto collect large amounts of primary information on a shared cost basis.In addition to the inaugural wave of the Hispanic Shopper Close-Up, MRC will alsobe fielding Wave IX of our successful Convenience Store Close-Up study in 2012.“As we look at our portfolio of syndicated Close-Up studies we are not only capturinga snapshot of current behaviors, but also a trended and comparative analysis to gaintrue insights into the mind of today’s shopper,” explained Friedlaender.MRC will utilize a hybrid methodology to collect the data for the Hispanic ShopperClose-Up Study. This will include an in-depth online survey plus qualitative shopperethnographies. The final sample will include roughly 3,000 individual respondentswith readable base sizes for Hispanic shoppers by acculturation level, as well asGeneral Market respondents.
  2. 2. The Hispanic Shopper Close-Up will cover the following broad topic areas… What formats and chains are Hispanics shopping for various categories What is the profile of the Hispanic shopper by store format What factors are driving store selection What are the underlying dynamics of the store visit by channel: o What preparations are made prior to the visit o What are destination categories? Which categories are impulse buys? o What are the key in-store influencers o Categories purchased/shopped o Total amount spent What are the differences by Hispanic acculturation level How do Hispanics differ from General Market shoppers on these measuresTo receive more information or to discuss sponsorship options contact:GeorgeBrown IIGBrown@meyersresearch.comFrances GlickFGlick@meyersresearch.comJeffFriedlaenderJFriedlaender@meyersresearch.comAbout Meyers Research CenterMeyers Research Center(MRC) is a leading Shopper Insights research organization.MRC has conducted primary research across all classes-of-trade for global packagedgoods manufacturers, retailers, advertising/sales/promotion agencies and consultingfirms since 1973.