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Dollar Store Shopper Close Up 2011 Prospectus


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Prospectus for Dollar Store Shopper Syndicated Study

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Dollar Store Shopper Close Up 2011 Prospectus

  1. 1. Meyers Research Center Take an In-DepthMeyers Research Center is a leading retail sales and Look at Behavior,survey research organization with special expertisein conducting research in retail environments and Attitudes and Decision Dollar Store Shopper Close-Up 2011 Wave Vunderstanding shopper behavior and attitudes in-store. Making Patterns ofFor more than three decades, MRC has conducted Dollar Store Shoppersprimary research across all classes-of-trade in theU.S. and Canada for major packaged goodsmanufactures, retailers, advertising and salespromotion agencies and consulting firms.. Dollar StoreFor More Information Contact: ShopperJeff Close-UpFrances 2011 WAVE VGeorge Brown An In-Store Intercept Shopper Insight Research ProgramMeyers Research Center58 West 40th Street StudyNew York, NY Prospectus Dollar Store Shopper Close-Up 2011 Meyers Research Center Wave V New York, NY 10018 58 West 40th Street
  2. 2. Background Study Methodology Study Sample2011 brings Wave V of Meyers Research Center’s MRC’s trained professional interviewers will be Interviewing will take place across a sample ofDollar Store Shopper Close-Up Study. This positioned at the exit of high-volume chain and geographically dispersed U.S markets in order toin-store shopper insights research program independent dollar store outlets and will intercept achieve a thorough cross section of shoppers.utilizes MRC’s Purchase Observation Study™ consumers immediately after their shopping trip. Approximately 1,000 shoppers will be interviewedmethodology to capture and understand consumer about their attitudes, perception and behavior inshopping behavior, attitudes and decision-making A random sample of a minimum of 1,000 shoppers Dollar Stores.patterns in Dollar Stores. will be asked to participate in a survey regarding their attitudes and decision-making patterns in !!!New For 2011!!!This trended program has been conducted every two Dollar Stores. Shoppers who agree to participateyears since 2003. The data and insights generated will be interviewed using Meyers’ proprietary Data will be reviewed and analyzed for totalhave served as a powerful tool in helping shopper advanced mobile technology and will receive a shoppers plus for an expanded list of eight keyinsights managers, channel and sales strategist and cash incentive to thank them for their time. category segments included:advertising and merchandising planners positiontheir brands within the dynamic, evolving Dollar The exit interview will address the timely issues * Food & Beverages:Store enviroment. of their shopping experience that are best obtained • Snack Foods at the point-of-purchase. This methodolgy eliminates • Candy/Gum/Mints problems of recall and allows for a “real-world” • CSDsStudy Objective integration of store enviroments with consumer • All Other RTD Beverages behavior and attitudes. * General Merchandise:The research objective of this study is to develop a • Beauty Productsdeep, comprehensive understanding of Dollar Store In addition to the findings from the comsumer • All Other HBC/Personal Care Productscustomers. interviewing data collected at the point-of-sale, the • Household Cleaning Products final report will also include video clips of real • Household Paper ProductsMore specifically, this in-store interviewing consumers shopping in Dollar Stores to visuallyprogram will address the following: represent some of the keys findings. In-dept interviews in other product categories may also be available for sponsorship on a custom basis.• Who is the Dollar Store Shopper For specific costs contact MRC.• Consumer attitudes and preceptions of Dollar Stores• The underlying dynamics of category purchase Sponsorship Oppertunities decisions in Dollar Stores• Products purchased/market basket You can obtain a vast amount of data and shopper• When, how and where specific category insights at a fraction of the cost of undertaking this purchase decisions are made study independently. If you act quickly, you may• Planned versus impulse purchases submit a custom question that will remain• The decision sequence hierarchy utilized by proprietary to you at no extra cost! consumers to make their purchase decisions• Influence of in-store and external factors Cost• The effect of the economy on Dollar Store shopping Sponsorships, which include comprehensive data• The degree to which the profile, behaviors and tabulations, detailed analysis and insights can be attitudes of Dollar Store Shopper have changed purchased for $21,000. Rates for other special over the years reports are available upon request. All costs are in U.S. dollars.