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Vsc Vsc Presentation Transcript

  • Valley Stream Cohort Session 1 Thursdays 4 P.M. Instructor: Frank Genise
  • Syllabus
    • Design of Multimedia Courseware
            • State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • Department of Technology and Society
  • EST 573
            • Spring 2008
      • Instructor: Frank Genise
  • Contact Information
  • E-Mail: [email_address] .com
  • Class meetings
        • Thursdays 4:00pm Valley Stream
    • Design of Multimedia Courseware
  • Course Description This course was designed for schoolteachers, corporate trainers, and multimedia specialists who are interested in the use of multimedia design techniques as a teaching tool.
  • The class is half lecture and half hands-on training in multimedia production tools. Students have a term project for which they have to create a courseware program.
  • This course examines issues in teaching and learning, especially the use of computers, emerging technologies, and multimedia production tools to investigate unique types of learning that are made possible, or that may be made more efficient, with this technology.
  • Exposure to generic software applications, web-based applications, and an overview of commercial software titles and applications is provided. Students have the opportunity to work collaboratively with others in this field, and are able to develop a working application that could be used in an educational environment.
  • Course Objectives: Upon the completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • * Recognize and identify hardware, software, multimedia production tools, and issues that can improve the effectiveness of use in either a personal, business or education environment
  • * Have a repertoire of multimedia lessons that can be brought into the classroom or training session
  • * Implement instructional strategies involving Multimedia production that assist in creating effective technology lessons to meet the needs of 21 st century learners.
  • * Have a functioning knowledge of web 2.0 resources for multimedia as used to promote online learning
  • * Have a functioning knowledge of foundation applications – word-processing, data collection tools, organizing and brainstorming software, web resources, communication software, and Multimedia software.
  • Topics will include :
  • Instructional Strategies that affect student achievement
  • Multimedia Production tools and Resources
  • Data collection tools as hardware and software
  • Web Resources for Multimedia Production
  • Communication software for Multimedia Presentation
  • Categories of Technology
  • Computer operating systems
  • Hardware choices
  • Software tools
  • Web 2.0 resources for multimedia hosting
  • Non-linguistic representation models
  • Software evaluation
  • Cooperative learning strategies for Multimedia
  • Assessment for Multimedia
  • NYS Educational Standards Addressed
  • Other topics will be identified based on student interest.
  • Student Projects : Students will be responsible for making one 5 minute and one 10 minute class presentation as well as complete a collaborative class project to be determined in class.
  • Presentation 1: (5 minutes)
  • Introduce a choice of Multimedia software/ production tool, web resource, emerging technology, and “hot topic” from our in-class technology list that you are interested in and share with us how you might integrate this technology in an educational setting.
  • Presentation 2: (10 minutes)
  • Design and present a developed Multimedia Courseware Package. Contextualize your presentation with a lesson plan or unit plan that integrates the use of Multimedia Production Tools and related technology. Your courseware package will include lesson plan/unit overview, multimedia and technology activities, and assessment tools.
  • Collaborative Class Project : *To be announced in class
  • Evaluation System:
  • 1. Weekly class participation & assignments – 30%
  • 2. Two presentations – 60% total
  • 3. Final Collaborative Project – 10%
  • 10-Week Schedule
  • 1 Introduction to course
  • Syllabus Overview
  • Presentation Topics/Activity
  • 2 Instructional Strategies
  • Multimedia Production Tools and activities
  • 3 Workshop session
  • Presentation Development
    • Presentation session Multimedia Topics
  • 5 Multimedia Assessment Production Tools and activities session
  • 6 Instructional activities Workshop session
  • 7 Workshop session lesson/unit activities development
  • 8 Workshop session
  • Multimedia Courseware Package Elements
  • 9 Final Presentations Night 1/ Workshop Session
  • Collaborative Class Project
  • 10 Final Presentations Night 2/ Workshop session/
  • Collaborative Class Project
  • Multimedia software, production tools, web resources, emerging technologies/“hot topics”….
  • PowerPoint Keynote iMovie MovieMaker Photoshop Photostory KidPix Studio Inspriation Comic Life OpenOffice.org
  • iSight Impress Bubbleshare Flickr imeem Garageband iPhoto Secondlife Ning
  • Rubistar.com Blogger Wiki E-board United Streaming Slide.com Digital Films.com GoogleVideo creativecommons.org A9…….etc