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Amazing selection and value, We have a huge selection of the new mystic fire topaz. Wide range of engagement, wedding and anniversary Gemstone jewelry from one of the most progressive online diamond jewelers

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Like love pdf

  1. 1. Like love, like love your sapphire JewelryPrecision gear meshing, careful sapphire Jewelry movement, extraordinary watchmaking, a longhistory of accumulation ... ... to have such a senior sapphire Jewelry a love of every personsultimate dream of the Gemstone jewelry, and Vacheron Constantin is one such Gemstone jewelryfor the countless love sought-after sapphire Jewelry brands. A time when Vacheron Constantinshop in Oriental Plaza store grand opening on the occasion, Vacheron Constantin Asia PacificManaging Director Yann Bouillonnec came to Beijing, his body exudes the brand with the samecharm. The reporter interviewed him will remember him as a French persons pair of eyes full ofcharm, his love of sports fit body, of course, his brilliant language wise, regardless of theVacheron Constantin, the sapphire Jewelry or the life he has since have some insight. From the mans "lover" to judge his taste Life Style (hereinafter referred to as L): men have a soft spot on the Gemstone jewelry, whatdo you think the relationship between man and the Gemstone jewelry? Yann Bouillonnec (hereinafter referred to as Y): a simple Gemstone jewelry decorations isnot a man, a man beloved of the sapphire Jewelry is not only a friend, confidant, even as his lover,to see if he appreciated what kind of "lover", you can often judge a man of taste. Probablybecause of habit, in some occasions, I will subconsciously Gemstone jewelry to the point of viewof others, for example, like the moon phase Gemstone jewelry of men, often have a sentimentalheart, and like chronograph men often focus on efficiency like to bring the thrill of speed. And Iwill not choose diamond sapphire Jewelry, I pay more attention to technology, will choose a morerestrained, more feature-full of style. "The Lover" charm lies in her versatility L: In your eyes what kind of Gemstone jewelry can be regarded as "perfect lover"? Y: The reason why people on Valentines fascinating because they are always good atchanging his image, it is interesting that you keep the United States to recourse. The Gemstonejewelry is so perfect in my eyes must have a changing Gemstone jewelry aesthetic. Specifically, itmust be suitable for many occasions to wear style - wild does not mean a lack of personality, onthe contrary, in my opinion, precisely because money itself is both a wild variety of characteristics,such as passion and enthusiasm , the pursuit of art, calm ... ... on different occasions, she will beable to express different aesthetic. Watch and golf emphasize precision L: You like to play golf, you feel like this Vacheron Constantin Gemstone jewelry with thecharacteristics of what in common? Y: I start from the 10-year-old system to learn golf, has over 20 years of "high" age. Play golfmust adhere to, fine, input, patience in order to create good results. In order to create aGemstone jewelry Vacheron Constantin is also true, to the naked eye could barely see those partsassembled into a sophisticated sapphire Jewelry, if the lack of accuracy, as the total does not playgolf hole, the whole effort would be of no meaning. Tab is the same as running a marathon a long arduous process of L: the experience of running a marathon daily work to bring your inspiration? Y: Marathon Challenge is the limit of human endurance and psychological endurance. Tab isalso a long and arduous process. Auras apprentice needs 5 to 15 years to become a watchmaker,
  2. 2. and in when the watchmaker, the production of each Gemstone jewelry and take a very long time,spend enough effort to ensure the quality of the Gemstone jewelry. This indicates that the birthof a sapphire Jewelry, hidden behind the pain and effort on the field and less than a marathon. Heritage of Chinas most popular series in L: In Chinas store, what products are most popular with consumers now? Y: Vacheron Constantin sapphire Jewelry each one, there are very complicated andsophisticated process technology requirements, any small part, to go through many processes, tobe sure, we made only a timer, it is a Gemstone jewelry of art. So, in my eyes, VacheronConstantin each series of products are classic, but, perhaps because the Chinese people in theaesthetic, cultural prefer relatively restrained stuff, so, at present in China, the heritage series ofsales the highest, the most popular. Table like a real good man charm L: You thought of Vacheron Constantins wearer should look like it? Y: Vacheron Constantin Series is suitable for many, many occasions of the Gemstone jewelry,when you can wear a dress to wear, refined elegance, you can also leisure wear, fashionable andstylish. However, his master must be very personality, because the sapphire Jewelry itself is verystrong personality, lack of personality to wear it, the Gemstone jewelry will be taken away glory,and a personality to wear it to a more assertive personality.Earrings Moonstone earrings Agate Earrings Amethyst Earrings Aquamarine Earrings Blue Topaz Earrings Citrine Earrings Crystal Earrings Diamonds Earrings Garnet Earrings Peridot Earrings Pearl Earrings Quartz Earrings Ruby Earrings Sapphire Earrings Gold earrings 925 sterling silver earrings zircon earringsRings Agate Rings Amethyst Rings Aquamarine Rings Blue Topaz Rings Citrine Rings Diamonds Rings Diopside Rings
  3. 3. Garnet RingsMoonstone RingsPeridot RingsPearl RingsQuartz RingsRuby RingsSapphire Rings Mens Sapphire Rings Womens Sapphire Rings 18K Gold Rings 925 sterling silver ringNecklaces Agate Necklaces Amethyst Necklaces Aquamarine Necklaces Blue Topaz Necklaces Citrine Necklaces Diamonds Necklaces Diopside Necklaces Garnet Necklaces Peridot Necklaces Pearl Necklaces Quartz Necklaces Ruby Necklaces Sapphire Necklaces Zircon Necklaces Jade Necklaces Gold Necklaces Moonstone necklaces Silver necklacesBracelets Agate Bracelets Amethyst Bracelets Aquamarine Bracelets Blue Topaz Bracelets Citrine Bracelets Garnet Bracelets Moonstone Bracelets Peridot Bracelets Diamonds Bracelets Pearl Bracelets Quartz Bracelets Ruby Bracelets Sapphire Bracelets
  4. 4. Zircon Bracelets Jade bracelet Silver BraceletsBangles Agate Bangles Amethyst Bangles Zircon Bangles Silver banglesCouples Jewelry