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There are common questions at the beginning of a project such as who, what, where, when, and why. From a strategic perspective, one question might be: "How does this project align to the organization's mission and vision?" Another might be: "What are the goals for determining if users / customers are successfully using the system?" This interactive workshop will walk through the process of drafting a UX Strategy OneSheet document and the variety of benefits it can provide. This workshop is based on a presentation given at SXSW Interactive 2011 by Robert Hoekman, Jr.

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UX Strategy OneSheet

  1. 1. UX StrategyOneSheet31 January 2012#mapux
  2. 2. CreditThis presentation is based on a presentation byRobert Hoekman, Jr. (UX specialist & author)at SXSW Interactive 2011http://www.slideshare.net/miskeeto/5-steps-to-bulletproof-user-experience-strategy
  3. 3. your project
  4. 4. Hoekmansprocess:1. Audit2. Define3. Plan4. Implementation5. Measure6. Repeat
  5. 5. Hoekmansprocess: Define• Establish a vision• Communicate it• The target for everyone to strive towards
  6. 6. W3C process 1. Analysis 2. Design 3. Evaluation 4. Implementation 5. Deploymenthttp://www.w3.org/WAI/ut3/redesign/ucd
  7. 7. W3C process:Analysis• Vision, goals, objectives, challenges & constraints• User Audience• Task / Purpose• Information Architecture• Workflowhttp://www.w3.org/WAI/ut3/redesign/ucd
  8. 8. Simplified1. Strategy2. Concept3. Design
  9. 9. Simplified1. Strategy2. Concept3. Design4. Implement5. Deploy & Measure
  10. 10. Whats the Storyfor the User?
  11. 11. OneSheetSections:• Vision Statement• Situation• Design Criteria• Plan• Metrics
  12. 12. VisionStatement
  13. 13. Situation
  14. 14. Design Criteria• How the UX should feel• Influence, but cant design• Base on Vision Statement
  15. 15. Plan
  16. 16. MetricsSource: Cassie McDaniel http://www.alistapart.com/articles/design-criticism- creative-process/
  17. 17. OneSheet:Benefits• Quick deliverable to create• “Exec Summary” of UX• Vision, goals, & metrics• 1 piece of paper
  19. 19. Vision StatementOrganization:Empower businesses and individuals to acceptcredit cards using their handheld device.Project:To provide a smartphone app and small cardreader for businesses and individuals to acceptcredit cards.
  20. 20. Esris Vision StatementTo provide a geographic approach to problemsolving to ensure better communication andcollaboration for understanding our world.
  21. 21. Take a moment to draft yourprojects vision statement.
  22. 22. SituationWho Individuals needing to accept credit card paymentsWhat Point of sale credit card processing systemWhen Point of sale with a customerWhere Anywhere, with a data connectionWhy Ease of use, limited hardware, budget friendlyHow Using an app on their smartphone & a card reader
  23. 23. Take a moment to draft yourprojects situation
  24. 24. Design Criteria• End-user can install a native smartphone application• End-user can quickly process transactions• End-user can customize for different payment methods (Sales tax, Tips)• End-user can use an online record of transactions for reporting
  25. 25. Take a moment to draft yourprojects design criteria
  26. 26. Plan• Phase 1 – Registration o Set-up account o Install app & configure settings• Phase 2 – Reoccurring Use o Conduct payment transactions o Generate transaction receipts o Administrative management of account• Phase 3 –Reporting o View record of transactions o Generate sales reports
  27. 27. Take a moment to draft yourprojects plan
  28. 28. Metrics• Users should be able to easily install the app• Users should be able to successfully being accepting transactions• Users should be able to successfully view a ledger of transactions for accounting
  29. 29. Take a moment to draft yourprojects metrics
  30. 30. Wrap up• Hoekmans process• W3C UCD process• Simplified process• The Users Story• OneSheet• Example
  31. 31. “Know your users and planeverything with them in mind.”Source: “Yes We Can: The Future of Government Online”white paper by Modius Associates. December 2011.
  32. 32. Frank GarofaloUI / Human Factors Engineer,Esri Professional Services@fgarofaloblog.frankgarofalo.com questions?#mapux