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Jes media center

  2. 2. JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STATISTICS Grades: Preschool to Second Grade Population: Students 744 Teachers 37 Jefferson, GA Home of the Dragons!
  3. 3. JES MEDIA CENTER INFORMATION Staff: Media Specialist Media Clerk Technology Assistant Scheduled class visits once a week Students may visit media center individually with teacher’s permission Hours 7:30 am – 3:30pm
  4. 4. JES MEDIA CENTER CIRCULATION POLICIESStudents may checkout one book at a timeBooks are circulated for a two week periodBooks may be renewed up to two timesNo fines are charged for overdue booksTeachers may checkout unlimited books, video tapes, DVDs, guided reading, novel dishes, and browsing baskets. Sets must be kept togetherReference books are for use in the library only
  5. 5. JES MEDIA CENTER ENVIRONMENTAL ELEMENTSLighting- bright and cheerfulElectrical outlets- safely hidden or placed high on wall out of student reachElectrical cords- creative placement of computer stations around existing columns keeps cords and outlets safely out of traffic areas and out of viewTraffic patterns are clear and open and accommodate wheelchairs
  6. 6. JES MEDIA CENTER SURVEY RESULTSStudents: On Comfortable the plus furniture side.. Cozy reading areas Animals to visit Fun artwork and decorations Friendly and helpful librariansStaff: Child-friendly décor Open layout Bright, attractive room Production room
  7. 7. JES MEDIA CENTER SURVEY RESULTS Suggested Room for Improvements: Change. .. Direct access to the computer lab next door More privacy for the Story Corner Technology improvements More storage room for teacher materials
  8. 8. Production Room Media Specialist Office Picture books Picture booksEXISTIN Book dropG JES Story Rug Circulation Project table ColumnMEDIA Printer Computer stationsCENTER Outside Entrance Reading area Main EntranceLAYOUT Bird Cage Turtle tank Lesson tables Reading area Reference Non-Fiction Fiction Retractable Screen Storage/Digital Media Conference room B
  9. 9. Wall Murals Creative and fanciful wall murals are attractive and provide inspiration for imaginative young readers Various themes are united throughout media center with use of castle imagery
  10. 10. Animal Friends  Pets include birds, fish, and a turtle  Finches in the Fiction section continuously work at nest-building  Students are encouraged to pull up a stool and visit with the animals
  11. 11. Story corner Colorful rug defines student seating space Librarian’s rocking chair contributes to homey atmosphere Story corner theme: garden of flowers and butterflies
  12. 12. Circulation Desk  Circulation desk placement makes it easily accessible from entry ways and all book sections  Circulation desk is well-positioned to allow for high visibility from all book sections  Circulation desk is large and has enough workspace to serve multiple functions
  13. 13. Picture books  Extensive picture book collection  Media center contains attractive and playful decorations  The fish aquarium is located in the Picture book section
  14. 14. Fiction Fiction series are arranged both by author and character and are well-marked Cozy reading areas are located in the Fiction and Nonfiction sections Fiction theme: nursery rhymes
  15. 15. Nonfiction Books are well-organized and are easy for children to reach Shelves are not crowded and have extra room Nonfiction theme: fairy tales, unicorns, and dragons
  16. 16. Reference Reference materials include encyclopedias, dictionaries, an atlas collection, and a globe Timmy the Turtle lives in the Reference section
  17. 17. Computer stations  Two computer stations allow students and staff to search for books and do research  Station design allows cables and outlets to be safely out of the way of traffic  Creative decoration keeps stations attractive and child-friendly
  18. 18. Reading areas  Comfortable seating invites students to sit down, relax, and read  Furniture is attractive, neat, and clean  Seat groupings encourage students to read, discuss books, or work on projects together
  19. 19. Reading tables A charming small table is provided for younger students in the Picture book section Larger study tables are available for older students in Fiction and Nonfiction sections
  20. 20. Lesson Space Grouped tables create a lesson area for classes taught by the Media Specialist There are enough seats for an entire class A retractable screen is easily accessible during classes
  21. 21. Media Specialist Office Media Specialist Office is conveniently located at one end of the media center Office is directly adjacent to the circulation desk Office has large windows for high visibility into the main room of the media center Office has generous counter workspace and cabinets for storage
  22. 22. Production Room Production room is well furnished with office equipment and tools for the media staff and teachers to use Production room location provides maximum opportunities for interaction and communication between the media staff and teachers Production room is clean, neat and well maintained, and provides ample storage space
  23. 23. Storage Room Storage room does double duty, providing both technological storage and media storage Language Arts materials: reading group novel dishes, browsing baskets, and supplementary readers Digital media: DVDs, VHS tapes, and Audio Books
  24. 24. Conference Room  Conference room provides a quiet meeting place for media staff and teachers  Also provides storage space for teacher resources and guided reading materials
  25. 25. Production Room Media Specialist Office Fiction Picture booksREVISED Reading area Book dropJES Circulation ColumnMEDIA Printer Computer stationsCENTER Outside Entrance Reading area Main EntranceLAYOUT Bird Cage Turtle tank Lesson tables Folding screen Non-Fiction Story Corner with Tiered Seating Reference Retractable Screen Storage/Digital Media Conference room To Computer Lab Bu