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PPT Position And Motion
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PPT Position And Motion


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  • 1. Position and Motion
  • 2. What is motion?
    • Motion is when an object changes position.
    • How do you know that the racecar moved?
      • It changed its position on the track.
  • 3. How can you tell something has changed position?
    • In order to see if something has changed position (motion) you need a reference point.
      • For example, the starting or finishing line of a racetrack.
  • 4. What is distance?
    • Easy question!
    • Distance is how far an object has moved.
    • We measure distance in METERS!
  • 5. What is displacement?
    • Suppose a runner jogs north to the 50-m mark and then turns around and runs back south 30-m.
    • Total distance is 80-m.
    • Two directions - north and south.
    • Displacement is the distance and direction.
  • 6. What is the difference between distance and displacement?
    • Distance is how far something has moved.
    • Displacement is how far something has moved AND the direction it moved!
  • 7. What is speed?
    • Speed is the distance an object travels over time.
    • Any change over time is called a RATE.
    • Speed is the rate at which distance is traveled.
    • Speed = Distance / Time
    • S = D / T
  • 9. Speed Example
    • Suppose you ran 2 km in 10 min.
      • What is your rate?
    • S = D/T
    • S= 2 km /10 min.
    • S= 0.2 km/min.
    • Remember the units!!!
  • 10. Constant Speed…
    • What does constant mean?
    • If you are driving on the highway and you set your cruise control, you are driving at a constant speed.
    • What would a constant speed graph look like?
  • 11. Constant Speed Graph
  • 12. Do you always go the same speed?
    • No! Most of the time you are increasing speed, decreasing speed, or stopping completely!
    • Think about driving a car or riding a bike!
  • 13. What would a changing speed graph look like?
  • 14. What is average speed?
    • How do you find an average?
    • Average speed is the total distance traveled over the total time
    • Avg. Speed = Total D / Total T
  • 15. What is Instantaneous speed?
    • What does a speedometer in a car do?
      • It shows how fast a car is going at one point in time or at one instant.
    • Instantaneous speed is the speed at a given point in time.
  • 16. What is Velocity?
    • Speed is how fast something is moving.
    • Velocity is how fast something is moving and in what direction it is moving.
    • Why is this important?
      • Hurricanes
      • Airplanes
  • 17. Speed or Velocity?
    • If a car is going around a racetrack, its speed may be constant (the same), but its velocity is changing because it is changing direction.
  • 18. Speed or Velocity?
    • Escalators have the same speed (constant), but have different velocities because they are going in different directions.
  • 19. Is it moving?
    • Is the earth moving right now?
      • How do you know?
    • How did the countries get where they are today?
      • How do you know?
  • 20. Is it still moving?
    • Are continents still moving?
      • How do you know?