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2.9 2013 clrm brain studies
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2.9 2013 clrm brain studies


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  • Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body. PNI takes an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating…..
  • The main interests of PNI are the interactions between the nervous and immune systems and the relationships between mental processes and health . The cortisol actually compromises the lymphocyte cells ’ ability to fight infectious diseases and tumors. (after animation) In some cases it actually kills the white blood cells. In other cases it binds with the cell membrane and reduces its impact on pathogens (disease causing agents) suppressing their ability to fight infections.
  • What causes cancer? Is it genetic? Is it caused by what we do?
  • . Natural killer cells (NK cells) typically function within the immune system to identify viruses and cancer cells .
  • Killer cells in action.
  • Modern medicine meets eastern philosophies. So… combining traditional medicine along with stress management techniques such as discussed with regards to diet, exercise, meditation, sleep/rest the immune function can be improved by lowering and balancing cortisol levels.
  • The Reinvention of the Self: The Story of Neurogenesis.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Psychoneuroimmunology
    • 2. Youre the kind of person you meet at certain dismal dull affairs.Center of a crowd, talking much too loud running up and down the stairs.Well, it seems to me that you have seen too much in too few years.And though youve tried you just cant hide your eyes are edged with tears.You better stop look aroundHere it comes, here it comes, here it comes, here it comesHere comes your nine-tenth nervous breakdown.When you were a child you were treated kind but you were never brought upright.You were always spoiled with a thousand toys but still you cried all night.Your mother who neglected you owes a million dollars tax.And your fathers still perfecting ways of making ceiling wax.You better stop, look aroundCHORUSOh, whos to blame, that girls just insane. well nothing I do dont seem to work,It only seems to make matters worse. Oh please.You were still in school when you had that fool who really messed your mind.And after that you turned your back on treating people kind.On our first trip I tried so hard to rearrange your mind. but after while I realizedyou were disarranging mine.You better stop, look around 19th Nervous Breakdown The Rolling Stones
    • 3. The tenets of Psychoneuroimmunology arebased on the fact that the immune system iscomprised of lymphocytes (white blood cells.)that fight off infections and have membranesthat are sensitive to cortisol.
    • 4. 50 percent in levels ofimmune-system cellscalled natural killer cellsfollowing exposure tovarious forms of stress.From animal studies, weknow that cortisol notonly suppresses thenumber and activity ofNK cells, but alsopromotes the synthesisof new blood vessels intumors and acceleratesthe growth of tumors.
    • 5. Brain StudiesHistorical PerspectiveArticle: Reinvention of the Selfis about neuroscientist ElizabethGould.The history of cognitive science.The scientific method.The content derived fromresearch.The implications of the findingsof research.
    • 6. Paradigm shift in cognitive science.Early brain studies courses neurogenesis was notconsidered.While we knew that neurons could change there was noevidence that new neurons could form during a primatesadult life.Elizabeth Gould’s research changes all of that withmarmosets.
    • 7. 3 point extra credit: How does watching televisionaffect your brain? (one page with references)
    • 8. You will obey me while I lead you And eat the garbage that I feed you Until the day that we dont need you Dont go for help . . . no one will heed you I am gross and perverted Your mind is totally controlled Im obsessed n deranged It has been stuffed into my mold I have existed for years And you will do as you are told But very little has changed Until the rights to you are soldIm the tool of the Government And industry too Thats right, folks . . . For I am destined to rule Dont touch that dial And regulate you I may be vile and pernicious Well, I am the slime from your video But you cant look away Oozin along on your livin room floorI make you think Im delicious I am the slime from your video With the stuff that I say Cant stop the slime, people, lookit me go Im the best you can get I am the slime from your video Have you guessed me yet? Oozin along on your livin room floor Im the slime oozin out I am the slime from your video From your TV set Cant stop the slime, people, lookit me go